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15, 1915

April 15, 1915




ABBOT (Dr. C. G.), Variability of the Sun, 349

Abbott (G.), Atikokania lawsoni a Concretion, 477

Abbott (Prof. J. F.), Elementary Principles of General

Biology, 227

Abbott (W. J. L.), Flint Fracture, 198

Abercromby (Hon. J.), Prehistoric Pottery of Canary Isles,


Adair (E. W.), (1) Mantis religiosa; (2) Jumping Seeds, 67

Adams (Mary), Map Projection, 197

Adams (W. S.), New 30-inch Mirror, 38; (and F. G. Pease),

Spectra of Novæ at a Very Late Stage, 373

Aeronautics Advisory Committee, Technical Report, 89

Agar (Dr. W. E.), Life-cycle in Daphniidæ, 370

Ainsworth-Davis (Prof. J. R.), Pursuit of Natural Know-

ledge, 227

Aitchison (L.), Rapid Methods for Chemical Analysis of
Special Steels, C. M. Johnson, 59

Aitken (E. H.), Concerning Animals, etc., 590

Aitken (Dr. J.), Forests and Floods, 420; Influence of
Icebergs on Sea Temperature, 561; Streaks upon Lath
and Plaster Walls, 615

Akers (C. E.), Rubber Industry, 362

Albe (Dr. E. E. F. d'), Type-reading Optophone, 4

Alexander (H. G.), Landrail, 265

Algué (Rev. J.) and Rev. M. S. Maso, Rainfall in Philip-
pines, 348

Aliotta (Prof.), A. McCaskill, Idealistic Reaction against

Science, 474

Allen (Dr. E. J.), Artificial Culture of Plankton Diatoms,

273; Deep Sea Exploration, Sir John Murray, Dr. J.

Hjort, 339

Allen (Dr. G. M.), Pattern Development in Mammals and

Birds, 121

Allen's Commercial Organic Analysis, 387

Amar (J.), Food and Strength of Arabs, 498

Ampferer (O.) and others, Geology in Austria-Hungary, 492

Anderson (E.) and E. G. Radley, Pitchstones of Mull, 690

Anderson (G. V.), Nitrous Acid in Rain, 438; Influence of

Weather upon Amounts of Nitric and Nitrous Acid in

Rainfall, 718

Angot (A.), Earthquake of October 3, 273

Appell (Paul), Address to Paris Academy of Sciences, 572
Argentieri (Prof.), Pocket Wireless System, 182
Aries (E.), Chimie Physique Elem., 447

Armstrong (Dr. E. F.), Chemistry of Wheat and Flour, 508
Armstrong (Prof. H. E.), the Place of Wisdom (Science) in
the State British Association Address, 213

Armstrong (Dr. W. E. M.), I. K. Therapy and Tuber-

culosis, 418

Ascarza (V. F.), Solar Eclipse, 441

Ashworth (Dr. J. H.), Zoology at the British Association,

[blocks in formation]

Bacon's Contour Wall Map of Scotland, 252
Bacon (Roger), 443

Bagnall (R. S.), British Centipedes, 67

Bailey (L. H.), Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, 279
Baillaud (B.), Solar Eclipse, 54

Bairstow (L.) and E. W. Stedman, Critical Loads for
Struts of varying Section, 151

Baker (Prof. H. B.) and Prof. Thorpe and M. A. Whiteley,

Fine Chemicals for Research, 670

Balch (H. E.), Wookey Hole, 395

Balfour (H.), Fire-making with a Sawing-thong, 240
Balland (M.), Preservation of Food for Army, 357
Balley (E. J.), Class Book of Commercial Knowledge, 613
Balls (W. L.) and F. S. Holton, Analyses of Agricultural
Yield, 355

Baracchi (P.), Canberra for Astronomy, 349; Australian
Longitudes, 350

Barcroft (J.). the Respiratory Function of the Blood, 331
Bardswell (Dr. N. D.), Preliminary Report on Treatment
of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Tuberculin, 276

