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June 16, 1898


JUL 11 1898

June 16, 1898


BEGG (R.), Dielectric Constants at Low Temperatures, 70; Nature of Coloration of Salts by Kathode Rays, 92 Abercromby (Hon. Ralph), Obituary Notice of, R. H. Scott, F.R.S., 55

Aberration, Constant of, Prof. C. L. Doolittle, 472
Abney (Captain), Physical Aspects of Reversal of Photographic
Image, 158

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Abridged Long Division, Rev. C. L. Dodgson, 269; Robert
W. D. Christie, 390

Absorption, Dew and, T. Wilson, 436

Accidents, Mine, in 1897, 277

Acetylene: L'Eclairage à l'Acétylène, G. Pellissier, 219;
Calcium Carbide and, Henry Fowler, 523
Ackermann (Mr.), New Physical Experiments, 23
Acoustics: Lessons in Elementary Practical Physics, vol. iii.,
part 1. Practical Acoustics, C. L. Barnes, 218; Colour-
Hearing, Dr. W. S. Colman, 229; the Microphonograph,
Dr. Louis Ollivier, 255; Means of Producing Elliptic Sound-
Vibrations in Air, M. Crémieu, 440; Sound-Propagation
through Non-Homogeneous Medium. N. Kasterin, 528
Actinograph, a New, Dr. Hurter and V. C. Driffield, 471
Actinometry in Balloons, J. Violle, 47
Adie (R. H.), Agricultural Chemistry, 196
Adulteration; Detection of Sawdust in Flour, G. A. Le Roy,

Aerial Navigation, Navigazione Aerea, Guglielmo N. Da Pra, 560

Aeronautics: Herr Andrée's Expedition, Jonas Stadling, 14;
Andrée and his Balloon, Henri Lachambre and Alexis
Machuron, Dr. H. Robert Mill, 609; Apparatus for Verifying
Barometric Measurement of Balloon Altitudes, L. Cailletet,
23; Photographic Method of Measuring Height of Balloon,
L. Cailletet, 282; Actinometry in Balloons, J. Violle, 47;
Artificial Wings in Imitation of Flying-Fox, Major R. F.
Moore, 59; Les Ballons-Sondes, W. de Fonvielle, 76; the
International Balloon Conference, W. de Fonvielle, 565;
Electric Balloon Signalling applied to Arctic Exploration, E.
S. Bruce, 85; Artificial Flight, Prof. G. H. Bryan, F. R.S.,
135 a Railroad Flying Machine, Profs. Langley and
Watkins, 156; Experiments in Gliding Flight, Octave
Chanute, 255
Aflalo (F. G.), Sketch of the Natural History (Vertebrates) of
the British Isles, 533

Africa Ten Years' Rainfall of Cape Colony, Dr. Buchan, 34; the Dry Crushing and Direct Cyaniding of Rand Ore, 135; Daily Range of Meteorological Elements at Cairo, Dr. J. Hann, 165; Death of Dr. Eugen Zintgraff, 228; Obituary Notice of, 254; Manners and Habits of Natives of East Africa Protectorate, Sir A. Hardinge, 372; Rinderpest and Serotherapy in South Africa, 398; the Rainfall of South Africa, 114; British Central Africa, Sir Harry H. Johnston, 174 Stridulation in some African Spiders, R. I. Pocock, 356; Giraffe from the Niger Territories, W. Hume McCorquodale, 389; the Navigability of the Niger, Lieut. de Chevigne, 442; Zoological Evidence of Connection of Lake Tanganyika with the Sea, J. E. S. Moore, 476; Iceland Spar from Kilwa Island, W. R. Dunstan, 491; Discovery of Tomb of Amenophis II., G. M. Loret, 566

Agamennone (Dr. G.), New Electric Seismoscope, 59
Agassiz (A.), Coral Reefs of Fiji Group, 405
Agriculture: the Fertility of the Land, Isaac P. Roberts, 75;
Effect of Temperatures on Hibernation of Injurious Insects,

