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The Cambridge University Press.


THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, &c. THE CAMBRIDGE PARAGRAPH BIBLE of the Authorized English Version, with the Text Revised by a Collation of its Early and other Principal Editions, the Use of the Italic Type made uniform, the Marginal References remodelled, and a Critical Introduction prefixed, by the Rev. F. H. SCRIVENER, M.A., LL.D., Editor of the Greek Testament, Codex Augiensis, &c., and one of the Revisers of the Authorized Version. Crown Quarto, cloth, gilt, 215. From the Times.

and of such features as the marginal notes, “Students of the Bible should be particu.

the use of italic type, and the changes of orlarly grateful to (the Cambridge University thography, as well as into the most interesting Press for having produced, with the able as

question as to the original texts from which sistance of Dr Scrivener, a complete critical our translation is produced." edition of the Authorized Version of the English Bible, an edition such as, to use the words

From the Methodist Recorder. of the Editor, 'would have been executed “This noble quarto of over 1300 pages is long ago had this version been nothing more in every respect worthy of editor and pub. than the greatest and best known of English lishers alike. The name of the Cambridge classics.' Falling at a time when the formal University Press is guarantee enough for its revision of this version has been undertaken perfection in outward form, the naine of the by a distinguished company of scholars and

editor is equal guarantee for the worth and divines, the publication of this edition must accuracy of its contents.

Without question, be considered most opportune.”

it is the best Paragraph Bible ever published,

and its reduced price of a guinea brings it From the Athenaeum.

within reach of a large number of students. . “Apart from its religious importance, the But the volume is much more than a Para. English Bible has the glory, which but few graph Bible. It is an attempt, and a successsister versions indeed can claim, of being the ful attempt, to give a critical edition of the chief classic of the language, of having, in Authorised English Version, not let it be conjunction with Shakspeare, and in an im- marked) a revision, but an exact reproducmeasurable degree more than he, fixed the tion of the original Authorised Version, as language beyond any possibility of important published in 1611, minus patent mistakes. change. Thus the recent contributions to the This is doubly necessary at a time when the literature of the subject, by such workers as version is about to undergo revision. . . To Mr Francis Fry and Canon Westcott, appealto all who at this season seek a suitable volume a wide range of sympathies; and to these may for presentation to ministers or teachers we now be added Dr Scrivener, well known for earnestly commend this work." his labours in the cause of the Greek Testament criticisin, who has brought out, for the

From the London Quarterly Review. Syndics of the Cambridge University Press, The work is worthy in every respect of an edition of the English Bible, according to the editor's fame, and of the Cambridge the text of 1611, revised by a comparison with University Press. The noble English Ver. later issues on principles stated by him in his sion, to which our country and religion owe Introduction. Here he enters at length into so much, was probably never presented bethe history of the chief editions of the version, fore in so perfect a form."

THE CAMBRIDGE PARAGRAPH BIBLE. STUDENT'S EDITION, on good writing paper, with one column of print and wide margin to each page for MS. notes. This edition will be found of great use to those who are engaged in the task of Biblical criticism. Two Vols. Crown Quarto, cloth, gilt, 315. 61.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.



THE LECTIONARY BIBLE, WITH APOCRYPHA, divided into Sections adapted to the Calendar and Tables of Lessons of 1871. Crown Octavo, cloth, 35. 6d.

BREVIARIUM AD USUM INSIGNIS ECCLESIAE SARUM. Fasciculus II. In quo continentur PSALTERIUM, cum ordinario Officii totius hebdomadae juxta Horas Canonicas, et proprio Completorii, LATINIA, COMMUNE SANCTORUM, ORDINARIUM MISSAE CUM CANONE ET XIII Missis, &c. &c. juxta Editionem maximam pro CLAUDIO CHEVALLON ET FRANCISCO REGNAULT A.D. MDXXXI. in Alma Parisiorum Academia impressam: labore ac studio FRANCISCI PROCTER, A.M., ET CHRISTOPHORI WORDSWORTH, A.M. Demy Octavo, cloth. I2s.

