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Honours blushing thick upon him, | How happy could I be, 122.

How long halt ye, 220.
Honour but a bubble, 109. How many saucy airs we meet,
Honour, Falstaff's catechism on,

How to live, taught us, 216.
Honour, post of, a private station, Humbleness, whispering, 31.

Hum, busy, of men, 81.
Hope bade the world farewell, Hum, the ceaseless, 147.

Humility, the pride that apes,
Hope brighten days to come, 241.

Hyperion's curls, 9.
TIope deferred, 225.

Hyperion to a satyr, 1.
Hope, leave light of, behind, 159.
Hope, sorrow not as others who I am fearfully made, 223.
have none, 236.

I am Sir Oracle, 30.
Hope springs in human breast, I awokeand found myself famous,

Hope, the charmer, 158. I can call spirits, 50.
Hope, the wretch relies on, 133. I care for nobody, 242.
Hope, true, is swift, 61.

I could a tale unfold, 3.
Hope withering fled, 186. I could have better spar'd a better
Horse, a given, look in mouth, man, 52.

I dare do all that becomes a
Florse, my kingdom for, 61.

man, 39.
Hospitable thoughts, intent on, Ice, turn sun to, 56.

Idea how to shoot, 147.
Hot, cold, moist, and dry, 78. Idiot, tale told by, 43.
House, bloody, of life, 44. I'd rather be a dog, 67.
House, if divided, 233.

I'd rather be a kitten, 51.
House, set it in order, 228. If Atticus were he, 105.
House, you take my, 33. If it were done, 38.
Household words, familiar as, If reasons were plenty as black.

berries, 50.
Howards, all the blood of, 100. If the heart of a man is depressed,
How are the mighty fallen, 219.
How calm they glide into the Ignorance, where 'tis bliss, 153,

I have that within, I.



port, 86.

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I have thee on the hip, 33.

In the sweat of thy face, 217.
I know a bank, 27.

In the worst inn's worst room,
I know a trick, 49.
I lisped in numbers, 104. Invention, when it fails, 190.
Ill blows the wind, 59.

Iron enter'd into his soul, 239.
I'll make assurance double sure, Iron, shall rule with a rod of, 239.)

Iron tongue of midnight, 28.
Imagination's airy wing, 212. I run before my horse, 60.
I'm cabin'd, cribb’d, confin'd, 40. I say the tale as 't was said to me,
Immodest words admit, 248. 196.
Immortality, longing after, 94. I shall not look on his like, 2.
Impeachment, I own the soft, Is it not lawful for me, 232.

Isocrates, old man, eloquent, 83.
Imperfections on my head, 4. Israel be a proverb, 220.
Imperial vot'ress, an, 27. Is thy face like thy mother's, 171.
Indian, lo the poor, 98.

Italian priest, none shall tithe,
In durance vile, 90.

Industry supports us all, 121. I thank thee, Jew, 33.
I never loved a tree or flower, It is more blessed to give, 235.

I've often wish'd that I had clear,
Infant, when it gazes on a light, 189.

Infidel, a daring, 211.

JEALOUSY, beware of, 14.
Ingratitude, man's, 36.

Jest, a scornful, 117.
In Him we live and move, 235. Jest's prosperity, 29.
In hollow murmurs, 156. Jew, hath he not eyes, 31.
In maiden meditation, 27. Jew, I thank thee, 33.
In multitude of counsellors, 224. Jewel in Ethiop's ear, 70.
In my hot youth, 177.

Jove, front of, 9.
In my mind's eye, 2.

Jove laughs at lover's perjury, 112.
Inn, the world's an, 112. Joy, domestic, glides, currento,
Inn, shall I not take my ease in, 128.

Joy, there's not, the world can
Inn, warmest welcome in, 86. give, 187.
Insatiate archer, 209.

Joys, departed, 201.
In summer's heat and winter's Judge, a, that no king can cor

cold, 119.

rupt, 62.

be, 30.

Judge not, 231.

Land, ill fares the, 129.
Judgment, reserve thy, 2. Land, my native, 197.
Judgment, when it's weak, 250. Land rats and water rats, there
Jurymen, that they may dine, 108.
l'astice is lame, 250.

Languages, a feast of, 29.
Justice, temper, with mercy, 80. Lark at heaven's gate, 68.
Justice, when mercy seasons it, Last and best of God's works, 80.

Last of all the Romans, 67.

Last scene of all, 35.
KING, a goodly, 2.

Last shall be first, 232.
King, catch conscience of, 6. Laughter holding both his sides,
King, every inch, 69.

King of shreds, 10.

Laugh, the loud, 129.
King of terrors, 221.

Lawyers can with ease, 121.
King, who is a child, 227. Leaf, the sear, 41.
Kings, it is the curse of, 44. Lean and slipper'd pantaloon, 35.
King's name, a tower of strength, Learn to labour and to wait, 259.

Learning, little, a dangerous
Kings, right divine of, 106.

thing, 96.
Kings who are fathers, 114. Leather or prunella, 100.
Kitten, I'd rather be, 51. Lesson, harder, how to die, 216.
Knight, a gentle, pricking, 259. Let him that thinketh he standeth,
Knowledge, he that increaseth, 236.

