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FIRST EDITION, 1893 Reprinted with additions and corrections, 1897, 1902, 1905,

1909, 1911, 1914, 1920

OCT 31 1930


It is hoped that the present volume will be found within its limits a fairly representative selection of original documents for the use of students. Attention has been directed, not only to the general course of events, but to the history of the New Testament Canon, and to the personal opinions of conspicuous writers. It has been thought best to give a translation for the benefit of such as are but mean scholars, and in the second edition a few introductory notes were given.

My best thanks are due to the Trustees of the Lightfoot Fund, to Mr. Parker, of Oxford, and to Messrs. T. and T. Clark, of Edinburgh, for the use of translations mentioned below l; also to Dr. Zahn, of Erlangen, for the Latin text of the Canon Muratorianus, and to Professor (now Dean) Robinson for the Greek text of certain passages?, for certain translations, and for much help in many directions.

| Translations marked L. are due to Lightfoot's Apostolic Fathers; R. to Dean Robinson; N.L. to the Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers; A.N.L. to the Ante-Nicene Christian Library.

· These are numbered XXI a, XLVIII, XLIX, LI Q, LI b, LII.

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