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Improvements are continually being made in the instru- spondents in the county requesting the managers ments used in every branch of science, and seismology is consider the desirability of introducing the teaching of no exception. Prof. Omori publishes (Publications of the the subjects of hygiene and temperance into the schools Earthquake Investigation Committee, No. 18) an account under their charge, and referring to the support given of a combination of light, inverted, vertical, with heavy to the movement by 15,000 members of the medical horizontal pendulum, with which it is claimed that a period profession. of sixty seconds can easily be got from an instrument which does not exceed i metre in height and length of boom.

ABOUT twenty scholarships ranging in value from 20l. Prof. Alippi, in the Boll. Soc. Sismol. Ital., vol. x., No. 3,

to sol. a year, and exhibitions for

and women describes a simple device for overcoming the tendency to

tenable at University College, King's College, and the adherence in the electric contacts of delicate seismoscopes ;

East London Technical College, in the faculties of arts, it consists in placing an ordinary electric bell, without the

science, and engineering, will be offered for competition gong, in the circuit, and fixing it so that the clapper beats on June 27 and following days. Full particulars and against the stone slab on which the seismoscope rests. He forms of application may be obtained on application to finds that the vibration set up by this is sufficient to cause

the secretary of the Inter-Collegiate Scholarships' Board, the two parts of the contact to separate, without in any

King's College, Strand, W.C. way affecting the instrument, and suggests that it would

The conference on school hygiene, which will be held be better to incorporate a small electric vibrator in the base of the seismoscope to act like the decoherer in wireless

at the University of London on February 7-10, will be

opened with an address by Sir Arthur W. Rucker, F.R.S., felegraphy.

" The Coordination of the Teaching of Hygiene.' The mysterious sounds known locally as mist-poeffers, barisal guns, &c., and now generally looked upon as seismic,

The subjects of papers for discussion include the followare the subject of a short note by Prof. Alippi, who records

ing :-“ Physical and Mental Development during School

Life, Miss A. J. Cooper; two new localities and names. In the neighbourhood of

Physical Inspection,” Dr.

A. K. Chalmers; Arezzo they are known as “baturlio della marina," and in

Building and Equipment,” Sir Aston the country between Bologna and Modena as


Webb: R.A.; Sanitary, romba di

Sanitary Inspection,” Dr. J. F. J. Sykes; Sassuolo. The multiplication of localities where these

Training of Teachers,” Prof. C. S. Sherrington, F.R.S.;

and sounds are familiar, and of local names for them, is thought

Training of Scholars,” Prof. Findlay. by Prof. Alippi to render a generic name desirable, and

The British Medical Journal announces that the French he suggests brontid, which has certainly the advantages of

Congress of School Hygiene will hold its second meeting being descriptive and of implying no theory of origin (Bol. Soc. Sismol. Ital., X., part iii.).

in Paris this year at Whitsuntide. The following is the

programme of discussions :-(1) the medical inspection of The relation between the variations in latitude at Tokio

primary schools ; (2) the education of families in school and the occurrence of earthquakes in Japan is the subject hygiene; (3) vacations and holidays; (4) tuberculosis and of a paper by Prof. Omori in No. 18 of the Publications of

teachers; (5) the overloading of school courses and comthe Earthquake Investigation Committee; he finds that the

petitions for admission to large schools. Profs. Debove, destructive earthquakes of the last eight years all occurred

Grancher, Landouzy, and Pinard are honorary presidents during periods of high or low value of the latitude, and

of the congress.

All communications should be addressed none at times when this was changing from one to the

to Dr. I. Ch. Roux, 46 rue de Grenelle, Paris. other. This result is said to be in harmony with the results obtained by Prof. Milne, but we may point out that this The annual general meeting of the Association of is not so ; what Prof. Milne found was that the greatest Technical Institutions is to be held at the Manchester frequency of world-shaking earthquakes coincided with the School of Technology on January 27. The business will most rapid variation in the position of the pole, while Prof. include the address of the president, Sir Philip Magnus, Omori finds that the destructive earthquakes of Japan consideration of the council's report, the election of occurred at times when the latitude was stationary or only officers, and the reading of papers. The subjects to be changing very slowly. What his investigation seems to dealt with are :-" The Coordination of the Work of show is that any connection which there may be between Evening Continuation Schools and Municipal Technical the occurrence of really great earthquakes and changes in Institutions,” “The Cooperation of Employers in the the position of the axis of revolution, does not extend to Technical Training of their Apprentices,' and “The local earthquakes.

