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Bely's beauties shine lae bright

97 Bleft as the immortal gods is he

104 Beauty from fancy takes its arms

ITZ Balow, my boy, ly still and sleep

I 20 Busk ye, busk ye, my bonny bride

133 Blyth Jocky young


151 Busk ye, busk ye, my bonny bonny bride 221 Be wary, my Celia, when Celadon fues

235 Bleft as th' immortal gods is he

287 Bacchus is a power divine

294 Belinda with affected mein By the side of a great kitchen fire Bacchus must now his power resign Blyth, blyth, blyth was the By mason's art the aspiring dome Believe my fighs, my tears, my dear

C. Come let's ha'e mair wine in

25 Celestial muses, tune your lyres

29 Come fill me a bumper, my jolly brave boys

48 Confess tby love, fair blushing maid

118 Come Florinda, lovely charmer

157 Come here's to the nymph that I love Cauld be the rebels cast

201 Celia, let not pride undo you

254 Cupid, god of pleasing anguish

271 Celia, too late you wou'd repent Cupid, ease a love-fick maid

327 Come, neighbours, now we've made our hay 332 Come, carles a' of fumblers ha'

357 Come let us prepare Cuftom prevailing so long ’mongst the great

387 Cynthia frowns whene'er I woo her

394 Come, love, let's walk by yonder spring 407 Care away, gae thou frae me Come, lads, ne'er plague your heads

414 Can love be controul'd by advice Celia now my heart hath broke

447 Dumbar








Dumbarton's drums beat bonny-O
Dear Roger, if your Jenny geck
Duty and part of reason
Despairing beside a clear stream
Do not ask me, charming Phillis
Diogenes surly and proud
Damon, if you will believe me
Did ever swain a nymph adore
Daphnis stood penfive in the shade
Dear Chloe, while thus beyond measure
Dear Colin, prevent my warm blushes

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F. Fy let us a' to the bridal

82 Farewell to Lochaber, and farewell, my Jean For the sake of somebody Fair, sweet and young, receive a prize

184 Fair Iris and her swain

232 Fie! Liza, scorn the little arts

234 Farewell, my bonny, witty, pretty Maggy 250 From rofy bowers, where sleeps the god of love 256 From grave lessons and restraint

284 Fair Amoret is gone astray From White's and Will's Flutt'ring spread thy purple pinions

365 False tho' The be to me and love




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Gin ye meet a bonny lassie
Gi'e me a lass with a lump of land
Go, go, go, go falseft of thy sex begone
Gently touch the warbling lyre
Gently ftir and blow the fire
Good madam, when ladies are willing
Good people, draw near

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How sweetly smells the simmer green
Hear me, ye nymphs, and every swain
Hearken, and I will tell you how
How blyth ilk morn was Í to see
Happy's the love which meets return
Have you any pots or pans

96 Honest man John Ochiltree

125 How happy is the rural clown

186 How shall I be sad when a husband I hae Hid from himself now by the dawn Here are people and sports

268 How happy are we

280 Here's a health to the king, and a lasting peace 291 He that will not merry merry be

292 Hark how the trumpet sounds to battle

303 He, who for ever

309 How happy a state does the miller posless

322 How bleft are beggar-laffes

348 Having spent all my time

353 How pleasant a failor's life passes

361 Happy the world in that blest


385 Hark! away, 'tis the merry ton'd horn 393 How happy are we

424 Hey ! my kitten, a kitten


Is Hamilla then my own
Io vain, fond youth, thy tears give o'er
In April, when primroses paint the sweet plain
I will awa' wi? love

63 Jocky said to Jeany, Jeany, wilt thou do't

70 In winter when the rain rain'd cauld

105 It was the charming month of May

119 If love's a sweet passion why does it torment 124 In January last

128 I cols and tumble thro' the night I have a green purse and a wee pickle gowd


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Jacky met with Jenny fair

176 Jocky fou, Jenny fain I was anes a well tocher'd lass

191 I yield, dear lassie, you have won I'll range around the shady bowers

254 In this grove my Strephon walkt

272 Jolly mortals, fill your glasses

293 I'll fail upon the dog.ftar If the be not kind as fair In spite of love at length I've found

307 It was in and about the Martinmas time I thank thee, my friend

366 I have been in love, and in debt, and in drink 368 I once was a poet at London

374 If heaven, its blessings to augment

379 In yonder town there wons a May

381 I'll sing you a ditty, and warrant it true

385 I had a heart, that now does heartless gae 405 In ancient times, in Britain's ille

409 If Phillis denies me relief If love the virgin's heart invade

417 If you at an office sollicit

your due

421 I hate the coward tribes

434 In pimps and politicians

437 I am a poor maiden forsaken




Kindly, kindly, thus my treasure


Let's be jovial, fill our glasses
Look where my dear Hamilla smiles
Leave kindred and friends, sweet Betty
Lallie, lend me your braw hemp heckle:
Love's goddess in a myrtle grove
Love never more shall give me pain
Late in an evening forth I went
Let meaner beauties use their art
Last Sunday at St. James's pray'rs

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Love, thou art the best of human joys

242 Let soldiers fight for prey or praise

250 Leave off your foolish prating

253 Leander on the bay

319 Little fyrene of the stage

375 Let's drink, my friends, while here we live 413 Let us drink and be merry, dance joke and rejoice 424 Let matters of state


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My Yocky blyth for what thou has done
My mither's ay gloran o'er me
My sweetest Muy, let love incline thee
My dear and only love, I pray
March, march
My Patie is a lover gay
My Jeany and I have toild
My foger laddie
My Peggy is a young thing
My days have been so wond'rous free
Maiden fresh as a rose
My friend and I
My Chloe, why do ye flight me
My dear mitress has a heart
May the ambitious ever find
My goddess Lydia, heavenly fair
My dearest maid, fince


Man may escape from rope and gua
My love was fickle once and changing

Nansy to the green wood gane
Now wat ye wha I met yeltreen
Now the fun’s gane out o' fight
Now Phæbus advances on high
Now spring begins her smiling round
Now all thy virgin-sweets are mine
Now from rufticity, and love
Now God be wi' old Symon

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