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102 ; John R. Henry, 126; Observations of the, W. H. Lock (R. H.), Varieties of Cacao Trees Existing in Ceylon,
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of Titanium, Iron, and Chromium in the Fraunhoferic
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F.R.S., 201

Line near ^ 4680, 475; the Spectrum of u Centauri, 476 ;
Lépinay (Prof. Macé de). Death of, 181

the Arc Spectrum of Scandium and its Relation to
Lepine IR.). Modifications of Glycolysis in the Capillaries Celestial Spectra, 476; Further Researches on the Tem-

Curred by Local Modification of the Temperature, 23; perature Classification of Stars, 501
ibe Reduction of Oxyhæmoglobin, 599

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Lerous (Henri), the Tetrahydride and Decahydride of Naph- Eclipse of August 30, 393 ; the Spectroheliograph of the
thalene, 47: B-Decahydronaphthol, 455

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Lespiault (Prof.), Death of, 181

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Lespiean (M.), B-Bromobutyric Acid, 72; Action of Hydro- 295: Historical Note on Dust, Electrification, and Heat,

cyanic Acid Epiethyline, 407; Cryoscopic Behaviour of 582
Hydrocvanic Acid, 544 ; Liquefaction of Allene and Ally. Lodin (A.), Influence Exerted by the Removal of the Moisture
lene, 000

from the Air Supplied to the Blast Furnace, 143
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Atmospheres, 287

between Greenwich and Paris made in 1902, 191; Pre-
Lewis (A. L.), Stanton Drew, 584

cautions Necessary in Execution of Researches Requiring
Lewis (Francis J.), Plant Associations in Moorland High Precision, 455
Districts, 257

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Lesden, Physical Research at, 218

fünfstellige Logarithmentafeln, 271
Lhasa : an Account of the Country and People of Central Logwood, Bastard," S. N. C., 222
Tibet, Perceval Landon, 385

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Introductory Treatise of, John Edward Campbell, 49

Previously Submitted to the Influence of Ovarian Ex-
Liebenow (C.). Presence of Radium throughout the Earth's tracts of the Frog, 504

Volume as Compensating for the Loss of Heat by Con- Loisel (J.), Climatology of the Past Year, 493
duction, 113

London : Annual Report of the Technical Education Board
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Liege, le, ses Produits et ses Sous-produits, M. Martignat, School Hygiene, Sir Arthur Rücker, 377 ; Some Scientific

Centres, the Physiological Research Laboratory of the
Life, the Origin of. George Hookham, 9, 101; Geologist, University of London, Dr. Augustus D. Waller, F.R.S.,
3?; Dr. F. ). Allen, 54

441; the Society of Arts and the London Institution,
Life and Energy-Four Addresses, Walter Hibbert, 271 539
Light : Observations of the Zodiacal, A. Hansky, 401; zur Loney (S. L.), the Elements of Trigonometry, 507

Theorie der Extinktion des Lichtes in der Erdatmo- | Longer Term in the Polar Motion, Correction of the, Mr.
phare, Dr. A. Bemporod, 402

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peutics, Dr. Margaret A. Cleaves, Dr. Reginald Morton, Longitudes, Discussion of Central European, Prof. Th.

Albrecht, 424
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Lorenzo (Dr. de) Naples Volcanic Formations, 62
Lighting : Practical Determination of the Mean Spherical Lowell (P.), the Rotation of Venus, 47; the Rotation of

Candle-power of Incandescent and Arc Lamps, G. B. Mars, 47; Seasonal Development of Martian Canals, 282 ;
Duke, 95

Alternating Variability of Martian Canals, 494 ; Long-
Lightning, Second Pyramid of Ghizeh Struck by, 565

itude Observations of Points on Mars, 419; Changas on
Lindgren (11.), the Hauraki Goldfelds of New Zealand,