Registration of Teachers in Technical Institutions."

The annual general meeting of the members of the

Association of Directors and Secretaries for Education L'NIVERSITY AND EDUCATIONAL

was held in London on January 19 and 20. Mr. F. INTELLIGENCE.

Wilkinson, the chairman for the year, presided, and in In accordance with the will of the late Mr. George

the course of his remarks dealt with the new regulations

The Smith, of St. Louis, the treasurer of Harvard University

for secondary schools of the Board of Education. has received, it is stated by Science, a payment of 51,500l.

following resolution was adopted by the association :When this fund reaches 90,00ol. by accumulation, three

* That the policy at present pursued at South Kensington new dormitories are to be erected.

with reference to the erection, financing, and control of

secondary day schools is calculated to cast a heavy burden At the institute of archæology of the University of

upon the ratepayers, while at the same time depriving Liverpool, a course of lectures dealing with recent re

them of adequate control.” searches on the ancient sites of Greece and with the historical geography of western Asia, particularly Pales- Mr. A. J. GIMSON described before the Institution of tine, has been arranged, and will be delivered on successive Mechanical Engineers on January 20 his impressions of Wednesdays of this spring term. The lecturers are Dr. sixteen engineering workshops visited by him in America. Caton and the Rev. M. Linton Smith.

In the course of his remarks, he said that a feature of The President of the Board of Education has appointed

the engineering industry that impressed him was “the Mr. T. S. Dymond, of the Essex County Technical Labor

close intercommunication of technical institutes and manuatories, Chelmsford, to an inspectorship under the Board,

facturing workshops, of professors and manufacturers, and and to act as special adviser in matters of rural educa

the presence, in minor positions of authority, of young tion, of nature-study in public elementary schools, of

who had passed through a complete course of agricultural instruction in evening (including afternoon

technical instruction." In this country, manufacturers as and Saturday) schools, and of the advancement of various

a rule have yet to learn the value of scientific investiforms of technical education in rural districts.

gation and scientific education as factors of industrial

progress. Tue Bucks Education Committee, under the presidency of the chairman, Lord Buckinghamshire, has decided that Sir William Wuite delivered an address at the Battersea a communication should be issued to all school corre- Polytechnic on January 21 on the systematic study of


engineering. He expressed the opinion that in the teach

SOCIETIES AND ACADEMIES. ing of those who have to work during the day and

LONDON. have only the evening in which to study, Great Britain is making progress. In many departments of technical Geological Society, January 4.-Dr. J. E. Marr. education there is still much to learn, but in classes such F.R.S., president, in the chair. The marine beds in the as those in polytechnics England has led the way. The

Coal-measures of North Staffordshire: J. T. Stobbs, full value of such studies is often not attained, said Sir

with notes on their paleontology by Dr. Wheelton Hind. William White, because of the absence of a scientific The stratigraphical position of the marine beds can be method of teaching. Some teachers are uninformed them- located with exactness in situ, he horizons can be selves, and the consequences are serious to their students. utilised for the subdivision of the Coal-measures. The The want of a good English elementary education has known horizons at which marine fossils have been obtained been recognised, but in secondary education there is much were enumerated, and a map of the distribution of these which still remains undone. He advised every student of

beds was given. The Speedwell and Settlebank bed engineering to apply himself to the study of mathematics appears to be the most important marine ed in the coaland applied mechanics, without which an engineer must

field. A detailed table of the beds in North Staffordshire was be at a disadvantage and have to work in the dark. given to show the exact position of the marine beds. Dr.

