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Alexander's Feast; or, The Jimmy Brown's Prompt | Poor and the Rich, Tho.
Power of Music.

Ride of Collins Graves, Tbe.
Army of the Potomac. John Burns of Gettysburg. Riding to the Tournament,
Army of the Potomac, The. Knight and the Page, The. The.
Aunt Mellissy on Boys. Labor.

Rome and Carthage. Aunt Sylvia's First Lesson Labor.

Rover in Church. in Geography.

Land of Thus and So, The. Rustic Bridal, The; or, The Beautiful in Croation, The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi, Blind Girl of Castel Cuillo Boat Race, The.


Scientific Genesis, The. Bonnie Wee Eric. Lexington.

Sent Back by the Angels. Bravest Battle that Ever Little Match Girl, The. Several Cats. was Fought, The.

Lord Dundreary's Riddles. Silver Plate, Tho.

Single Head of Wheat, The. Colloquial Powers of Dr. Love of Country.

Starless Crown, The. Franklin.

Low-Backed Car, The. Story of John Maynard. Courting and Science. Minuet, The.

To Barbary Land. Cumnor Hall.

Miss Witchazel and Mr. Took Nodice. Dead Grenadier, The.


Upward and Onward. Dead March, The.

Monks' Magnificat, The. Usual Way, The. Dead on the Field of Honor. Mother-in-Law, The. Vane on the Spire, The. Death of Jefferson, The. Mr.Brown has His Hair Cut. Victuals and Drink. Easter Morning.

My Wife is a Woman of vow of Washington, The. First Thanksgiving, The. Mind.

Walpole's Attack on Pitt. Garfield Statue, The. Nurse Winnie Goes Shop- What is a Minority ? Heavenly Guest, The.


What Men Have not Fought How we Fought the Fire. One Niche the Highest.

For. Ignorance a Crime in a Re On the Ice.

When I Mean to Marry. public. Our Flag.

When I Was Young. lage, The Boy King. Porn's Monument,

Wild Night at Son, A.'.

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Prepaid, paper binding, 30 cts.; boards, 50 tale It is a very fine selection of articles from our best authors. would heartily recommend its perusal as a sure cure for a ft of the blues."-Christian Advocate, San Francisco, Cal. At the Masquerade. Getting Letters.

Pat's Letter.
Amateur Flute-Player, Girl of the Period, A. Pat's Reason,
Happy Love.

Arathusa's Torment. Her No.

Parent with the Hoof, Thed Art and Nature. Her Lovers,

Pharisee and Sadduces. Agnes, I Love Thee. His Sign.

Photographs, The. Back Where They Used to Hoffenstein's Bugle. Polonius to Laertes-Ro. Be. Honest Deacon, The.

newed. Beating a Conductor. How Jimmy Tended the Pointer's Dyspeptic Goat, Beneath Kler Window. Baby.

Poet-Tree. Boy's Story, The.

How His Garments Got Proposal, A. Boy and the Frog, The. Turped.

Quart of Milk, A. Brudder Gardner on Mu- Idyl of the Period, An. School-Day, A. sic.

Irishman's Panorama, The. She Referred Him to me Burdock's Music-Box. Jealousy in the Choir.

Pa. Burglar Alarm, The. Katey's Letter.

Similar Case, A. Candor.

Labor Question, The. Spoopendyke Stops Book Consolation Even on a Load on His Mind, The. ing. Mixed Train. Love's Seasons.

Timothy Doolan's Will. Daniel in the Lions' Den, Lesson in Tennis, A.

Time's Revenge. Der Dog und der Lobster. Love at the Seaside. Time Turns the Tables. Dot Leedle Loweeza. Lightning-Rod Dispenser,

Three Lovers, The, Duel between Mr. Sbott

Trials of a Schoolmistress, and Mr. Note, The. Man Who Apologized, The. Tom Sawyer Treated for Pogaged.

Minister's Grievances, The. Lovesickness. Ethiopiomania.

Miss Minerva's Disappoiut- Theology in the Quarteru. Experience with a Refrac- ment.

Umbrella on the Beach. tory Cow.

Miss Simmons' New Bon. Uncle Tom and the Hore Farmer Stebbinson net.

nets. Rollers,

Modern Wedding Rites. Uncle Cephas' Yarn.
First Adventures in Eng- Mrs. Middlerib's Letter. Victim of Charity, A.
My Rival,

What the Choir Sang About Flood and the Ark, The. Medley, A.

the New bonnet. Foi

July in Jones. Naughty Greek Girl, The. Why He Waited to Lauglen ville

Nickerdemus Quadrille. Woman's No, A.