Mars, 618
421 ; a Geological Reconnaissance across the Bitterroot Lowry (T. M.), Electrical Conductivity and Other Pro-
Range and Clearwater Mountains in Montana and Idaho, perties of Sodium Hydroxide in Aqueous Solution, 141

Lovalty Islands, Zoological Results based on Material from,
Linnean Society, 70, 142, 189, 239, 380, 430, 478, 550, 599 Dr. Arthur Willey, 411
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Linsbauer (Dr.). Geotropism in Plants, 590

Whales at Balena, Newfoundland, 326
Linton (Mr.), Identity of Various Trypanosomes of Man, Luehmann (J. G.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 279

Lumsden (J. S.), the Reduction Products of Anisic Acid, 358
Lippmann (G.), Measurements of the Velocity of Propaga- Lunar Formation, Origin of, G. Romanes, 256 ; Dr. John-

tion of Earthquakes, 95: the Inscription of Seismic ston-Lavis, 256; Dr. G. 6. Gilbert, 250
Movements, 95: Interference Fringes Produced by a Lunar Rainbow, a, J. McCrae, 360
System of Two Perpendicular Mirrors, 263

Lunge (Dr. G.), Techno-chemical Analysis, 458
Lissajous's Figures by Tank Oscillation, T. Terada, 296

Luttringer (A.), the Migration of Ethylene Linkage in ('n-
Lisson (C. I.), Annelid Remains and Ammonites in the

saturated Icyclic Acids, 311; Characterisation of Lac-
Salto del Fraile and Morro Solar Districts, 541

tones by Means of Hydrazine, 527
Lister (J. J., F.R.S.), Dimorphism of the English Species Lutz (L.), C'se of Leucine and Tyrosine as Sources of
of Nummulites, 71; Relation in Size between the Megalo-

Nitrogen for Plants, 383: Comparative Assimilability of
sphere and the Microspheric and Megalospheric Tests in Ammonia Salts, Imines, Amides, and Vitriles, 480
the Summulites, 350

Lydekker (R., F.R.S.), the Supply of Valuable Furs, 115;
Liverpool : New Buildings of the University of Liverpool,

the Transposition of Zoological Vames, 008
The George Holt Physics Laboratory, New Medical

Lyle (Prof. T..R.), Investigation of the Variations of Mag-
Buildings of the University of Liverpool, 63

netic Hysteresis with Frequency: 95
Liversidge (Prof. A., F.R.S.), Tables for Qualitative Lynn (W.T.), Periodical Comets due to Return in 1905, 306
Chrmical Analysis, 4

Lyons (Captain H. G.), Variations of Level of Lake
Lo Surdo (Antonino), the Law of the Conservation of Mass

Victoria Nyanza, 13; the Nile Flood in Relation to the
in Chemical Action, 494

Variations of Atmospheric Pressure North-East Africa,
Local Government Board, Scientific Reports of the, Prof.

R. T. Hewleit, 237

Lyrid Meteors, the, John R. Henry, 500

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Jurc B, 1905

McClean (Dr. Frank, F.R.S.), Death of, 36; Obituary

Notice of, 58
McClelland (Prof. J. A.), Secondary Radiation, 390 ;

Secondary Radiation and Atomic Structure, 503 ; Second-
ary Radiation produced when the B and y Rays of

Rádium Impinge on Metallic Plates, 543
Maccoll (Norman), Death of, 181
McCrae (J.), a Lunar Rainbow, 366
MacDowall (Alex. B.), the Moon and Barometer, 320
Macfarlane (Walter), Laboratory Notes on Practical Metal-

lurgy, 413
Machine Drawing, Alfred P. Hill, 149
McIntosh (Prof.), Community of Type between South

African and European Marine Annelids Generally, 492
McKendrick (Prof. John G., F.R.S.), Uber das Studium

der Sprach Kurven, E. W. Scripture, 250 ; Fertilisation

of Jasminum nudiflorum, 319
Maclaren (J. Malcolm), Gold at Chota Nagpur, Bengal, 161
MacMahon (Major P. A., F.R.S.), Orthogonal and other