Hind, in his notes on the palæontology, remarked that from REFERENCE was made last week (p. 286) to the grant the base of the Pendleside series to the top of the Coalof 4ool. a year, for the next five years, voted by the

measures there is an unbroken succession of beds at one Drapers' Company for work in the department of applied

time marine, at another estuarine, without unconformir. mathematics at University College, London. The company -The geology of Cyprus : C. V. Bellamy, with conhas long taken an active part in the development of higher

tributions by A. J. Jukes-Browne. The Kyrenia Mouneducation, and the enlightened policy which has prompted tains rise to heights of more than 3000 feet. They are it to make grants in aid of university work and scientific composed of rocks tilted into a vertical position, altered research in London will, we trust, be adopted by other by compression and intrusion, and are devoid of fossils. city companies. No better testimony to the value of such

They are referred by Prof. Gaudry to the Cretaceous grants could be obtained than is afforded by the memoirs period, and are compared by him with the hippuritrwhich have been published containing the results of work limestones of Attica. The Kythræan rocks (Upper Eocene) carried on in Prof. Karl Pearson's laboratory (see, for

are based on breccias and conglomerates made up of instance, a note in NATURE of November 3, 1904, p. 15); fragments of the Trypanian limestones. No fossils, except In acknowledgment of the assistance given by the Drapers'

a few small tests of Globigerina, have been found in this Company to work of this kind, the council of University

series, which consists entirely of volcanic débris, The College passed the following resolution at its last meet

Idalian (Oligocene) series appears to rest conformably on ing :-“ That the council desire to convey to the Court

the last. The gypsum-beds are largely developed in the of the Worshipful Company of Drapers their best thanks

south; the white chalky marls and limestones extend over for the vote of 2000l. towards further assisting the nearly one-half of the island, and are always conspicuous statistical work and higher teaching of the department of

from their intense whiteness. Foraminifera are abundant, applied mathematics at University College. By their

and other fossils have been found which indicate that the original grant of 1000l. for this purpose the court has

beds are mainly of Oligocene age. Igneous rocks are enabled the council to appoint an adequate staff and to

most conspicuous in the centre of the island. They are purchase valuable apparatus for the work of the depart- intrusive into the formations already mentioned. "The By generously continuing their aid the court will

rocks include augite-syenite, rhyolite, liparite, olivineenable the work thus begun to be placed upon a dolerite, basalt, augite, and several varieties of serpenpermanent footing, and will prepare the way for the tine. Miocene rocks have only been recognised in the establishment of a permanent statistical institute.'

south-east of the island. The Pliocene strata lie in hori. A RETURN showing the amount spent on technical

zontal or slightly inclined beds, resting unconforunably education by local authorities in England and Wales

upon all older rocks. The Pleistocene rocks sometimes with the exception of four which have made no return

attain a thickness of 50 feet. The cave-earths have yielded during the year 1902–3, has been prepared by the Board

Hippopotamus minutus and Elephas Cypriotes to Miss of Education and issued as a Blue-book. The return

D. M. Bate. An account of the chief economic mineral shows that the total amount of the residue received under products of the island is given. Descriptions of some of the Local 'Taxation (Customs and Excise) Act, by the

the rocks, a note on the Miocene rocks, and a sketch of councils of counties and county boroughs in England

the physical history of the island are contributed by Mr. (excepting the county of Monmouth), in 1902–3

Jukes-Browne. 879,4051., of which 840,2531. was appropriated to educa- Mathematical Society, January 12.-Prof. A. R. Forsyih. tional purposes, and 39,1521. to relief of rates, the latter president, in the chair.- Basic generalisations of well sum including 22,3661. devoted by the London County known analytic functions: Rev. F. H. Jackson. Recent Council to relief of rates. Of the 49 county councils, 45 investigations have led to generalised forms of the serial were applying the whole of the residue to technical educa- expressions of certain functions. The functional characters tion, and 3 a part of it to the same purpose. Of the of the new series, the domains of convergence, and the councils of the 64 county boroughs, 61 were devoting the possibility of finding linear differential equations satisfied whole, and 3 a part of the residue to technical education. by the generalised functions are the matters that next Further, 4 county councils and the councils of 31 county claim attention. The author explained the degree of boroughs, 101 boroughs, and urban districts, in success which he had attained in these lines of investiEngland, were making grants out of the rates under the gation.--Current flow in rectangular conductors: H. Technical Instruction Acts; and 31 local authorities were Fletcher Moulton. The paper deals with the resistance devoting funds to technical education out of the rate of a rectangular lamina between electrodes which occupy levied under the Public Libraries and Museums Acts. portions of opposite sides, and the distribution of currents Thirty-three local authorities raised sums by loan on the which flow in a conducting lamina bounded internally and security of the local rate under the Technical Instruction externally by squares.--On the kinematics and dynamics Acts. The total amount expended on technical education of a granular medium in normal piling : J. H. Jeans. during the year was 1,149,2161. The total amount of the The paper is occupied with problems suggested by Prol. residue paid to the 13 county councils and the councils 0. Reynolds's “ Sub-mechanics of the Universe, " An of the 3 county boroughs in Wales and Monmouth was attempt is made to examine the question of the permanente 42,2011. These local authorities devoted the whole of it or non-permanence of peculiarities of piling such as I'roi. to intermediate and technical education, chielly under the Reynolds interpreted as matter, electricity, magnetism, &c. Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889. The total The results go to show that such peculiarities would be amount expended on technical education in Wales and transient, and that a universe constructed as imagined by Monmouth under the Technical Instruction Acts during Prof. Reynolds would suffer instant dissolution, after which the year was 42,78ıl.

