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in 1876. With some modifications the classification originally adopted in that Catalogue is still adhered to.

Some of the more elementary school books have been omitted from the Catalogue, and are kept with the collection of school and text books directed by the above Minute to be available for inspection only.

South Kensington Museum,

March 1891.



Page Part 1.-MATHEMATICS :

1 Arithmetical Tables

3 Arithmetic

7 Bookkeeping

8 Algebra

11 Geometry and Conic Sections

19 Mensuration

20 Trigonometry

21 Logarithms

22 Differential and Integral Calculus

24 General Treatises 2.-GEOGRAPHY AND ASTRONOMY:

30 Geography Gazetteers

67 Atlases

71 Maps and Geographical Diagrams

72 Globes Astronomy


83 Navigation Surveying

86 3.-NATURAL HISTORY : Geology, Palæontology, Mineralogy, Metallurgy, and

88 Mining Botany

131 Agriculture

160 Zoology :

174 Protozoa, Coelenterates, Worms, Crustacea, &c. Insects

184 Molluscs, Conchology, &c. c

194 Fishes

203 Reptiles

.-208 Birds

211 Mammals

216 General Natural History


262 Ethnography Anatomy and Physiology


285 5.-PaYSICS : Acoustics

315 Optics

316 Photography

321 Heat

323 Meteorology

325 Electricity and Magnetism

333 General Treatises

341 6.-MECHANICAL SCIENCE: Mechanics

358 Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics

374 Manufactures and Trades

377 Architecture, Building Construction, and Engineering 384 Military Works

393 Naval Architecture and Mechanism


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415 420


Encyclopædias, Directories, Calendars, &c.


Transactions and Proceedings of Scientific Societies
Science and Art Department
British Museum

425 463 480 492








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Tables, in which the British Standard AND MEASURES,

Measures and Weights are compared

with those of the Metric System at preAbbott, W.J. Manual of the Decimal sent in use on the Continent. See

System for the Use of Jewellers, Pawn. Works on the METRIC SYSTEM (below). brokers, Silversmiths, &c.; also Ready Reckoner. (The Weights and

Dowsing, W. Timber Merchants and Measures' Act, 1878.) post 8vo. cloth.

Bailder's Companion. Tables of the J. & R. Maxwell (1879].

Weight and Measurement of Deals, &c.,

with Prices. 2nd edition. post 8vo. Agriculturist's Calculator. See cloth.

C. Lockwood & Co. Works on AGRICULTURE.

Dunham, Robert Clark. Decimal Key Arman, A. Complete Ready Reckoner

for simplifying all ordinary Arithmetfor the Admeasurement of Land, with

ical Operations. folio. half bound. a Table showing the Price of Work,

London, 1866. from 2s. 6d. to 1l. per acre. (Weale's

East Indian Ready Reckoner; a Series.) 12mo. cloth, stiff. J. S. Virtue, 1862.

Series of Tables showing the Cost of

any Number of Articles in Indian CurBrowne, W. H., LL.D.


rency. Including Numbers answering Weights, and Measures of the Chief

to fixed Indian Weights and Measures. Commercial Nations in the World, with By C. D. royal 8vo. cloth. the British Equivalents. 12mo. cloth,

Smith, Elder, & Co., 1864. stiff. E. Stanford, 1864.

Festing, A. M. Tables for the ConChambers's Commercial Tables ;

version of Sterling into Dollars and consisting of Reckoning, Interest, Ano Cents, and vice versa. 2 parts in one nuity, &c. New edition. 12mo. bound.

volume. fcp. folio. cloth. W. & R. Chambers.

Desbarats, Ottawa, 1867. Chisholm, H. W. (Warden of the Stan

Gumersall, T. B. Tables of Discount dards.) On the Science of Weighing

or Simple Interest, from 5 to 2} per and Measuring, and Standards of Mea

cent. ; with Tables of Brokerage or sure and Weight. crown 8vo. cloth.

Commission. 9th edition. 8vo. cloth. (Nature Series.) Macmillan & Co., 1877.

Effingham Wilson.
On Balances (Science Lectures at

Haviland, J. The Scientific Adviser ;
South Kensington).
See Works on

containing Tables of Specific Gravities Physics (General Treatises).

of all Substances; their Superficial and

Solid Contents ; Land Measuring ; toClapham, J. The Carrier's Improved

gether with a Conputation of the DifReady Reckoner for cwts., qrs., Ihs., ferences between Old and New Weights from 28. 6d. to 140s. per ton. oblong and Measures ; also Prices of the Work post 8vo. cloth.

London, 1859.

of Millwrights, and other Artificers; Degranges, E. Tables ou Calculs tout with Tables of Interest, Discount, &c.

faits d'Intérêts. See Works on BOOK- 5th edition. 8vo. boards.