Barkla (Prof. C. G.), Problems of Radiation, 671

Barnard (Prof. E. E.), Colours of Stars in the Cluster M 13

(Hercules), 291; Strange Objects Transiting the Sun's

Disc, 401

Barnard (K. H.), Marine Invertebrates, 27

Barratt (T.), Thermal Conductivity of badly conducting

Solids, 440

Bartholomew (John) and Co., (1) Orographical Map of

Central Europe; (2) War Map of Europe and

Mediterranean, 391

Basedow (Dr. H.), on Mary Seymour, Last of the Tas-

manian Race, 207

Bassett (H. L.), Elements of Chemistry, 447

Bastian (Dr. H. C.), Production at Will of either Fungus-

Germs, Flagellates, or Amœbæ from Zooglœa, 462

Bates (Oric), the Eastern Libyans, 224

Bausor (H. W.), Chemical Calculations, 447

Bayliss (R. W.). First School Calculus, 389

Bayliss (Prof. W. M.), Faraday's Views on Catalysis, 253

Bayon (H.), Herpetomonida found in Scatophaga hotten-

[blocks in formation]

Brame (J. S. S.), Fuel, 195

Brasil (L.), Emeu of King Island, 370

Braude (Dr. L.), les Coordonnés intrinsèques, 226
Braun (J.), Plant-life at the Snow Line, 39
Brewster (G. W.) and C. J. L. Wagstaff, School Statics, 31
Bridges (J. H.), Life and Work of Roger Bacon, 443
Briggs (Dr. W.) and Prof. Bryan, Matriculation Mechanics,

Briscoe (H. V. A.), Atomic Weight of Tin, 684
British School at Athens, Annual, 419

Brock (S. E.), Ecology and Birds, 265

Brooks (C. E. P.), Tidal Friction and Ice Ages, 254
Brown (Barnum), New Canadian Dinosaurs, 492

Brown (Prof. E. W.), Cosmical Physics: British Associa-
tion Address, 184

Brown (G. E.), British Journal Photographic Almanac,
1915, 697

Brown (Prof. J. Campbell), Essays and Addresses, 307

Brown (J. Coggin), Abor Geology, 347; Geology of Yünnan,


Brown (Dr. R. N. Rudmose), Problems of the Antarctic,


Burgess (G. K.) and J. N. Kellberg, Changes of Electrical

Resistance of Iron Wire up to 1000° C., 209; (and

others), Rail Steel, 436

Burn (J.), Vital Statistics Explained, 665

Burne (Miss C. S.), Distribution of British Folk-customs,

Burnet (J.), Greek Philosophy: Thales to Plato, 223
Burns (Dr. W.), Strawberry Growing in India, 120
Burroughs (John), the War and Germany, 369
Burton (J.), Clay and Pottery Industries, 654
Burton (R. C.), Yunnan Volcanic Rocks, 347

Butler (Prof. J. B.) and J. M. Sheridan, Edanometer for
Wetted Seeds, 525

Buttel-Reepen (Prof. H.), Herr von Osten's "Thinking"

Horse, 426

Bywater (Prof. I.), [Death of], 455

Caillaud and Corniglion (MM.), Treatment of Tetanus, 357
Cain (Dr. J. C.), Openings for British Chemical Manu-
facturers, 61

Cajori (Prof. F.), Cross x as Symbol for Multiplication,
363; Colon as Symbol for Ratio and Division, 477;
History of Notation in Trigonometry, 642

