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Nature, November 25, 1909

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November 25, 1909


ABBEY (George), the Balance of Nature and Modern Con

ditions of Cultivation, a Practical Manual of Animal Foes and Friends for the Country Gentleman, the Farmer, the

Forester, the Gardener, and the Sportsman, 5 Abegg (Prof. R.), a Question of Percentages, 220 Ablett (C. A.), Tests for determining the Economy of

Steam Engines Used in Driving Reversing Rolling-mill

Engines, 437 Abraham (George D.), British Mountain Climbs, 485 Abruzzi (S.A.R. il Principe Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, Duca

degli), il Ruwenzori, parte scientifica, risultati delle osservazioni e studi compiuti sul materiale raccolto dalla

spedizione di, 31 Absorption of Light in Space, the, J. A. Parkhurst, 314 Acarus Crossii, the, Charles E. Benham, 127 Acoustics : Musical Sands, Cecil Carus-Wilson, 69, 159 ;

Rev. Dr. A. Irving, 99; Musical Sands in Chile, M. H. Gray; 126; Barisal Guns in Australia, Dr. J. Burton Cleland, 127; Further Experiments with the Gramophone, Prof. John G. McKendrick, F.R.S., 488; the Analysis

of Sounds Used in Speech, Edwin Edser, 533 Adamellogruppe, die, ein alpines Zentralmassiv, und seine

Bedeutung für die Gebirgsbildung und unsere Kenntniss von dem Mechanismus der Intrusionen, Wilhelm Salomon,



Adamson (E.), Tests on Cast Iron, 438
Adaptation in Fossil Plants, Dr. D. H. Scott, F.R.S., at

Linnean Society, 115
Addenbrooke (G. L.), Public Supply of Electric Power, 228
Adhicary (Birendra Bhusan), Aurvedic Metallic Prepara-

tions, Part i., 270 Adie (R. H.), Junior Chemistry, 95, Aërodynamics : Experimental Method for Aërodynamical

Researches, A. Rateau, 29 Aëronautics : the Aëronautical Society, Eric Stuart Bruce,

6; Prof. G. H. Bryan, F.R.S., 6; Ascent of Balloon

Albatross, Lieut. Mina and Signor Piacenza, 225 Æther of Space, the, Charles W. Raffety, 127 Africa : Il Ruwenzori : parte scientifica : risultati delle

osservazioni e studi compiuti sul materiale raccolto dalla spedizione di S.A.R. il Principe Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, Duca degli Abruzzi, Sir H. H. Johnston, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., 31; Résultats scientifiques des Voyages en Afrique d'Edouard Foà, Sir H. H. Johnston, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., 31; Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition auf dem Dampfer Valdivia 1898–1899, das Kapland, insonderheit das Reich der Kapflora, das Waldgebiet und die Karroo, pflanzengeographisch dargestelt, Rudolf Marloth, 129; Bathyorographical Map of Africa, 187; Catalogue of the Freshwater Fishes of Africa in the British Museum (Natural History), G. A. Boulenger, 216; African Entomological Research Committee, 278; the Geology of South Africa, Dr. F. H. Hatch and Dr. G. S. Corstorphine, 455 ; Percy Sladen Memorial Expedition in South-west Africa,

1908-9, Prof. H. H. W. Pearson, 466, 499 Agriculture : Swine in America, F. D. Coburn, 3:· Ideal British Wheat, A. E. Humphries, 78; Bacterial Disease of Lucerne, 79: Endoparasites of Australian Stock, Dr. Georgina Sweet, 79 : Journal of Agriculture of South Australia, 79: Diminished Yield of Cotton due to Insufficient Drainage, W. Lawrence Balls, 80; Improving

the Indian Cottons, P. F. Fyson, 108; the Experimental Breeding of Indian Cottons, H. M. Leake, 434; Fall in the Average Yield of Egyptian Cotton, 137; Cotton in America, Stewart J. McCall

