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IN this work the Author has endeavoured to place before his readers in an elementary form the facts and principles of the Science of `Heat,' and also to give some of the most prominent practical applications of our knowledge of this subject.

His object has been to begin with the study of wellascertained facts and to proceed onwards to general principles. Accordingly, the work has been divided into three parts; the first of which embraces the study of the various effects produced by heat upon bodies.

In this part many of the most recent investigations, as well as the apparatus used in conducting them, are described at length, while numerical examples are given, which, it is hoped, may enable the student to attain to the accuracy needful in physical research.

The second division contains the laws which regulate the distribution of heat through space, and includes radiation, conduction, convection, and the measurements of specific and latent heat. Theoretical views are here for the first time introduced.

The third and last part relates to the nature of Heat, its sources, and connection with other properties of matter. In this part Heat is viewed as a species of

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