particles of matter, charges of electricity, &c., Rould



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appear fortuitously at rare intervals, and have no connection greater

than unity :

Émile Picard.-On tinuous existence either in time or space. If the æther some physical constants of calcium and calcium were a granular medium in normal piling, it would be ainalgam: H. Moissan and M. Chavanne.—On the æolotropic with eighteen elastic constants, and the velocity B-methyl-e-alkylcyclohexanones


the corresponding of propagation of waves of high frequency would be much alcohols, homologues of menthone and menthol : A. greater than that of waves of low frequency. Light Haller. B-Methylcyclohexanone, which can be prepared transmitted from distant stars would consist largely of either by the decomposition of pulegone or from metacresol mirages and coloured spectra.-On a class of expansions by Sabatier and Senderens's method, is treated with in oscillating functions: Prof. A. C. Dixon. The paper sodium amide and the alkyl iodide. A mixture of various deals with expansions of the kind discussed by Liouville alkyl derivatives is obtained which up to the present has and Sturm in which arbitrary functions are expanded in not been completely separated into its constituents.-On series of special functions which satisfy differential equa- a synthesis of menthone and menthol : A. Haller and C. tions of a certain type. These expansions are used fre- Martine. Methylcyclohexanone is treated successively quently in applications of mathematics to physics. The with sodium amide and isopropyl iodide, the mass treated object of the paper is to give a rigorous proof of the with water, extracted with ether, and the latter solution possibility of such expansions in the case of functions fractionated in a vacuum. The physical properties of the which are analytic throughout the proposed range of menthone obtained, as well as those of its oxime, semivalidity of the expansions.-Generational relations for the carbazone, and other derivatives show that the synthetical abstract group simply isomorphic with the


is identical with the natural product.-Observations of the LF(2,01] : Dr. W. H. Bussey.-On alternants and con- Borrelly comet (1904 e) made at the Observatory of Paris tinuous groups : Dr. H. F. Baker. The paper is occupied with the 30.5 cm. equatorial : G. Bigourdan.-On irregular with the proof of that fundamental theorem of non-com- algebraic surfaces : Federigo Enriques.-On some points in mutative algebra which is usually written in the form the theory of numbers : Georges Rémoundos.-On equations fdeB= et, where A and B are non-commutative quantities, of the parabolic type : S. Bernstein.-On Auorescence : and c is a series of alternants of A and B. The proof is

C. Camichel. The author has repeated some experiments derived from a property of a matrix called the E-matrix, of J. Burke on fluorescence with some additional prewhich involves the structure constants, and one set of the cautions. His conclusion, which is opposed to that of canonical variables, of the parameter group. This property

Burke, is that the coefficient of absorption of uranium is established independently of the theory of continuous glass for the radiations which it emits during fluorescence groups. It is proved, further, that every alternant of is the same whether the fluorescence be excited or not.-B-matrices is an E-matrix, and thence is obtained a general Some combinations of samarium chloride with ammonia : expression for the equations of the first parameter group.