Special Systems of Invariants, 430
McMurry (Charles A.), Special Method in Elementary

Science for the Common School, 316
Macnamara (N. C.), Craniology of Man and the Anthropoid

Apes, 125
MacPherson (H. A.), a Fauna of the North-west Highlands

and Skye, 202
Macqueen (Mr.), Methods of Dealing with Dust in the Air

in a Cornish Mine, 209
McWeeney (Dr. E. J.), Carbon Monoxide Asphyxiation in

Dublin, 88
McWilliam (A.), on the Occurrence of Widmannstätten's

Figures in Steel Castings, 32 ; Acid Open-hearth Manipu-

lation, 40
Maddrill (Mr.), Observations on Comets, 449
Madreporarian Polyps, West Indian, J. E. Duerden, Prof.

Sydney J. Hickson, F.R.S., 18
Magic Origin of Moorish Designs, Dr. Ed. Westermarck,

Magnetism : Simultaneous Occurrence of Solar and Mag.

netic Disturbances, A. Nippoldt, 16; Magnetic Dis-
turbances 1882 to 1903 and their Association with Sun-
spots, E. W. Maunder, 118; Magnetic Storms and As-
sociated Sun-spots, Rev. A. L. Cortie, 311; Prof.
Schuster, 311; Investigation of the Variations of Mag-
netic Hysteresis with Frequency, Prof. T. R. Lyle, 95;
an Ingenious Method of Constructing Magnetic Charts,
Prof. N. Umow, 184; Analysis of the Results from the
Falmouth Magnetographs on Quiet Days during 1891-
1902, Dr. Charles Chree, 261; Higher Text-book of
Magnetism and Electricity, Dr. R. Wallace Stewart, 270 ;
Action of a Magnetic Field on the Discharge through a
Gas, Dr. R. S. Willows, 358; a Contemplated Magnetic
Survey of the North Pacific Ocean by the Carnegie
Institution, Dr. L. A. Bauer, 389; Drift Produced in
Ions by Electromagnetic Disturbances, and a Theory of
Radio-activity, George W. Walker, 406; Elements of
Electromagnetic Theory, S. J. Barnett, G. F. C. Searle,
409; Coefficient of Magnetisation of Bismuth, Georges
Meslin, 431; Effect of Temperature on the Magnetisation
of Steel, Nickel, and Cobalt, Prof. H. Nagaoka and S.
Kusakabe, 448; the Magnetic Survey of the United
States, 449; Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory,
New Year Island, Captain H. L. Crosthwaite, 515;
Terrestrial Magnetism and its Causes, F. A. Black, 557;
a Magnetic Survey of Japan Reduced to the Epoch 1895.0
and the Sea Level, A. Tanakadate, Prof. Arthur Schuster,
F.R.S., 578; the Diamagnetism of Bismuth, A. Leduc,
599 ; Electromagnetics in a Moving Dielectric, Oliver
Heaviside, F.R.S., 606 ; Determination of the Moment of
Inertia of the Magnets Used in the Measurement of the
Horizontal Component of the Earth's Field, Dr. W.

Watson, 622
Magnitude Equation in the Right Ascensions of the Eros

Stars, Prof. R. H. Tucker, 618
Maiden (J. H.), the Commercial Timbers of New South

Wales, 157; the Genus Eucalyptus, 422
Maignan (F.), Production of Alcohol and Acetone by

Muscles, 624
Mailhe (A.), the Three Methylcyclohexanones and the Cor-

responding Methyl-cyclohexanols, 383 ; Monochloro-de-
rivatives of Methylcyclohexane, 551

Malaria, Mosquitoes and, Major Ronald Ross, F.R.S., 590
Malclès (L.), Researches on Dielectric Solids, 167
Malfitano (G.), the Colloidal State of Matter, 143 ; Electrical

Conductivity of Colloidal Solutions, 240
Mammalia : ihe Mammals of Great Britain and Ireland,

J. G. Millais, 121; the Land and Sea Mammals of

Middle America and the West Indies, D. G. Elliot, 212
Man, Blood Pressures in, Prof. J. Clifford Allbutt, F.R.S.,

Man, Craniology of, and the Anthropoid Apes, A. T.

