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This dramatic rendering of Alice in Wonderland, by Alice Gerstenberg of Chicago, was produced by The Players Producing Company of Chicago (Aline Barnsdall and Arthur Bissell), at the Fine Arts Theater, Chicago, February 11, 1915. After a successful run it opened at the Booth Theater, New York, March 23, 1915.

The scenery and the costumes were designed by William Penhallow Henderson of Chicago.

The music was written by Eric De Lamarter of Chicago.

The advertising posters and cards were designed by Jerome Blum of Chicago.

The illustrations of the characters of the play in this book were drawn by J. Allen St. John from photographs by Victor Georg of Chicago.

W. H. Gilmore staged the play with the following cast: Lewis CARROLL

Frank Stirling Alice

Vivian Tobin RED QUEEN

Florence LeClercq WHITE QUEEN

Mary Servoss White Rabbit

Donald Gallaher HUMPTY DUMPTY

Alfred. Donohoe GRYPHON

Fred W. Permain Mock TURTLE

Geoffrey Stein Mad HATTER

Geoffrey Stein MARCH HARE

Fred W. Permain DORMOUSE

J. Gunnis Davis Frog FOOTMAN

Walter Kingsford Duchess

Kenyon Bishop CHESHIRE CAT

Alfred Donohoe KING of Hearts .

Frederick Annerly QUEEN OF Hearts .

Winifred Hanley KNAVE OF HEARTS

Foxhall Daingerfield CATERPILLAR

Walter Kingsford Two of SPADES


France Bendtsen SEVEN OF SPADES

John A. Rice

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Miss Gerstenberg's manuscript called for costumes after the illustrations of John Tenniel, and scenery of the simple imaginative type, the "new art

' in the theater.


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