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Woman's will, current of, 246. Worm, who sets foot on, 136.
Women, alas ! the love of, 179. Worth in anything, 145.
Women as they wish to be, 244. Worth makes the man, 100.
Women-kind, one rosy mouth, Worth rises slow, 118.

Wound heal but by degrees, 14.
Word of promise to the ear, 43. Wrath, let not sun go down on,
Words that burn, 154.

Workman worthy of his meat, 232. Wreck of matter, 95.
World forgetting, by the world Wrong sow by the ear, 146.

forgot, 108.
World, how full of briars, 33. YARN, life, a mingled, 36.
World, I have not loved, 172. Years, declined into, 15.
World, there is another and bet- Ye mariners of England, 160.
ter, 245.

Ye shepherds give ear to my lay,
World, the wide, men, lords of, 85.

Yorick, alas poor, II.
World, this restless, 214 You gentlemen of England, 160.
World was all before them, 80. You take my house, 33.
World, where strong temptations Youth, gravity of, 13.
try, 129.

Youth on the prow, 154.
World without a sun, man were, Youth, ye who teach the ingenu.

ous, 177.
World's an inn, 112.
Worlds, exhausted, 115.

ZEALAND, New, some traveller
World's mine oyster, 19.

from, shall sketch ruins of St.
Worm in bud of youth, 139. Pauls, 258.
Worm will turn when trod on, Zealots, let graceless, fight, 99.

Zecks iron crown, 128.

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