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-Conversation in the House of Commons arising out of a Question pa
to Mr. Windham by Mr. Long-Conversation in a Committee of the He
on the Army Estimates-Mr. Windham Refuses to fir a Day for bringe
forward his Military Plans--Debate on the Ordnance Estimates-Dela
on the Motion for Leave to bring in a Bill for the Repeal of the Additza
Force Bill-Debate on the Production of Military Opinions or Enlistme
for a Term of Years - Additional Force Repeal Bill

Debate on the For
Reading-On the Second Reading on the Motion for going into a Cs
mittee in the Committee on the Third Reading-in the House of La
on the Second Reading-Mutiny Bill-Debate in the House of Com
on the Clause introducing limited Service-On bringing up the Classe
filling up the Blanks in the Clause-On the Third Reading of the BE-
Debate in the House of Lords on the Production of Military Opinios
On the Clause of the Mutiny Bill introducing limited Service-On the TL
Reading of the Mutiny Bill-Debates in the House of Communs or
Chelsea Hospital BillThe Training Bill-The Volunteer Officers'
-and Militia Officers' Bill -- Increase of Pay to Infantry Officers, cod
Officers and petty Officers of the Navy-Greenwich Hospital Ba.
Foreign Troops Enlistment Bill.,



--Budget.Loan.-War Taxes.-Tares to provide for the Interer
the Loan.-

Irregularity of bringing forward the Ways and Means before
the Army Estimates.- Property Tax.Exemption of His Majesty's fursa
Property from the Operation of this Tax.-Pig Iron Tar.- Private Bro
cry Taz.-Increase of Assessed Taxes.- Assessed Taxes Allowance Bill.-
Irish Budget.--Regulation Bills.--Of the Office of Treasurer of the Ora
nance. Of the Ercise. ---Customs.-Stamp Office. - Post Office. -Oface:
Surveyor General of Woods and Forests. -Custom-House Officer's Bill.-
Inaudited Public Accounts.-West India Accounts Bill.- Auditors of Pea
Accounts Bill.--Abuses in the Barrack Department.-Grants to the Fame
of Lord Nelson.To Lord Collingwood.-Sir Richard Strachan, -
Sir John Duckworth.-Royal Family Annuities Bill.Corn Intercours
Bill.American Intercourse Bill.-Tortola Free Port Bill.-In
Manufacture Committee.


Slave Trade.-Sir Arthur Pigott's Bill.Bill for preventing the Increase

the British Slave Trade.-Resolutions against the Slave Trade in baie
Houses of Parliament. Act to amend the Laws relating to Bankrupts.-
Insolvent Bill.Bill to prevent ex parte Publications in Criminal Pro
ceedings.-Witness Declaratory Bill.Reform of the Court of Session
Scotland,-Bill to explain and render more effectual the Treeting Act.-



Trial of Henry Viscount Melville.- Managers ordered to proceed in the Im.

peachment.--- Answer of Lord Melville to the Articles of Impeachment.--
Additional Article.- Trotter. - Answer to the Additional Article.--he-
plication of the Commons.Commons resolve to attend the Trial as a
Committee of the whole House. Measures taken by the Lords to prevent
unnecessary Delay in the Trial.-Order to prohibit any Publication of the
Proceedings during the pendency of the Trial.-Summary of the Proceed-
ings on the Trial.-Analysis of the Articles of Impeachment.-Charges
reducible in Substance to three.-- Analysis of the Evidence on the first,
second, and third.-Legal Defence on the first Charge.--Answer to
it.-Legal Defence on the second Charge.- Answer to it.--Defence on
the third Charge:-Lords adjourn for some Days the Considera.
tion of the Charges.--Vote of Thanks to the Managers by the Com-