Dr. L. O. Howard, 85; Light and Beetroot Sugar Production, F. Strohmer, 159; Potato Disease, G. W. Bulman, 198; Oat, Wheat, and Rye Straw, M. Balland, 239; the Foundations of Scientific Agriculture, Samuel Cooke, 243; West Indian Resources, D. Morris, 464; Damage to Soil by Salt-water Flood, T. S. Dymond, 490; the Gipsy Moth in Massachusetts, L. O. Howard, 491; Report of Observations of Injurious Insects and Common Farm Pests, Eleanor A. Ormerod, 558; the West Australian Settler's Guide and Farmer's Handbook, 560; Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. Aimé Girard, 587; Tobacco Soils of United States, M. Whitney, 615; Absorption of Organic Materials by Roots, Jules Laurent, 143; Agricultural Chemistry, R. H. Adie, 196; Influence of Bismuth Subnitrate on "Hardening" of Cider, MM. Leon Dufour and Daniel, 239; Agriculture in some of its Relations with Chemistry, F. H. Storer, 292; Oxidation of Ammonia Compound by Soil-Ferments, E. Demoussy, 310; Caron's New Bacteriological Grain Manure, "Alinit,” 418

[blocks in formation]

America: American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting at Detroit, Experimental Morphology, Prof. G. F. Atkinson, 41; Geologists in Canada, 62; American Journal of Science, 70, 189, 333, 404, 500; Volcanoes of North America, Israel C. Russell, 73; Life Histories of American Insects, C. M. Weed, 99; Bulletin of American Mathematical Society, 164, 308, 357, 476, 598; Modification of the Great Lakes by Earth Movement, Prof. G. K. Gilbert, 211; the Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America, D. G. Elliot, 219; Stanford's Compendium of Geography and Travel, North America, S. E. Dawson, vol. i., Canada and Newfoundland, Dr. Hugh Robert Mill, 223; American Journal of Mathematics, 261; American Society of Naturalists, Sixteenth Annual Meeting, 281; Crater Lake, Oregon, 375; Further Explorations in American Mounds, 400; Does a Phosphorescent South American Liana exist? Prof. Italo Giglioli, 412; the Lake Superior Iron Ore Region, Bennett H. Brough, 473; Twenty-first Annual Report of the Department of Geology and Natural Resources, Indiana, W. S. Blatchley, 484; Glaciation of North America, Dr. J. W. Spencer, 571; R. Chalmers, 571 ; J. B. Tyrrell, 572; Dr. G. W. Dawson, 572; Prof. C. H. Hitchcock, 572; Prof. A. P. leman, 572;


Bayley Willis, 573; Prof. H. L. Fairchild, 573; F. B.
Taylor, 573; John Cabot's Landing-place in America, Dr. S.
E. Dawson, 616

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Anatomy Death of Doctor Harrison Allen, 102; Death of Dr. Hugh Calderwood, 253; Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 318; Anatomy of Macropus rufus, Prof. B. Windle and F. G. Parsons, 319; Lehrbuch der Vergleichenden Mikroskopischen Anatomie der Wirbelthiere, Dr. Med. Alb. Oppel, 581

n Aquile, Spectrum Researches of, Prof. A. Belopolsky, 353
Arachnida: Stridulation in some African Spiders, R. I.
Pocock, 356

Archæology: Archæological Studies among the Ancient Cities
of Mexico, W. H. Holmes, 6; the Reliquary and Illustrated
Archæologist, 29; Congress of Societies, 156; Babylonian
Land Surveying, Prof. Hammer, 281; Palæolithic Man, F.
T. Newton, F. R.S., 354; Further Explorations in American
Mounds, 400; the Temple-Pyramid of Tepotzlan, Dr. E.
Seler, 551; Discovery of Tomb of Amenophis II. by M.
Loret, 566; Prehistoric Ruins of Honduras and Yucatan,
Alfred P. Maudslay, 568; Recherches sur les origines de
l'Egypte, J. de Morgan, 849

Anceaux (Émile), Planetary Relations, 352
Ancient Geography, a History of, H. F. Tozer, 482
Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great
Britain, the, Sir John Evans, K. C. B., 290
Ancient World, Natural History of the, 146

Archibald (E. H.), Conductivity of Aqueous Solutions of
Potassium and Sodium Sulphates, 398
Archimedes, the Works of, Dr. T. L. Heath, 409

