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JUL 11 1898

BEGG (R.), Dielectric Constants at Low Temperatures, 70;

Nature of Coloration of Salts by Kathode Rays, 92

Abercromby (Hon. Ralph), Obituary Notice of, R. H. Scott,

F.R.S., 55

Aberration, Constant of, Prof. C. L. Doolittle, 472

Abney (Captain), Physical Aspects of Reversal of Photographic

Image, 158

Abnormal Colours of Flowers, Hector Colwell, 129
Abridged Long Division, Rev. C. L. Dodgson, 269 ; Robert

W. D. Christie, 390
Absorption, Dew and, T. Wilson, 436
Accidents, Mine, in 1897, 277
Acetylene : L'Eclairage à l’Acétylène, G. Pellissier, 219;

Calcium Carbide and, Henry Fowler, 523

Ackermann (Mr.), New Physical Experiments, 23

Acoustics : Lessons in Elementary Practical Physics, vol. iii.,

part 1. Practical Acoustics, Ć. L. Barnes, 218; Colour-

Hearing, Dr. W. S. Colman, 229; the Microphonograph,

Dr. Louis Ollivier, 255; Means of Producing Elliptic Sound-

Vibrations in Air, M. Crémieu, 440 ; Sound-Propagation

through Non-Homogeneous Medium. N. Kasterin, 528

Actinograph, a New, Dr. Hurter and V. C. Driffield, 471
Actinometry in Balloons, J. Violle, 47
Adie (R. H.), Agricultural Chemistry, 196
Adulteration ; Detection of Sawdust in Flour, G. A. Le Roy,

Aerial Navigation, Navigazione Aerea, Guglielmo N. Da Pra,


Aeronautics : Herr Andrée's Expedition, Jonas Stadling, 14;

Andrée and his Balloon, Henri Lachambre and Alexis

Machuron, Dr. H. Robert Mill, 609; Apparatus for Verifying

Barometric Measurement of Balloon Altitudes, L. Cailletet,

23; Photographic Method of Measuring Height of Balloon,

L. Cailletet, 282 ; Actinometry in Balloons, J. Violle, 47 ;

Artificial Wings in Imitation of Flying-Fox, Major R. F.

Moore, 59 ; Les Ballons-Sondes, W. de Fonvielle, 76 ; the

International Balloon Conference, W. de Fonvielle, 565;

Electric Balloon Signalling applied to Arctic Exploration, E.

S. Bruce, 85; Artificial Flight, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S.,

135 ;. a Railroad Flying Machine, Profs. Langley and

Watkins, 156; Experiments in Gliding Flight, Octave

Chanute, 255

Afalo (F. G.), a Sketch of the Natural History (Vertebrates) of

the British Isles, 533

Africa : Ten Years' Rainfall of Cape Colony, Dr. Buchan, 34 ;

the Dry Crushing and Direct Cyaniding of Rand Ore, 135;

Daily Range of Meteorological Elements at Cairo, Dr. J.

Hann, 165; Death of Dr. Eugen Zintgraff, 228; Obituary

Notice of, 254 ; Manners and Habits of Natives of East

Africa Protectorate, Sir A. Hardinge, 372; Rinderpest and

Serotherapy in South Africa, 398 ; the Rainfall of South

Africa, 114; British Central Africa, Sir Harry H. Johnston,

174 : Stridulation in some African Spiders, R. I. Pocock,

356 ; Giraffe from the Niger Territories, W. Hume McCor.

quodale, 389; the Navigability of the Niger, Lieut. de

Chevigne, 442 ; Zoological Evidence of Connection of Lake

Tanganyika with the Sea, J. E. S. Moore, 476; Iceland Spar

from Kilwa Island, W. R. Dunstan, 491 ; Discovery of Tomb

of Amenophis II., G. M. Loret, 566

Agamennone (Dr. G.), New Electric Seismoscope, 59

Agassiz (A.), Coral Reefs of Fiji Group, 405

Agriculture : the Fertility of the Land, Isaac P. Roberts, 75;

