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with you.


turn to us, thou wilt sus vivificabis nos. give us life.

P. And thy people P. Et plebs tua lætashall rejoice in thee. bitur in te.

Pr. Shew us, Lord, Pr. Oftende nobis, thy mercy,

Domine, misericordiam

tuan. P. And grant us thy

P. Et salutare tuum salvation.

da nobis. Pr. O Lord, hear my Pr. Domine, exaudi prayer.

orationem meam. P. And let my cry

P. Et clamor meus come unto thee.

ad te veniat.
Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobis-
P. And with thy spirit. P. Et cum spiritu tuo.
Pr. Let us pray:

Pr. Oremus.
When the Priest goes up to the altar
WAKE away from us our iniquities, we be-

seech thee, O Lord, that we may be worthy to assist with pure minds at the celebration of these tremendous mysteries. Thro' Jesus Chrif our Lord. Amen.

When he bows down before the altar.
TE beseech thee, O Lord, by the merits of

thy Saints, whose relicks are inclosed in this altar, and of all the Saints, that thou wouldft vouchsafe to forgive us all our sins. Amen. Here, at folemn Masses, the Priest incenseth the

altar, and then reads the Introit, which seek in it's proper place. Then the Priest and people say alternately: Pr. Lord have mercy

Pr. Kyrie eleison. on us. P. Lord have P. Kyrie eleison. Pr. mercy on us. Pr. Lord Kyrie eleison. P. Chrihave mercy on us. P. fte eleison. Pr. Christe Chrift have mercy on us. eleison. P. Christe eleiPr. Christ have mercy son. Pr. Kyrie eleison.

P. Chrift have Pr. Kyrie eleison. P.



on us.

mercy on us. Pr. Lord Kyrie eleison.
have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy on us.
Pr. Lord have mercy on

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Glity be to God on

We a

Lory be to God on Loria in excelsis

high, And on earth Deo, Et in terrà peace to men of good pax hominibus bonæ vowill. We praise thee. Tuntatis. Laudamus te. We bless thee.

Benedicimus te. Adodore thee. We glorify ramus te. Glorificamus thee. We give thee te. Gratias agimus tibi thanks for thy great glo- propter magnam gloriam ry. O Lord God, King tuam. Domine Deus, of heaven, God the Fa. Rex coeleftis, Deus Pather Almighty. O Lord ter omnipotens. DomiJesus Christ, only be ne, Fili unigenite, Jeju gotten Son.

O Lord Chrijle. Domine Deus, God, Lanıb of God, Agnus Dei, Filius Patris. Son of the Father. Thou, Qui tollis peccata muna who takest away the fins di, miserere nobis. Qui of the world, have mer- tollis peccata mundi, fufcy on us. Thou, who cipe deprecationem nortakest away the sins of tram. Qui sedes ad dexthe world, receive our teram Patris, miferere prayer. Thou, who fit nobis. Quoniam tu fo

. test at the right hand of lus San&ius. Tu solus the Father, have mercy Dominus. Tu folus

For thou alone Altissimus, Jesu Christe, art the Holy one. Thou Cum Sancto Spiritu in alone art the Lord. Thou gloriâ Dei Patris. Aalone art the Most Higl., men. O Jesus Christ, Together with the Holy Ghost in the glory of God the Father. Amen.

e Expl. To mankind, which is the object of God's goodwill, fire vour, and kindness.

on us.

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobiswith you. P. And with cum. P. Et cum fpithy spirit.

ritu tuo. Then are said the Collect, Epistle,GRADUAL,

or Tract, all which seek in their proper places. At the end of the EPISTLE is anwered:

P. Thanks be to God. P. Deo gratias. Before the Gospel, while the Priest is bowing be

fore the middle of the altar, say: Cle Leanle my heart and my lips, O Almighty God,

who didit cleanse the lips of the prophet Isaiah with a burning coal: and vouchsafe, thro’ thy gracious mercy, fo to purify me, that I may worthily read and attend to thy holy Gospel. Amen.

f May the Lord be in niy mouth and on my lips, that I may worthily, and in the manner 1 ought, read and attend to his holy Gospel. Amen.