London, 1826.
E 61668. 750.-8/90. Wt. 21006. E. & S.


Hrabák, J. Gemeinnütziges Mathe- METRIC SYSTEM OF

matisch-Technisches Tabellenwerk, ins- WEIGHTS, MEASURES, besondere für das Metrische und Eng

AND COINAGE. lische, Oesterreichische und Preussische Maas- und Gewichts-System. 2nd

American Metrological Society. edition. royal 8vo. sewed.

Proceedings. See TransactionsTeubner, Leipzig, 1876.

NEW YORK, Inwood, W. Tables for the Purchasing Bonn, Prof. Great Britain's New Pro

of Estates, Annuities, &c. 17th edition, with Additions, by Mons. Fedor Thoman.

posed Decimal Albert System of 12mo. cloth. C. Lockwood & Co., 1859.

Weights, Measures, and Coins, compared

with the French Metric System, &c. Kelly, Dr. P. The Universal Cambist 8vo. sewed.

London, 1869. and Commercial Instructor. 2nd edition. 2 vols. 4to. calf. London, 1826. Bowring, Sir J. The Decimal System

in Numbers, Coins, and Accounts. Kupffer, A. T. Travaux de la Com

crown 8vo. cloth. N. Cooke, 1854. mission pour fixer les Mesures et les Poids de l'Empire de Russie. 2 vols.

post 8vo. cloth. With Atlas. 4to. half calf.

E. Stanford, 1872. St. Petersburg, 1841. McCulloh, R. S. A Manual contain

British Decimal System (A) of ing Tables to be used by the Revenue

Weights and Measures. Described by Officers of the United States.

Abacus. 8vo. sewed.

small 12mo, bound. Washington, 1849.

G. Graham, Edinburgh, 1872. Metric System, Works on the. See Bureau International des Poids next Section,

et Mesures, Travaux et Mémoires. Millers' (The), Merchants' and Far.

See Transactions-Paris.
mers' Ready Reckoner, with the Ap-
proximate Values of Millstones and

Dowling, C. H. A Series of Metric

in which the British Standard Millwork, &c. (Weale's Series.) 12mo.

Measures and Weights are compared cloth, stiff. J. S. Virtue, 1861.

with those of the Metric System at Richardson, W. Packing Case Tables, present in use on the Continent. 8vo.

showing the Number of Superficial Feet cloth. C. Lockwood & Co., 1864. in Boxes, &c. oblong post 4to. cloth,

Handbook to accompany the stiff. C. Lockwood & Co., 1864.

Synoptic Table of Measures and Weights Tate, W. The Modern Cambist; a of the Metric System. By J. Yates. Manual of Foreign Exchanges; with

post 8vo. cloth, limp. Tables of Foreign Weights and Measures,

W. & A. K. Jobnston, 1864. and their Equivalents in English and French. 9th edition, brought down to Dunham, R.C. Decimal Key for Simthe Present Time. 8vo. cloth.

plifying all ordinary Arithmetical OperaEffingham Wilson, 1858. tions. See ARITHMETICAL TABLES, &c. Thoman, F. Theory of Compound International Association for Interest and Annuities, with Logarithmic

obtaining a Uniform System of Tables. 12mo. cloth.

Measures, Weights, and Coins C. Lockwood & Co., 1859.

(British Branch), &c., Various PamWarren, Rev. I. Table and Formula pblets published by the. In one vol. 8vo. Book. sq. 24mo. sewed.

half roan.

1855-66. Longmans & Co., 1889.

Jackson, L. d'A. Modern Metrology; Wheeler, J. Appraiser, Auctioneer, a Manual of the Metrical Units and

House Agent, and House Broker's Systems of the Present Century. post
Pocket Assistant for Valuation, &c. 8vo. cloth. C. Lockwood & Co., 1882.
2nd edition. royal 32mo. cloth.
C. Lockwood & Co.

Levi, Leone. The Theory and Practice

of the Metric System of Weights and Wood's Discount Tables, calculated from Measures. fcp. 8vo. sewed. 1871. id. to 2001. at from to 90 per cent. 24mo. cloth. Whittaker & Co., 1851.

2nd edition. fcp. 8vo. cloth.

Griffith and Farran, 1871. Woolhouse, W. S. B. Measures,

Weights, and Moneys of all Nations, Rickard, W. Manual of the Metric Sys&c. 12mo. cloth. J. Weale, 1856. tem. fcp. 8vo. sewed. 6th edition. 12mo. cloth.

G. Philip & Son, 1872. C. Lockwood & Co., 1881. Ross, W. S. Text-Book of the Metric

System and Decimal Coinage. New edition. fcp. 8vo. sewed. T. Laurie

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