Andeer (J. J.), Leucocyte-generating Apparatus in Peritoneum, Architecture: Modern Architecture, H. H. Statham, 602
Arcimus (Prof. Augusto), Dust Fog in the Canaries, 582
Arctica: the Andrée Expedition, Jonas Stadling, 14; the Jack-
son-Harmsworth Arctic Expedition, 40; the Land Fauna of
Spitsbergen, D. J. Scourfield, 60; David Bryce, 60; Electric
Balloon Signalling applied to Arctic Exploration, E. S.
Bruce, 85; the Arctic Work of Mr. R. E. Peary, 132; a
Proposed Swedish Expedition to the Arctic Regions, Dr. A.
G. Nathorst, 163; the Lava Sheets of Franz Josef Land,
Messrs. Newton and Teall, 324; Mammals of Franz Josef
Land, W. S. Bruce, 575; Birds of Franz Josef Land, W. E.
Clark, 575


Anderson (Dr.), New Variable Stars, 179
André (G.), Combinations of Pyridine,and Trimethylamine with
Formic and Acetic Acids, 600

Andrée Expedition, the, Jonas Stadling, 14

Andrée and his Balloon, Henri Lachambre and Alexis Machuron,
Dr. H. Robert Mill, 609

Andrews (Gwendolen Foulke), the Living Substance as such, and as Organism, 362

Andrews (Thomas), Microscopic Observations on Fatigue-
deterioration in Steel Rails, 58
Anemometry, 103; a Method of Measuring Wind Pressure,
Prof. Francis E. Nipher, 449

Animal Electricity, Lectures on Physiology, First Series, on, A,
D. Waller, F.R.S., 50

Animals, All About, for Old and Young, 172
Animals, Tame, Wild Traits in, Dr. Louis Robinson. 150
Animals, Instinct and Intelligence in, Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan,

Animals and Plants, Marine, the Preparation of, as Transparent
Lantern Slides, Dr. H. C. Sorby, F. R.S., 520
Annable (H.), Benzoylphenylsemicarbazide, 93
Annelids, Origin of Setigerous Bulbs and Nephridia in, Aug.
Michel, 263

Annuaire pour l'An 1898, publié par le Bureau des Longitudes,

[blocks in formation]


Antarctic Research, Dr. Hugh Robert Mill, 413
Antares, Occultation of, 442
Anthropology: Relation between Individual and Racial Varia-
bility, Edwin Tenney Brewster, 16; Early Man in Scotland,
Sir Wm. Turner, F.R.S., 234, 256; Arii e Italici, Prof.
G. Sergi, 268; the Cambridge Expedition to Torres Straits
and Borneo, Prof. Alfred C. Haddon, 276; Characteristics of
European Races, J. Deniker, 351; Manners and Habits of
Natives of East Africa Protectorate, Sir A. Hardinge, 372;
Man in Relation to the Glacial Period, Dr. H. Hicks, F. R.S.,
402; Anthropological Institute, 430, 526; Native Life in
Central Australia, Prof. W. B. Spencer, 496; Aborigines of
Formosa, Albrecht Wirth, 518; the Guayaki of Paraguay,
Dr. Ehrenreich, 551; the Moplahs of Malabar, Dr. Emil
Schmidt, 551; Globus, 551; Recherches sur les Origines de
l'Egypte, J. de Morgan, 578

Anticyclonic Systems, Major H. E. Rawson, 623
Antiquity, the Metals used by the Great Nations of, Dr. J. H.
Gladstone, F.R.S., 594

Antoniadi (M.), the Doubling of the Canals on Mars, 568
Ants and Aphides, J. G. Goudie, 517
Appleyard (Rollo), Failure of German Silver and Platinoid
Wires, 116; the Material of Resistance Coil Wire in Tropical
Climates, 418

June 16, 1893

Applied Mechanics, Prof. John Perry, F.R.S., Prof. J. A.
Ewing, F.R.S., 313

Applied Mechanics, a Text-book on, Andrew Jamieson, 483
April Lyrids, the, 568

Arequipa Observatory, the, 249

Argon, the Spectra of, Dr. Rydberg, 157

Argyll (the Duke of, F.R.S.), Scientific Advantages of an
Antarctic Expedition, 423

Arii e Italici, Prof. G. Sergi, 268

Aristotle on Youth and Old Age, Life and Death, and Respira-
tion, Dr. W. Ogle, 146

Arithmetic Abridged Long Division, Rev. C. L. Dodgson,
269; Robert W. D. Christie, 390; the Miner's Arithmetic
and Mensuration, Henry Davies, 462; an Arithmetic for
Schools, S. L. Loney, 560
Armenia, Notes on some Volcanic Phenomena in, T. McKenny
Hughes, 392