mons.Discussions in the Lords on the Form of Proceeding:--On dividing

the first Article.- On the first Article. -Questions to the Judges, and

their Answers.--Discussion of the remaining Articles.-Further Question

to the Judges, and their Answer.— Proceedings, during the last Day of

the Trial, in Westminster Hall.-Viscount Melville declared not guilty

by a Majority of Lords.--Numbers for and against him on each Article. 109

Peace of Presburg-Treaty of Vienna between France and Prussia, and

Occupation of Hanover by the latter-Affairs of Naples ---Treaty of Por-
tici-Violation of the Neutrality of Naples by the English and Russians -
Acquiescence of the Court of Naples in this Proceeding - Proclamation
of Bonaparte against the Neapolitan Dynasty-Eracuation of Naples by
the Russians and English-Flight of their Sicilian Majesties to Palermo
Progress of the French Army under Joseph Bonaparte--Its Entrance into
Naples-Duke of Calabria retires with a Body of Troops to join General
Damas, in Calabria-Pursued by Regnier-Actions at Lago Negro and
Campo Jeneu, in which the Neapolitans are defeated and their Army dis-


persed Joseph. Bonaparte declared King of Naples by his Broken
Efforts of the Court of Palermo to excite Disturbunces against kis-
Abruzzo---In Calabria-Expedition of Sir Sidney Smith to the Coat
NaplesSir James Craig succeeded in the Command of the British An
in Sicily, by Sir John Stuart - Expedition of Sir, John Stuart to C
brig-Badle of Maida-Consequences of that Victory-French crpela
from the two Calabrias Return of the English Army to Sicily-
tions along the Coast-Surrender of Gaeta- Progress and Cruelties of any
French in Calabria - Account of the Massé, or Calabrian. Insurgents a
their Leaders-Sir Juhn Stuart succeeded in the Conmand of the Eagd
Army by General For-Reasons for not acceding to the Wishes of
Court of Palermo, and making another Expedition to Calabria-Stet:
Sicily-Occupation of Cattaro by the Russians Of Ragusa, by the Free

Siege of Ragusa, by the Russians and Montenegrins Battle of Content



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T'he German Empire the natural Barrier of Europe against

quences of the Elevation of the House of Brandenburg.- Prussia the
tural Ally of France.-Policy pursued by Prussia since the French Real
lution. Consequences of that Policy.- Conduct of her Cabinet in 1805-
Her Determination to remain neutral in the impending War. Vislaten
Anspach.-Convention of Potzdam.-Marks of the Displeasure of Pros
at the Conduct of France.-

Mission of Haugwitz to the French He
Quarters.--Treaty of Vienna between France and Prussia.--Occupatio
Hanover by the Prussians.--France refuses to confirm the Modificats
inserted by Prussia in the Treaty of Vienna.--- Mission of Haugwitz to per
- Treaty of Paris Surrender of Anspach, Bayreuth, and Cleves.-
nexation of Hanover to Prussia. - Exclusion of the English Flag fra
Ports of the German Ocean, under the controul of Prussia.- Resu
strances of the English Ministry.- Embaryo on Prussian Vessels.-- Blot
ade of the Prussian Ports.His Majesty's Message on the War
Prussia.Hunorerian Declaration.- Letters of Marque issued aga
Prussian Vessels.-War between Prussia and Sweden. -Causes that led 1
a Rupture between France and Prussia.The Investiture of Murat in in
Duchies of Berg and Cleves.- The Offer to restore Hanover to the King
Englund. The Continuance of the French Army in Germany. --The lady
nation universally felt and expressed at the Conduct of Prussia.-Conce
Fution of the Rhine. Dissolution of the German Empire, and Abdicatul
of the Emperor.--Resistance of the French to the Formation of
Confederacy in the North of Germany. -Recall of Lucchers
and Mission of Knobelsdorf to Paris.-Prussian Ultimatum.-Dtlar
Prussia in announcing to Russia and England her Intention of going
War with France.-Mission of Lord Alorpeth to Prussia.- His Recepti
by the Prussian Ministers.--Blockade of the Prussian Ports and Rere


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gotiations for Peace between England and France-Circumstances which

led to the first Overture from France-Mr. Fox proposes that Russia

should be a Pirrty to the NegotiationOhjections of M. Talleyrand to the

Intervention of Russia— Discussions on this Subject, and Failure of the

Negotiation-Second Overture from the French Government through Lord

Yarmouth-Favourable Nature of the Terms proposed-Minute of Lord

Yarmouth, containing the Particulars of his Conversation with M. Tal.
leyrand- Return of Lord Yarmouth to Paris-French retract their former