Calder (C. C.), Botanical Survey of India, 208

Calkins (Prof. G. N.), Biology, 504

Calman (Dr. W. T.), Scientific Societies and the War, 198

Camichel (M.) and others, The Venturi Meter, 581

Campbell (F. H.), Determination of Vapour Pressures, 437

Campbell (J. M.), Gold in Ashanti, 718

Cannon (Miss), Stars with Peculiar Spectra, 402

Carmichael (Prof. R. D.), Theory of Numbers, 473

Carpenter (Dr. F. A.), Flood Studies at Los Angeles, 570

Carpenter (G. H.) and T. R. Hewitt, Mode of Entry of
Warble-maggots, 181

Carpenter (Prof. H. C. H.), Hardening of Metals, 374

Carrasco (M.), New Solar Coronal Radiation, 432, 460

Carslaw (Prof. H. S.), British Association in New South

Wales, 177

Carson (G. St. L.) and Prof. D. E. Smith, Elements of

Algebra, 417

Carus (Paul), Mechanistic Principle and Non-mechanical, 360

Cassell's Natural History, by F. M. Duncan, 141

Cathcart (Gertrude D.), First Book of Physiology and

Hygiene, 615

Chalmers (S. D.), Glass for Optical Purposes, 117

Chamberlain (J. F. and A. H.), Africa, a Supplementary

Geography, 115

Chamberlin (T. C.) and R. D. Salisbury, Introductory

Geology, 249

Chapman (F.), Australasian Fossils, 83

Chapman (Prof. R. W.), Demonstration of Strain-hardening

of Steel, 589

Chapman (S.), Lunar Diurnal Magnetic Variation, 718

Chautaud (J.), Petroliferous Mounds of Texas, 609

Chauveau (A.), Feeble Organisms and Tuberculosis, 385;

Weakness and Tuberculosis in Armies, 413

Cheyney (E. G.) and Prof. J. P. Wentling, the Farm
Woodlot, 88

Chree (Dr. C.), Atmospheric Electricity at Kew, 607
Christy (M.), Remarkable Gall on Willow, 525; Engraved
Shell from Red Crag, 572

Clack (B. W.), Coefficient of Diffusion in Dilute Solutions,


Clarke (Dr. H. T.), Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 500

Clarke (W. G.) and H. D. Hewitt, an Early Norfolk Track-

way, 572

Classen (A.), Prof. W. T. Hall, Quantitative Analysis by

Electrolysis, 387

Clayton (H. H.) and W. M. Hays, Crop Estimates, 121
Cleghorn (Maude L.), Floral Mechanism, 691

Cleland (Dr. J. B.), Australian Hæmatozoa, 407; Sizes of
Red Blood Cells, 409

Clerk (Dr. Dugald), Gaseous Explosions, 687

Clewell (C. E.), Laboratory Manual on Current, 142

Coblentz (W. W.), Radiomicrometers, 516; Radiometric

Measures of Stars, 709

Coker (Prof. E. G.), Engineering: British Association

Address, 48

Colardeau (E.), Localisation of Projectiles in the Wounded
by Radiography, 441

Cole (Prof. G. A. J.), Through the Grand Canyon, E. L.
Kolb, 587; Two Books on the Earth, 666

Cole (Dr. L. J.), Relations of Colours in Pigeons, 213

Coleman (Prof. A. P.), Climatic Conditions of Early Pre-

Cambrian, 294

Colin (Capt.) and Lieut. Jeance, Wireless Telephony, 452

Collie (Prof. J. N.) and others, Production of Neon and

Helium, 300

Collinge (W. E.), Food of Nestling Sparrows, 261; Food

of British Wild Birds, 509; Economic Status of the
Blackcap, 617, 673

Collingridge (H.), Optical Constants of Monoclinic Pyroxenes,

[blocks in formation]


Cook (J.), Heat developed in Ore Crushing, 636.

Cook (T. A.), the Curves of Life: Spirals, 533

Cooke (Dr. M. C.), [Obituary], 315

Cope (T. D.), Streaks upon Lath-and-Plaster Walls, 562

Copeland (Prof. E. B.), the Coco-Nut, 695

Corke (H. E.), G. C. Nuttall, Wild Flowers as They Grow,


Cortie (Father A. L.), the Total Solar Eclipse Expedition to
Hernösand, Sweden, 202

Cory (Reg.), Horticultural Record, 225

Coste (J. H.) and E. R. Andrews, Examination and Thermal
Value of Fuel, 59

Cotton (A. D.), Algæ, Lichens, and Fungi of West Falk-

land Islands, 328

Cotton (L. A.), Diamond Deposits of Copeton, N.S.W., 581
Cox (Prof. H. J.) and J. H. Armington, Weather and
Climate of Chicago, 533