, 227; the Fixation of Nitrogen by Soil Bacteria, A. D. Hall, F.R.S., 98; Turkish Tobacco in Cape Colony, 108; Removal of Charlock from Corn Crops, G. F. Strawson, 108; Use of Soya Beans as Cattle Food, 137; Processes for the Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen, 143; the State and the Farmer, Prof. L. H. Bailey, 157; Boric Acid in Milk from Cows Fed on Indian Cotton Cake, Mr. Collins, 168 ; Wheat in South Australia, 168 ; Milk Testing, C. W. Walker-Tisdale, 187; the Journal of the Cooper Research Laboratory, 187; Agriculture in Russia, M. Hitier, 197; Sterilisation by the Ultra-violet Rays, Application to the Butter Industry, MM. Dornic and Daire, 210; Onions in Northern Indiana, 226; Estimation of Fat in Unsweetened Evaporated Milk, Messrs. Hunziker and Spitzer, 226; Milking Machine, 227; Recent Publications on Agriculture from India and Ceylon, 231; Thermal Effects of Moistening Soils, A. Muntz and H. Gaudechon, 239; Importance of Phosphates in Fertility, Messrs. Whitson and Stoddart, 265 ; Bovine Tuberculosis in Wisconsin, Messrs. Russell and Hoffmann, 266; the “ King System of Ventilating Barns and Cow-sheds, 266; Agriculture in the Transvaal, 268; the Administration of Agricultural Education, 428; Climatic Features of Wyoming and their Relation

Dry-farming,” W. S. Palmer, 435; Pests of Para Rubber Trees, H. C. Pratt, 462 ; W. J. Gallagher, 462 ; Attempt to Check Ravages on Tea-plants in Ceylon of the Shot-hole Borer" Beetle by introducing a Predaceous Beetle (Clerus formicarius), E. E. Green, 462 ; Fertilisers and Manures, A. D. Hall, F.R.S., 483 ; Death

of Prof. J. Scott, 493 ; see also British Association Air Pollution by Smoke, the Nature and Extent of, Prof.

J. B. Cohen and A. G. Ruston at Health Congress, 468 Aitken (Dr. John, F.R.S.), the Ringing of House-bel

without Apparent Cause, 246 Aitken (Prof. R. G.), Double-star Measures, 138 Alcock (Dr. F. M.), Changes in the Habits of the Women

of the Upper Middle Classes during the Last Fifty

Years, 476 Alcock (Dr. N. H.). Report of the Committee on Anæs

thetics, 507 Allen (E. Heron), Arenaceous Foraminifera, 79 Allen (Prof. Frank), Effect on the Persistence of Vision

of Fatiguing the Eve with Red, Orange, and Yellow, 473 ; New Method of Measuring the Luminosity of the

Spectrum, 473 Alliot (Henri), Washing of Cider Apples with an Oxidising

Calcium Salt leading to Pure Fermentation, 420 Alsberg (Moritz), Recently Discovered Fossil Human Re

mains and their Bearing upon the History of the Human

Race, 131 Alt (E.), Double Daily Oscillation of the Barometer, 81 Altitude Tables, computed for Intervals of Four Minutes

between the Parallels of Latitude 249 and 60°, and Parallels of Declination 24° and 60°, designed for the Determination of the Position Lines at all Hour Angles without Logarithmic Computation, Frederic Ball, 4 Alty (Mr.), Electromagnetic Method of Studying the

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Theory of and Solving Algebraical Equations of any D. E. Derry, 463 ; an Anthropological Survey of the
Degree, 119

Sudan, Dr. A. C. Haddon, F.R.S., 491; Death and
Alway (Prof.), Soil Problems, 536

Obituary Notice of Prof. C. Lombroso, 494 ; Semitic Amaftounsky (A.), Changes of Form in Sun-spots, 110

Magic, its Origins and Development, R. Campbell Ameghino (Dr. Florentino), Supposed New Genus, Dipro- Thompson, 514; Rock Paintings of the Lower Ebro,

thomo, 353 ; the Antiquity of Man in South America, l'Abbé Breuil and Juan Cabré, 522 ; the Antiquity of 534

Man in South America, Dr. Florentino Ameghino, 534 ;
America : Swine in America, F. D. Coburn, 35; Mineral Señor Outes, Dr. Ducloux, and Dr. H. Bucking, 534 ;

