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538. HOBBES, THOMAS. Behemoth: the history of the causes of the civil wars of England, and of the counsels and artifices by which they were carried on, from the year 1640, to the year 1660. By Thomas Hobbes, of Malmsbury


Maseres, Select tracts 2:455-653.

"Remarks on some particular passages in the preceding tract of Mr. Hobbes, which appear to the present editor to contain erroneous opinions": p. 655-71.

539. Laws, STATUTES. Acts and ordinances of the interregnum, 1642-1660. Collected and ed. by C. H. Firth and R. S. Rait for the Statute law committee... London, 1911. 3 v.

CONTENTS.-I. Acts and ordinances from 5th March, 1642, to 30th January, 1649. 1. Acts and ordinances from 9th February, 1649, to 16th March, 1660. III. Introduction, chronological table and indices. 540. LUDLOW, EDMUND. The memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, lieutenantgeneral of the horse in the army of the commonwealth of England, 1625-1672; ed. with appendices of letters and illustrative documents, by C. H. Firth ... Oxford, 1894. 2 v. front. (port.) geneal. tab. 541. MILTON, JOHN. Reflections on the civil war in England, between King Charles the First and the Long Parliament, and on the changes of government produced by it after the death of the king, until the restoration of the monarchy in the person of King Charles the Second, in the year 1660. By John Milton Maseres, Select tracts 2:801-15.


"These reflections occur in the beginning of the third book of Milton's History of England, from the earliest ages to the conquest of it by William, duke of Normandy".-p. 805. 542. THE NICHOLAS PAPERS. Correspondence of Sir Edward Nicholas, Secretary of state. Ed. by George F. Warner ... London, 1886-97. V. I-3. 3 V.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 40, 50, 57.

CONTENTS.-V. I. 1641-52. v. 2. Jan. 1653-June, 1655. v. 3. July 1655-Dec. 1656.
Selections from Egerton mss. 2533-2562 in the British Museum.

543. [NORTH, DUDLEY, 4th baron.] A narrative of some passages in, or relating to, the Long Parliament. By a Person of honour, 1670. Somers 6:565-90.

544. ROGERS, JOHN. Some account of the life and opinions of a fifth-monarchy-man. Chiefly extracted from the writings of John Rogers, preacher, by the Rev. E. Rogers ... London, 1867. 16, 343 p. front. (port.)

545. [Ryves, BRUNO.] Mercurius rusticus: or, The countries complaint of the barbarous outrages committed by the sectaries of this late flourishing kingdom. Together with a briefe chronology of the battels, sieges, conflicts, and other most remarkable passages from the beginning of this unnatural war, to the 25th of March, 1646 ... London, 1685. 4 pts. in I v.

Collation: [pt. 1] 205 p. [pt. 2] 116-163 p. [pt. 3] [165]-216 p. [pt. 4] unp.
[Pts. 2 and 3] paged continuously.

Added t.-p., engr., in compartments.

Each part has special t.-p.

The second part has title:

Mercurius rusticus: or, The countries complaint of the sacrileges, prophanations, and plunderings, committed by the schismatiques on the cathedral churches of this kingdom


The third part, an anonymous work by John Barwick, is entitled: Querela cantabrigiensis: or, A remonstrance by way of apologie, for the banished members of the late flourishing university of Cambridge


The fourth part has title: Mercurius belgicus: or, A briefe chronology of the battels, sieges, conflicts, and other most remarkable passages from the beginning of this rebellion, to the 25th of March, 1646.

No. v of the second part of the "Mercurius rusticus" follows page 210 of the third part (p. 211-216.)

The "Mercurius rusticus" appeared originally in 1643 as a newsbook, in numbers. The "Chronologie" was issued in 1645 under the title "Englands Iliads in a nvt-shell. Or, a briefe chronologie [etc.]" The entire work, with additions, was published in 1647 under the title "Angliæ ruina [etc.]" cf. Hazlitt.

