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A. D. The Parliament, the Majority next Year all the Churches in Deb. 1689. whereof were Papists, immediately lin were seized upon for the Use of

voted an Address of Thanks to the the Papists. And on the 18th of
King, and another to the French Mo- June, 1690, Colonel Lutterel, Go-
narch, which Count d'Avaux was vernor of that City, issued Orders,
desired to transmit. And then a That all Protestants that were not
Bill was brought in to recognize Houfholders, should depart the Ci-
the King's Titles, and condemn the ty, and all that were such should
Prince of Orange's Usurpation. The deliver up their Arms; and forbad,
King had in his Speech intimated That above five Protestant food
his Willingness to relieve those meet together upon Pain of Death.
that were injured by the Ad of Set And the Governor being asked,
tlement ; which it seeems was un- whether this was to extend to meet-
deritood to mean a Repeal of it; ing in Churches, he answered, lea.
for a Bill was brought in on the And accordingly all the Protestant
12th of May to that purpose ; and Churches were shut up all over the
passed in a few Days. Next fol. Kingdom. Thus much for tre-
lowed a Bill of Attainder, where land; we must now return to Erg
in 2 Archbishops, I Duke, 17 land.
Earls, 7 Countefies, 28 Viscounts,
2 Viscountefies, 7 Bishops, 18 Ba On the 24th of April, the King
rons, 33 Baronets, 51 Knights, 83 gave the Royal Assent to the Acts,
Clergymen, 2182 Esquires and for impowering his Majelly to im-
Gentlemen, were declared Tray- prison such as conspire againlt the
tors, altho' none of them had been Government; for removing Pet
heard. And the best Reason given from London ; for taking away the
for it was what the Speaker told Duty of Hearth-Money; for abro-
the king when he presented it, That gating the Oaths of Supremacy aed
many wire atlainted upon such Evi Allegiance, and appointing new
dence as fatisfied the House, and the Oaths, and some others.
reft upon common Fame. 'And as a

The King having a due Senle oi further instance of their Cruelty, the Ufurpations of the French King, this Act was not made publick till and the War he had now reneti cu four Months after, whereby those in Europe to continue and enlarge that were in the Kingdom could them, and being possessed with a not escape, nor those out of it come noble Zeal for the Liberties of E.. over to crave Mercy. They also rope, and especially of his ora paffed an Act for Liberty of Con- Kingdom, found it necessary to join science, and some few others of less with the Emperor, the King of Importance, and were prorogued Spain, and States General, in opon the 20th of July the izth of pofing that turbulent Monarch : 11 January.

which Sentiments the Parliamen: At the same Time that the King concurred, and on the 25th c was declaring his merciful Dispo- April the House of Commons prefition, and the l'arliament enacting sented an Address to his lajes Liberty of Conscience, the Profel- fty, •Beseeching him to contider fors, Fellows, and Scholars of the the deliructive Alethods taken College or Universily of Dublin, « late by the French King again! were all turn'd out, and their Pla- • the Trade, Quiet, and interact ces poflefled by Papifts. And the this Kingdom, and paricum

the Invasion of Ireland, not doubt. his Majesty's Kingdom of Ireland. A. D. *ing but the Alliances his Majesty in About this Time the King ap. 1689.

his Wisdom Jould make would be pointed the Judges, the three Chiefs effectual to reduce the French King being Sir John Holt, Sir Henry Pol. to such a Condition, that it might lexfen, and Sir Robert Atkins. The

not be hereafter in his power to Seal being, as we have said, in 'violate the Peace of Christendom. Commiffion, which Commissioners

And assured his Majesty, that when were Sir John Maynard, Anthony ever he should think fit to enter Kecke, and William Rawlinson, Esqrs. into a War against the French who were soon after knighted. Monarch, they would give him The English Fleet under Admiral such Affistance in a Parliamentary Herbert being now at Sea, and inWay, as might enable him to fup. tending to intercept a Fleet of Sup

port and go through with the ply which they understood were same.' The House of Lords also failing from Bref to Ireland, food declared that they would serve and off towards that Coaft. Bat the affilt his Majesty' in a War againit Wind coming Easterly, which carFrance to their utmost Power. Soon ried the French out, they turned off after, namely,

on the 24th of April towards the May the 7th, 1689, A Declara- Coast of Ireland, and on the 30th tion of War against the French King in the Evening overtook them at was published by his Majesty, Bantry Bay. The next Morning founded upon the just Call his Nia. the French in Line of Battle 28 jesty had from the neighbou ing Men of War, and 5 Fire-ships, unPotentates, to affift them in oppo- der Chateau Renaut, bore down upfing the violent Attempts of the on the English, who were only 20 French King. Upon the Seizure of Men of War and 2 Tenders, before che Fishery of Newfoundland, where they were reduced into Line of Bat:hey formerly pretended not to fish tle, and firing all their Shot, killid but by License from England. Up-100, and wounded 300 o Board on the Invasion of Hudson's Bay and the English Fleet, where the Men New York, and Expulsion of the fought with great Bravery ; but English thence; the Invasion of the through the Superiority of force Carribbe Inands; the Seizure of Eng. (for the French were all larger 'ijl Ships ; the prohibiting many Ships than our's ) and the DifadEnglish Goods in France, and laying vantage of the Wind, which our great Duties on the rest ; disputing Admiral endeavoured to gain, but he Right of the Flag ; persecuting could not effect, they were forced English Protestants in France, and to retire, having first given the ondemning Masters of English Ships French so much that they thought o the Gallies upon Pretence of ha. not fit to follow them.

