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Nulla (precor) busto surgant mihi marmora: bustum 51

Nuper lecta gravem extinxit pia pagina febrem 317

Nusquã immitis agat ventus sua murmura; nusquā 21

O bone, discipulus Christi vis maximus esse 47

O felix nimis Illa, & nostrae nobile Nomen 109

O frontis, lateris, manuùmq; pedùmque cruores 26

O Grex, ô nimiùm tanto Pastore beatus 40 *Οικος ὁδ ̓ ἐσ ̓ αὖλη. οὐ μή τεὸς οἶκος, 'Inooû 303

O mihi cur dextram, mater, cur, oro, sinistram 31

O mighty Nothing! unto thee 78 O mihi qui nunquam nomen non dulce fuisti 8

O mihi si digito tremat & tremat unica summo 29

One eye? a thousand rather, and a thousand more 80

O nigra haec! Quid enim mihi candida pectora monstrat 315

On the proud bankes of great Euphrates flood 88

O quàm te miseri ludunt vaga taedia voti 319

Ωρᾳ σε κεῖνος θῆκεν ἀποφράδι 339 Oro, quis es? legat ista suo Baptista Magistro 320

O sed nec calcanda tamen: pes improbe pergis 59

O te te nimis, & nimis beatum 308 O these wakefull wounds of thine 85 O thou the Span of whose Omnipotence 365

Οὐδὲν ἐγὼ, Λουκᾶ, παρά σου μοι φάρμακον αἰτῶ 302

̓Ουρανοῦ ἐκτύπησε βρόμος. πόλεμον καὶ ἀπειλὰς 302

O ut ego angelicis fiam bona gaudia termis 305

O vita, tantum lubricus quidam furor 182

Paenitet Artis 179

Pallas saw Venus arm'd, and streight she cry'd 130

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The ninth with awful horror hearkened to those groanes 225 These Houres, & that which hover's o're my End 230

The smiling Morne had newly wak't the Day 127

The Third hour's deafen'd with the cry 221

The wakefull Matines hast to sing 217 The world's light shines, shine as it will 83

They have left thee naked, Lord, O that they had 85, 244

This reverend shadow cast that setting
Sun 134

Thou cheat'st us Ford, mak'st one
seeme two by Art 143
Though now 'tis neither May nor
June 364

Thou hast the art on't Peter, and canst tell 84

Thou speak'st the Word (Thy word's a Law) 78

Thou trim'st a Prophets Tombe, and dost bequeath 81

Thou water turn'st to wine (faire friend of life) 78

Thus have I back again to thy bright name 272

Thy God was making hast into thy roofe 77

Thy hands are wash't, but ô the water's spilt 75 Τίπτ' ἐπικομπάζεις κενεόν; ξεινῷ δὲ τε καρπῷ 306

'Tis not the work of force but skill 190

Tolle oculos, tolle ô tecum (tua sydera) nostros 319

To see both blended in one flood 81 To thee these first fruits of my growing death 84

To these, whom Death again did wed 291

To thy Lover 151

Tu Christum, Christum quòd non negat esse, lacessis 20

Tu contra mundum dux es meus, optime Jesu 43

Tu fruere; augustóq; sinu caput abde (quod ô tum 35

Tu mala turba tace, mihi tam mea vota propinquant 318

Tu matutinos praevertis, sancta, rubores 14

Tune, miser? tu (Mundus ait) mea fulmina contra 46

Tu piscem si, Christe, velis, venit ecce, suúmque 42

Tu qui adeò impatiens properâsti agnoscere Christum 41

Tu quoq dum istius miseri peccata fateris 316

Tu tuis adsis, Venus alma, sacris 326 Twixt pen and pensill rose a holy strife 189

Two devills at one blow thou hast laid flat 80

Two Mites, two drops, yet all her house and land 73.

Two went to pray? ô rather say 77

Ulmum vitis amat (quippe est & in arbore flama 39

Unâ penè operâ duplicem tibi Daemona frangis 55

Unda sacras sordes lambit placidissima: flavae 38

Under thy shadow may I lurke a while 74

Unde rubor vestris, & non sua purpura lymphis 37

Uno oculo? ah centum potiùs mihi, millia centum 19 Usq etiam nostros Te (Christe) tenemus amores 64

Ut cùm delicias leves, loquacem 183 Ut magis in Mundi votis, Aviùmq querelis 107

Ut pretium facias dono, donare recusas 39

Vadit (Io!) per aperta sui penetralia coeli 43

Vani, quid strepitis? nam, quamvis dormiat illa 34

Vescere pane tuo: sed & (hospes) vescere Christo 46

Vidit? & odit adhuc? Ah, te non vidit, Jesu 318

Vobis (Judaei) vobis haec volvitur unda 47

Voce, manuq simul linguae tu, Christe, ciendae 310

Vox ego sum, dicis. tu vox es, sancte Joannes 21, 311

Vox jam missa suas potuit jam tangere metas 49

Vulnera natorum qui vidit, & ubera matrum 36

Was Car then Crashawe; or Was
Crashawe Car 187
Welcome my Grief, my Joy; how
deare's 82

Well meaning readers! you that come as friends 274

Well Peter dost thou wield thy active sword 83

What bright soft thing is this


What ever storie of their crueltie 74

What heav'n-intreated Heart is This 190

What? Mars his sword? faire Cytherea say 130

What succour can I hope the Muse will send 146

When you are Mistresse of the song 165

Where art thou Sol, while thus the blind fold Day 144 Who ere she be 160

Why dost thou wound my wounds, ô thou that passest by 80 With all the powres my poor Heart hath 246

Would any one the true cause find 153


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