Armitage (Miss E.), Early Spring Flowers, 365
Armitage (F. P.), Atomic Weight of Boron, 383

Armstrong (Lord, F.R.S.), Electric Movement on Air and
Water with Theoretical Inferences, 31

Arnold-Bemrose (H. H.), Quartz-rock in Carboniferous Limestone of Derbyshire, 406

Arnott (R. F.), Gold in Silver, 205

Arons (L.), Temperature of Mercury Arc Lamp Electrodes, 238

Arrhenius's Views on Causes of Climate Variations Criticised,
L. de Marchi, 614
Artillery Chronograph, a New, 368

Artist's Pigment, Oat Smut as an, David Paterson, 364; Prof.
H. Marshall Ward, F. R.S., 389; Kumagusu Minakata, 437
Aryo-Semitic School of Mythology, R. Brown, jun., 530
Asbarg, Colouring Matters of Indian Dye-stuff, A. G. Perkin
and J. A. Pilgrim, 478
Aschkinass (E.), Deflection of Kathode Rays, 238
Ashford (C. E.), the Use of Compressed Coal Gas, 485
Ashworth (J. R.), Method of Making Magnets Independent of
Changes of Temperature, 261

Assyria: the Metals used by the Great Nations of Antiquity,
Dr. J. H. Gladstone, F. R.S., 596

Aston (E.), Influence of Temperature on Rotatory Power of
Liquids, 120

Astronomy: the November Meteors (Leonids), 7, 61, 88; W. F.
Denning, 7, 30, 36, 82; Spectrum of a Meteor, Prof. E. C.
Pickering, 101; Some Systems of Meteors, Prof. Th. Bredi-
kine, 105; Geminids, 136; a Remarkable Meteor, Henry
Cecil, 204; Remarkable Meteoric Display, 228; a Bright
Meteor, Susanna Lehmann, 271; the Height of Meteors, W.
F. Denning, 540; the April Lyrids, 568; the Meudon Ob-
servatory, 568; Our Astronomical Column, 16, 35, 61, 88,
105, 136, 159, 179, 207, 230, 256, 284, 303, 325, 352, 374.
399, 419, 442, 472, 491, 519, 546, 568, 591, 617; the Photo-
graphy of Faint Moving Celestial Objects, Prof. Barnard, 16;
Photography of Unseen Moving Celestial Objects, Prof.
Barnard, 230; Sunspots and the Weather, A. Macdowall, 16;
Theory of Sunspots, Prof. J. Joly, F.R.S., 239; Level of