The index of the "Mercurius rusticus" and that of the "Querela cantabrigiensis" are bound at end. 546. Taswell, WILLIAM. Autobiography and anecdotes by William Taswell, D.D., sometime rector of Newington, Surrey, rector of Bermondsey, and previously student of Christ Church, Oxford. A.D. 16511682. Edited by George Percy Elliott. [London] 1852. 40 p. Camden soc. v. 55.


547. THURLOE, JOHN. A collection of the state papers of John Thurloe Containing authentic memorials of the English affairs from the year 1638, to the restoration of King Charles II. Published from the originals, formerly in the library of John, lord Somers ... and since in that of Sir Joseph Jekyll ... Including also a considerable number of original letters and papers, communicated by ... the Archbishop of Canterbury from the library at Lambeth the Earl of Shelburn, and other hands. The whole digested into an exact order of time. To which is prefixed, The life of Mr. Thurloe: with a complete index to each volume. By Thomas Birch ... London, 1742.

7 v.


CONTENTS.-V. 1. Papers from the year 1638 to 1653. v. 2. 1653 to 1654. v. 3. December 1654 to September 1655. v. 4. September 1655 to May 1656. v. 5. 1655 [i.e. May 1656 to January 1657] v. 6. 1657 to 1658. v. 7. 1658 to 1660.

548. TRELAWNY PAPERS, [1644-1711] edited by William Durrant Cooper.

[London] 1853. 23 P.

Camden soc. v. 55.

549. Walker, CLEMENT. Relations and observations, historical and politick, upon the Parliament begun anno Dom. 1640. Divided into II. books: 1. The mystery of the two junto's, Presbyterian and Independent. 2. The history of Independency, &c. Together with an appendix, touching the proceedings of the Independent faction in Scotland ... London, 1661. London, 1661. 4, 174, 18 p.

The dedication is signed "Theoph. Verax" while the prefatory epistle which follows bears the signature "Theodorus Verax."

This work, originally published in 1648, is really complete in six parts, three of which are noted in the title above. The others are:

Anarchia anglicana; or, The history of independency, the second part. London, 1649. Reprinted 1661. 6, 262 p.

The High court of justice; or, Cromwels new slaughter house in England ... being the third part of The history of independency. London, 1651. Reprinted 1660. 58 p.

The history of independency; the fourth and last part. Continued from the death of His late Maiesty... till the death of the chief of that junto, by T. M. Esquire, a lover of his king and country. London, 1660. 6, 124 p.

Another copy, Maseres, Select tracts.

550. WALKER, JOHN. An attempt toward recovering an account of the numbers and sufferings of the clergy of the Church of England, heads of colleges, fellows, scholars, etc. who were sequester'd, harass'd, etc. in the late times of the grand rebellion. Occasion'd by the ninth chapter ... of Dr. Calamy's abridgment of the Life of Mr. Baxter. To gether with an examination of that chapter London, 1714. 2 pts.

in I V.

Added t.-p.


Part 2 has title: A list of some of the loyal and episcopal clergy tered, harassed

[blocks in formation]




551. BATE, GEORGE. Elenchus motuum nuperorum in Anglia: or, A short historical account of the rise and progress of the late troubles in England. In two parts. Written in Latin by Dr. George Bates Motus compositi: or, The history of the composing the affairs of England by the restauration of K. Charles the Second, and the punishment of the regicides: and other principal occurents to the year 1669. Written in Latin by Tho. Skinner, M.D. Made English. To which is added a preface by a person of quality, and in the body of the work several choice original papers London, 1685. 3 pts. in I v.


First part published, anonymously, 1649.

Translated by Archibald Lovell.

pt. 3 also issued separately under title: Elenchi motuum nuperorum in Anglia pars tertia, sive Motus compositi, 1676.