Admiral ring on Board some of his own Sub- Herbert was soon after created eets, who fled from his Cruelty. And Earl of Torrington, Captain Ashbey aftly, for that he had by Promises and Captain Sbovel were knighti Affittance endeavoured to over- ed, and every Seaman had hrow the Laws and Constitutions Donative of Ten Shillings; al. of this Realm, and was now actually though the King confessed that n Arms to maintain a Rebellion in such an Attempt in the Begin

A a


A. D. ning of a War may be proper, in ney, Esq; Mrs. Alicia Life, and Mr. 1689. the Course of it ought to be e. Cornis. And the House of Lords - Iteemed rath.

took into Consideration the severe Their Majesties in the mean time Fine laid upon the Earl of Devir receiv'd the Acknowledgments and fire in King James's Time for fri Congratulations from Foreign Prin- king Mr. Culpeper in the Court. It ces and States, namely the Empe- appear'd that his Lordship's Plea of ror, the King of Spain, the King Privilege of Parliament was overof Sweden, the King of Denmark, ruld, and that he was fined 30,000 the Elector of Brandenburgh, the Pounds. The Judges that gave Dukes of Brunswick and Lunenburgh, the Sentence were all severally a and the States General, the lait in a amin'd, the Fact appearing, and very solemn Embassy, which made the King's Council offering, no a publick Entry on the 27th of thing to prove that a Peer of the May, in a most sumptuous Manner. Realm might be committed in Ex And soon after his Majesty sent the ecution for a Fine, the Lords ad. Earl of Pembroke Embasador to judged, That the Court in ove: Holland.

ruling that Lord's Plea of PriviThe Parliament continued fit. lege was guilty of a Breach of Pri ting all this Summer, and in the vilege ; that the Fine was exorbiCourse of it divers Debates arose, tant and illegal ; and that no Peer and Conferences were held be. ought to be committed for a Fire zween the two Houses, upon the to the King. The Judgment again: several Matters before them, where- Mr. Samuel Johnson Clerk wa of that concerning Titus Oates was also revers’d, and the Proceed. the most troublesome, as having ings in his Degradation declared Jalted above two Months. That void. Person stiling himself Doctor in Di A Bill being on the gih of la vinity, petitioned to be restored in fent up to the Lords for declaring his Fame, and his Sentence to be the Rights and Liberties of the Subrevers'd, which the House of Com- je&t, and settling the Succession of mons agreed to, but the House of the Crown, their Lordships thouch: Lords deny'd. The Reasons given it proper to add the Princess on both sides in the long Conte- phia's Name in the Entail, ara rence July the 29th, upon the Sub- amended the Bill accordingly, ject of Amendments made by the which the Commons diffenred, ad Lords, is too long to have Place occasioned divers Conferences, which here. The End of it was an Ad- was terminated by the Birth of a dress from the Lords to the King, New Heir. For, to defire his Majesty's Pardon to On July the 24th, Her Rosa the said Oates, whereby the Con- Highness the Princess of Deater tinuance of his Punishment accord- molt happily gave Birth to a los ing to the Sentence that had been Prince, afterwards baptiz'd Wives given against him might be remit- created Duke of Gloucefier. ted. Which the King comply'd Upon Enquiry into Miscarriage with, and settled a Pention of five a Report concerning Bartea 2 Pounds a Week upon him. Graham, the King's Solicitors for

Bills were brought in and passed Criminal Matters in the two . into Acts to Reverse the Attainders Reigns, was made on the 23d of of the Lord Rule, Algernoon Syd- May. That it appeared that they

had received out of the Exchequer for Paying the Dutch 60,000 1. for A. D. (from the Year 1679, to the Year their Charge in his Majesty's Expe- 1689. 1688) 48,000 l, for carrying on dition to England passed the Royal or the several Prosecutions. And that Assent: As did also an A&t for prothey had by their vexatious Prose. hibiting Trade with France, an Act cutions endeavoared the Subversion for Relief of the Irish Clergy, and of the Protestant Religion, and the several others, and then the ParliaGovernment of the Realm.

