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1. The question stated about abstaining from Blood, in Newton's hand.

2. Prophecies concerning Christ's second coming, chiefly a collection of texts, followed by some extracts from the Talmud, &c., in five sheets : all in Newton's hand.

3. Irenicum, or Ecclesiastical Polyty tending to peace. Two separate drafts, both in Newton's hand. Part printed by Brewster, ii. 526.

4. Quæres regarding the word ómoovoíos. Printed by Brewster, ii. 532.

5. Extract by Newton Ex Marci Maximi Cæsaraugustani in Hispaniis Episcopi Chronico.

6. Draft in Newton's hand on the rise of the Apostasy in point of religion.

7. Chronological notes, notes on the site of the seven churches of Asia, &c., in Newton's hand.

8. Extracts by Newton "out of Cudworth,” two sheets.
9. Profession of faith by Roman Bishops and Presbyters.

10. Loose papers with notes on the Prophecies, and other Theological notes and extracts, with some relating to Chronology, almost all in Newton's hand.

11. Paradoxical questions concerning the morals and actions of Athanasius and his followers. All in Newton's hand. Partly printed by Brewster, ii. 342.

12. A collection of papers, apparently being the draft of a work on “Religion," the chapters headed " a short scheme of the true

“ religion," "of the religion of the Jews and Christians," "of the rise of the R. C. church in ecclesiastical dominion.” All in Newton's hand. Brewster, ii. p. 347.

13. Note in Newton's hand, “God made and governs the world, &c.” Printed by Brewster, ii. 354.

14. A sermon on 2 Kings xvii. 15, 16, in Newton's hand.

15. Lexici Prophetici pars secunda, in quibus agitur De forma sanctuarii Judaici. This is a treatise in Latin on the Temple of Solomon.

16. Miscellaneous extracts from Maimonides, Irenæus adversus hæreses, and some notes partly mythological.

17. (1), (2), (3). Three drafts of the observations on the Prophecies of Holy Writ, written on loose sheets, backs of letters, &c. (1) Contains also two sheets of Spicilegia variantium lectionum

in Apocalypsi. (2) Contains also various observations on the way of printing

the book. (3) Contains also a Synopsis of the Synchronism of the

Apocalypse. 18. Some chapters of the work on the Corruption of religion, the Host of Heaven, &c. 19. A bundle containing

Collections for the work on the Prophecies. (2) A treatise divided into chapters against the R. C. Church.

(3) Attempt to form a universal language. This contains also a genealogical tree of the Newton family, and at the other end an English and Latin phrase-book, not in N.'s hand.

(4) A treatise in Latin on the “ Tuba quarta” of the Apocalypse.

20. Corruptelæ duorum celebrium in sacris literis locorum historica narratio ; vid. 1 John v. 7, 1 Tim. 111. 16. Amsteladami, 1709.

This is a Latin version of the first part of the “ Historical account of two notable corruptions of Scripture," published in the 5th volume of Horsley's Newton, p. 495. It is not in Newton's hand, but contains a few corrections by him. Though the title speaks of two texts, it only treats of the first : it is however complete, ending with finis. It is rather fuller than the English treatise, e.g. the Slavonick version of the passages, which is only alluded to in the English (Horsley, p. 504), is written out in this Latin MS.

Also a short note on 1 Joh. v. 7.
21. Decretum Synodi Orientalium.








22. Several chapters of the work on the Church, its ruptions, &c., with three drafts of a table of contents.

23. On the language of the Prophecies--paged-perfect.

24. On the Origin of all religion, with other chapters of the Theological works (imperfect).

25. Transcript of part of a work on the Prophecies, paged from 25 to 173, imp. at both ends.

26. Variantes Lectiones Apocalypticæ.
27. Latin Theological Treatises, all imperfect.
28. A bundle containing

(1) Introductio continens Apocalypseos rationem generalem.
(2) Proæmium historiæ ecclesiasticæ.
(3) De monachismo.
(4) Historia de concilio Nicen.
(5) A treatise beginning "Fidei vero formula,” &c.

