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In page 182, line 5, and in page 192, line 24, for Zugela read Tugela ADVENTURES OF HANS STERK.


Introduction to the Hunters—Death of the Lion-Discovery of the

Elephants by Hans Sterk.

EAR the outskirts of a far-extending African

forest, and close beside some deep shady

pools, the only remnants of a once rapidly flowing river, were seen one glowing summer's evening, shortly after sunset, a party of some ten men; bronzed workmen-like fellows they were too, their dress and equipment proclaiming them hunters of the first class. This party were reclining on the turf, smoking, or giving the finishing touch to their rifles and smooth-bore guns, which they had been engaged in cleaning. Among this party there were two black men, fine, stalwart-looking fellows, whose calm demeanour and bright steady gazing eyes, proclaimed them men of nerve

One tiny yellow man, a Hottentot, was remarkable among the group on account of his smallness, as he stood scarcely more than five feet in height, where

and energy

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