June 16, 1898

Sunspots, 284; the Director of the Lick Observatory, 16; Comet Perrine (October 16), 16, 88, 492; Herr J. Möller, 16, 61, 105; Dr. F. Ristenpart, 519; Prof. H. Kreutz, 568, 591, 617; Winnecke's Periodic Comet, 180, 284, 472; Prof. Perrine, 230; Winnecke's Comet a 1898, 325, 352; Theory of Periodic Comets, M. Callandreau, 303; the Comet of 1892 II, Dr. L. Steiner, 325; Velocity of Solar System, Prof. J. C. Kapteyn, 191; the Total Eclipse of the Sun (1898), 35, 105, 294, 325, 365; Sir Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S., 342; Arrival of Eclipse Parties at Bombay, 230; the Total Solar Eclipse of 1900, 159; Eclipse Negatives, 419; the Binary 8 395=82 Ceti, Dr. T. J. J. See, 36; Telescopic Seeing, 36; Die Meteoriten in Sammlungen und ihre Literatur, Dr. E. A. Wülfing, 53; Spectrum Analysis of Meteorites, W. N. Hartley and Hugh Ramage, 546; Jupiter's Third and Fourth Satellites, Prof. Barnard, 61; the Present Appearance of Jupiter, W. F. Denning, 586; the Variable Star B Lyræ, Herr Pannekoek, 61; New Investigations of Lyræ, Prof. A. Belopolsky, 207; the Variable Star o Ceti (Mira), 105, 136; the Variability of Mira Ceti, David Flanery, 245; Variables S Cephei and T Ursa Majoris, C. E. Peek, 105; New Variable Stars, 179, 472; Dr. Anderson, 179; Variables in Star Clusters, 400; the Variables S. Cassiopeia and S. Ursa Majoris, Mr. Peek, 492; Two New Variable Stars of Short Period, Herren G. Müller and P. Kempf, 519; Variables and their Comparison Stars, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 519; Obituary Notice of Prof Ernst Schering, 85; Theory of the Motion of the Moon, Ernest W. Brown, 88; Corrected Position of the Moon, M. Lágrula, 159; Partial Eclipse of the Moon, 207; Current Astrono. mical Articles, 88; Systematic Observations of Occultations, Herr H. Batterman, 105; Occultation of Ceres, 400; Occultation of Antares, 442; Astronomical Constants at the Paris Conference, Dr. Fr. Porro, 127; Death of Prof. F. A. T. Winnecke, 133; Obituary Notice of, 155; the Companion of Sirius, Dr. See, 136; a Liberal Gift to Astronomy by Miss Alice Bache Gould, 137; Employment of Method of Least Squares to detect Systematic Errors, J. Mascart, 143; the Orientation of Greek Temples, F. C. Penrose, F.R.S., 151; Opposition of Two Minor Planets, 159; Minor Planets in 1897, 256; a New Form of Mirror for a Reflecting Telescope, 160; Memorials of William Cranch Bond and George Phillips Bond, Edward S. Holden, Dr. W. J. S. Lockyer, 171; New Double Stars, R. T. A. Innes, 179; Variations in the Spectrum of Nebula in Orion, 180; Nebulæ near Castor, Prof. Barnard, 326; Telescope for Nebulæ, J. Janssen, 359; New Photographs of Nebula, M. A. Rabourdin, 374; the Photography of Nebulæ, Prof. R. A. Gregory, 443; Large Refracting and Reflecting Telescopes, W. J. S. Lockyer, 200; Astronomical Occurrences in January 1898, 207; Astronomical Occurrences in February 1898, 303; Astronomical Occurrences in March 1898, 399; Astronomical Occurrences in April 1898, 519; Astronomical Occurrences in May 1898, 617; Nautical Almanac Corrigenda, 1898, 207; Nautical Almanac 1901, 442; Occultation of the Pleiades, 207; the Atmospheres of Planets, Dr. Johnston Stoney, 207; Planetary Relations, Emile Anceaux, 352; Atlas der Himmelskunde auf Grundlage der Ergebnisse der coelestischen Photographie, A. v Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, 220; Death of Arthur Kammerman, 228; Obituary Notice of, 256; Mont Blanc Observatory, M. J. Janssen, 230; Astronomical Annuals, 230; Annuaire pour l'An 1898, publié par le Bureau des Longitudes, 244; the Arequipa Observatory, 249; Companion to Vega, Prof. Barnard, 256; Harvard College Report, Prof. Pickering, 256; Appointment of Prof. G. M. Searle to the Vatican Observatory, 256; the Concise Knowledge of Astronomy, Agnes M. Clerke, A. Fowler, and J. Ellard Gore, 266; Death of Dr. Eduard Lindemann, 280; Obitury Notice of, 299; Death of Dr. Oscar Stumpe, 280; Obituary Notice of, 299; a New Spectroscopic Binary, 284; a Variable Bright Hydrogen Line, Miss A. J. Cannon, 284; Astronomical Constants, 284; Longitude of Madras, 284; Photographic Magnitudes, Prof. Pickering, 303; the Consti tution and Function of Gases, Severinus J. Corrigan, 316; Large and Small Proper Motions, Prof. Kapteyn, 325; Row. land's Tables, 326; Obituary Notice of Dr. Karl Necker, 326; U Pegasi and Short Period Variables, O. C. Wendell, 352; Variable Star, U Pegasi, 442; Astronomical Annual for 1898, 353; Spectrum Researches of n-Aquila, Prof. A. Belopolsky, 353; Carbon in the Chromosphere,

