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Hugh Clark and Thom. Wormull, with the mottos translated into English (Lond.) 1778. 12. 72 Tafeln und 16 S. (M. 428). In: G. C. wird außer den arms of the nobility. 12. 2 S. 6 D. noch angeführt: Clark's peerage of England u. f. m. 12. 2 S. 6 D).

2933 b. A collection of crests of the nobility and gentry, drawn and etched by William Sharp, herald-painter, (Lond.) 1778. 4. 14 Tafeln, jede mit 12 crests, gut gezeich net und gestochen. (M 428. Lo. IV, 1668).

2936 a. The court companion: containing the arms of the peers, peeresses and bishops of the united kingdom; an introduction to heraldry; heraldic dictionary; degrees of peerage in England; orders of knighthood etc. Also a peerage directory, shewing the superior title, surname and mottos of all the families, alphabetically arranged, by which a peer may be immediately distinguished. London: printed for J. Debrett. 12. 145 S. (M. 463).

2938 a. The peerage of Great Bri'ain and Ireland, with historical engravings. (By Pollard). Lond. 1793. 4. (M. 470). (1 L. 1 L. 6 D). Pollard war ein Kupferstecher und Bildhändler.

2938 b. Kearsley's complete peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland; together with an extinct peerage of the three kingdoms, list of all their family names, titles of elder sons etc. and translation of their mottos. Lond. printed for Geo. Kearsley. 1799. 12. 584 S. (M. 490). Kearsley's peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland; containing an account of all the peers, whether by tenure, summons, or creation; their collateral branches, births, marriages and issue; family names, and titles of eldest sons; a complete and alphabetical arrangement of their mottoes, with correct translations; extinct, forfeited and dormant peerages; an account of the different orders of knighthood in the three kingdoms; a table of precedency, and a alphabetical list of the present baronets of Great Britain; with a list of persons who have received the honour of knighthood during the present reign. Lond. 1804. Außer diesem noch ein zweiter in Kupfer gestochener Titel: April 1804. Kearsley's

complete peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland; toge ther with an extinct peerage of the three kingdoms. List of all their family names, titles of elder sons etc. And translation of their mottos. London. printed for G. Kearsley -12, 731 S. (14 S).

2938 c. The principal, historical and allusive arms borne by families of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with their respective authorities. Collected by an antiquary (De la Motte). With a representation of the arms on copperplates, London 1803. 4. 552 S. (M. 497). (bei Bo. 2 L. 2 S). Nach Lo. I, 68. cine nuklose Busammenstoppelung, gewöhnlich dem Col. de la Motte zugeschrieben und größtentheils verbrannt. (1 L. 1 S.-1 L. 7 S).

2938 d. The new baronetage of England; containing as well a concise genealogical history, as the present state and alliances of the English baronets, and baronets of Great Britain, from the institution 1611 to the nnion with Ireland 1800; with their armorial bearings, correctly engraved; and a list of the baronets of the united kingdom since created. London: printed for Wm. Miller and Edm. Lloyd. 1804. 12. 2 voll. 964 S. mit 40 Tafeln auf jeder 12 Wappen von F. Adolpho gestochen. (M. 498). Nach Lo. I, 115 von W. Betham herausgegeben.

2938 e. The baronetage of England; containing a new genealogical history of the existing baronets, and baronets of Great Britain and of the united kingdom; from the institution of the order 1611 to the last creation. With their armorial bearings correctly engraved. London: printed for John Stockdale. 1806. 12. 558 S. (M. 508). Stockdale's baronetage of the united kingdom, for the year 1330; with the arms of the baronets. Lond. 1835.

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2938f. The present peerage of the united kingdom, with the arms of the peers and baronets, to which is prefixed the etablished order of precedency and an English translation of the mottos. London, printed for John Stockdale. 1708. 12. 172 S. (M. 513). Lond. 1815. Stockdale's peerage of the united kingdom, for the year 1830. With the arms of the peers, and a list of their se

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cond titles etc. Lond. 1830. In v. W. B 675, 9470 wird angeführt: the present peerage of the united kingdom; with the arms of the peers and baronets. Lond 1816. 8. wahrs scheinlich dasselbe Werk, und wenn 1816 kein Fehler ist entweder richtigere Angabe als 1815, oder eine vierte Ausgabe.

2940 a. British crests: containing the crests and mottos of the families of Great Britain and Ireland, together with those of the principal cities; and a glossary of heraldic terms. Collated and arranged by Alex, Deuchar seal engraver. Embellished with nearly fourteen hundred crests, engraved by Robert Kirkwood, from original drawings by G. Sanders and J. Grant, Edinb. 1817. 2 voll. (M. 537), mit 114 Kpft. 12 crests auf jeder.

2940 6. British family antiquity; illustrative of the origin and progress of the rank, honours, and personal merit of the nobility of the united kingdom Accompanied with an elegant set of chronological charts. By William Playfair. Lond 1809 1812. 4. 9 voll. (M. 515). Der 1. und 2. Band enthalten the peerage of England, der 3. the peerage of Scotland, der 4. und 5. the peerage of Ireland, der 6. u. 7. the English baronetege, der 8. the baronetage of Scotland, und der 9. the baronetage of Ireland, und wahrscheinlich auch Darstellungen oder Beschreibungen von ihren Wappen. (bei Bo. 12. L. 12 S. Lọ. III, 1463. 11 L. auf großem Papier.