552. [BIRCH, THOMAS.] An inquiry into the share, which King Charles I. had in the transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, afterwards Marquis of Worcester, for bringing over a body of Irish rebels to assist that king, in the years 1645 and 1646. In which Mr. Carte's imperfect account of that affair, and his use of the ms. memoirs of the pope's nuncio Rinuccini, are impartially considered. The whole drawn up from the best authorities, printed and manuscript. The 2d ed.; to which is added an appendix, containing several letters of the king to the Earl of Glamorgan ... London, 1756. 8, 376 p.

Published anonymously.

553. CARY, HENRY, ed. Memorials of the great civil war in England from 1646 to 1652. Ed. from original letters in the Bodleian library of Charles the First, Charles the Second, Queen Henrietta, Prince Rupert ... and of numerous other eminent persons, by Henry Cary, M.A. London, 1842. 2 v.

554. CLARKE, SIR WILLIAM. The Clarke papers. Selections from the papers of William Clarke, secretary to the Council of the army, 16471649, and to General Monck and the commanders of the army in Scotland, 1651-1660. Ed. by C. H. Firth ... London, 1891-1901. 4 v. fold. front. (v. 3)

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 49, 54. 3 ser. v. 61-62.

v. 3-4: Edited for the Royal historical society, by C. H. Firth.

555. DERBY, JAMES STANLEY, 7th earl. The history & antiquities of the Isle of Man. By James [Stanley] earl of Derby & lord of Man; beheaded at Bolton, 1. Apr. 1651. With an account of his many troubles & losses in the civil war ; & of his proceedings in the Isle of Man, during his residence there in 1643.

Peck, Desiderata 2:429-55.

556. GILBERT, SIR JOHN THOMAS], ed. History of the Irish confederation and the war in Ireland, 1641 [-1649] containing a narrative of affairs of Ireland ... by Richard Bellings ... With correspondence and documents of the confederation and of the administrators of the English government in Ireland, contemporary personal statements, memoirs, etc. Now for the first time published from original manuscripts. Ed. by John T. Gilbert .. Dublin, 1882-91. 7 v. fronts. (v. 2, 4-7) pl., ports., plan, facsims.


557. HERBERT, SIR THOMAS. Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of that unparallell'd prince, of ever blessed memory, King Charles I. By Sir Tho. Herbert, Major Huntington, Col. Edw. Coke, and Mr. Hen. Firebrace. With the character of that blessed martyr, by the Reverend Mr. John Diodati, Mr. Alexander Henderson, and the author of The princely pelican. To which is added, The death-bed repentance of Mr. Lenthal ... London, 1711. 6, 303 p.

558. HERBERT, SIR THOMAS. Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of King Charles I., by Sir Thomas Herbert ... To which is added, a particular account of the funeral of the king, in a letter from Sir Thomas Herbert to Sir William Dugdale. London, 1813. 8, 222 p.

front. (port.)

First published in 1678, under the title "Threnodia Carolina, containing an historical account of the two last years of the life of King Charles 1." Reprinted 1702 and 1711, with other original papers, under the title "Memoirs of the last two years of the reign of ... King Charles 1." cf. Dict. nat. biog.

559. HOLLES, DENZIL HOLLES, 1st baron. Memoirs of Denzil Lord Holles, baron of Ifield in Sussex, from the year 1641, to 1648. London, 1699. 15, 213, [19] p. port.

Ed. by John Toland from papers written during the winter of 1647-48. cf. Dict. of nat. biog.

Another copy, Maseres, Select tracts 1:183-320.

560. LIST of goods plundered from tenants in Cromar. 1644-47.

Spalding club miscellany 3:193-201.

561. MANLEY, THOMAS. Iter Carolinum; being a succinct relation of the necessitated marches, retreats, and sufferings of his Majesty, Charles the First, from January 10, 1641, till the time of his death, 1648. Collected by a daily attendant upon His sacred Majesty during all the said time. 1660.

Somers 5:263-75.

Another copy, Gutch 2:425-56.

562. MAY, THOMAS. A breviary of the history of the Parliament of Eng

land. Expressed in three parts: 1. The causes and beginning of the civil war of England. 2. A short mention of the progress of that civil war. 3. A compendious relation of the original and progress of the

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