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and appointed a Test ( which that and set Sail again for Scotland; 1682. Nation extremely relented ) for se. but when he was out at Sea, and curing the established Government, off of Yarmouth Road, the Ship and alierting the Right of Succef- wherein he was, early in the Mornfion; and did likewise, in Answering, on the 5th of May, struck upto his Majesty's Letter, which was on the Lemon Ore Sands, though the read to them at the opening of the Weather was fair, and one Ayres, Sessions, with all Expressions of reckoned the best Coaster in EngDury and Loyalty, acknowledge land, his Pilot ; the Duke put off the Honour his Majesty had been in his Pinnace with some Persons of pleased to do them, in sending his Quality, and saved himself on Brother to preside as High Commis- board a Yacht, where he had fioner amorg them.

not long been before he saw the A. D. 1682. On the 12th of Fe- Frigat link to the Bottom, in which bruary, this Year, there happened a above an Hundred and Fifty Pervery sad Accident, in this Manner; fons perished, and some of them Thomas Thunn, of Longleet, Esq: a Gentlemen of Quality ; as the Earl Gentleman of a very great Estate, of Roxborough, the Lord Obrian, Was set upon in his Coach near the and the Laird of Hopton, LieuteHay-market, by three Ruffians, of nant Hyde, Brother to the Earl of whom one firing a Blunderbuss at Clarendon, and others ; he afterhim, discharg'diwo Brace of Bullets wards arrived in Scotland, and on the into his Belly, whereof he died soon 27th of the same Month returned after. The Murtherers were Chrif with his Dutchess and Lady Anne, zopber Vratz, George Boroki, and John to Whitehall

. Stern, all three Foreigners, and De

The Election of Sheriffs for LonFendents on Count Conigsmark, a. don, on Midsummer. Day this Year, Swedish Lord, who had incited them caused a great Dillurbance; the Octo the Attempt. They were all casion thus : It had been an ancient apprehended, the three Ruffans in Custom for the Lord-Mayor, at the Town, and the Count in Disguise Bridge house Feast, to drink to some at Gravesend, endeavouring to make considerable Citizen, thereby nomihis Escape beyond Sea ; and being nating him for Sheriff at the next brought to Trial for the Murth r, Election, which the Citizens had the principal Actors were condem- used to comply with, and commonned to be hanged ; but the Count ly chose that person with another Was by the Jury brought in Not for their Sheriffs. Sir Fobn Moor, Guilty. They were accordingly ex- who was Mayor this year, had, ecuted in the Pall-mall, near the according to this Cultom, drank to Place where they had committed the Dudley North, Esq; and issued his Fact, and Boroki, a Pole, who fired Precept to the Companies to meet the Blunderbuis, was afterwards at Guildhall for the Confirmation of hanged in Chains at Mile-End. him, and chusing another to be his

The Duke of York came from Colleague. Scotland in March, and having The Citizens met accordingly, made some short Stay in England, and made a very numerous Alleinin the Beginning of May embarked bly ; but this new Form of Confirin the Gloucester Frigate, attended mation, which had never be ore with several Persons of Quality, been seen in the Precept, raised and some other Ships and Yachts, such an Indignation, that it was re


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1682. solved to lay aside the Lord Mayor's eleEled Mould take upon them the Of

Election, and proceed to the Election fice of Sherif, referring the Master in
of two, cut of four proposed, viz. Law, if the Petitioners thought they
North and Box on 'one side, and did otherwise.
Papillon and Dubois on the other; All the Bustle was not over, for
this was very warmly pursued, and Mr. Box fined; so another was to