C. Matignon and R. Trannoy. Samarium chloride -A generalisation of the Legendre polynomial : H.

forms eight different compounds with gaseous ammonia. Bateman.-I sogonal transformation and the diameter The range of temperatures between which each of these transformation : H. L. Trachtenberg.

compounds can exist, together with the heats of dissoci

ation, were determined.-On a colloidal hydrate of iron Royal Astronomical Society, January 13.- Prof. H. H. Turner, president, in the chair.—The eclipse of Agathocles J. Tribot and H. Chrétien. A solution of ferric hydrate

obtained by electrodialysis and on some of its properties : in the year - 309 : Prof. Newcomb. The author considered

in ferric chloride was placed in an ordinary Graham that this eclipse had been identified by Celoria with an eclipse

dialyser, and the amount of chlorine remaining in the said by Cleomnedes to have been total in the Hellespont.

solution determined at different intervals of time, in the Assuming this to be the case, it would be necessary to make a diminution of 1":5 in the secular acceleration.

first place on simple dialysis, and afterwards when The longitude of the moon's perigee: Mr. Cowell.

current of i ampere was passed through the solution.

In the latter case the chlorine was more quickly and more Magnetic storms and associated sun-spots : Rev. A. L.

completely removed ; the theory of the two cases is given Cortie. Discussing Mr. Maunder's paper (read at the

in detail, and the theoretical and actual results compared. November, 1904. meeting), Father Cortie considered it

-On an isomeride of trichloracetone : G. Perrier and was still possible to consider sun-spot phenomena and

E. Prost. Aluminium chloride is allowed to act upon magnetic storms as produced by some common cause, and

alcohol in carbon bisulphide solution, and chloral is added. brought forward evidence from the Stonyhurst observations

A liquid product possessing the composition and molecular which he thought conflicted with some of Mr. Maunder's

weight of trichloracetone is obtained. The reactions, howTonilusions.-A paper

subject : Prof.

ever, are quite different from this latter substance, and Schuster. From Mr. Maunder's statistics, which Prof. Schuster discussed, it appeared that in some form or other magnetic storms recur at intervals apparently identical with that of the revolution of sun-spot zones. The author

the formula HC is provisionally proposed.—The migra

0 was unable, however, to accept Mr. Maunder's explanation of the cause of the storms, which he considered as

CH, of terrestrial origin, the earth's diurnal rotation being tion of the ethylene linkage in unsaturated acyclic acids : the real source of the energy. The energy thus drawn

E. E. Blaise and A. Luttringer. The migration of the away from the earth would tend to diminish its velocity ethylene linkage has been studied in the case of six of rotation, but in a million years this diminution would alkylacrylic acids and normal aß-hexenic acid. It appears not amount to more than a second a year. Without form- to move into the longest chain, giving either an isomeric ing a definite theory on the subject, Prof. Schuster acid or a y-lactone.-On the combination of natural leucine sizgested that there is some solar effect, propagated in

with carbamic acid : M. Hugounenq and Albert Morel. straight lines, which may increase the electric conductivity ---On a new method of synthesising saturated ketones by of the earth's atmosphere, and thus set a magnetic storm

the method of catalytic reduction : M. Darzeng. It is gong without supplying its energy. The author concluded shown that in applying the reaction of Sabatier and that Mr. Maunder had shown the urgent importance of Senderens the temperature at which the reduced nickel further investigation, but that the facts have become more

is reduced is of equal importance with the temperadiffeult to understand and explain. After a discussion,

ture at which the reduction is carried out. If the nickel followed by a reply from Mr. Maunder, the meeting is prepared at 245° C. to 250° C., and the reduction is adjourned, many other papers being taken as read.

carried out at 180° C. to 190° C., unsaturated ketones can

be readily reduced to the corresponding saturated comParis.

pounds without the formation of considerable amounts of Academy of Sciences, January 16.-M. Trooit in the secondary alcohols as by-products. The reaction has been chair. --On the generalisation of an elementary theorem applied to mesityl oxide, methylhexanone, and methyltot geometry : H. Poincaré. The theorem that the sum heptenone.- Observations on the Borrelly comet (1904 e) Bf the angles of a plane triangle is equal to two right made at the Observatory of Besançon : P. Chofardet.angirs is extended to the case of the tetrahedron.--On Observations of the Borrelly comet (e 1904) made at the some theorems relating to algebraic surfaces of linear Observatory of Algiers with the 31.8 cm. equatorial :






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MM. Rambaud and Sy.-Orogenic. sketch of the chains

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. of the Atlas mountains to the north-west of Chott el GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, at 8.-On the Sporangia-like Organs of Glasupteris Hodna : M. Savornin.-On the existence and the