FOR SCHOOL AND SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT. “The dialogues are widely varied in character and topics. And all of the best tone and style, free from coarseness and irreverence, and get sprightly and humorous.

“ Explanations are fully given to facilitate the proper presentation. - Journal of Education, Boston, Mass. Aimost a Mormon. Double Play.

Opening Address, The. Art Critic, The. Genevra.

Our Country's Wealth. Best Policy, The.

Ghost of Crooked Lane, Railway Matinee, The Bold for the Right.


Ruggles & Co.
Brave Boston Boys. Gods in Council, The.

Seizure, The.
Bridget's Investment. Going to the Dentist's. Signing the Pledge.
Changed Housewife, A. Have a Shine, Sah? Spirit of Liberiy, The
Christmas Eve Adventure, Jue Fleming's Thanksgiv- Ten Famous Women

Routesting for a Prize. Justice.

Cucle Mortop's Gift. 9


Paper binding, 30 cts.; boards, 50 cts.
Annie's Ticket.
Funeral, The.

Prayer, The.
Apples, A Negro Lecture. Gabe and the Irish Lady. Sable Theology.
Aunt Parson's Story. Grandfather's Rose.

Schneider's Tomatoes. Aunt Sophronia Tabor At Grandpa's Courtship. Simon's Wife's Mother Lay the Opera.

He Guessed He'd Fight. Sick of a Fever. Be Centent.

How Pat Went Courting. Speak Nae Ill. Bevare of the Vidders. Inasmuch.

Street Gamin's Steryd Biddy's Trials Among the Inventor's Wife, The. the Play, A. Yankees. Irish Coquetry.

Teamster Jim. Biddy McGinnis at the It's Vera Weel.

Text Without a Sermon, Photographer's. Jimmie's Prayer.

Thet Boy oy Ourn. Bonnie Sweet Jessie.

Kit; or,

Faithful Unto Tim Murphy's Stew. Book Larnin'.


Tommy's Twials. Bra vest of the Brave. Kyarlina Jim.

Tramp's Philosophy, A. Burglar Bill.

Larry's On the Force. Trapper's Last Trail, The. Cabin Love Song.

Light From Over the Tribulations of Biddy Man Coffee My Mother Used to Range, The.

lone, The. Make, The. Life's Game of Ball.

Uncle Gabe on Church Cultured Daughter of a Mary O'Connor, The Vol. Matters. Plain Grocer, The. unteer's Wife.

Uncle Gabe at the Corn Dat Yaller Gown. Mischievous Daisy.

Shucking: De Preacher an' De Hants. Mother Doughnuts. Uncle Ned's Banjo Song. Der Deutscher's Maxim. Mr. Schmut's Mistake. Uncle Pete and Marse De Yaller Chinee.

Music of the Past, The. George. Difhdence.

Mutilated Currency Ques- Wake of Tim O'Hara, The, Dutchman's Testimony in tion, The,

Wee, Wee Bairnie, The. a Steamboat Case, A. Neighbors.

Wet Weather Talk. Earthquake in Egypt, The Old Woman's Love Story. When Greek Meets Greek, Engineer's Story, The. “Ole Marster's" Christ. Why Ben Schneider Des Evening Song on the Plan- mas, The.

cides for Prohibition. tation. Over the Crossin'.

Widow O'Shane's Rint, Examination in History, Pat's Letter.

The. An.

Pine Town Debating so. Winnie's Welcome. Fritz and I.

ciety, The.

Yours, Truly.



Paper binding, 16 cts.; boards, 25 cts.
In the Closet.

To Kriss.
Is it You?

Tommy's Army.
Almost a Man.
Jack Grey.

Two Little Old Dama, Among the Animals Kitty.

Where They Grow.
Bessie's Letter.
Kitty and I.

When I Am a Man.
Best of the Dollies.

Kitty Didn't Mean To. Who Was She?
Best Beauty, The.
Kitty's Wish.

Winter's Jewels.
Bird That Sings, The. Little Patriot, The.

Bite, The.
Little Clock, The.

Work and Piay.

Little Seamstress, The.
Boy's Opinion, A.
Little Teacher, The.

Motion Recitations.
Bunny Did It
Little Song, A.