ment adjourned to the 20th of SepThe Lords appointed a Commit- tember; and from thence to the 19th tee to enquire into the Miscarriages of O&tober. in managing the Affairs for Ireland, Thus terminated the Seffion, which Committee declaring they which would have been shorter if could not come to a full Discovery the Bickerings of the Two Parties without a Sight of the Minute had not occafioned long Debates ; Books of the Committee for Irish and the Conferences between the Affairs, to the ist of May last, the two Houses about some Bills that House ordered an Address to his did not pass, as 'That for an IndemMajefty for a Sight of them ; which nity, That for an Attainder of sevebeing presented June the 18th, the ral Persons, That for Declaring the King answered that he would con Rights of the Subject, and some osider of it ; this obstructed further thers, had not lengthened it so far Proceeding in it, till the Commons as to induce the King on the 28th passing a smart Vote about it, his of fune to come to the House, and Majesty on the 16th of July ac- advise them to dispatch. quainted the Lords, that the Com. Besides the Bills already mentiomittee might inspect the Book ; but ned, there paffed in this Session ; chat Book being not satisfactory, an A& for granting an Aid to their hey further desired that the Mi Majesties of 68820 li per Menf. for putes from the Time his Majesty fix Morths. An A&t for raising regan to take the Administration Money by a Poll. An Act for grantof the Government, to the Time ing an Aid of 12 d. in the Pound of the Beginning of these, might upon Land. An Act for an addibe laid before them; to which the tional Duty of Excise. An addiKing answered, there were no Mi tional Act to the Land-Tax. And nues of the Irish Affairs for that an Ad for granting to their MajeTime.

fies the same Revenues that were The Commons on the 3d of Au enjoyed by the late Kings, except uff, voted an Address to his Ma- Hearth Money, till the 25th of Deetly to represent, That there had

cember 1689. jeen Delays in the Succour of Ire We must return to Ireland, and and ; that there was not suffici. fhew the Course of the War the nt Preparations to transport the rest of this Campaign. forces, and that several Ships were Duke Schomberg being by his aken for want of sufficient Con Majetty appointed his General for 'oy. And on the 12th, they fur that Service, and Eighteen Regiher addressed that Colonel Lundee ments of Foot and five of Horte night be sent over to London-Derry being expeditiously raised, but not o be tried for the Treason laid to fo quickly transported through the vis Charge.

Neglect of the Purveyor ; on the On the 20th of August, the Bill 12th of Auguft the General failed


A a 2

A. D. with as many of the Forces as were the 20th of September, they had 1689. yet shipped off at Chester and Lever- Notice that King James, at the

pool. On the 13th he arrived in Head of all his Forces, marched toCarickfergus-Bay, which lies over- wards them, and in Effect the next againlt the South-West Coast of Day they appeared in Order of BatScotland, and landed on Bangor, that tle; the English Army was loo much is, the South Shoar of the Bay, weakened by Death and Sickness without Opposition ; and having to march out of their Camp to meet sent out Parties to scour the Coun- them, however they stood to their try he marched forward towards Arms, and were well prepared to Belfast

, which the Enemy upon his receive an Attack, if the Enemy Approach quitted; this Town lies dared to offer it. But it seems they at the Mouth of the River Logan, found the Entrenchments too ftroeg, or the Bottom of the Bay, on the and therefore a great Party of Horie opposite Side to that they landed having advanced within Cancon on. From thence some Regiments Shot of the Entrenchments with were detached towards Carickfer- out being able to draw us on, gus, which stands on the Sea-Coast they at lait marched off. The la. on the Northern Shoar of the Bay, niskillingers on the 27th of Septes which Town they besieged on the ber defeated a great Body of info, 22d of August, and took on the that were marching to attack Sliga 26th. And Auguf the gift, the a strong Town feated on the Vic felt of the Forces arrived, but the Coast over against Dundalk, at 29 Artillery was still behind. The Miles Distance from it. It 729 Duke therefore fent repeated Or. hoped at first that this Defeat might ders that the Train, with all be- have saved the Town, but it co longing to it, mould fail with all not, for Sarsfield with a large Bar Expedition, and put in at Carling- marched thither, and at:acked it :0 ford Bay, which lies more to the vigorously, that although it 1425 South, almost over against Cheffer, well defended by St. Sauocar, with and was a much Shortet Voyage : his Company of French, and ColoAnd then marched forward to meet nel Lloyd with the leniskillingas

, it. He encamped for one Night at he took it. The Weather in ti: Drummore, and the next Day, as he mean Time proving wet, and Pro marched forward, he was joined by visions being scarce, the Solo the Inniskilling Horse and Dragoons. in the Camp fared very ill, and The Irish at Newry, a Town that a violent Sickness raging 211.6", defended a strong Pass, quitted and them many dyed, insomuch that de burnt it, which made the Generalfore they decamped to go into fend Word to the Duke of Berwick ters, at least half the Army het their Commander, that if the Irish either dead or lick. proceeded in that barbarous Man There was nothing done at so ner, he would give no Quarter, this Summer, for Admiral Torres which had the Effect to make them ton attempting to surprize Coré, *: abandon Dundalk without Harm. diverted by a false Intelligence it: Here the General encamped to ex the French advanced towards bira pect the Arrival of his Cannon, and and his Men being lickly he te there he lay in a moist Ground so turned to Torbay. long expecting it, that his Men were all lick, and many died. On

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