Crabtree (H.), Elementary Treatment of Theory of Tops

and Gyroscopic Motion, 332

Cracknell (A. G.), School Algebra, 389

Craig (E. H. C.), Oilfields of Canada, 625

Crawford (D. L.), Jumping Plant-lice, 39

Crawford (Dr. R.), Plague and Pestilence in Literature and

Art, 480

Crawley (A. E.), Science, Metaphysics, and Education,

E. E. Sikes, P. Carus, Prof. de Lanassan, Prof.
Graves, Prof. Schoenichen, 361; Science and Meta-
physics, A. Ruhe, Prof. Aliotta, B. Rand, 474

Cresson (Prof. A.), l'Espèce et son Serviteur, 168

Crommelin (Dr. A. D. C.), Prof. See's Theory of Evolution

of Stellar Systems, 543

Crookes (Sir Wm.), Acquired Radio-activity, 300; Constitu-

tion of the Atom, etc.: Address to Royal Society, 367
Crowfoot (Grace), Desert Flowers from near Cairo, 279
Cunningham (Lieut.-Col. D. D.), [Obituary], 536
Cunningham (E.), Fizeau's Experiment and the Principle of
Relativity, 197, 226, 281

Cunningham (Dr. J. T.), Hormone Theory of Heredity,

[blocks in formation]

Dakin (Prof. W. J.), the British Association in West

Australia, 91; Abrolhos Islands, 406, 636

D'Albe (Dr. E. E. F.), Type-reading Optophone, 4

Dales (J. H.), Manual of Mechanical Drawing, 307

Dallimore (W.), Arboriculture and Forestry, W. J. Bean,


Danysz (J.), Treatment of Trypanosomiasis by Arsenical
Compounds, 54

Davenport (Prof. C. B.), Heredity of Emotional Traits, 409

David (Prof. T. W. E.), Antarctic Problems, 241

Davies (G. MacD.), Geological Excursions round London,

304; Curious Forms of Ice, 563

Davis (Capt. J. K.), Deep-sea Work round Antarctica, 241

Davison (Prof. C.), Earthquake in Central Italy, 565

Dawson (C.), Molar of Mastodon, 5; (and Dr. A. S. Wood-
ward), Bone Tool from Piltdown, 440

Day (H.), Variation in Carboniferous Brachiopod, 384
De Fiore (O.), Repose of Vesuvius, 125
Deas (Lizzie), Flower Favourites, 279
Deeley (R. M.), Streaks upon Lath and Plaster, 615
Dekker (Dr. J.), die Gerbstoffe, 499
Delorme (Med. Inspector-Gen. E.), Treatment of Wounds
in War, 219, 257

Dendy (Prof. A.), Progressive Evolution and Origin of
Species: British Association Address, 17
Denning (W. F.), Perseid Shower of Meteors, 7; Meteoritic
Fall in Lancashire, 258; a Brilliant Fireball on Nov. 11,
320; Objects transiting the Sun's Disc, 401; Geminids,
460; Meteors, 490

Desch (Dr. C. H.), Intermetallic Compounds, 113
Deslandres (H.), Meudon Solar Eclipse Expedition, 373;

(and A. Perot), Maximum Magnetic Field, 54; Strong
Magnetic Fields for Solar Research, 123

Dessoir (Prof. Max), Donald Fisher, Outlines of the His-
tory of Psychology, 696

Dickson (Prof. L. E.), Elementary Theory of Equations,
166; Invariants and Theory of Numbers, 166; Linear
Algebras, 389

Dixon (Prof. Henry H.), Transpiration and Ascent of Sap
in Plants, 558; (and Miss E. S. Marshall), Function of
Cells in Ascent of Sap, 525; (and W. R. G. Atkins),
Osmotic Pressures in Plants, 525, 691

