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opposition to, at first, 143plainness of, 8-preciousness of, 40, 122 Queen Truth, 329 the richest merchandise, 122 - robe of, 26 Scripture the measure of, 68-should not be bound, 129-strength of, 124, 250time the midwife of,


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Wars, civil, men ready for at first, 171-wasting and ruining, 389.

Wealth, in the Church, 365.

"Truths Manifest," author of, Whitlocke, 344.

quoted, 224.

Tuscan language, 408.
Typhon, 122.

Tyrannicide, right of, 180-examples of, 180, 181-judg

Wickliffe, 71, 108.

Wisdom, call of, 52- the Eter-
nal, 162 of God, 162.
Wootton, Henry, 320.
Worship, corruptions in, 2.

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