FASCICULUS I. In the Press. “Not only experts in liturgiology, but all Jabours of Mr G. H. Forbes, to every one persons interested in the history of the interested in the subject-matter with which it Anglican Book of Common Prayer, will be is connected." —Notes and Queries. grateful to the Syndicate of the Cambridge “We have here the first instalment of the University Press for forwarding the publica- celebrated Sarum Breviary, of which no ention of the volume which bears the above tire edition has hitherto been printed since title, and which has recently appeared under the year 1557. . . Of the valuable explanatory their auspices. . . When the present work is notes, as well as the learned introduction to complete in three volumes, of which we have this volume, we can oniy speak in terms of the here the first instalment, it will be accessible, very highest commendation." - The Ex. as the Sarum Missal is now, thanks to the aminer.

I 25.

GREEK AND ENGLISH TESTAMENT, in parallel Columns on the same page. Edited by J. SCHOLEFIELD, M.A. late Regius Professor of Greek in the University. Small Octavo. New Edition, with the Marginal References as arranged and revised by Dr SCRIVENER. Cloth, red edges. 75. 6d.

GREEK AND ENGLISH TESTAMENT, THE STUDENT'S EDITION of the above, on large writing paper. 4to. cloth.

GREEK TESTAMENT, ex editione Stephani tertia, 1550. Small Octavo. 35. 6d. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MATTHEW in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged: with Collations of the best Manuscripts. By J. M. KEMBLE, M.A. and Archdeacon HARDWICK. Demy Quarto. ios.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MARK in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions synoptically arranged: with Collations exhibiting all the Readings of all the MSS. Edited by the Rev. Professor SKEAT, M.A. late Fellow of Christ's College, and author of a Meso-Gothic Dictionary. Demy Quarto. 1os.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST LUKE, uniform with the preceding, edited by the Rev. Professor SKEAT. Demy Quarto. 1os.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JOHN, uniform with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy Quarto. 1os.

The Gospel according to St John, in have had the good fortune to be edited by Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions: Professor Skeat, whose competency and zeal Edited for the Syndics of the University have left nothing undone io prove himself Press, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A., equal to his reputation, and to produce a Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo- work of the highest value to the student Saxon in the University of Cambridge, of Anglo-Saxon. The design was indeed completes an undertaking designed and worthy of its author. It is difficult to excommenced by that distinguished scholar, aggerate the value of such a set of parallel J. M. Kemble, some forty years ago.

He texts. Of the particular volunie now was not himself permitted to execute his before us, we can only say it is worthy of its scheme; he died before it was completed two predecessors. We repeat that the serfor St Matthew. The edition of that Gospel vice rendered to the study of Anglo-Saxon was finished by Mr., subsequently Arch- by this Synoptic collection cannot easily be deacon, Hardwick. The remaining Gospels overstated."-Contemporary Review.

THE POINTED PRAYER BOOK, being the Book of Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Royal 24mo. Cloth, is. 6d.

The same in square 32mo, cloth, 6d.

“The Pointed Prayer Book' deserves and still more for the terseness and clearmention for the new and ingenious system ness of the directions given for using it." on which the pointing has been marked, Times.

THE CAMBRIDGE PSALTER, for the use of Choirs and Organists. Specially adapted for Congregations in which the “Cambridge Pointed Prayer Book” is used. Demy Svo. cloth extra, 35. 6d. Cloth limp, cut flush, 25. 6d.

THE PARAGRAPH PSALTER, arranged for the use of Choirs by BROOKE Foss WESTCOTT, D.D., Canon of Peterborough, and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. Fcap. 4to., 5s.

“ The Paragraph Psalter exhibits all expect to find, and there is not a clergyman the care, thought, and learning that those or organist in England who should be withacquainted with the works of the Regius out this Psalter as a work of reference." Professor of Divinity at Cambridge would Morning Post. THE MISSING FRAGMENT OF THE LATIN TRANSLATION OF THE FOURTH BOOK OF EZRA, discovered, and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile of the MS., by ROBERT L. BENSLY, M.A., Sub-Librarian of the University Library, and Reader in Hebrew, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Demy Quarto. Cloth, 1os.

“Edited with true scholarly complete- added a new chapter to the Bible, and, start. ness."--Westminster Review.

ling as the statement may at first sight ap“Wer sich je mit dem 4 Buche Esra pear, it is no exaggeration of the actual fact, eingehender beschäftigt hat, wird durch die if by the Bible we understand that of the obige, in jeder Beziehung musterhafte Pub- larger size which contains the Apocrypha, lication in freudiges Erstaunen versetzt wer- and the Second Book of E

can be den."Theologische Literaturzeitung: fairly called a part of the Apocrypha."