Browniana, Brongn.: E. A. Newell Arber. abnormal tectonic situation of the Eocene deposits in New

SOCIETY OF PUBLIC ANALYSTS, at 8.-The Volametric Estimation of

Reducing Sugars : A. R. Ling and T. Rendle.-The Inversion of Care Caledonia : J. Deprat and M. Piroutet.-Geological Sugar in the presence of Milk Constituents : Hon. Francis Watts --The observations collected by the Chari-Lake Chad expedi- Colorimetric Estimation of Salicylic Acid in Food Stuffs : F. T. Harry tion: H. Courtet.--Contribution to the chemical study

and W. R. Mummery. of the soil, water, and mineral products of the region of

SOCIETY OF Arts, at 8. - The Navigation of the Nile : Sir William H.

Preece, K.C.B. Chari and of Lake Chad : Alex. Hébert.-On the spring

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2. at Hammam Moussa, near Tor, Sinai : R. Fourtau and ROYAL Society, at 4:30.- Probable Paper: On the Compressibility of N. Georgiados. The water from this spring approxi

Gases between One Aimosphere and Hall an Atinosphere or Pressure :

Lord Rayleigh, O.M., F.RS-On the "Blaze Currents" of the Gall mates to the water at Wiesbaden, containing sodium Bladder of the Frog : Mrs. A. M. Waller :- The Theory of Photographic chloride and the sulphates of lime and magnesia. It has Processes ; on the Chemical Dynamics of Development: S. E. Sbeppard a slightly acid reaction.-Man and the mammoth at the

and C. E. K. Mees. On the Relation between Variation of Atmospheric Quaternary period in the soil of the Rue de Rennes, south

Pressure in North-East Africa, and the Nile Flood : Cape H. G. Lyons.

--Note on the Determination of the Volume Elasticity of Elastic Solids: of Saint-Germain-des-Prés : M. Capitan. Excavations in Dr. C. Chree F.R.S.-Theory of the Reflection of Light Dear the this district have led to the discovery in the Quaternary Polarising Angle : R. C. Maclaurin. strata of several roughly executed flint heads and a well

RIVAL INSTITUTION, at 5.- Forestry in the British Empire: Prof.

W. Schlich. preserved tooth of the mammoth. It follows from this

CIVIL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERS' SOCIETY, at 8.-The Mechania of and previous discover that man, the elephant and the Flour Milling : A. R. Tattersall. rhinoceros lived in the Seine valley, on the actual spot

LINNEAN SOCIETY, at 8.-New Chinese Plants from the Neighbourhood where Paris now stands.-Chlorophyll assimilation in the

of Hong Kong : W. J. Tutcher.-European Marine Species of Isopoda:

Dr. H. J. Hansen. absence of oxygen : Jean Friedel. It is shown that the

RÖNTGEN SOCIETY, at 8 15.--Some Points in the Construction of a High presence of oxygen in the atmosphere surrounding the leaf Frequency Machine: Dr. Clarence A. Wright. is not indispensable for the process of assimilation.-A

CHEMICAL SOCIETY, at 8.-Siudies in the Camphane Series. Part xvi. gum bearing Stereospermum in Madagascar : Henri

Camphorylcarbimide and Isomeric Camphorylcarbamides: M. O. Forster

and H. E. Fierz. Jumelle.-The physiological effects of ovariotomy in the

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3. goat : P. Oceanu and A. Babes. Amongst the ROYAL INSTITUTION, at 9.- Blood Pressure in Man: Prof. T. Clifford advantages of this operation in the goat are the disappear

Allbutt, F.R.S. ance of the characteristic smell of the milk, an increased

GEOLOGISTS' Association. at 7.30.-Address on Modern Methods in the

Study of Fossils : the President, Dr. A. Smith Woodward, F.R.S. secretion of the milk, and prolongation of the lacteal period.



A Monograph of the Heliozoa. By E. A. M. 289 ROYAL SOCIETY, at 4.30.-On the Boring of the Simplon Tunnel, and


290 the Distribution of Temperature that was Encountered : F. Fox.- Advances in Physical Science. By T. M. L.

291 On the Comparison of the Platinum Scale of Temperature with the The Cyanide Process. By T. K. R.

292 Normal Scale at Temperatures between 444o and - 190°C., with Notes on Constant Temperatures below the Melting Point of Ice : Prof. M. W.

