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THE LONDON JOURNAL OF ARTS AND Sciences has now reached the close of its Fourteenth Volume, having in the progress of Publication duly performed the promise with which it was first presented to the world, (viz.) the accomplishment of the arduous task of reporting Every New PATENT INVENTION, the principles and properties of which have been faithfully detailed, with such occasional remarks and references to previous Patents, as a candid consideration of the subjects called forth.

On comparing the List of New SEALED PATENTS with the Reports of their specifications given in this JOURNAL, it will be found that a few remain unnoticed, not having been Inrolled agreeably to the conditions on which they were granted : consequently, those Patents have become forfeited. But the specification of every Patent that has been Inrolled, will be found fully described in the Pages of the JOURNAL, the Reports of which are completed in the present Volume, up to the beginning of the year 1827.

Notices of forthcoming Inventions, and the progress of those which have been recently introduced to the world, have formed no inconsiderable feature of the JOURNAL ; but the superior claims


of Patent Inventions, and the great increase in their number of late years, have, in some measure, precluded the insertion of Original Communications connected with the Arts ; and considerably curtailed the Polytechnic Department, which, as a Vehicle of Scientific News, is much to be regretted.

The Editor of the LONDON JOURNAL of ARTS, in returning his acknowledgments for the very flattering approbation which his labours, in the compilation of the preceding Volumes have received, begs to announce that arrangements are now made, by which it is hoped the Work will in future, be still more deserving of Public Patronage, and without deviating from the Original Plan of Reporting every New PATENT, a wide field of Science will be opened by the additional aid of a Gentleman, whose Literary and Scientific labours are already known to the world.

It is therefore thought to be desirable, that the present Fourteenth Volume should complete the FIRST Series of the LONDON JOURNAL OF ARTS, and that the next Number should commence a New Series of the same Work, under the joint superintendence of Mr. W. Newton, of the Patent Office, and Mr. C. F. PARTINGTON, of the London Institution.

London, January, 1828.






I. Oldham's propelling Apparatus ; Evans's Distilling Appa

ratus ; and Dyer's Winding Machine. II. Buffum's Apparatus for Dying Hats; Higgins's improved

Rigging ; Taylor's Polishing Apparatus ; and Birt's

improved Carriage. III. Williams's Hat making Machinery; and Stansfield's im,

proved Loom. IV. Hurst's improved Loom; Newmarch's improved Fire

arms ; Parr's Propelling Machinery; and Willan and

Ogle's Fulling Apparatus. V. Lean's Alternating Motion ; Brandreth's improved Car

riages ; Ham's method of making White Lead; Halahan's Gun-carriages; and Wood's Apparatus for destroying

Fire damp. VI. Fuller's Improved Carriage. VII. De la Fon's Instruments for the Teeth ; Farey's Lamp;

Badnall's Machinery for the manufacture of Silk ; and

Seaton's Improved Wheeled Carriages. VIII. Gamble's Apparatus for Evaporation ; Cochrane's Porta

ble Oven ; and Saunders's improved Buttons, IX. Howard's Vapour Engine ; Shoolbred's Stays; and Lyne

and Stainford's Brick-making Machinery. X. De la Garde's Machinery for Breaking Flax ; Kennedy's

Cupping Apparatus ; Halliday's Chimney-top; Loache's

Sash Fasteners ; and Cayley's Loco-motive Apparatus. XI. Fernandez's Improved Window Blinds; and Luscombe's

Oil and Gas Apparatus.

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XII. Houldsworth's Improved Spinning Machinery, Parker's

Improved Park Gate; and Wilks and Ecroyd's Machine

for making Nails, &c. XIII. Seaward's Improvements in Propelling; Cook's Hinges ;

Deyerlein's Improved Weighing Machine; Howard's

method of crystallizing Sugar in Vacuum. XIV. Robinson's Propelling Apparatus ; Hawkins's Improved

Printing Machine; and Halliday's Rotatory Steam Engine. XV. Ferris's Machinery for Printing Cotton; Neville's Impro

ved Steam Boiler ; Schaller's Improved Clogs ; Koyman's

Sluice Gate ; and Fanshaw's Silk-winding Apparatus. XVI. Deurbroueq's Refrigerator ; Ogston and Bell's Improved

Watch ; Rist's Lace Machine ; Fenner's Chimney Top ;
Thompson's Improved Tubes for Bedsteads ; aud Chap-

man's Apparatus for Loading Colliers. XVII. Perkins's Steam Engine. XVIII. Brown's Gas Engine Goulding's Spinning Apparatus ;

De Combio's Rotatory Steam Engine ; and Williams's
Ship's Hearth

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