Mundy, 125; N. C. Macnamara, 125
Man, Electricity in the Service of, R. M. Walmsley, 124
Man, the Origin of, 433
Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, 23, 71, 167,

191, 334, 383, 431, 575; Wilde Lecture at, the Early
History of Seed-bearing Plants as Recorded in the

Carboniferous Flora, Dr. D. H. Scott, F.R.S., 426
Mankind in the Making, H. G. Wells, 193
Manouvrier (Prof.), Negroid " Characters in European

Skulls, 453
Mansfield (Mr.). Food of the Maine Lumbermen, 254
Maps, the First True, C. Raymond Beazley, 159
Maps, Popular Star, Comte de Miremont, 484
Maquenne (L.), Constitution of Ricinine, 119
Marage (M.), Application of the Vowel Siren to the Study

of Deafness, 456
Marcet (Mrs.), Rediviva, Chemistry for Youths, 435
March (F.), New Method of Synthesis of Alkyl Derivatives

of Cyclic Saturated Alcohols, 431; 1-Methyl-4-benzylcyclo.

hexanol and 1-Methyl-4-dibenzylcyclohexanol, 479
Marine Biology: Ecology and Deposits of the Cape Verde

Marine Fauna, C. Crossland, 502 ; on a Method of Using
the Tow-net as an Opening and Closing Tow-net, George
Murray, F.R.S., 364; Report of the Government of
Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of
Manaar, W. A. Herdman, F.R.S., 395: Larva and Spat
of the Canadian Oyster, J. Stafford, 468; Eumedon con-
victor, a Crustacean accompanying a Sea-urchin, E. L.
Bouvier and G. Seurat, 479 ; Community of Type between
South African and European Marine Annelids Generally,
Prof. Melntosh, 492 ; Distinct Second Family Type of
Lancelets (Cephalochordata). Dr. R. Goldschmidt, 590;

Memoirs on Marine Biology, 618; sce also Biology
Marine Expedition, a New British, 562
Mark (Edward Laurens), Anniversary Volume, 169
Marloth (Dr. R.), a New South African Cypress (Callistris

schwarci), 168; Mimicry among Plants, 232
Marr (Dr. J. E.), Classification of the Sedimentary Rocks,

Mars : Seasonal Development of Martian Canals, Mr.

Lowell, 282; the Alternating Variability of Martian
Canals, Mr. Lowell, 494; Longitude Observations of
Points on Mars, Mr. Lowell, 449; Forthcoming Op-
position of, R. Buchanan, 494 ; Reality of Various
Features on, V. Cerulli, 592 ; Changes on, Mr. Lowell.
618; Mr. Lampland, 618 ; Prof. W. H. Pickering, 618;

see also Astronomy
Marsh (J. E.), Photographic Radiation of some Mercury

Compounds, 455
Marshall (H.), Salts and their Reactions, 200
Martignat (M.), Le Liège, ses · Produits et ses Sous-pro-

duits, 413
Martin (Geoffrey), Have Chemical Compounds a Definite

Critical Temperature and Pressure of Decomposition ? 609
Martin (G. H.), Practical Chemistry, a Second Year Course,


Martin (Dr. Sidney), Bacteria of Proteus vulgaris, 237
Martine (C.), a Synthesis of Menthone and Menthol, 311
Martini (Antonio de), Obituary Notice of, 38
Mason (Prof. J. W.), Death of, 325
Massee (George), Heterogenetic Fungus-germs, 175
Massoulier (Pierre), Study of lonisation in Flames, 479;