2941 a. Mit Burke's dictionary of the peerage sind zu verbinden: A general and heraldic dictionary of the ancient peerages of England, Scotland and Ireland, extinct, dormant and in abeyance. By John Burke. Lond. 1830. 8. Dasselbe Werk in neuer Ausgabe scheint zu sein: J. Burke's extinct, dormant and suspended peerages. Lond. 1833. 8. (28 S).

2941 6. The annual peerage of the British empire, for 1830. With the family histories, direct and collateral, printed verbatim from the personal communications of the nobility to which is added the baronetage, and the arms of the peers; those of the peers of England revised and cor

rected by Edmund Lodge Esq. Norroy king of arms etc. Vol. I. II. Lond. 1830. The peerage of the British empire, as at present existing, arranged and printed from the personal communication of the nobility. To which is added a view of the baronetage of the three kingdoms. By Edm. Lodge. 3 edit. 1834. roy. 8. (6 Thlr.) — Lond. 1835. 8. (Gal. 1835. N. XIII. 24 Fr).

2941 c. Sharpe's peerage of the British empire, exhibiting its present state and deducing the existing descents from the ancient nobility of England, Scotland and Ireland. Lond. 1833. 8. » voll. with the arms prefixed to the respective pedigrees. (56 Fr. Gal).for 1834; to which is prefixed a new and comprehensive list of the marriages of commoners with the daughters of the nobility. Lond. 1834. 12 (Gal. 24 Fr).

2941 d. The history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, qualified by landed property to become members of parliament with their armorial ensigns. By John Burke. P. I. II. Lond. 1833. 8. (Gal).


2941 e. British herald; or, cabinet of armorial bearings of the nobility and gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, from the earlist to the present time: with a complete glosof heraldic terms; to which is prefixed a history of heraldry. The whole collected and arranged by F. Robson, of Sunderland. Lond. 1835. 4. 3 voll. (Gal. 1835. N. XIII. 300 Fr). Die Abtheilungen history und glossary mit Kpfrn. auch besonders 45 Fr.

2942 a. Dem royal kalendar ganz ähnlich und hieher gehörend scheint zu sein: the British imperial calendar for 1813. by Chapper. Lond. 8. 2 voll. Dieser, jedes Jahr erschienen, ist bis zum Jahre 1823 angeführt in v. W. B. 675. 9469.

2945 a. Mit Camden's Werke ist zu verbinden: R. Gough's British topography, or historical account of what has been done for illustrating the topographical antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. Lond. 1780. 4. 2 voll. (2 L. 12 S. 6 D).

2948 a.

Ancient fvenerall monvments within the vni

ted monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland and the islands adiacent, with the dissolued monasteries therein contained; their founders and what eminent persons have been in the same interred. As also the death and bvriall of certaine of the blood royall; the nobilitie and gentrie of these kingdomes entombed in forraine nations. A work reuiuing the dead memory of the royall progenie, the nobilitie, gentrie and communaltie, of these his maiesties dominions. Intermixed and illustrated with variety of historicall observations, annotations, and briefe notes, extracted out of approued anthors, infallible records, lieger bookes, chartres, rolls, old manuscripts, and the collections of iudicious antiquaries. Whereunto is prefixed a discourse of funeral monuments. Of the foundation and fall of religious houses: of religious orders. Of the ecclesiasticall estate of England. And of other occurrences touched vpon by the way, in the whole passage of these intended labours. Composed by the studie and trauels of John Weever. Lond. 1631. f. 871 S. (M. 112. Lo. IV, 19. 19. 1 L. — 2 L. - 4 L. 10 S. groß Pas pier 11 L. bis 16 und 26 L.) Ein wichtiges Werk, in welchem auch S. 661- 687 eine kurze Geschichte der Heroldkammer nnd ihrer Mitglieder ist, in welchen aber auch Fehler in Jahrzahlen und Inschriften nachgewiesen werden, von Henry Wharton in Anglia sacra, Vol. 1. p. 668. — 2 edit. 1767. 4. with some addi

Lond. 1661. f.

3 edit. Edinb. tions by Wm. Tooke. (Lo. IV, 1919. 18 S. 6 D. — 1 L. 7 S. 3 L. 3 S).

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2948 b. The monuments and painted glass of upwards of one hundred churches, chiefly in the eastern part of Kent. With an appendix, containing three churches in other counties: to which are added a small collection of detached epitaphs, with a few notes on the whole. By Phil. Parson. Canterbury 1794. 4. (M. 116).

2948 c. Monumental effigies of Great Britain etc. from the Norman conquest to the reign of King Henry VIII. By C. A. Stothard jun. 1817 1820. 4. (M. 116).

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2948 d. Views of the most interesting collegiale and parochial churches in Great Britain; including screens, fonts,

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