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the Prince's death on the 6th of November, it was ad. dressed instead to his brithet in 1re Sir Jöks Constable? A copy of the dedication to Prince Henry exists in the British yuzum (Birch JSS. 4259, fol. 155), and is written on a single leaf whick appears on examination to have belonged to an im fut 315. of the Essays, preseried among the Harician JSS. (no. 5106), which Jr Spedding describes as a volume undoubtedly authentie; for it contains interlineations in Bacon's own hand; and transcribed some time between 1607, when Bacon became Solicitor-general, and 1612, when he brought out a new edition of the Essays with further additions and alterations. It is unluckily not quite perfat; one leaf at least, if not more, having been lost at the beginning; though other. wise in excellent preservation.

" The title page, which remains, bears the following inscription, very handsomely written in the old English character, with flourished capitals : The writings of Sr Francis Bacon Knt. the Kinge's Sollicitor Gene rall : in Moralitie, Policie, and Historie." (Bacon's Works, VI. p. 535).

The Essays in this MS. are thirty-four in number. and include two, Of Honour and Reputation" and "Of Seditions and Troubles," which are not containere in the edition of 1612, while in the printed edition ser rew Essays were added, Of Religion,Of Cur. ring,” “Of Loue,Of Iudicature," Of vaine lory," and " Of greatnes of Kingdomes.It is to his MS. I have referred in the notes, when quoting the .: Sir John Constable married Dorothy Barnham the sister * Lady Bacon.


BORN , , , , , 2. Jan. 1560-1 Matriculated at Trin. Coll. Cam.

bridge . , 10 June, 1573 Adimitted at Gray's Inn , , 21 Nov, 1576 First sat in the li Quse of Com

mons as Member for Meloombe 1884
Knighted by James i. , , 03 July, 1603
King's Counsel. , , , ; Aug. 1604
Solicitor General . . i a3 June, 1607
Attorney General

, 17 Oct. 1613 Privy Councillor

· 9 June, 1616 Lord Keeper. . · 3 March, 1616-7 Lord High Chancellor . Jan. 1618-9 Baron Verulam . . . , July, 1619 Viscount St Alban . . . 27 Jan. 1620-1 Sentenced by the House of Lords 3 May, 1621 Died . . . . . 9 Apr. 1626

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