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Jant 1995

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facture, 269

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Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of ablagerung. 508
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pine Islands, 162 ; Scientific Reports of the Local Govern- Houllevigue (L.), Thickness of Transparent Sheets of Iron,
ment Board, 237; Trypanosomiasis and Experimental 407
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Hickson (Prof. Sydney J., F.R.S.), West Indian Madre-

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stituted Ureas from Natural Leucine, 551

Shore and Water Birds of India, with Additional Refer-
Human Anatomy, Dr. A. Keith, 145

ences to their Allied Species in other parts of the World,
Human Sternum, the, Andrew Melville Patterson, Dr. A. Colonel A. Le Messurier, 363 ; the Imperial Guide to
Keith, 145

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Teaching, 284

the Birds of Calcutta, F. Finn, 438; the Jammu Coal-
Hunter (John) and his Influence on Scientific Progress, fields, R. R. Simpson, 471; the Indian Earthquake of

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Carbon Tube Furnaces, 598

Infra-red Solar Spectrum, Absorption by Water Vapour in
Huxley Memorial Lecture, the Racial Elements in the the, F. E. Fowle, jun., 115

Present Population of Europe, Dr. J. Deniker at An-, Infusoria : New Species of Hydrachnidæ, Polyxo placo-
thropological Institute, 21

phora, R. Monti, 543 ; Occurrence of certain Ciliated In-
Hyades Stars, Relative Drift of the, Dr. Downing, F.R.S., fusoria within the Eggs of a Rotifer, Considered from the

Point of View of Heterogenesis, H. Charlton Bastian,
Hydraulics : the Distribution of Velocity in a l'iscous Fluid F.R.S., 548

over the Cross-section of a Pipe, and the Action at the Ingle (H.), the Available Plant Food in Soils, 70
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les Equations de l'Hydrodynamique, Jacques Hadamard,

Inks, their Composition and Manufacture, C. Ainsworth

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Hydrography : Comparison of the Lakes of Denmark and Inoculation : on the Action exerted upon the Staphylococcus
Scotland, Dr. Wesenberg-Lund, 383 ; a New British

pyogenes by the Human Blood Fluids, and on the Elabor-
Marine Expedition, 562

ation of Protective Elements in the Human Organism in
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A. E. Wright and Captain Stewart R. Douglas, 67; on
Hydrology in the United States, 187

the Action Exerted upon the Tubercle Bacillus by the
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37; London Conference on School Hygiene, Sir Arthur tective Elements in the Human Organism in Response
Rücker, 377; New Method of Testing for Ammonia, Ap- to Inoculations of a Tubercle Vaccine, Dr. A. E. Wright
plication to the Examination of Water for Sanitary Pur- and Captain Stewart R. Douglas, 67
poses, MM. Trillat and Turchet, 383

Insects, Ants and some Other, an Inquiry into the Psychic

Powers of these Animals, Dr. August Forel, Prof.
Ichthyology: Fish-passes and Fish-ponds, Howietoun

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Fishery Company, 9; Anatomy of Fishes of the Genus

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Fishes, D. Deineka, 112; the Degree of Saline Concen-

tection, A. E. Carey, E. R. Matthews, 92 ; Recent Visit
tration of the Blood Serum of the Eel in Sea Water and

of the Institution of Civil Engineers to United States
in Fresh Water, René Quinton, 144 ; Life-history of the and Canada, Sir William White, K.C.B., 254; “James
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Ideals of Science and Faith, 52

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Index Kewensis Plantarum Phanerogamarum, W. T. Thisel- 583
ton-Dyer, 581

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India : Public Works in India during the last Fifty Years, Ireland, the pre-Glacial Raised Beach of the South Coast

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India, 22; Report on the Identification and Nomenclature A. J. Cole, 17; the Ben Bulben District, 91; the
of Himalayan Peaks, Captain H. Wood, R.E.; Major Mammals of Great Britain and Ireland, J. G. Millais,
S. G. Burrard, F.R.S., 42; Mount Everest, the Story of a 121; Neolithic Deposits in the North-east of, George
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Notes, 161; Difficulties of the Ethnographic Survey in the Iris Diaphragm in Astronomy, the, M. Salet, 545
Mysore, E. Thurston, 182 ; Asiatic Society of Bengal, 192. Iron : Report of the Commission appointed by Clifford
288, 336, 551; Meteorology in Mysore for 1903, 210; the Sifton, Minister of the Interior, Ottawa, Canada, to

415; the



investigate the Different Electrothermic Processes for the Great Red Spot on, Mr. Denning and Rev. T. E.
the smelting of Iron Ores and the making of Steel in Phillips, 211; Stanley Williams, 211; Changes on the
Europe, Prof. J. O. Arnold, 258

Surface of, Prof. G. W. Hough, 306; Discovery of a
Iron and Steel Institute, 40

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Irving (J. D.), Economic Resources of the Northern Black Prof. Aitken, 494 ; the Reported Sixth Satellite of, Prof.
Hills, 450 ; Refractory Siliceous Ores of South Dakota, Wolf, 306; the Sixth Satellite of, Prof. C. A. Young,

364; Visual Observations of Jupiter's Sixth Stellite, Mr.
Italy : Trattato di Chimica Inorganica Generale e Appli- Hammond, 569; Reported Discovery of Seventh
cato all'Industria, Dr. E. Molinari, 339

Satellite to Jupiter, 424; Jupiter's Seventh Satellite,

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Hillgrove Mine, New South Wales, 616

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of Liquid by the Sun's Rays, 255
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Disease of Organs other than the Stomach, 596
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Jaubert (Jean). the Condition of Chemical Industries in Deep Water Ship Waves, 382
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