Effect of Temperatures on Hibernation of Injurious Insects,

Dr. L. O. Howard, 85; Light and Beetroot Sugar Produc-

tion, F. Strohmer, 159 ; Potato Disease, G. W. Bulman,

198; Oat, Wheat, and Rye Straw, M. Balland, 239; the

Foundations of Scientific Agriculture, Samuel Cooke, 243 ;

West Indian Resources, D. Morris, 464 ; Damage to Soil by

Salt-water Flood, T. S. Dymond, 490 ; the Gipsy Moth in

Massachusetts, L. O. Howard, 491 ; Report of Observations

of Injurious Insects and Common Farm Pests, Eleanor A.

Ormerod, 558; the West Australian Settler's Guide and

Farmer's Handbook, 560 ; Death and Obituary Notice of

Prof. Aimé Girard, 587 ; Tobacco Soils of United States,

M. Whitney, 615; Absorption of Organic Materials by Roots,

Jules Laurent, 143 ; Agricultural Chemistry, R. H. Adie,

196; Influence of Bismuth Subnitrate on “Hardening ” of

Cider, MM. Leon Dufour and Daniel, 239 ; Agriculture in

some of its Relations with Chemistry, F. H. Storer, 292;

Oxidation of Ammonia Compound by Soil-Ferments, E.

Demoussy, 310; Caron's New Bacteriological Grain

Manure, “Alinit,” 418

Air and Water, Electric Movements on, with Theoretical

Inferences, Lord Armstrong, F.R.S., 31

Air, the Exploration of the, by Means of Kites, A. Lawrence

Rotch, 53

Air, Food, and Exercises : an Essay on the Predisposing Causes

of Disease, Dr. A. Rabagliate, 99

Alaska, J. G. Brady, 103

Albino Lark, an, 228

Alcock (Sir Rutherford), Death of, 12

Alcohol in Relation to Microbial Diseases, Dr. Deléarde, 355

Alcoholic Fermentation, Yeast and, Prof. J. Reynolds Green,

F.R.S., 591

Alembic Club Reprints, No. 13; the Early History of Chlorine,

No. 14; Researches on Molecular Asymmetry, 534

Algebra : Chambers's Algebra for Schools, William Thompson,

"Alinit,” a New Bacteriological Grain Manure, Herr Caron,


Allen (A. U.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 612

Allen (Francis H.), Nature's Diary, 364

Allen (Dr. Harrison), Death of, 102

Alloys : Microscopic Study of Alloys, II

America : American Association for the Advancement of Science

Meeting at Detroit, Experimental Morphology, Prof. G. F.

Atkinson, 41; Geologists in Canada, 62 ; American Journal

of Science, 70, 189, 333, 404, 500 ; Volcanoes of North

America, Israel C. Russell, 73; Life Histories of American

Insects, C. M. Weed, 99 ; Bulletin of American Mathematical

Society, 164, 308, 357, 476, 598 ; Modification of the Great

Lakes by Earth Movement, Prof. G. K. Gilbert, 211; the

Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America, D. G. Elliot,

219; Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel,

North America, S. E. Dawson, vol. i., Canada and New-

foundland, Dr. Hugh Robert Mill, 223; American Journal of

Mathematics, 261 ; American Society of Naturalists, Sixteenth

Annual Meeting, 281 ; Crater Lake, Oregon, 375; Further

Explorations in American Mounds, 400; Does a Phosphor.

escent South American Liana exist ? Prof. Italo Giglioli, 412 ;

the Lake Superior Iron Ore Region, Bennett H. Brough, 473 ;

Twenty-first Annual Report of the Department of Geology

and Natural Resources, Indiana, W. S. Blatchley, 484 ;

Glaciation of North America, Dr. J. W. Spencer, 571 ; R.

Chalmers, 571 ; J. B. Tyrrell, 572 ; Dr. G. W. Dawson, 572;

Prof. C. H. Hitchcock, 572 ; Prof. A. P. Coleman, 572;


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