(6) Extr. ex Sibyllinorum oraculis. These are all perfect.

(7) De annis prædicationis Christi (imperfect).

29. Rough drafts of some of the chapters of the work on the Prophecies.

30. Some chapters of the treatise on “The working of the mystery of Iniquity,” “the Host of Heaven," &c.

31. Of the original of pious frauds. Paradoxical questions— in a wretched state.

32. The synchronism of the three parts of the prophetick interpretation, with other loose sheets on the prophecies.

33. Several chapters of the work on the Prophecies, written out fairly for the press, others not included in that work.

34. On the Papacy and the prophecies relating thereto.
35. Loose papers concerning worship, the Irenicum, &c.

36. Preparations in English and Latin for the work on the Revelation : hopelessly confused.

37. A treatise on the Revelation in English, imperfect, with several copies of parts. The beginning (containing the introduction) is complete.

38. Miscellaneous Theological notes and extracts.
39. Theologiæ Gentilis Origines Philosophicæ.
40. Theological scraps.




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Oldenburg to Newton, Jan. 18, 1672.
Newton to Oldenburg, March 26, 1672.

March 30, 1672.
Oldenburg to Newton, Early in April, 1672.
Newton to Oldenburg, April 13, 1672, in reply to the above.
Oldenburg to Newton, May 2, 1672.
Newton to Oldenburg, May 4, 1672.

May 21, 1672.
Oldenburg to Newton, July 2, 1672.
Newton to Oldenburg, July 11, 1672.
Oldenburg to Newton, Sept. 24, 1672.

June 4, 1673.
June 7, 1673.

Sept. 14, 1673.
Newton to Oldenburg, Feb. 19, 1676.

Sept. 2, 1676, Brewster, i. 129. On

planting cyder-trees, with a copy.

Nov. 28, 1676. Oldenburg to Newton, Jan. 2, 1677.

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CORRESPONDENCE WITH COLLINS AND WALLIS. Newton to Collins, Aug. 20, 1672, on a logarithmick ruler. Collins to Newton, July 5, 1671, with draft of Newton's answer.

Aug. 31, 1676.

Sept. 9, 1676. Collins to Wallis, no date.

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Copy of Newton's letters to Oldenburg, dated June 13 and Oct. 24, 1676, made for Wallis.

Another copy, somewhat mutilated, of the same letters.
Draft of Newton's letter to Wallis about them.

Draft of a later letter to Wallis containing corrections to typographical errors in Wallis's printed account of Newton's method in Vol. 2, and Newton's remarks on his own and Leibnitz's letters printed in Vol. 3. Wallis to Newton, April 10, 1695. Copy Edleston, p. 300.

April 30, 1695. Published in Brewster,

Vol. ii. p. 427.
May 30, 1695.
July 3, 1695.
July 1, 1695, on Leibnitz's letter of 28 May.
Brewster, ii. 429.

1698-9. Extract of two letters from Wallis concerning a change in the

Calendar, June 13, 30, 1699.

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Jan. 9,

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AND TO NEWTON, Containing some Astronomical Tables, and Communications

respecting the Comets of 1680 and 1682. Arthur Storer to Mr Newton, Boothby, Aug. 10, 1678, with Table showing hourly Altitude and Azimuth of the “ North Star.”

Arthur Storer to Mr Newton, London, Sept. 4, 1678, with Table of the Sun's Azimuth.

Arthur Storer to Dr Babington ; London, Sept. 19, 1678.

Arthur Storer to Dr Babington, Oct. 1, 1678, with an Astronomical Table “to find the Sun or any Star's Altitude,” &c.

Arthur Storer to Dr Babington, from Patuxant River in Maryland, April 18, 1681, about the Comet of 1680 as observed in Maryland.

Arthur Storer to Mr Isaac Newton, from Patuxant River in Maryland, April 26, 1683, with observations of a Comet which appeared in Maryland, Aug. 14, 1682, till Sept. 12, 1682.


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