“It has been said of this book that it has Saturday Review.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.



THEOLOGY-(ANCIENT). SAYINGS OF THE JEWISH FATHERS, comprising Pirqe Aboth and Pereq R. Meir in Hebrew and English, with Critical and Illustrative Notes. Ry CHARLES TAYLOR, M.A. Fellow and Divinity Lecturer of St John's College, Cambridge, and Honorary Fellow of King's College, London. Demy 8vo. cloth. IOS.

It is peculiarly incumbent on those who accompanied by scholarly notes, of any por. look to Jerome or Origen for their theology or tion of the Talmud. In other words, it is exegesis to learn something of their Jewish the first instance of that most valuable and predecessors. The New Testament abounds neglected portion of Jewish literature being with savings which remarkably coincide with, treated in the same way as a Greek classic or closely resemble, those of the Jewish in an ordinary critical edition... The Tal. Fathers; and these latter probably would mudic books, which have been so strangely furnish more satisfactory and frequent illus. neglected, we foresee will be the most imtrations of its text than the Old Testament." portant aids of the future for the proper un-Saturday Review.

der-tanding of the Bible. .. The Sayings of "The Masseketh Aboth' stands at the the Jewish Fathers may claim to be scholarhead of Hebrew non-canonical writings. It ly, and, moreover, of a scholarship unusually is of ancient date, claiming to contain the thorough and finished.”—Dublin Univers dicta of teachers who flourished from B.C. 200 sity Magazine, to the same year of our era.

The precise

A careful and thorough edition which time of its compilation in its present form is, does credit to English scholarship, of a short of course, in doubt. Mr Taylor's explana- treatise from the Mishna, containing a series tory and illustrative commentary is very full of sentences or maxims ascribed mostly to and satisfactory."-Spectator.

Jewish teachers immediately preceding, or “If we mistake not, this is the first pre- immediately following the Christian era. , . cise translation into the English language -Contemporary Review. THEODORE OF MOPSUESTIA'S COMMENTARY

ON THE MINOR EPISTLES OF S. PAUL. The Latin Version with the Greek Fragments, edited from the MSS. with Notes and an Introduction, by H. B. SWETE, D.D., Rector of Ashdon, Essex, and late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. In Two Volumes. Vol. I., containing the Introduction, with Facsimiles of the MSS., and the Commentary upon Galatians-Colossians. Demy Octavo. I2s.

“One result of this disappearance of the Swete has prepared himself for his task by a works of Diodorus, which his Arian oppo. serious study of the literature and history nents did their utmost to destroy, is to render which are connected with it; and he has promore conspicuous the figure of Theodore. duced a volume of high value to the student, From the point of view of scientific exegesis not merely of the theology of the fourth and there is no figure in all antiquity more in- fifth centuries, but of the cffect of this theoteresting.”The Expositor,

logy on the later developments of doctrine "In dem oben verzeichneten Buche liegt and methods of interpretation, in the ages uns die erste Hälíte einer vollständigen, immediately following, and in the middle ebenso sorgfältig gearbeiteten wie schön

ages. "--Guardian. ausgestatteten Ausgabe des Commentars mit "Auf Grund dieser Quellen ist der Text ausführlichen Prolegomena und reichhaltigen bei Swete mit musterhafter Akribie hergekritischen und erläuternden Anmerkungen stellt. Aber auch sonst hat der Herausg ber vor."-Literarisches Centralblatt.

mit unermüdlichem Fleisse und eingehena. “ Eine sehr sorgfältige Arbeit. Nichts ster Sachkenntniss sein Werk mit allen den. ist der Verfasser entgangen, auch nicht jenigen Zugaben ausgerüstet, welche bei einer die in deutscher Sprache geschriebenen solchen Text-Ausgabe nur irgend erwartet Specialschriften über die Antiochener. Druck werden können. Von den drei Haupt. und Ausstattung sind, wie man das bei der handschriften sind vortreffliche photoenglischen Literatur gewöhnt ist, elegant graphische Facsimile's beigegeben, wie überund musterhast."-Literirische Rundschau. haupt das ganze Werk von der University

“It is the result of thorough, careful, and Press zu Cambridge mit bekannter Eleganz patient investigation of all the points bearing ausgestattet ist.”—Theologische Literatur. on the subject, and the results are presented zeitung: with admirable good sense and modesty. Mr

VOLUME II. In the Press.

London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.

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