Ionisation in Flames, 600
Masterman (Dr.), the Salmon Fisheries of England and

Wales, 18
Mathematics : Patent Flexible Curves and a Parabolic

Curve, W. J. Brooks, 15; a New General Theory of
Errors, William Edward Story, 15: a Simple Differ.
entiating Machine, Dr. J. Erskine Murray, 38; Intro-
ductory Treatise of Lie's Theory of Finite Continuous
Transformation Groups, John Edward Campbell, 49 : the


Zeros of Certain Classes of Integral Taylor's Series, Maunder (E. W.), Magnetic Disturbances 1882 to 1903 and
6. II. Hardy, 70; Reducibility of Covariants of Binary their Association with Sun-spots, 118
Quantics of Infinite Order, P. W. Wood, 70; Mathe- Mawley (E.), Phenological Observations for the Year 1904,
matical Society, 70, 166, 310, 382, 478 ; New School 430
Arithmetic, Charles Pendlebury and F. E. Robinson, 75; Mawson (D.), Radio-activity and Radium in Australian
Vew School Examples in Arithmetic, Charles Pendlebury Minerals, 168
and F. E. Robinson, 75; a School Geometry, H. S. Hall Maxwell (Mrs. J. M.), Children's Wild Flowers, 510
and F. H. Stevens, 75; Theoretical Geometry for Be- Mayer (André), the Composition of Colloidal Granules, 167
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Curres, T. B. S., 152 ; Quadratic Partitions, Lieut.-Col. ties of Construction, Gardner D. Hiscox, 557
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to Bessel's and Legendre's Functions, Rev. F. H. Jack- Lateral Strains in Tension and Compression Members,
son. 106; Groups of Order paqe, Prof. W. Burnside, Prof. Coker, 143 ; Die technische Mechanik : elementares
100; Failure of Convergence of Fournier's Series, Dr. Lehrbuch für mittlere maschienentechnische Fachschulen
E. W. Hobson, 166 ; Extension of Borel's Exponential

und Hilfsbuch für studierende höherer technischer
Method of Summation of Divergent Series Applied to Lehranstalten, P. Stephan, Prof. George M. Minchin,
Linear Differential Equations, E. Cunningham, 166; a 148 ; a Simple Model for illustrating Wave-motion, K.
New Geometry for Senior Forms, S. Barnard and J. M. Honda, 295; the Slow Stretch in Indiarubber, Glass, and
Child. 174; on a Rapid Method of Approximate Harmonic Metal Wires Subjected to a Constant Pull, P. Phillips,
Analysis, Prof. S. P. Thompson, 190; Leçons sur la Pro- 359; Effects of Momentary Stresses in Metals, Prof.
pagation des Ondes et les Equations de l'Hydrody-

Bertram Hopkinson, 501
namique, Jacques Hadamard, 196 ; Elementary Mediæval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus, Robert Steele,
Treatise on Graphs, George A. Gibson, Prof. George M. 559
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der optischen Instrumente nach Abbe, Dr. Siegfried Research_in Egypt, 307; Bacteriology and the Public
Czapski, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S., 217; the Mathe- Health, Dr. George Newman, Dr. A. C. Houston, 388 ;
matical Theory of Eclipses according to Chauvenet's Relations between Arterial Pressure and the Amounts
Transformation of Bessel's Method, Roberdeau Buchanan, of Chloroform Absorbed, J. Tissot, 408 ; Trypanosomiasis
244 ; Solutions of the Exercises in Godfrey and Siddon's and Experimental Medicine, Prof. R. T. Hewlett, 498;
Elementary Geometry, E. A. Price, 248; Death of G. W. Physical Chemistry of Anästhesia, Prof. Moore and Mr.
Hemming, 253 : the form of the Surface of a Fowl's Roaf, 499 ; a German-English Dictionary of Terms Used
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of Logarithms, 271; Vier- und fünfstellige_Logarith- Abrahams, 533 ; Composition of the Oil from Bir Bahoti
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273 ; Opere mathematiche di Francesco Brioschi, 293 ; 551-2
Opere mathematiche di Eugenio Beltrami, 293 ; Polar Medlicott (H. B., F.R.S.), Death of, 565; Obituary Notice
Piotting Paper, Dr. C. G. Knott, 296; Alternants and of, 612
Continuous Groups, Dr. H. F. Baker, 311; Death of Meehan (Rev. Joseph), Intelligence of Animals, 176
Prui. J. W. Mason, 325: Death of Prof. Achsah M. Mees (C. E. Kenneth), the Science and Practice of Photo-
Eiv, 350; Billiards Mathematically Treated, G. W. Hem- graphy, Chapman Jones, 29; the Molecular Condition in
ming. S. H. Burbury, F.R.S., 362 ; Death of Robert Solution of Ferrous Potassium Oxalate, 358; the Theory
Tucker, 371; Obituary Notice of, 398 ; General of Photographic Processes on the Chemical Dynamics
Theory of Transfinite Numbers and Order Types, of Development, 454
Dr. E.


