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Wharton Hall—The Ancestry of the first Baron—Thomas, first

Lord— Thomas, second Lord-Philip, third Lord-Philip,
fourth Lord (the Good Lord Wharton); his father, Sir Thomas
of Aske; his brother, Sir Thomas of Edlington; his own
household—Thomas, fifth Lord, and Marquis-Philip, sixth
Lord, and Duke-The extinct Barony


CHAPTER II. THE LIFE OF THE GOOD LORD WHARTON. His early life-Beginning of the Civil War-Triumph of the Parliamentary Army—The Westminster Assembly of Divines -Friendship with Cromwell—Retirement from Public Affairs-The Restoration—The Act of Uniformity-Sympathy with Nonconformist Ministers Declaration of Indulgence-Committal to the Tower-Absence from England–The Act of Toleration-Swaledale-Ravenstonedale-His old age-His favourite Psalms-His death-His Benefaction to Nonconformist Ministers

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Origin of the Charity—The Founder's own Management-The

Assembly's Shorter Catechism-Lye's Catechism-Alleine's
Sure Guide—Trust Deed-Original Trustees—A Protestant
Dissenters' Charity-Instructions—After the Founder's death
-Early changes among the Trustees—Unchanged adminis-
tration ...

... 109

Change of administration-Churchmen alone Trustees—The

Church Catechism and Book of Common Prayer adopted-
Clergymen alone Distributors–Sermons only by Clergymen-
Church Books as Rewards-A distinctly Church of England
Charity - First Report of the Charity Commissioners - An
Exception to the Rule-Further changes among the Trustees
-Sale of Bible Lands-Last Trustees ...

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This volume is based upon a pampalet iudi
for private circulation in January, 155. 2015
contained the following Prefatory note:

At an inquiry held by the Charity Comission Brad or three years ago [January, 1894), the late iz baze remarked (after some dispute had arises HE , cerning Lord Wharton's Bible Charity, from vina se tu accustomed to receive a number of Bibles asi para sa la with 175. 6d. for their distribution and 108. Se pare mi on the Holy Scriptures : “I presume po ose ripe toa ? is a distinctly Church of England Charty, ÍZ I Catechism to be learnt.” His remark was doutriens 2 ut faith ; it did not occur that another Catechisa afea re ha of the Church of England was meant by the segura. unfortunately there was no one present capable di aiure information concerning the origin and purpose of Cm

The account of this Charity, which is given is fir fula will show beyond dispute that it is not what it was anem to the occasion above mentioned; and will, I trust in towards restoring it to its proper administration is the Charity, if they are preserved, and were cán would probably furnish a suggestive history of the sain. * many other Special and General Charities havina te Some particulars of the Wharton family as árs se although they have little direct connectisa na the Bible Charity founded by Philip, the fourts set to have not thought it necessary to refer to the 212 wys for every statement, and in correcting mistaks seda, et may have fallen into some mistakes myself; but I *** **s mer best to avoid them, and now commend the whole sad. judgment of the reader.

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My attention had been for some yan ohi, directed to the manner in which the Centro administered ; and, although I found on this obtain satisfactory information on the brim. tured to place a Memorial before the Cath missioners, setting forth the main facts contain

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