Resources of the United States, Prof. Henry Louis, 174; see also British Association
Twenty-sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Antimony, its History, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology,
Ethnology, 230; Ethnology in America, 268; American Metallurgy, Uses, Preparations, Analysis, Production and
Invertebrates, 299; Peat in North America, 490; the Valuation, Chung Yu Wang, 68
Antiquity of Man in South America, Dr. Florentino Antoniadi (M.), Observations of Mars, 355, +36, 465;
Ameghino, 534; Señor Outes, Dr. Ducloux, and Dr. H. Mars, 498
Bücking, 534

Apiculture : Black Wax of Burma, D. Hooper, 108
Amphlett (J.), the Botany of Worcestershire, 422

Apsit (Jean), Seeds Killed by Anästhetics, 90
Analytical Engine, a New, designed by Percy E. Ludgate, Arber (E. A. Newell), Fossil Plants, 304
Prof. C. V. Boys, F.R.S., 14

Archæology: Ancient Modelled Heads of Various Races,
Anatomy: Death and Obituary Notice of Prof. D. J. Prof. Flinders Petrie, F.R.S., 21; Chalk igurine Dis.

Cunningham, F.R.S., 15; Nervus terminalis in the Frog, covered in Stratuin containing Instruments and Mr. Herrick, 107; Pair of Nerves in the Carp, R. E. Weapons Characteristic of the Stone Age, 43 ; Polished Sheldon, 107; Development of the Auditory Ossicles in Stonework in the Haut-Oubanghi, A. Lacroix, 59; the Horse, Ray F. Coyle, 149 ; Death of Prof. A. Fraser, lonia and the East, D. G. Hogarth, 94 ; Roman Antiqui166 ; an Introduction to the Study of the Comparative ties in Wiltshire, E. H. Goddard, 108; Notes on Anatomy of Animals, Prof. Gilbert C. Bourne, 513

Stone Circle in County Cork, Captain Boyle T. SomerAnderson (Col.), Deep Water and Railway Communica- ville, 120; Sun and Star Observations at the Stone tions, 448

Circles of Keswick and Long Meg, Dr. John Morrow, Anderson (Dr. Tempest), Volcano Metavanu, 447

128; a Guide to Avebury and Neighbourhood, R. H. Andrew (J. H.), Liquidus Curves of the Ternary System, Cox, 154 ; Forest Boundary Stones in Essex, 195; DisAluminium-Copper-Tin, 26

covery at Jaederen of a House of the Middle Iron Age, Andrews (Dr. C. W., F.R.S.), Remains of Rhinoceros and 198; Archæological and Ethnographical Explorations,

Mammoth from the Thames Alluvium, 21; the Systematic 232; Remarkable Discovery in the Neighbourhood of
Position of Maritherium, 305

Peshawar, Dr. D. B. Spooner, 232 ; Origin and Date
Anemographic Observations in India, 521

of the So-called Dene-holes, Rev. J. W. Hayes, 313; Angler's Season, an, W. Earl Hodgson, 37

Excavation of the So-called Roman Amphitheatre at Angot (Alfred), Magnetic Disturbance and Aurora Borealis Charterhouse-on-Mendip, H. St. George Gray, 313 ;

of September 25, 1909, 480 ; Earthquake of October 8, Bronze-age Interments in Switzerland, F. A. Forel, 371; 1909, 510

Discoveries along the Colorado River, 372 ; Excavations Animals : the Place of Animals in Human Thought, at the Roman Camps of Chester and Caerleon, 374; SupCountess Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco, 276; an Intro- posed Ancient Canoe Discovered

Lochmaben, duction to the Study of the Comparative Anatomy of Thomas Henderson, 435; Notable Discoveries at Susa, Animals, Prof. Gilbert C. Bourne, 513

435; Remains of a Lake-dwelling in Sweden, Dr. Otto Annandale (Dr. N.), Baskets used in Repelling Demons, Froodis, 460; Discoveries on the Site of the City of

38; New Species of Japanese Fresh-water Sponges, 225; Sparta, 463 ; Prehistoric Cemeteries at Koshtamna, in Globular Organisms in the Tide-wash on the Orissa Nubia, Dr. G. A. Reisner, 463 ; Drs. G. Elliot Smith Coast of India, 296 ; Indian Cirripedia Pedunculata, 373 ;

and D. E. Derry, 463 the Occurrence in India of the Pappataci Fly (Phlebo- Archibald (Prof. E. H.), the Atomic Weight of Platinum, tomus papatasii), 518

