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Printed in Morland, pp. 466—496. On the last of the ten leaves (12 inches by 83), which are written in a large hand, is the endorsement hurriedly written, 'Copia autentica delle concess. del 1603 et 1620 et del Intere.'

3. The Confirmation of the above said Concessions, bearing date the 2 and 4 of June and 29 of December, 1653.

This on five leaves, of somewhat larger paper, is written in a smaller and clearer hand than the preceding document. It is referred to by Morland, p. 497, and translated by Leger, Liv. II. ch. vir.


In this volume are contained the following MSS., of which the list will be found to differ somewhat from Morland's Catalogue. They occupy about 60 leaves of the same size (12 inches by 8), excepting in $ 12.

1. A Memorial concerning the Evangelical Churches in the Valleys of Piemont, in the year 1644.

This is in French, with the heading, ‘Memoire sur les affaires des Eglises en Piedmont en l'année 1644, and at the end the note ' Il est imprimé en la 2. partie de la Relation des aff. Piem. in 8°,'

2. A Letter from the Evangelical Cantons of Switzerland to the Duke of Savoy the iš of March, 1655.

A translation into French of this letter, and a portion of the reply (§ 3), are given by Leger, Liv. 11. ch. xii.

This and the following articles are copies, and with the exception of $$ 4, 5, 7, 12, and 22, have at the end certificates like the one to this article,

Dass dissere Copia dem Original Inn allweg glychluthend syge Bezügt Andreas Schmid, der Statt Zürich Understatt-schrýber.

The articles are in German with the exception of S$ 3, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 23, in French, $ 5 in Latin, and $ 22 in Italian.

In the margin at the beginning of many of the articles are written the titles, those in English perhaps by Morland, those in French by the same hand as the notes to $ 1.

3. A Letter of the Duke of Savoy to the Evangelical Cantons the 6th of April, 1655.

4. A Letter from the Ministers of Zuric to those of N. N. touching the negotiation of Mr Duræus for the unity of the Churches, together with a relation of the beginning and progress of the late persecution in Piemont; as also two other letters touching the same subject. They are dated from Zurich respectively the 5th March, the 22nd March, and 23rd April.

5. A Letter from the Pastors of Zurich to those of Basle, Schaff houzen, &c. concering the massacre in the year 1655, bearing date the 1 of May, 1655.

6. The Evangelical Cantons to the Duke of Savoy, the 6 of May, 1655.

7. Col. Weiss his account of the Commission given him by the Evangelical Cantons to negotiate or intercede in the behalf of the Valley People in Piemont with the Duke of Savoy.

See Leger, Liv. 11. ch. XII. where the name is Wits, in the MS. it is Waiss.

8. The Duke of Savoy to the Evangelical Cantons, 13 June, 1655.

9. The Evangelical Cantons to the Duke of Savoy, 17 June, 1655.

10. Coll. Weiss his account to those of Bern touching his second cold Reception in the Court of Savoy upon his intimation of the Evangelical Cantons Embassie intended thitherward in the behalf of the poor Exiles of Piemont.

11. The Duke of Savoy to the Evangelical Cantons received by their Ambassadors at Aigle, the ii of July, 1655.

This reply to the letter in § 14. is translated in Morland, B. iv. ch.


P. 616.

12. The First Proposition of the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons to the Duke of Savoy in behalf of the poor Evangelical Churches of the Valleys, together with the said Duke's answer thereunto.

This article is in a different handwriting from the rest, and seems to have been inserted in the volume subsequently. See Morland, p. 619.

13. The Duke of Savoy to the Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons, the 29 of July, 1655.

14. The Ambassadors to the Duke of Savoy, 17 Junij, 1655. Printed in Morland, p. 614.

15. The first Relation of the Negotiation of the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons in the Court of Savoy, bearing date the ii of August, 1655.

Printed with a translation by Morland, B. iv, ch. vii. pp. 623–635.

16. The second Relation of the said Ambassadors, bearing date the in

, of August, 1655. Printed ibid. pp. 636_643.

17. Their third Relation, bearing date the of August, 1655.

Printed ibid. pp. 644–5.

18. Memorial given by the Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons of Switzerland to the Baron of Greisey, of August, 1655.

28 of August 19. Their Letter to the Evangelical Cantons, the

7 of Sept. 1655.