Exercise Recitation, A! . Child's Evening Prayer, Long Ago.

Farmer, The.
Maud's Birthday.

Helping Mamma.
Cherry Time.

May's Flowers. Cold Water Boys.

Concert Pieces. Menagerie, The. Corn.

Model Tea Party, A. Bunch of Flowers, A.
Daisy Time.
Mother's Children.

Little Helpers.
Damaris Brown.
Mr. Tongue.

We Little Boys.

My Shadow.
Dickey Bird, The.
Naming the Baby.

Motion Songs Doll- Baby Show, The. Nell's Letter.

Little Mothers, The. Dolls' Wedding, The.

October's Party.
Eddie Visits the Barber. Old Apple Tree, Tho.

Edna's Birthday.
Opening Address.

Boys and Girls.
Elsie's Soliloquy.
Our Flag.

Dead Bird, The.
Frowns or Smiles.

Out In the Meadow. Dolls' Hospital, The. Good Company.

Golden Rod.
Praise of the Cat.

Grace and Dolly.
Question, A.

Dressed for the Party. Guest, The.

Queer Little House, The. Dolly's Doctor.
Gunner and the Bird, Rosebud or Thorn.

Match Bor, The.
Secret, The.

Putting the Children
Harry's Dog.
Senses, The.

Bed. Hattie's Views on House Summer Games.

Raise the Gates. Cleaning.

Sweetest Place, The. Sunshine or Shower. How Did it Happen? Temperance Boy, The. Tired Out. I Can't Army, The. Ten True Friends.

You Can't Find Me I'U Try and I Can't. Those I Love.

Young Artist, The 10

For Children 10 years of ago.

Postpaid, paper binding, 15 cts.; boards, 25 cto.
Bob and the Bible. Little Boy Who Ran Away Two Little Stockings, The
Bob White."

Little Kitty.
Boy's Pocket, A.
Little Orator, The.

Concert Recitations. Boy's Complaint, A. Little Things.

American Flag, The.
Boys' Rights.

Little Schoolma'am, A. Choice of Trades.
Burial of the Cat, The. Little Boy's Wonder, A. Going to School,
Buy my Dolls.
Little Boy's Speech, A.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Little Girl's Hopes, A. Human Body Lesson Chicken's Mistake, Tho. Little Seamstress, A.

Rhyme. Child's Wonder, The. Little Boy's First Recita. I Did It, Not, "I Done It. City or Country.

tion, A.

Iron-Silver-Gold. Cross Betsy.

Loving Little Girl, The. Kate's Freuch Lesson. Doll Rosy's Bath. Mamma's Help

Little Foxes and Little Don't. New Mittens, The.

Hunters. Do Your Best.

One Thing at a Time. Only a Chicken.
Edith's Secret.
** Old Speckle."

Egg a Chicken, An.
Our Presidents.

Our Delight.
Farmer Nick's Scarecrow. Poor Little Motber, A.

Our Flag.
First Letter, The.
Sad Care, A.

Recitation for Three Little For Decoration Day. Small Dressmaking.

Garfield at Chattanooga. Speech for a Very Little Song of the Waters.
Good Night and Good Boy.

Motion Recitations
Stagnant, The.
Grandma's Angel.

Things That I Do Not Like Playing Carpenter. Grumbler, The.

To See.

This Way.
Hands and Fingers.
Two Little Bears,

'Tis Spring-Time.
Harry's Arithmetic. Valedictory.
Ha "y's Lecture,

Watching for Crumbs. Temperance Recita Harry's Mistake. What I Think.

tions. How Two Birdies Kept Willie's Speech.

Dragoni, The.
House in a Shoe.
Won't and Will.

Little Drops.
I Want Mamma.

Little Girl's Declaration, John's Pumpkin.

Christmas Recitations. Pitcher or Jug. Little French for a Little Christmas Bells.

Song of the Corn, The. Girl, A. Christmas Morning.

Touch it Never. Little One's Speech, The. Christmas Time.

Why aud Because.


No. 1.

For Young People of 15 yeams of age.

Postpaid, paper binding, 15 cts.; boards, 25 cts. American Flag, The. Grand Scheme of Emt- Return from Batt'e, Tho. America's Obligations to gration.

Sin. England.

Grandpa pa's Spectacles. Six O'Clock P. M. Antony on the Death of Homesick.

Sollum Fac', A. Cæsar.

Homoeopathic Soup. Somebody's Mother. Baby's Soliloquy.

