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2. The surface of the retina; the macula lutra.

3. Microscopic structure of the retina.

4. The sensation of light.

5. The blind spot."

6. Duration of a luminous impression.

7. Exhaustion of the retina. Complementary colours.

8. Colour blindness.

9. Sensation of lig!it from pressure on the eye. Phosthenes.

10. Functions of the rods and cones. The figures of Turkinje.

II---13. The properties of lenses.

14. The intermediate apparatus. The eyeball. The sclerotic

and cornea.

15. The aquecus and vitreous humours. The crystalline lens.

16. The choroid and ciliary processes.

17. The iris and ciliary muscle.

18. The iris a self-regulating diaphragm.

19. Focal adjustment.

and Will reside in the cerebral hemispheres.

23. Reflex actions take place even when the brain is whole

and sound.

24. Many ordinary and very complicated muscular acts are

mere reflex processes.

25. Artificial reflex actions. Education.

26. The sympathetic system.

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