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The Spanish maid is no coquette,

Nor joys to see a lover tremble ; And if she love, or if she hate.

Alike she knows not to dissemble. Her heart can ac'er be bought or sold,

Howe'er it beats, it beats sincerely ; And, tho' it will not bend to gold,

*Twill love you long and love you dearly. The Spanish girl that meets your love

Nc'er taunts you with a mock denial ; For every thought is bent to prove

Her passion in the hour of trial. When thronging foemen menace Spain

She dares the deed and shares the danger ; And should her lover press the plain

She hurls the spear, her love's avenger.

And when beneath the evening star,

She mingles in the gay Bolero ; Or sings to her attuned guitar

Of Christian knight or Moorish hero ; Or counts her beads with fairy hand

Beneath the twinkling rays of Hesper ; Or joins devotion's choral band

To chant the sweet and hallowed vesper ;

In cach her charms the heart must move

Of all who venture to behold her :

Then let not maids less fair reprove,

Because her bosom is not colder ; Thro' many a clime 'tis mine to roam

Where many a soft and melting maid is, But none abroad, and few at home,

May match the dark-eyed girl of Cadiz.

[Lord Byron


HE time I've lost in wooing,
In watching and pursuing

The light that lies

In woman's eyes,
Has been my heart's undoing.

Tho' Wisdom oft has sought me
I scorned the lore she brought me

My only books

Were woman's looks,
And folly's all they taught me.

Her smile when Beauty granted,
I hung with gaze enchanted,

Like him the Sprite

Whom maids by night Oft meet in glen that's haunted, Like him, too, Beauty won me ;

If once their ray

Was turned away,
O! winds could not outrun me.

And are those follies going?
And is my proud heart growing

Too cold or wise
For brilliant eyes

Again to set it glowing?
No—vain, alas! th' endeavor
From bonds so sweet to sever :-

Poor wisdom's chance

Against a glance
Is now as weak as ever.

[Thomas Moore


JENNY kiss'd me when we met,
_ Jumping from the chair she sat in ;
Time, you thief! who love to get

Sweets into your list, put that in.
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad;

Say that health and wealth have missed me ; Say ľ'm growing old, but add

Jenny kiss'd me!

[Leigh Hunt

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