Hobson, 382; Asymptotic Expansion Meldola (Prof. R., F.R.S.), Isomerism of the Amidines of
of Integral Functions of Finite Non-zero Order, the Naphthalene Series, 118; the Chemical Synthesis of
Rev. E. W. Barnes, 382 ; Death of Dr. Guido Hauck, Vital Products, and the Inter-relation between Organic
420: Death of J. C. V. Hoffmann, 420; Orthogonal and Compounds, 170; Method for the Direct Production of
Other Special Systems of Invariants, Major P. A. Mac- Certain Amino-azo-compounds, 239; B-NH-ethenyldi-
Mahon, F.R.S., 430; Verb Functions or Explicit Opera- aminonaphthalene, 382 ; the late Prof. Tacchini, 583
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action of Two Triangles on to the Same Triangle, Prof.

for the Year 1903, 55
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(s. 1 Bryan, F.R.S., 601; the Dynamical Theory of

Meridian Observations, Constant Errors in, J. G. Porter,
tros, J. H. Jeans, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S., 601; a 405
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Rui Bodies, E. T. Whittaker, Prof. G. H. Bryan,

stances during Active Fluorescence, 423
FR.S., 601

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Vatnse, la, l'Éther et les Forces physiques, Lucien Mottez,

the Nineteenth Century, 241

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Valgnon (C.). Combinations of Samarium Chloride with 431

Ammonia, 311; Oxidation of Metals in the Cold in Pre- Mesnil (F.), on Surra and the Differentiation of Trypano-
**00of Ammonia. 551

somes, 551
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Metallurgy: Extraction of Vanadium from the Natural
Mitram* (E. R.). Coast Erosion and Protection, Paper

Lead Vanadate, H. Herrenschmidt, 24; on the Occur-
Tout at Institution of Civil Engineers, 92

rence of Widmannstätten's Figures in Steel Castings,


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Prof. J. O. Arnold and A. McWilliam, 32 ; on the
Application of Dry Air Blast to the Manufacture of Iron,
James Gayley, 40; Removal of Moisture from the Air
Blown into Blast Furnace by Freezing, Economy of Fuel,
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by the Removal of the Moisture from the Air Supplied to
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Chatelier, 88; the Use of Helium as a Thermometric Sub-
stance and its Diffusion through Silica, Adrien Jaquerod
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R. S. Hutton, 180; Death of Sir Lowthian Bell, Bart.,
F.R.S., 181; Obituary Notice of, 230 ; Need of Testing
Materials to be Subjected to Rapidly Repeated or to
Alternating Loads Otherwise than by determining the
Tensile Strength and Elastic Limit, A. E. Seaton and A.
Jude, 184; on the Possibility of Producing a Non-brittle
Steel Tempered Blue, Ch. Frémont, 191; Report of the
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and the making of Steel in Europe, Prof. J. O. Arnold,
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of Iron by Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide, O. Boudouard,
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Guillet, 616
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