Prof. Hale, 374; Parallax of Sirius, Dr. Gill, 374; a Probable New Star, Rev. T. E. Espin, 374; Address to the Royal Astronomical Society, Sir Robert Ball, F.R.S.; and Presentation of Gold Medal to W. F. Denning, 376; the Observer's Atlas of the Heavens, William Peck, 388; Periodic Orbits, Prof. G. H. Darwin, 394; Another Lunar Hoax, 399; a Remarkable Object, Rev. T. E. Espin, 400; a Large Reflecting Telescope, Rev. John Peate, 400; Parallaxes of Stars, Dr. Gill, 400; Astronomical Photography, Dr. Isaac Roberts, 417; Cinematograph in Astronomy, M. Camille Flammarion, 419; a Probable New Star, 419; Electrolytic Reflectors, Sherard Cowper-Coles, 419; Constant of Aberration, Prof. C. L. Doolittle, 472; Astronomical Serials, 472; Magnitudes of 1081 Southern Stars, Stanley Williams, 491; Occultations Photographically observed, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 492; Astronomy in Australasia, P. Baracchi, 493; Concave Gratings for Stellar Photography, 520; a Catalogue of 636 Stars, Herr W. Luther, 520; Annals of the Cape Observatory, 513; Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. W. A. Rogers, 516; Favourable Apparition of Mercury, 519; Mr. Wood's Method of Illustrating Planetary Orbits, Prof. Louis W. Austin, 536; Stellar Parallaxes, Dr. Bruno Peter, 546; the Doubling of the Canals on Mars, M. Antoniadi, 568; the Aurora Spectrum, Prof. E. C Pickering, 591; the Movement of Solar Faculæ, Dr. W. Stratonoff, 591; Das Weltgebäude. -Eine Gemeinverstandliche Himmels-kunde, Dr. M. Wilhelm Meyer, 604; Double and Multiple Southern Stars, Dr. T. J. J. See, 617; the Manora Observatory, Herr Leo Brenner, 617; Harvard College Observatory, Prof. Pickering, 617

Astruc (A.), Neutralisation of Glycerophosphoric Acid, 191
Asymmetry, Researches on Molecular, Alembic Club Reprints,
Atkinson (E. Cuthbert), the Solution of Quadratic Equations,

Atkinson (Prof. G. F.), Experimental Morphology, 41
Atlantic, North, Severe December Weather in, 282.
Atlas der Himmelskunde auf Grundlage der Ergebnisse der
cœlestischen Photographie, A. v. Schweiger-Lerchenfeld,


Atlas of the Heavens, the Observer's, William Peck, 388 Atmospheres of Planets, the, Dr. Johnston Stoney, 207 Atmospheric Pressure, Undulations in Lakes and Inland Seas due to Wind and, W. H. Wheeler, 321

Atomic Weight of the Metals Contained, the Connection between the Characters of Isomorphous Salts and the, A. E.. Tutton, 36

Atomic Weights of Nickel and Cobalt, the, 374
Audubon and his Journals, Maria R. Audubon, 386
Augury from Combat of Shell-fish, on, Kumagusu Minakata,

Aurora of March 15, the, A. Geo. Smith, 511
Aurora Spectrum, the, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 591
Austin (Prof. Louis W.), Mr. Wood's Method of Illustrating
Planetary Orbits, 536

Australasian Association, the, 493; Presidential Address, Prof. A. Liversidge, F.R.S., 493; Astronomy and Terrestrial Physics, P. Baracchi, 493; Measurements of Cloud Heights and Velocity, P. Baracchi, 493; the Sources of Periodic Waves, H. C. Russell, F. R.S., 493; Seismological Work in New Zealand, George Hogben, 494; Molecular Mechanism of Electrolyte, W. M. Hamlet, 494; Red Rain Dust, Thomas Steel, 494; Early Life on Earth, Prof. F. W. Hutton, F. R. S., 494; the Funafuti Coral-boring Expedition, Prof. David, 494; Glacial Traces in Inman Valley, South Australia, Prof. T. W. E. David and Walter Howchin, 495; Glacial Boulders. at Yellow Cliff, Central Australia, Prof. W. B. Spencer and P. M. Byrne, 495; Evidence of Glacial Action in Bacchus Marsh District, C. C. Brittlebank, G. Sweet and Prof. David, 495; Geology of West Australia, 495; E. L. Pittman, 495; Artesian Water in New South Wales, Rev. J. M. Curran, 495; Glaciation in Australia, Rev. J. M. Curran, 495; Sub. marine Geography, Sir James Hector, F.R.S., 495; Antarctica, Sir James Hector, F.R.S., 496; the Exploration of Central Australia, W. H. Tietkins, 496; Origin of Australasian Aborigines, A. W. Howitt, 496; Native Life in Central Australia, Prof. W. B. Spencer, 496. Australia: Report of Australian Museum, Sydney, 15; Remarkable Termite Mounds of Australia, W. Saville-Kent, 81;

Geology of Western Australia, Dr. O. Holst, 86; My Fourth Tour in Western Australia, Albert F. Calvert, 126; the West Australian Settler's Guide and Farmer's Hand-book, 560