as zealously opposed by the be chosen in his Place; this was re-
Lord Mayor's Party, who cryed jected by the other Party, who not
out for supporting the Honour of acknowledging the Election of him
the Chair, and conforming to the valid, refused to chuse another, but
ancient Custom. And a Poll being clamoured against it. Nevertheles
demanded, the Lord-Mayor, contra the Lord-Mayor proceeded, and the
ry to all former Practice, provided Majority of Voices falling upon Pe
Books and Clerks to take it; the She ter Rich, Esq; he was thereupoo
riffs, as usual claimed this as their declared Sheriff, and the Court dil-
Business, and provided other Books; solved.
so that there were two Pollings at On Michaelmus Day, at the Elec-
the same time, which caused very tion of a Lord-Mayor, the Heats
great quarrelling and Disorder, and renewed ; for Sir William
made the Lord-Mayor interpose his Pritchard, who was the senior Al-
Authority, and by Proclamation to derman below the Chair, being ac-
adjourn the Court to another Day, cording to the ancient Method, pur
and departed out of the Hall, but up by one Party, was by the ocher
not without Indignities and Assaulis Party opposed, and Sir Thomas Guald,
from some of the other Party, who who was of a far later standing,
notwithstanding the Adjournment, and Henry Cornish, Erg; who had
staid still with the Sheriffs, and pol- been Sheriff but the Year before, pat
led on till Night.

up against him, and a Poll teng For this the two Sheriffs were by taken, the Majority fell upon Gaal! the King and Council commited and Cornish, till by a Scrutiny it to the Tower, where they lay from appeared there had been many Monday to Friday, that by a Ha- Pollers on their Side, who being rebeas Corpus they were bailed. Af- ječted, the Election rested upon Sir ter their Enlargement, they still William Pritchard, who was accorpersisted and declared Papillon and dingly sworn. Dubois Sheriffs for the Year ensuing ; Mr. Pilkington, the late Sheriff, in while the Lord Mayor went on al- the Court of Aldermen, used some so, and Mr. Box having the Ma- indecent Expressions againft the Duke jority in his Books, he declared of York; for which being afterNorth and Box duly elected Sheriff's wards fued in an Action of Siak: for the next Year.' The other Par- dalum Niagnatum, in the Court of ty petitioned the Court of Alder. King's Bench, he was cait, and 21 men, that Mr. Papillon and Mr. Hundred thousand Pound Damages Dubois might be called forth to given the Duke, for which he lay give Bond to serve as Sheriffs the leveral Years in the King's. Desde next Year. To which the Court Prison. answered, That they would maintain Nov. 29, Rupert Prince Palaise the Rights and Prizilages of the Chair of the Rhine, Son to the Princes and the whole City; that they would Elizabetb, Daughter to King 747 take care that such as were lawfully I. departed this Life in the 6;


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Year of his Age, and was buried at the Magistrates all the Time of his 1683. H'efi minter on the 6th of December Reign, and till the Restoration of the following

Charter by King James, at the comA.D. 1683, the two late Sheriffs, ing of the Prince of Orange. Pilkington and Shute, the Lord Gray The like Q20 W'arranto's were of Wark, Sir Tho. Player, Mr. Cor. also brought againit all the other nish, Mr. Bethel, and 8 more, were Corporations in the Kingdom, which on the 26th of March indicted for a by like Judgment were surrendred to Riot, for continuing the Poll, after the King. the Lord-Mayor had adjourned it A fatal Remedy for a fight Difon Midsummer-Day, as above-meni- ease, and like cutting off an Arm oned ; and were all severally fined to cure a sore Finger. A Faction for the same.

among the People was indeed too In April following, one Broom, bold: But the Generality of the Coroner of the City, at the Suit of Nation were so passionately affected Papillon and Dubois, arrested the to the King, that perhaps never had Lord-Mayor, the Sheriffs, and some any Prince enjoyed a greater Share of of the Aldermen, and for some time his Peoples Love, which his Madetained them at Skinners. Hall; jelly could not be insensible of; and which being a strange Affront to therefore (to say nothing of the IlAuthority, might well cause a great legality of the At) 'tis very wonConfternation ; but to prevent any dei sul that a King so applauded for Disorder, the Lieutenancy imme. his Clemency, could lo far forget diately assembled, and ordered all the paternal Care of a Prince, as to the Regiments of the Trained- Bands permit (for the Faults of a few) his to be ailed with all Speed: For Authority to be made use of in laythis Sir William Pritchard after- ing the Ax to the very Root of all wards sued Mr. Papillon (Mr. Du- his Peoples Liberties ; for it was bais dying before it came to a Trial) no less, fince by this seizing the and recovered 10,000 l. Damages Franchises of Corporations, the King againit him.