Our Book Sbelf :-
Travers, F.R.S., and A. S. C. Gwyer.-On the Modulus of Torsional Horner : “Fireside Astronomy"

292 Rigidity of Quartz Fibres, and its Temperature Coefficient : Dr. F. Hor: “Observations océanographiques et météorologiques con.-On a Method of finding the Conductivity for Heat: Prof. C. Niven, F.R.S.-On the Drift produced in

dans la Région du Courant de Guinée (1853-1900) Ions by Electro

393 magnetic Disturbances, and a Theory of Radio-activity: G. W. Walker “Opere matematiche di Francesco Brioschi”; - Exterior Ballistics. “Error of the Day" and other Corrections

Opere matematiche di Eugenio Beltrami ”

293 to Naval Range Tables : Prof. G. Forbes, F.R.S.- The Theory of “The Science Year Book for 1905". Symmetrical Optical Objectives. Part ii, : S. D. Chalmers.-Coloration

293 of Glass by Natural Solar and other Radiations : Sir William Crookes,

Letters to the Editor :-
F.R.S.-Note on the Cause of the Period of Chemical Induction in the The Origin of Radium.--Frederick Soddy

Union of Hydrogen and Chlorine : C. H. Burges; and D. L. Chapman. A New Radio-active Product from Actinium.-Dr. T.
Power Plants : W. H. Booth and J. B. C. Kershaw. (Conclusion of


294 discussion.)

A Simple Model for Illustrating Wave-motion. FRIDAY, JANUARY 27. (Ilustrated.)–K, Honda

295 Royal INSTITUTION, at 9.–The Life-History of the Emperor Penguin : Recently Observed Satellites.-Sir Oliver Lodge,

Dr. Edward A. Wilson.
PHYSICAL SOCIETY, at s:-Action of a Magnetic Field on the Discharge


295 through a Gas : Dr. R. S. Willows.-Action of Radium on the Electric Compulsory Greek at Cambridge.-Edward T. Spark : Dr. R. S Willows and J. Peck. - The Slow Stretch in India

Dixon rubber, Glass, and Metal Wires when subjected to a Constant Pull :

295 P. Phillips. - Determination of Young's Modulus for Glass : C. A. Bell.

Super-cooled Rain Drops. -Edward E. Robinson . 295 -Some Methods for Studying the Viscosity of Solids: Dr. Boris Polar Plotting Paper.-(With Diagram.) Dr. C. G. Weinberg.

INSTITUTION OF Civil ENGINEERS. at 8.--Concrete-Making on the Lissajous's Figures by Tank Oscillation. -(Niusiratar.)
Admiralty Harbour Works, Dover : T. L. Matthews.

T. Terada

296 MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION, at 3.- Models and their Use : E. M. Lang.

Notes on Stonehenge. i. (Illustrated.) By Sir ley.-The New Geometry : W. H. Wagstaff.---Should Greek be Com- Norman Lockyer, K.C.B., F.R.S.,

297 pulsory for Mathematicians at Cambridge ? A. W. Siddons.

Prof. Ernst Abbe. By R. T. G. Essex FIELD CLUB (at Essex Museum of Natural History, Stratford),

301 at 6.30.-On the Occurrence of Gypsum in Essex Soils : T. S. Dymond

M, Paul Henri. By W. E. P.

302 - The Bog-Mosses (Sphagnaceæ) of Essex, a Contribution to the Flora


302 of the County : F. J. Chittenden.

Our Astronomical Column:

The Reported Sixth Satellite of Jupiter
Society of Arts, at 8.-Reservoir, Stylographic and Fountain Pens :

Periodical Comets due to Return in 1905
J. P. Maginnis.
INSTITUTE OF ACTUARIES, at 5.-On Staff Pension Funds : G. King.

Changes on the Sursace of Jupiter . .
FARADAY Society, at 8.-Mass Analyses of Muntz's Metal by Electro- Stars having Peculiar Spectra .
lysis, and some Notes on the Electrolytic Properties of this Alloy : Real Paths, Heights, and Velocities of Leonids.
J. G. A. Rhodin.-On the Equilibrium between Sodium and Magnesium
Sulphates : Dr. R Beckett Denison. -" Refractory Materials": E. K. New Method for Measuring Radial-velocity Spectro-

Medical Research in Egypt.