Let not the sun go down, 236.
Knowledge is ourselves to know, Let those love now, 260.

Let wealth and commerce die,
Know then thyself, 99.

Kosciusko, 159.

Liar of first magnitude, 243.

Libertine, a charter'd, 55.
LABOUR, a youth of, 129. Liberty, a day of virtuous, 93.
Labour, many, for the one, 185. Liberty, love of, 112.
Labour physics pain, 39. Licks the hand just raised, 98.
Labourer worthy of his hire, 234. Like angel-visits, 160.
Lady, when in the case, 121. Like a wounded snake, 96.
Lady with daughters or nieces, Like dew on the mountain, 199.

Like Niobe, all tears, 1.
Land flowing with milk, 218. Life, I've set, on a cast, 62.



Life, my way of, 41.

Loan loses itself and friend, 3.
Life, nothing became him like Local habitation, a, 28.
leaving it, 38.

Lo! here the gentle lark, 75.
Life, pictured, of man, 148.

London's column, 103.
Life, sequester'd vale of, 153. Look, a longing, lingering, 153-
Life tedious as twice told tale, 44. Look before you leap, 145.
Life, third of, pass’d in sleep, Look on her face, 108.

Lord chasteneth whom he lovett.
Life to come, we'd jump, 38. 237.
Life, you take my, 33.

Lord of thy presence, and nc
Life's a jest, 122.

land beside, 43.
Life's a short summer, 117.

Lord of useless thousands, 103.
Life's a walking shadow, 42. Lord, the, gave, 221.
Life's enchanted cup, 171.

Lords of human kind, 128.
Life's ended when honour ends, Lo, the poor Indian, 98.

Love, brief as woman's, 9.
Light, burning and shining, 235. Love endures no tie, 112.
Light, dim religious, 82. Love, fire of, to quench, 28.
Lilies, consider them, 231.

Love framed with mirth, 157.
Lily, to paint, 44.

Love in idleness, 27.
Line, none he would blot, 253. Love is a boy, 145.
Line upon line, 228.

Love is blind, 31.
Lines fallen in pleasant places, Love is heaven, 196.

Love is strong as death, 227.
Linked sweetness, 81.

Love like a shadow flies, 19.
Lion among ladies, 27.

Love, loveliest when in tears,
Lion, dar'st thou beard, 194.

Lion, let me play the, 26. Love, none lost between us, 133.
Lion preys not on carcases, 213. Love passing that of women, 220.
Lion's hide, thou wear, 44.

Love rules the court, 196.
Lion's roar, have I not heard, 46. Love, seals of, 23.
Liquors, rebellious, 34.

Love, she never told her, 20.
Little more than kin, 1.

Love springs from only hate, 70.
Little rule, a little sway, 252. Love, stony limits can't hold
Living dog, is better than, 226. out, 71.
Loaf, a cut, to steal a shive from, | Love, tents with, or thrones

without, 165.




Love, true, course of, 26. Man, a merrier, 29.
Love, true gift which God has | Man, a proper, 26.
given, 197

Man, a sadder and wiser, 242.
Love, waters cannot quench, 227. Man after his own heart, 219.
Love, when it sickens, 67. Man always to be blest, 98.
Love, young love, 171.

Man, being reasonable, 178.
Love's young dream, 163. Man convinced against his will,
Loveliness needs not ornament, 146.

Man drest in brief authority, 22.
Lovely in death, 210.

Man, give world assurance of, 10.
Lover, sighing like furnace, 35. Man, Hamlet's description of, 5.
Lovers, follies of, 31.

Man, I dare do all that becomes,
Lovers love the western star, 196. 39.
Lovers' perjuries, Jove laughs Man is born to trouble, 221.
at, 71.

Man, more sinned against, 69.
Lovers, whispering, 128. Man, proper study of mankind,
Lowliness, young

ambition's 99.
ladder, 65.

Man proposes, God disposes,
Lucifer, he falls like, 63.

Lying, how this world is given Man, take him for all in all, 2.
to, 52.

Man, taste of, alters by age, 24.

Man that hath tongue can win
MAB, Queen, 70.
Macbeth's soliloquy before Dun- Man that is not passion's slave, 8.
can's murder, 38.

Man, the hermit, 159.
Madness, Hamlet's supposed, 10. Man to all his country dear, 129.
Madness in great ones, 7.

Man wants but little, 131, 210.
Madness, method in, 5.

Man, what a piece of work is, 5.
Mad, pleasure in being, III. Man who by his labour gets, 206.
Maiden of bashful fifteen, 204. Man who builds, 212.
Maiden meditation, in, 27.

Man's inhumanity to man, 90.
Maidens like moths, 107.

Man's love, a thing apart, 176.
Maid, the chariest, 2.

Man's pre-eminence, 37.
Majestic though in ruin, 77. Mankind, gave to party what was
Man, a better, could have spared, meant for, 131.

Mankind, survey, from China, 116.
Man a flower, 117.

Mankind's birthright to die, 148

woman, 28.

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