was virtually possessed of the Power These Proceedings in the City of chusing a large Majority of the moved the King, that he might Peoples Representatives in Parliatake away the Occasion of all Heats, ment; and by the Management of to bring a Quo Warranto againit cunning Ministers, would foon have the Charter, which was grounded had the Power, if they could have upon some. Exactions in the Mar- the Will, to have repealed all those ker, and the having levied a Tax Laws which our Ancestors had obupon the Citizens, for rebuilding tained for the Security of our Liberthe Conduits, &c. in which it was ties. adjudged they exceeded the Bounds of their Charter ; and thereupon in On the 12th of June this Year, Trinity-Term, this Year, after long a wicked Conspiracy was discovered Pleadings on both sides in the Court by one ofiah Keeling, a Citizen, of King's-Bench at Westminster Hall, and by Trade a Salter; a Person of the Court declared their Opinion, good Credit in his Calling, but a That the Liberties and Franchises of most busy Stickler in the late pub. the City of London be seized into the lick Oppositions, particularly had King's Hands.

committed that Affault upon AuAfter which the King appointed thority, in the Person of the Lord


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1683. Mayor, being the very Man that, others ; which, together with the w by being constituted a special Bailiff Confessions of those that we e exe

for that Occasion, did arrest Sir cuted, do give such undeniable Proof
William Pritchard in his Mayorally, of the Truth of the whole Relation,
as above related; by which bold that there is no Room for Doubt.
Piece of Service, and his former The Sum of the Evidence, in short,
Activity, he obtained that Credit according to the History of this
with the Party, that he was made Conspiracy, written by the then Bi-
a Confident in all their Councils, shop of Rochester, was thus :
and was to have been one of the This Delign was first set on Foot
Forty that were to have asisfinated after the late Election in London,
his Majesty. But it pleased God to which being carried so contrary to
touch his Soul with the Horror of their Expectation, had extreamly
his Crime, so that he could not reit, enraged the whole Party; and they
till after much Conflict in his Mind, were now resolved to get that by
he had resolved to discover it; and Force, which they had been so long
accordingly, by the Advice of a endeavouring to obtain by Law. To
Friend, addressed himself to the which Purpose the E. of Sbafisbury

, Lord Dartmouth, who remitted him the D. of Monmouth, &c. held freto Sir Lyonel Jenkins, Secretary of quent Consults for raising a general State; belore whom he depoled, Insurrection in London, and in some That there was and had been, for diftant Countries, and by that Means fome Monchis paft, a horrid Con- seize the Guards, &c. And the ich Spiracy on Foot, for raising a Re- of Nov. was pitched upon to be the bellion or general Insurrection all Day for this wicked Attempt; bu: over the Kingdom, and for taking it seems their friends could not get away the Lite of the King, and his ready fo soon, so that nothing could Brother the Duke of York; whole at that Time be effected ; the cum Evidence being corroborated by his ning Lord Shaftsbury considering Brothers, who had also been in the that Delays were dangerous, and tha: Cabals, Warrants were thereupon it being imparted to so many, it was issued against the Conspirators, and impoflible to be kept long secret, many of them were taken and com- thought fit to take care of himle.f, mitted to Prison, several of whom and slipt over into Holland; where confefied, and confirmed Keeling's not long after he ended his Days. Evidence, with a full and ample This hafty Flight of his ar full Relation of the whole Affair; these somewhat damp'd them, but in a were Thomas Sheppard, a Nierchant, little Time they recover'd their Spiat whole House some of the Con- rits, and renew'd their Consultations sults were held; Colonel John Rum. with great Vigour ; and now it was fey, who had been a Soldier abroad, agreed, that one Grand Council and since a Dependent on the Earl should be constituted, and frequen:

of Shaftsbury, and was one of that ly held by the Chiefs of the Party, Pirty that were for afiafiinating the from whence Orders and Direta King : Robert West, Bariiiter at ons were to be issued to the interior Law, who had been very active in Cabals ; which Council sat the tsit this Delign, and had himself bought time about the middle of January

, a Quantity of Arms to be used in 1682 3, and consulted upon dieans it : Zac, Bo vrn, a Brewer, at whole for an Insurrection. House Fergusoa lodged, and several It seemed necessary tha: Sicisti

also should be drawn into the com- Horse from the neighbouring Coun- 1683. mon Concern, and the Discontents ties ; besides which, all the Horses and Divisions of that Kingdom be- about the Town were to be seized ing grown to a great Feight, easily in tbe Stables. The Tower was to made Way for a Coalition; and up- be surprized by Stratagem; and on a Message sent to them, Sir John Whitehall was to be attacked on all Cockrain, and others, came up to Sides, by a Party from the Strand, London, agreed to raise a Rebellion that were to seize the Guards and in Scotland, in Concert with that in Meuse; by a Party from Westminster England, if they might be furnithed on that Side ; and a Number of Seawith a sum of Money to enable men were to aflault it with Granathem to it, which these did agree to does from the Boats in the River. and promise them.

And at the same Time a Party were The Earl of Argyll had promised to way-lay the Road to Windsor, to the same before, when Shaftsbury seize the King, if he fled thither. firit began the Design; but they An Interest was likewise made in not making Halte enough, he was the Country, and several considerafain to retire to Holland, for Fear ble Towns were promised to be feof being discovered, having lately cured for them. Portsmouth was to escaped out of Edinburgh Castle, have been surprized by Stratagem, where he lay under Senterice of Con- and a Party in Bristol were to have demnation for High Treason, for secured that City, with the Ships in Tefusing the Test enjoyn’d by Act of the Haven. This was one Part of Parliament made the last Year, the Plot. when the Duke of York was High But another Party among them Commisioner there.

were not contented with this Way In thefe Consults and the inferior of compafling their wicked Designs, Cabals it was projected, That the esteeming it too difficult and tediCity of London should be divided ous, but were for a more compeninto twenty Parts, and each Divi- dious and expeditious Means, by afhon allign'd to fome one principal faffinating and murthering his Ma. Man of great Truft, Courage, and jelly and the Duke of York. This Conduct, and each of them to have was briskly agitated in the inferior Nine or Ten under him, who were Cabals, and many Ways proposed to engage as many as they could by to effect it. The chief Manager of Infinuations against the Government, it being one Richard Rumbald, a Ec. and by inis Means they hoped Maltter by Trade, a virulent Reto provide ten thousand Men, to ar- publican, and a molt barbarous tik them in their desperate Delign Miscreant; he with

Ferguson, Walof seizing the King's Guards, the cot, Rumsey

, &c. after much ConTower

, Whitehall, and Saroy, &c. sultation, and many Ways proposid, For this purpose great Quantities at length agreed upon the following of Arms were provided by feve- Manner of perpetrating this horrid ral of the Conspirators, and certain Villany. Places of Rendezvous pitched upon,

This Richard Rumbald lived in a whence they might attack the above lone House called the Rye, about menioned Places ; an hundred old two Miles beyond Hiddesdon in Oliverian Officers were to head Hertfordshire, which stood in the the Insurrection, and those in the King's Road to Newmarket, it was City were to be afilled with 500 nuated round, and the Road there


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