307 ROYAL INSTITUTION, at 5.-The Structure and Life of Animals : Prof.

Wireless Telegraphy in War. By M. S.
L. C. Miall, F.R.S.
INSTITUTION OF Civil ENGINEERS, at 8.--Floating Docks : L. E. Clark.

Floods in the United States. (Illustrated.)
MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY, at 8. (1) On Danalite from Cornwall : (2) Seismological Notes
Crystallographic Characters of Barium-radium Bromide: Prof. H. A.

University and Educational Intelligence
Miers, F.R.S. -- On the Regular Growth of Crystals of one Substance
upon Those of Another : T. V. Barker. - Apparatus for Determining the

Societies and Academies

310 Density of Small Grains: K. A. K. Hallowes.

Diary of Societies



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Of the Highest Possible Excellence.

MANUFACTURER of Patented Induction Coils, other
Scientific Instruments and Engineering Appliances

to the Government Departments.
JOINTLESS SECTION COILS, my system of 1868, to order, 10 in. Coil

4000 obms R, very thick discharge. Primary Coils for 10 to 230 volts. COMMERCIAL SERIES OF COILS, as Fig., at about one half of cata. logue prices.

Maker and Designer of the following Coils :-
POLYTECHNIC, 29 in. spark.
SPOTTISWOODE, 44 in. spark.
THE SOUTH KENSINGTON COIL, 48 in. spark. Special Coils for

Wireless Telegraphy.
NEW TRIPLE-POLE MERCURY BREAK, giving a stream-like effect

when used with Apps' Patented Induction Coil (this can be fitted to

any Induction Coil), £6 6s. HOSPITAL X-RAY SETS, complete in every detail, from £25 each. The Model Apparatus adopted for South Africa, with Batteries, small

Steam Motor, &c. SETS OF X-RAY APPARATUS suitable for

Field Hospitals, from £50.
HIGH FREQUENCY APPARATUS of my newest models.


Autotype Solar (Carbon).
Autotype Mechanical (Collotype).

Auto-Gravure (Copperplate Engraving).

The Trustees of the British Museum.
The Local Government Board.
Many Learned Societies, Leading Publishers,

and Artists of Repute.

Examples of Work may be inspected and all information

obtained at

The Autotype Fine Art Gallery,



per return post.


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Resisting in a high degree sudden
changes of temperature and the

action of corrosive chemicals.

Combustion Tubing for Elemen-
TRADE MARK. tary Analysis. (Pricelist sent


on .
SCHOTT & GEN. Glassworks, Jena (GERMANY).
The Jena Glasses are, in the U.K., on sale with the following firms :

A. & J. SMITH, 23 and 25 St.

Nicholas Street.

14 Cross Street.
F. E. BECKER & Co. (W. and

J. George, Ltd., Successors), 159

Co., Ltd., Victoria Bridge.

London. and 160 Great Charles Street.


Ltd., 14_ Cross Street, Hatton
Edmund Street,

Garden, E.C.
F. E. BECKER & CO. (W. and

F. E. BECKER & Co. (W. and
J. George, Ltd., Successors), 182

J. George, Ltd., Successors), Great Brunswick Street.

33 to 37 Hatton Wall, Hatton PHILIP HARRIS & Co., Ltd.,

Garden, E.C. 179 Great Brunswick Street.

A. GALLENKAMP & Co., Ltd. Glasgow.

19 and 20 Sun Street, Finsbury

E.C. 1: George, Ltd., Successors), 36 JOHN J. GRIFFIN & SONS Renfrew Street.

Ltd., 20-26 Sardinia Stree Leeds,

Lincoln's Inn Fields. W.C. REYNOLDS & BRANSON, Ltd., TOWNSON & MERCER, 14 Commercial Street.

Camomile Street, E.C.
For Photography, Unsurpassed for fine definition.


High-Class Apparatus for Röntgen , BECKERS COCCW, and
Ray and High Frequency Work.


SWITCHBOARDS, &c., &c. New Descriptive Price List Free on Application to

Oblige by quoting 220.

TAYLOR. TAYLOR HOBSON.L'S 18 Finch Lane, London, E.C.




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