Babcock (S. M.), Cheese-ripening, 373
Babington (Charles Cardale), Memorials, Journal and Botanical
Correspondence of, 314

Babylonian Land Surveying, Prof. Hammer, 281 Bach (A.), Correlation between Reduction of Carbonic Acid by Nascent Hydrogen, Electrolysis, and Photolysis, 384 Bacteriology: the Yellow Fever Bacillus, Dr. D. Freire, 24; Untersuchungen über den Bau der Cyanophyceen und Bakterien, A. Fischer, 29; Oysters and Typhoid Fever, 72; Notes on Micro-organisms Pathogenic to Man, SurgeonCaptain B. H. S. Leumann, 52; Report of German Commission on Plague at Bombay, 86; Bacteriology of Canned Foods, Messrs. Prescott and Underwood, 103; Scientific Investigations of the Local Government Board, 131; Cultivation-media of Tubercle Bacillus, Dr. A. Ransome, F. R.S., 165; Growth of the Tubercle Bacillus at a Low Temperature, F. J. Reid, 221; Tuberculosis and Pseudo-Tuberculosis, MM. Bataillon and Terre, 407; Artificial Communication of Typhoid by Alimentary Tract, Dr. P. Remlinger, 179; Hiss's Method of Differentiating Typhoid Bacillus from B. coli communis, Dr. A. Ravold, 527; Cheese-ripening, H. L. Russell and L. M. Babcock, 373; Bacilli of Beri-beri, G. Nepveu, 310; Parasites of Cancer and Sarcoma, F. J. Bosc, 407; Caron's New Grain Manure, "Alinit," 418; Mucinoid Substance produced by Bacteria, A. Charrin and A. Desgrez, 431; Production of Oxidation of Glycerine by Sorbose Bacterium, Gabriel Bertrand, 504; Sterilisation of Liquids by Filtration, J. Hausser, 504; Bacillus of "Turned" Wines, MM. Bordas, Joulin, and de Raczkowski, 576; Mediterranean, Malta, or Undulant Fever, Louis Hughes, 581; Micro-organisms in Presence of Compressed Gas, G. Malfitano, 614; the Purification of Sewage and Water, W. J. Dibdin, 601

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Bailey (L. H.), Lessons with Plants, 561

Baker (R. T.), a Camphor-yielding Cinnamon, 311
Bakerian Lecture, the, Dr. W. J. Russell, V. P. R.S., 607
Ball (Sir Robert, F.R.S.), Address to the Royal Astronomical
Society, and Presentation of Gold Medal to W. F. Denning,

Balland (M.), Oat, Wheat, and Rye Straw, 239
Ballistics; the Barr and Stroud "Range-finder," 23
Ballons-Sondes, Les, W. D. Fonvielle, 76
Ballooning, Proposed attempt of MM. Godard and Surcouf to
reach the North Pole by means of, 381

Balloon, Andrée and his, Henri Lachambre and Alexis Machuron, Dr. H. Robert Mill, 609

Balmer (W. T.), Remarkable Lunar Corona, 253 Balnibarbian Glumtrap Rhyme, Prof. G. M. Minchin, F.R.S., 564

Banana, Mechanism of Self-fertilisation in the, Gopal R. Tambe, 510

Baracchi (P.): Measurement of Cloud Heights and Velocity, 493; Astronomy and Terrestrial Physics, 493 Barlow (W.), a Mechanical Cause of Homogeneity of Structure and Symmetry geometrically investigated, with special Application to Crystals and to Chemical Combination, 428 Barnard (Prof.): Photography of Faint Moving Celestial Objects, 16; Jupiter's Third and Fourth Satellites, 61; Photography of Unseen Moving Celestial Bodies, 230; Companion to Vega, 256; Nebulæ near Castor, 326 Barnard Edwin), Photo-Micrography with High Powers, 448

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Barr and Stroud "Range-finder," the, 23

Barraclough (S. H.), Effect of Temperature on Tensile and Compressive Properties of Copper, 288

Barral (E.), Chlorine Derivatives of Phenyl Carbonate, 527 Barrett (Charles G.), the Lepidoptera of the British Islands, 460 Barrett (Prof. W. F.), the Supposed Dowsing Faculty, 79 Barrow (George), Chloritoid in Kincardineshire, 359

[blocks in formation]


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