Dobbs (W. J.), School Course in Geometry, 31

Dobell (C.), Mendelism in the Seventeenth Century, 588

Doncaster (Dr. L.), Determination of Sex in the Gall-fly,
Neuroterus lenticularis, 115; Heredity in the Magpie
Moth, 213

Douglas (Ch. and Anne), Prof. J. C. Ewart, the Shetland
Pony, III

Douglas (S. O. G.), a Theory of Civilisation, 278
Dove (Prof. Karl), Climate of German S.W. Africa, 264
Doyle (J.), Change of Petiole into Stem, 525

Dreaper (W. P.), and W. A. Davis, Filtering Power of
Sand, 198

Driesch (Prof. H.), Vitalism, 303

Drinkwater (Dr. H.), Brachydactyly and Mendelism, 663

Dugmore (A. R.), Romance of the Beaver, 590

Duncan (F. M.), Cassell's Natural History, 141

Dunér (Dr. N. C.), [Death of], 484

Dunlop (A.), Raised Beach in Jersey, 383

Dunlop (Colonel H. C.) and C. S. Jackson, Slide-Rule

Notes. 31

Dunstan (Dr. A. E.) and F. B. Thole, Viscosity of Liquids,

Dupuy (E. L.), Automatic Apparatus to study Expansion

of Alloys, 684

Dutt (B. C.) and S. N. Sen, Action of Nitric Oxide on
Metallic Peroxides, 28

Dutt (H. L.), Insect Crop Pests, Behar and Orissa, 447
Dwight (H. B.), Transmission Line Formulas, 142

Eastman (Dr. C. R.), Early Representations of the Giraffe,

Eddington (Prof. A. S.), Stellar Movements and the Struc-

ture of the Universe, 584; Gravitation, 685

Edridge-Green (Dr.). Theory of Vision, 345
Edwards (J. M.), Flintshire, 335

Eggar (W. D.), Position of Sciences in Education, 295

Eginitis (D.), _Thebes Earthquake, 527

Elliott (C.), Models to Illustrate Mathematics, 31

Ellis (Dr. D.), Fossil Micro-organisms, 412

Elmhirst (R.), the Naturalist at the Sea-shore, 227

Embley (Dr. E. H.), Syncope, Shock, etc., 323
Emmerling (Prof. O.), Praktikum der Chemischen Wasser-
untersuchung, 225

Eredia (Dr. F.), Cloud Distribution in Italy, 263; Climate
of Somaliland, 263; (and Dr. De Castro), Ethiopia, 264
Ermen (W. F. A.), Unexplained Laboratory Explosion,

Evans (Dr. J. W.), Micromillimetres and Micromicrons, 34
Everest (A. E.), Production of Anthocyanins, 356
Evershed (J.), Radial Motion in Sunspots, 8; Kashmir as
Solar Observatory Site, 460 (and T. Royds), Displace-
ment of Spectrum Lines at the Sun's Limb, 263

Evershed (Mrs.) (M. A. Orr), Dante and the Early

Astronomers, 359

Gifford (Lt.-Col. J. W.), Temperature Refraction Coefficients

of Optical Glass, 718

Gilbert (Dr. G. K.), Transportation of Débris by Running

Water, 37

Gill (Dr. T. N.), [Memorial Notice of], 260

Gilmore (C. W.), Montana Fossils, 468

Gilson (Dr. G.), Natural History Museum in Theory and

Practice, 403

Glauert (L.), Mammalian Remains, 36

Glinka (Prof. K.), die Typen der Bodenbildung, 222

Goddard (E. J.), Ozobranchus branchiatus, 27

Goddard (E. M.), First School Botany, 305

Goldstein (Prof. E.), Salts coloured by Kathode Rays:
British Association paper, 494

Gowland (Prof. W.), Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, 196
Graham (J.), Elementary Calculus for Engineering Students,

Graham (James), Education and Industry and Commerce :

