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The mode of obtaining admission may be learnt from the printed Regulations, which will be found below; and if in any case difficulty should be experienced by individuals in procuring the necessary introductions, assistance will, on application, be cheerfully afforded them by the Librarian, who is resident on the premises.

The first Catalogue, comprising the united collections of Dr. Williams and Dr. Bates, was published, as already stated, in 1727. Another Catalogue was published in 1801, embodying all the additions made to the Library up to that period. A new Catalogue having been rendered necessary by the great augmentation of the Library, the following volumes have been compiled. The various alterations which have been made in the form and arrangements of the Catalogue need not be stated in detail. Suffice it to mention, that the classification under the several divisions of sizes and languages has been altogether abandoned, and that the whole of the books have been arranged under one alphabet for the greater facility of reference.

An important addition has been made on the present occasion, by the compilation of an entirely new Catalogue, devoted exclusively to Tracts and Pamphlets, of which the Library contains a large and, in many respects, a curious and valuable collection. This forms the Second Volume; the First Volume being altogether devoted to the larger books. To the First Volume has been subjoined an Appendix, comprising the books added to the Library during the time the Catalogue has been in preparation.

Dec. 1, 1841.



I. THE Library shall be open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, in every week throughout the year, except Christmas and Whitsuntide weeks, and the month of August, from ten o'clock in the forenoon till three in the afternoon, during the months of November, December, January and February, and from ten o'clock in the forenoon till four o'clock in the afternoon, during the other months in which the Library is open, and the Librarian (unless prevented by sickness) shall constantly attend the Library at such times; nevertheless, a Trustee shall have access to the Library whenever he thinks proper.

II. All persons shall be admitted to the Library during the appointed days and hours, upon producing to the Librarian a written order from one of the Trustees, specifying their names and places of abode, and also the title or titles of the book or books intended to be consulted. But they shall not be permitted to enter the back Library, except in the presence of a Trustee or of the Librarian.

III. Persons who are admitted by a Trustee's order to consult the books, shall be introduced into the front Library, which shall be used as a reading-room. The book or books shall then be brought to them there, to be consulted or perused. No paper shall be laid on the book in use or any other book when any extracts are made.



The written orders for books which may thus be delivered to the Librarian shall be carefully preserved by him on a file, to be afterwards referred to, in case any work named in them should be discovered to have been mutilated or damaged.

IV. No book shall be taken out of the Library except by one of the Trustees, on his giving a receipt for it to the Librarian, or an order upon the Librarian regularly subscribed and dated, which order shall be the said Trustee's receipt; and such book shall be returned at or before the next quarterly Meeting, except the same be in the actual possession of such Trustee.

V. The Librarian shall keep a correct account of all books taken out of the Library, with the time when taken, and the name of the Trustee taking the same, and of all applications for books already taken, and such accounts shall, from time to time, be laid before the Trustees at their regular meetings.

VI. All books given or purchased for the use of the Library shall be, immediately on such gift or purchase, inserted by the Librarian in the Catalogue in their proper places, and stamped or marked; and all books or manuscripts presented, together with all other gifts to the Library, the Museum and the Library-rooms, shall be entered in the Book of Benefactions, in which shall be specified the time of the donation and the name of the donor; and such Book of Benefactions shall be laid on the table at every ordinary Meeting of the Trustees.

VII. The Librarian shall not receive any money or other gratuity from any person for the use of the Library.



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Antv. 1643.

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