Pr. May the Lord be Pr. Dominus vobif. with you. P. And with cum. P. Et cum spio thy spirit.

ritu tuo. Pr. The continua. Pr. Sequentia, or, tion, or, the beginning initium fanéti Evangelii of the holy Gospel, ac- fecundum N. cording to N. Ilhile the Pries? says the foregoing words, he marks

his forehead, lips, and breast with the sign of the crojs: do you the fame: and reverently bend your body, when you answer:

P. Glory be to thee, P. Gloria tibi, DoO Lord.

mine. Seek the Gospel in it's proper place, and fiand up

during the whole time it is reading. At the end of it, answer:

P. Praise be to thee, P. Laus tibi Christe. O Chrift.

f At folemn Masses the Deacon asks the Priest's b'efling on bis knees, with the book of the Gospels in bis bands, before be goes to fing it, and the Prief says the blessing above, changing the person,

At the end of the Gospel, say with the Priest, when

he kisses the book : - By the words of the Gospel may our sins be blot


ted out.

I the Father Almigh. C C Rush

Believe in one God YRedo in unum De-

uin Patrem omni. ty, maker of heaven and potentem, factorem cæli earth, of all things visible & terræ, visibilium omand invisible. And in one nium, & invisibilium. Lord Jesus Chriff, the Et in unum Dominum only begotten Son of Jefum Chriftum, Filium God, And born of the Dei unigenitum, Et ex Father before all ages. Patre natum ante omnia God of God, light of fæcula. Deum de Deo, light, true God of the lumen de lumine, Deum true God. Begotten, verum de Deo vero. Genot made, consubstantial nitum, non factum, conto the Father; by whom substantialem Patri; per all things were made. quem omnia facta sunt. Who, for us men, and Qui propter nos homifor our salvation, came nes, & propter noftramt down from heavens; And falutem descendit de cobecame incarnate, by the lis; Et incarnatus eft de Holy Ghost of the Virgin Spiritu Sancto, ex Maria Mary, and was MADE Virgine, & HOMO FACMAN. He was also cruci- TUS EST. Crucifixus fied for us, suffered under etiam pro nobis, sub PonPontius Pilate, and was tio Pilato passus, & seburied. And the third day pultus eft. Et resurrexhe rose again according it tertiâ die, fecundum to the scriptures *.. And scripturas. Et ascendit he ascended into heaven, in cælum, fedet ad dexfits at the right hand of teram Patris. Et iterum the Father.

And shall venturus est judicare vicome again to judge the vos & mortuos; cujus

8 From these words 10: was made min: all kneel.
# Expl. As obe Scriptures of the Old Teliament bad foreto!..

living and the dead, of regni non erit finis. Et whole reign there shall in Spiritum Sanctum, be no end. And in the Dominum & vivificanHoly Ghost, the Lord, tem, qui ex Patre, Filioand giver of life, Who que procedit; Qui cum proceedeth from the Fa. Patre & Filio fimul adother and the Son; who ratur, & conglorificatur; together with the Father qui locutus eft per Proand the Son is adored, phetas. Et unam, sancand glorified; who fpake tam, Catholicam & Aby the Prophets i. And postolicam Ecclefiam. one, holy, Catholick and Confiteor unum baptifApoftolick Church. I

ma in remifionem pecconfefs one baptism for catorum.

Et expecto the remiffion of sins. resurrectionem mortuoAnd I expect the resur- rum, Et vitam venturi rection of the dead, And fæculi. Amen. the life of the world to come. Amen.

Pr. May the Lord be with you. P. And with thy spirit.

Pr. Dominus vobifcum.

P. Et cum fpiritu tuo.

Pr. Oremus.

Pr. Let us pray.

Here follows the OFFERTORY, which seek in

it's proper place.

Ccept, O holy Father, almighty and everlast-

ing God, this unspotted hoftk, which I thy unworthy servant offer thee, the living and true God, for my own innumerable fins, offences, and negligences; and for all here present: as also for all faith

i Expl. Revealed to them what they foreiold.

k Expl. The bread by anticipation is called an unspotted hoft, because all the prayers tbar go before, and follow the confecration, bave & reference io ibe moment of confecration, when the victim becomes present, and is offered to Ged,


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