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of Catches furnished by Captains of Lowestoft Sailing-
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402 ; Forest Experiment Stations, 525
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of Species, 481

of Pseudocinchona Africana, 60
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Fisheries : Report for 1908 on the Lancashire Sea-fisheries form under Silent Discharge, 90

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fish Hatchery at Piel, Prof. Herdman, F.R.S., Andrew Scandium, 20; Spectrum of Magnesium Hydride, 58;
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to New Zealand, 461; North Sea Fisheries Investiga- 363

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Magnetism, 66
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Modern Geological Theories, 246
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cetes in Relation to Heredity, 537
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Aborigines, 275
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Children in Surrey, 167
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Resistance of Rivets, 81
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ische Mittelschulen, 334
Friend (Dr. J. Newton), Corrosion of Iron, 437; Action

of Air and Steam on Pure Iron, 437
Fritsche (Dr. H.), Mean Temperature of the Air at Sea-

level exhibited as a Function of Longitude, Latitude, and

Period of the Year, 81
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Frost (Prof. E. B.), the Yerkes Observatory, u
Fubini (Guido), Propagation of Light Waves, 81
Fuchs (Paul), Artificial Imitation of Lunar Landscape,

Fujii (Dr. K.), Structure and Affinities of Cretaceous

Plants, 26
Fyson (P. F.), Improving the Indian Cottons, 108

Gain (Edmond), Seeds Killed by Anæsthetics, 90
Galitzin (Prince), Determination of the Azimuth of the

Seat of an Earthquake by Combining the Indications

of Two Seismographs, 370
Gallagher (W. J.), Pests of Para Rubber Trees, 462
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Garbasso (Prof. Antonio), Propagation of Light Waves, 81
Gardner (Prof. Walter M.), the Dyeing and Cleaning of

Textile Fabrics, F. A. Owen, 5
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Gases, to Determine the Refractivity of, Available only in

Minute Quantities, Lord Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.S., 519
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at Royal Society of Arts, 500
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Development of Certain English Enotheras, 538
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Cloudy Weather, 149; Thermal Effects of Moistening

Soils, 239
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Nature and Origin of the Gases which Form in Volcanic

Fumeroles and Craters of Old Volcanoes, 120
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Gehrcke (Prof. E.), die Strahlen der positiven Elektrizität,

Geiger (Dr. H.), Ionisation Produced by an a Particle, 27;

Diffuse Reflection of a Particles, 27
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and Ch. Ed. Guillaume, 515
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ton, 16; Plateau of the San Francisco Peaks with Refer-
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31 ;

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45; an Egyptian Oasis : an Account of the Oasis of
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Hypsometrical Model of the District of Ingleborough, J.
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theca Geographica, 595; the Mongolia-Sze-Chuan Expedi-
tion, Captain P. K. Kozloff, 526; see also British

Geology: Volcanic “ Neck ” at Scawt Hill, 18; Geology

and Petrology of the Canoblas, N.S.W., C. A. Sussmilch
and Dr. H. 1. Jensen, 30; Il Ruwenzori ; parte scien-'
tifica : risultati delle osservazioni di S.A.R. il Principe
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gill Fells and their Topography, J. E. Marr, F.R.S.,
and W. G. Fearnsides, 89; die Adamellogruppe, ein
alpines Zentralmassiv, und seine Bedeutung für die
Gebirgsbildung und unsere Kenntniss von dem Mechan-
ismus der Intrusionen, Wilhelm Salomon, 101; Death
and Obituary Notice of Dr. V. R. Matteucci, 134; Miocene
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Joly, F.R.S., 152; Former Extension of the Antarctic
Continent, Prof. H. Kolbe, 167; Tides and the Crust
and the Elasticity of the Terrestrial Globe, Ch. Lalle- .
mand, 239: the Volcanic Origin of Coal and Modern
Geological Theories, Col. A. T. Fraser, 246 ; Preliminary
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Dr. J. D. Falconer, 263; Uber das Problem der Schicht-
ung und über Schichtbildung am Boden der heutigen
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Smith, 266 ; Mineralogie und Geologie für schweizerische
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North-and-South River Valleys in Galicia, Dr. Georg von
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Land-connection between North and South America, Dr.
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Wilson, 403 ; Geology of the City of New York, L. P.
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of the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet, Col. S. G. Bur-

[blocks in formation]

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and Peat Industry of Canada during the Season 1908-9, in Ceylon of the “Shot-hole Borer” Beetle by Intro-
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Birds, 100
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la Compensation

les Types des Saisons
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