Address, 630

Gravely (F. H.), Indian Spiders, 691

Graves (Prof. F. P.), History of Education in Modern

Times, 361

Gray (Prof. A.), Lord Kelvin's Work on Gyrostatics, 711

Gray (Dr. F. W.), Manual of Practical Physical Chemistry,


Gray (Dr. H. B.), School Training for Public Life, 296

Greenhill (Sir G.), on the Rev. Sir J. Twisden, 427; Mathe-

matics in Artillery Science, 573

Gregory (Prof. J. W.), Geology of To-day, 666

Gregory (Prof. R. A.), the Service of Science, 284

Greig-Smith (Dr. R.), Bacteriotoxic Action of Water; (2)

Destruction of Paraffin by Soil Organisms, 413; Soil

Fertility, 581

Grossmann (C.), Uranium of Madagascar, 469
Grunwald (Dr. J.), Dr. H. H. Hodgson, Raw Materials for
Gruner (Dr. O. C.), Biology of the Blood-cells, 30

Guéguen (F.), Piqûre of Canvas, 469

the Enamel Industry, 585

Guillet and Bernard (MM.), Local Case-Hardening of Steel,

[blocks in formation]

Haeckel (Ernst), Dr. W. Breitenbach, die Natur als Künst-
lerin, 227
Haldane (Dr. J. S.), Mechanism, Life and Personality, 193
Hale (A. J.), Synthetic Use of Metals in Organic Chemistry,

Haler (P. J.) and A. H. Stuart, First Course in Mathe-
matics, 667

Hall (Prof. A. D.), a Pilgrimage of British Farming, 1;

Agriculture: British Association Address, 156, 601

Galilei (Galileo), H. Crew and A. De Salvio, Dialogues Hall (A. L.), Geology of the Murchison Range, 152
concerning Two New Sciences, 443

555, 700

Garrett (Dr. J. H.), Climate of Cheltenham, 263

Gaskell (Dr. W. H.), [Obituary, by Prof. J. N. Langley], 93

Gates (Dr. R. R.), Recent Aspects of Mutation, 296

Gautier (A.), Soldiers' Rations in War, 663

Geddes (A. E. M.), Upper Atmosphere at Aberdeen, 718
Gee (Prof. W. W. H.), Monthly Variation of Sunshine, 719
Geikie (Prof. J.), Antiquity of Man in Europe, 174
Ghosh (Mr.), Typhlocaris galilea, 66

Gibson (Prof. A. H.) and E. G. Ritchie, Circular-arc Bow
Girder, 532

Gibson (C. R.), (1) the Great Ball on which we Live;
(2) Our Good Slave Electricity, 390
Gidley (J. W.), Fossils in Maryland, 468
Gifford (E.), Natural Sines, 4

Hall (Dr. C.), Evolution of Eucalypts, 413

Hall (Rev. C. A.). Common British Beetles, 227; List of
Renfrewshire Plants, Birds, etc., 504; (and D. Smith),
Plant Remains at Paisley Abbey, 318

Hall (Dr. C. J. J. van), Cocoa, 695

Hall (Dr. T. S.), British Association at Victoria, 147
Halliburton (Prof.) and Dr. W. E. Dixon, Cerebro-Spinal

Fluid. 323

Hallimond (A. F.), Conduction of Electricity at Points, 440
Hallissy (T.), Geology of Clare Island, 318-9
Hallmann (E. F.), Revision of Monaxonid Species, 301
Handcock (P. S. P.), Latest Light on Bible Lands, 59
Hankin (Dr. E. H.), Animal Flight, 172

Hardcastle (Capt. J. H.), Evolution of Philosophical
Thought, J. Burnet, 223

Hardy (O.), Resources of Peru, 179

Harger (H. S.), Drakensberg Lavas and Denudation, 153

Harris (Prof. D. F.), Theodore Schwann and Louvain

University, 172; Nerves, 669

Hartmann (E.), Overthrust in the Hohe Tauern Mts., 493

Hartung (E. G.), Method of Determining Specific Heat of

Liquids, 438

Harvey (Frances M.). Fireball of Dec. 31, 1914. 563
Haselhurst (S. R.), Cone-in-cone Structure, 608

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