Offers- Impression which their shuffling Conduct makes on the English Mi.

nistry, and particularly on Mr. Fox-His Unwillingness to give up Sicily-

Instructions to Lord YarmouthM. D'Oubril signs a separate Peace for

Russia— Lord Yarmouth produces his full Powers— Resolution to send

Lord Lauderdale to Paris - Joint Representation to the French Negotia.

tors from Lord Lauderdale and Lord Yarmouth-Delays created by the

French NegociutorsEmperor of Russia refuses to ratify D'Oubril's

Treaty-Whereupon the French are ready to give more favourable Terms

to England— But the English Minister refuses to sign any but a provision-

al Treaty without the Concurrence of Russia-Violence and Impatience of

Bonaparte moderated by his Ministers~Final Conference of Lord Lau.

derdale with M. Chumpagny---Mistake of supposing that the Negotiation

broke off on Account of the Refusal of the French to cede Dalmatia to the

Russians-Review and justification of the Conduct of the English Cabinet

throughout the Negotiation-Reception of the News of the Failure of the

Negotiation in England - Account of D'Oubril's Treaty-Favourable

Disposition of the new Russian Cabinet towards England.

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burgInvasion of Westphalia from Holland-Occupation of Hesse C
and Expulsion of the Elector--Occupation of Hanover, Brunsstick, a
Mecklenburg-Peace between France and Sarony-Title of King corfe
on the Elector of Saxony--The Princes of the House of Saxe admitted
the Confederation of the Rhine-Occupation of Hamburgh, and Confisca
of all English Produce and Manufactures found in that City-
Decree, Armistice between France and Prussia signed by Luccheriaa
refused to be ratified by the King of Prussia French cross the User-
Progress of their Arms in Silesia-in Poland - Arrival of the Russizi
Warsaw--Their subsequent Retreat behind the Narew- Military Prem
tions of the French-Passage of the French over the Nareu-Acties :
the Narew and Wkra— Defeat and Retreat of the Russians-Eragees
Accounts of the Sickness prevailing in the French Anny.


Rupture between Russia and Turkey. - Causes that led to it.- Invasics

Molduria and Wallachia by the Russians.-State of the Turkish Expire-
Continuance of War, hetween the Russians and Persians.-Intercours
between France and Persia.--- Austria displeased with the Russians :*
invading Turkey.-Internal Affairs of Austria.-Courts of Inquirg-
Military Reforms.-Conduct of the King of Sweden.--Anneration
Holstein to Denmark.-Holland erected into a Kingdom i facou
Lewis Bonaparte.--Internal Affairs of Holland.-Speech of his Batam
Majesty at the opening of the Dutch legislature. -Dumestic Affaini
France. -Strains of Flattery addressell to Bonaparte-at Munich,
Paris.-Meeting of the French Legislature.--Opening Speech of *
Emperor.- Report of the State of the Empire by Champagny.-- Impeu
Decrees.Venice annered to the Kingdom of Italy. - Naples gives
Joseph Bonaparte.-Berg and Cleves to Murat.-Guastalla to Pris
Borghese-Neufchatel to Berthier.-Revital of Feudal Benefices in Item
- Benevento assigned to Talleyrandand Ponte Corto to Bernadalte-
Order of the Iron Crown.Message to the French Senate, communicat*
the Berlin Decree.- Report on the French Finances.Retical of the
Tax on Salt.-Convocation of the Jewish Sanhedrim at Paris.-Co-esti
blishment of the Jewish with the Catholic, Lutheran, and reformed Religo
Ideas of Religious Toleration entertained in France.- Prohibition
Commerce in English Goods throughout Switzerland.- Proclamation of the
Papal Government against harbouring Malcontents in the States of te
Church.-Warlike Preparations in Spain-suddenly Countermandes.-
Danger of Portugal during the Negotiation between France and Englass
Threats of invading that Kingdom by the French.- Earl St. l'incert ka'
with a Fleet to the Tagus with offers of Assistance to the Portugan
Government.-drmy assembled at Plymouth.-General Simcue and Ear!«
Rosslyn sent to Portugal.-Instructions of the English Commissioners.-
Result of the Expedition equally useful and honourable to England.


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