Horse's Petition to His Song wf the States, A. Battle Bunny - Malvern Driver, A.

Sour Grapes. Hill.

How Cyrus Laid the Cable. Speak the Truth.
Be in Earnest.

Indian Brave, The. Sparkling Bowl, The.
Being a Boy.
Johnny the Stout.

Squirrel's Lesson, The. Bird and the Baby, Tbe. Johnny's Pocket.

Stolen Custard, The.
Blowing Bubbles.

King and the Child. Tha. Success in Life.
Boy's Complaint, The. Knowing the Circum. Suppose.
Bors Wanted.


Sweet Peas.
Boy and the Frog, The. Lazy Daisy.

Three Good Doctors.
Brave and True.
Little by Little.

Three Littlo Mushrooms
Brutus on the Death of Little Boy's Lament, The. That Calf.
Lines to Ki.ce.

Tribute to Water, A. Child's Wisdom, A.

Little Boy's Troubles, A. Two Roads, The. Christmas Eve Adventure. Little Light, The.

Two Cornmands, The.
Cobbler. The.
Lost Tommy.

Way to Do It, The.
Dignity in Labor.

War Inevitable.
Do Right.

Moon and the Child, Tha. What the Winds Bring. Do Something. Nature.

What the Minutes Say. Do You Know How Many Never Say Fail.

What's the Matter? Stars?

Nobility of Labor, The. When the Frost is on the Farewell of the Birds. Notes from a Battle-Field. Punkin. Fathers of the Republic, On Conquering America. Where Did You Combs The. Only a Baby Small.

From, Baby? February Twenty-Second. Peaceable Secession. We Must All Acratada. Foolish Haroleil, Tbe. Planting Himself to Grow. Willie's Breeches. Fond Deeds. Real Elocution


No. 2.

For young people of 15 years.
Paper binding, 15 cts. ; boards, 25 cts.

Advice to a Young Man. George Washington. Old Winter, Esquin.
Angelic Song, The.
Gossips, The.

Apple Seed, The.
Grandfather's Barn.

Our First Thanksgin
Artie's “ Amen."
Hilda Spinning.

Day. Big Shoe, The.

His First and Last Drink. Our Heroes. Christmas Acrostic.

How the Question Came Pardon Complete. Christmas.


Playing Drunkard. Christmas Goose, The. In Santa Claus Land. Rhyme of the Year, A. City Sportsman, The. John White's Thanksgiv- Saint Nick. Contentment.


Singing Joseph. Country Thanksgiving, A. Judge Brown's Watermelon Thanksgiving Story, A. Daisies.


Three Kings, The. Dressed Turkey, The. Katrina.

Two Bills, The. Drinking a Farm.

Kriss Kringle's Visit. Two Pilgrims. Fall Fashions.

List of Our Presidents, A. Under the Holly Bough. Falling Snow, The. Milly.

What Bessie Saw. Fate of Sin Foo, The; or Mr. Nobody.

What Became of a Lie. the Origin of the Tea Mrs. June's Prospectus. Where They Never Feel the Plant. Mrs. Piper.

First Christmas Tree in Months, The

Whistler, The.
New England.
Nativity, The.

Woman's Curiosity. Fourth of July Record, A. New Year's Talk, A. Wonderful Weavor, Tho.


For children of 10 years.

Paper binding, 25 cts. ; boards, 40 cts.


What O'clock?

Wreath of Flowers, A.
Almost a Runaway.
Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes.

Four Celebrated Characters. Four Winds, The.
How Long Before the Snow

Gifts for All.
Comes ?

Inquisitive Prince, The. Like an Indian.

King Roughbeard and the Morning Chat, A.

Princess. Not Quite a Bargain.

Only Cooning. Playing “Grown Up."

Record of the Hours, The. Royal Tarts, The.

Some “Arabian Nights' ". Soene from Mother Goose.

Search for the Fairies, A.

Some Very Famous People.
Three Little Mothers. Christmas-
Time and the Seasons.

At Christmas Time.
Twenty-six of Them.

Watching for Santa Gwo kinds of Fun,


What is Christmas! Fourth of July

Brother Jonathan's

Two ways of Spending

“The Fourth."
Thanksgiving Day-

Being Thankful.

Perfect Feast, A. Washington's Birthday

Breaking the Colt.

Keeping the Birthday. Miscellaneous

Crowning the May

First Week of School,

Last Day of School, The

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