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St Bennet : Pray.

Sancte Benedicte : 0

ra. St Bernard: Pray.

Sancte Bernarde : 0.

ra. St Dominick : Pray.

Sancte Dominice: 0St Francis : Pray. Sanéte Francisce: O


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All ye holy virgins Omnes sanctæ virgiand widows: Pray ye.

nes & viduæ: Orate. All ye men and wo- Omnes fancti & lance men faints of God: In- tæ Dei: Intercedite pro tercede for us.

Be merciful unto us : Propitius efto : Parce
fpare us, O Lord. nobis Donine.
Be merciful unto us :

Propitius efto : Exau-
Graciously hear us, o di nos, Domine,

From all evil: O Ab omni malo: Li-
Lord, deliver us. bera nos, Domine.
From all fin: Lord, Ab omni peccato :

From thy wrath : 0 Ab irâ tuâ; Libera..

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· From a sudden and A fubitaneâ & impro• unprovided death: O vitâ morte : Libera. Lord.

From the deceits of Ab infidiis diaboli: the devil: O Lord. Libera.

From anger, hatred, Ab irâ, odio, & omni and all ill will: () Lord. malâ voluntate: Libera.

From the spirit of A spiritu fornicatiofornication: O Lord. nis : Libera.

From lightning and A fulgure et tempetempeft: O Lord. ftate: Libera,

From everlasting A morte perpetuâ : death: O Lord.

Libera. By the mystery of thy Per myfterium fancta boly incarnation : o incarnationis tuæ : LiLord,

bera. By thy coming: 0 Per adventum tuum: Lord.

Libera. By thy nativity: 0 Per nativitatem tuLord.

am: Libera. By thy bap:ism and Per baptismum & holy fait: O Lord. fanétum jejunium tuum:

Libera. By thy cross and pas- Per crucem & paffiofion : O Lord,

nem tuam : Libera. By thy death and bu- Per mortem & fepulrial: O Lord.

turanı tuam: Libera. By thy holy refurrec- Per fanctam resurrection: O Lord.

ticnem tuam : Libera. By thy wonderful a- Per admirabilem asceniion: O Lord. scenfionem tuam: Li

bera. By the coming of the Per adventum Spiriholy Ghost the Com- tûs fancti Paracliti: Liforier: O Lord.

bera. In the day of judg- In die judicii: Libera. ment: 0 Lord.

We finners : We be- Peccatores : Te rofeech thee, hear us. gamus,

audi nos.

That thou spare us:

Ut nobis parcas : Te We beseech.

rogamus. That thou pardon us : Ut nobis indulgeas :: We beseech.

Te rogamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut ad veram pænito bring us to true re- tentiam nos perducere pentance: We beseech. digneris : Te rogamus.

That thou vouchsafe Ut ecclefiam tuam to govern and preserve fanctam regere & conthy holy church: We servare digneris : Te robeseech.

gamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut domnuni apostoli-. to preserve our apoftolick cum, & omnes ecclefiaprelate, and all orders fticos ordines in fancta of the church in holy religione conservare digreligion : We beseech. neris : Te rogamus.

'That thou vouchfase Ut inimicos fanctæ to humble the enemies ccclcfiæ humiliare digof the holy church: We neris : Te rogamus. beseech.

That thou vouchfase Ut regibus & princito give peace and true pibus chriftianis pacem & concord to christian

veram concordiam do. kings and princes : We nare digneris : Te ro.. beseech.

gamus. That thou vouchsafe Ut cuncto populo to grant peace and uni- christiano pacem & uty to all christian peo- niiatem largiri digneris : ple: We beleech..

Te rogamus. That thou vouchsafe Ui nolinetipfos in to strengthen and pre

tuo sancto servitio conferve us in thy holy ser- fortare, & conservare vice : We belecch.. digneris: Te rogamus.

That thou raile up: Ut mentes noftras ad our minds to heavenly coeleftia delideria erigas : desires : We befcech..

Te rogamus. That thou render e- Ut omnibus benefacternal good to all those toribus noftris fempiter

that do us good : We na bona retribuas : Te beseech.

rogamus. That thou deliver our Ut animas noftras, fouls, those of our bre- fratrum, propinquorum, thren, relations, and be- & benefactorum noftronefactors from eternal rum ab æternâ damnadamnation: We beleech. tione eripias : Te roga

mus. That thou vouchfefe Ut fructus terræ dare, to give, and to preserve & conservare digneris : the fruits of the earth: Te rogamus. We beseech.

That thou vouchsafe Ut omnibus fidelibus to give eternal rest to all defunctis requiem æterthe faithful departed: nam donare digneris : We beseech.

Te rogamus.
That thou vouchsafe Ue nos exaudire dig-
graciously to hear us: neris : Te rogamus.
We befcesb.
Son of God: We

Fili Dei: Te rogabeseech.

mus. Lamb of God, who

Agnus Dei, qui tollis takeft away the fins of peccata mundi : Parce the world : Spare us, o nobis, Domine. Lord.

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis takest away the fins of peccata mundi : Exaudi the world : Hear us, O


Domine. Lord.

Lamb of God, who Agnus Dei, qui tollis takest away the fins of peccata mundi : Miserethe world : Have mercy on us. Christ hear us.

Christe audi nos. Chriít graciously hear Christe exaudi nos. Lord have mercy on

Kyrie eleison.

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re nobis.



Chrif have mercy on

Christe eleison.

Kyrie eleison. US.

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Lord have mercy on

Our Father. In Secret. V. And lead us not V. Er ne nos inducas into temptation.

in tentationem. R. But deliver us

R. Sed libera nos à from evil.


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PS. Ixix.
God, come thou to

Eus in adjutorium my assistance: *0 meum intende: * Lord, make haste to help. Domine, ad adjuvan

dum me feftina. Let them be con

Confundantur & refounded and

put vereantur, * qui quæfhanie, * who seek my runt animam meam. foul. Let them be put to

Avertantur retrorsum, Aight and shame, * who & erubescant, * qui vowith me harm.

lunt mihi mala. Let them be forth- Avertantur ftatim ewith put to flight and rubescentes, * qui dishame, * who say to me,

cunt mihi, Euge, euge. Ahà, ahá'. Let all rejoice and ex

Lætentur & exultent ult in thee, who seek in te, omnes qui quæthee: * and let those runt te : * & dicant semwho love thy salvation, per: magnificetur Doever say : May the Lord minus : qui diligunt fabe magnified.

lutare tuum. But I am poor and Ego vero egenus & needy: * O God help pauper fum : * Deus, ad

juva me.


Expl. Who use taunting and insulting speeches 10 me. 3 Expl, Love ibee ibeir Saviour, or desire to be saved by thee.

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