20. Their fourth and last Relation, bearing date the á August, 1655.

Printed by Morland, pp. 646_650.

21. The second Proposition of the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons to His Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy, the 24 of August, 1655.

22. The Duke of Savoy's Answer to the request of the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons, written in Italian, bearing date the 6 of September, 1655.

23. The Baron of Greisey to the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons, the 30 of August, 1655.


The MSS. in this volume appear to be all original, and on most the seals still remain.

1. Marchio a Sancto Thoma his Letter to Mr Morland during his abode at Turin, bearing date the 10 of July, 1655.

This letter and the next are printed in Morland, B. iv. ch. iv.

2. The said Marquess his letter to the said Mr Morland, the 17 July, 1655.

3. A Letter from Major Weiss to the said Mr Morland, from Pignerol to Geneva, the li of August, 1655.

4. A second Letter from the said Major Weiss to the said Mr Morland, from Pignerol, the of August, 1655.

5. A Letter from the Four Ambassadors of the Evangelical Cantons to Mr Morland, dated from Pignerol the ia of August, 1655.

6. second Letter from the said Ambassadors to the said Mr Morland, the # of August, 1655.

7. A third Letter from the abovesaid Ambassadors to the abovesaid Mr Morland, dated from Turin the of August, 1655.

8. The Attestation of Thomas Guiot and Fra. Pra. concerning the eating of the Protestant's Brains, during the heat of the Massacre, dated 7. gbre, 1655.

Printed by Morland, B. 11. ch. vi. p. 336.

9. The Attestation of Mr Thomas Trouchin of Geneva, concerning the MSS. mentioned in the History of Mr Paul Perrin, dated 19 Novembre, 1656.

10. The Declaration of Mr de Petit Bourg, first Captain of the regiment of Grancey, touching the cruelties that were exercised upon persons of all ages and sexes, among the poor Protestants of the Valleys of Piemont, subscribed with his own hand at Pignerol, the 27 of November, 1655, in the presence of two other commanders.

Printed ibid. pp. 333–35.

11. The Attestation of Mr Andrew Schmidt, Under Secretary of State at Zuric, touching the Ambassador Stockar, and his dissenting from the other three Ambassadors in the hastening of the Treaty at Pignerol made at Geneva, the of September, 1655.

Printed by Morland, B iv. ch. viii. p. 672, with a translation differing from that appended to the attestation in MS.


Authentick Copies of several excellent Letters of consolation, from divers Protestant Churches in other parts to their poor afflicted Brethren in the Valleys of Piemont. The certificate of S. Borsetto, notarius, is subscribed to each.

The letters are at present arranged as below.
1. De Bergerac, ce 22 Octobre, 1655. (Formerly also 1.)
2. De Paris, ce 19 d'Octobre, 1655. (Formerly 7.)
3. A Clairac, ce 20me Nov. 1655. (2.)

4. Ecclesiæ Reformatæ Middelburgensis Pastores......22 Decembris, 1655. (5)

6. Flesingæ, 12 Januarij, 1656. (6.)
6. Hanavie, 23 Jour Juin, 1656. (4.)
7. De Francfort, ce 15me Juillet, 1656. (3.)

In this volume are contained sundry edicts and state-papers, all printed, viz.

1. Edicts of the Dukes of Savoy, some against, others by way of answer to the petitions, and in favour of their poor Protestant subjects.

The dates of twelve of these edicts are given in Morland's Catalogue : those numbered therein 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are comprised in Confirmatione de' Privilegi fatta alli Signori Conti, e Communita della Valle di Luserna. 4to. Torino, 1643; in which are also two edicts dated Torino, 19 September, 1635, and Torino, 8 May, 1643. The date of No. 5, in Morland should be 1618.

2. a. Relatione de' successi seguiti nella Valle di Luserna, nell' anno 1655. b. The same in Latin, Gesta in Valle...

The same in French, · Relation de ce qui s'est passé...' 3. The Court of Savoy's reasons for the justice of the order of Gastaldo, &c., in the year 1655.

'Summa Rationum, quibus Regia celsitudo ...' b. Sommaire des Raisons et Motifs...' The Italian version mentioned by Morland is not noticed by Nasmith.

4. The Duke of Savoy's Patent, (Patente di Gratia, e Perdono) granted to the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys. Dated Riuoli, 18 August, 1655.

See Morland, B. iv. ch. vii. pp. 652-667.



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