New Determination of the Atomic Weight of Anrep (Mr.), Investigation of the Peat Bogs and Peat Iridium, 474; Electrical Conductivity of Solutions of Industry of Canada during the Season 1908-9, 490

Iodine and Platinum Tetraiodide in Ethyl Alcohol, 474 Anschütz (Dr.), V. v. Richter's Chemie der Kohlenstoff- Archibald (R. D.), Electrical Laboratory Course for Junior verbindungen oder organische Chemie, 215

Students, 66
Antarctica : the South Polar Expedition, E. H. Shackleton, Arctica : the Attainment of the North Pole, 300 ; Polar

16; Former Extension of the Antarctic Continent, Prof. Expeditions and Observations, 338; Captain Bernier's
H. Kolbe, 167; Government Grant in Aid of Shackleton's Arrival at Point Amour, Labrador, 432 ; Forthcoming
Expedition in Intarctic Regions, 263 ; Lieut. Shackleton's Attempt to Reach North Pole, Evelyn Baldwin, 460;
Antarctic Expedition, 295 ; Polar Expeditions and Proposed Zeppelin Polar Expedition, Prof. Hergesell,
Observations, 338; Projected British Antarctic Expedi- 493

Arithmetic : the Invicta Number Scheme, J. W. Ladner,
Anthropology : Cult of the Python at Uganda, Rev. J. 515

Roscoe: 18; Baskets used in Repelling Demons, Dr. N. Armstrong (Dr. E. F.), Chemical Properties of Flour, 476 ;
Annandale, 38; Mediaval Sinhalese Art, Ananda K. Proteins, the Relation between Composition and Food

39; Head-hunting among the Hill Value, 476: Difference in Composition of Different
Tribes of Assam, T. C. Hodson, 80; Recently Discovered Proteins, 508 ; Strength of Wheat, 536
Fossil Human Remains and their Bearing upon the Armstrong (Geo. A.), Drought in South-west Ireland, 487
History of the Human Race, Moritz Alsberg, Dr. A. C. Armstrong (Prof. H. E., LL.D., F.R.S.), Opening Address
Haddon, F.R.S., 131; Origin and Rites of the Gypsies, in Section B at the Meeting of the British Association at
142 ; the Home of the Gypsies, Prof. R. Pischel, 142 ; Winnipeg, 279; on the Three-fold Emission Spectra of
Gypsy Rites, E. O. Winstedt, 143 ; the Flight of Solid Organic Compounds, 470
Nigerian Arrows, Dr. C. G. Knott, 149: Hair- and Eye- Arnsperger (Dr. Hans), die Röntgenuntersuchung der
colour of School Children in Surrey, Miss B. Freire- Brustorgane und ihre Ergebnisse für Physiologie und
Marreco, 167: Different Types of Human Ears, R. B. Pathologie, 222
Bean, 227; Filipino Ears, a Classification of Ear Types, Arth (Prof. G.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 134
R. B. Bean, 435; Somatological Study of the Benguet Ashby (Dr.), Prehistoric Antiquities of Malta, 478
Indians, R. B. Dean, 266 ; Eoliths Found with Remains Ashford (C. E.), the Elementary Theory of Direct Current
of Elephas meridionalis at Dewlish, in Dorset, W. G. Dynanio Electric Machinery, 66
Smith, 266; Beliefs and Customs of the Australian Asia : Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta, 30, 150, 270 ;
Aborigines, Prof. J. G. Frazer, 275; the Bandar Cult Bathy-orographical Map of Asia, 187; Explorations in
among the Kandyan Sinhalese, Dr. C. G. Seligmann, Central Asia, Dr. Stein, 368
403 ; Prehistoric Cemeteries at Koshtamna, in Nubia, Assmann (Dr. R.), Island of Norderney, 143
Dr. G. A. Reisner, 463 ; Drs. G. Elliot Smith and Association of Economic Biologists, 114


tion, 401

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