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A. D. sur'd, but the Author never ap On the zift of May her Niajefy 1702. peared.

declared his Royal Highness Prince The War being now begun, both George of Denmark, Lord High Ad. Houses of Parliament addresied miral of England and Ireland. And the Queen to prohibit all Corre- on the 23d his Royal Highness apspondence with France, and also to pointed Sir George Rook, Sir Dail oblige her Ailies to observe the Mitchell, George Churchill, Esq; and same.

Richard Hill, Esq; to be his Council The Lords addressed her Majesty in the Admiralty. on the 23d of May, That she would The several Foreign Princes and be plealed to grant Commissions States of Europe had in the mean with such Powers as were proper, time made their Congratulations to such Persons and Communities as to her Majesty, on her happy Ac. her Majesty should think fit, to be cession to the Throne. And he: Adventurers to make Acquisitions own Subjects presented their Acin the West Indies.

dresses to her upon the same OcciOn the 15th of May, the Queen fion, from all the parts of her Docame to the House of Lords, and ha- mirions. ving pafled the Aets, made a Speech, The Campaign abroad ahis Year wherein her Majesty declared her was opened by the Siege of Kaper. Satisfaction in the Proceedings of fwaert, a small but strong Town on the Parliament, and expressed her the Rhine, in the Electorate of CoThanks for the Supplies.

logn, which was poliessed by the The Supplies granted this Ses. french; this Town was inveted ca fion, besides establishing the Royal the 16th of April, and the Siege Revenue, were, An Act for ma- carried on with Difficulty by rear.a king good Deniciencies upon several of the bad Weather, and the Retzel Funds, which appear'd to amount to the French were able from time :0 2,338,628 l. besides what had been time to put into the Town. Howformerly provided for. To supply ever on the gih of June the Coue this were given, the old Tonnage derscarp was taken by Storm, and and Poundage till the 1st of August, fix Days after the Town casila 1710 ; the Stamp Duty for the ted. In the mean time the Fre: tame Term; the Duties upon Hou. under Niarthal Bouffiers, made a ses ; and the Duties upon Whale- bold Attempt. That General be fins, and Scotch Linnen, for the joined by those two Bodies, unu: fame Term, and the Overplus of the the Duke of Burgundy and Cos: Sali Duty, beyond what was appro- Tallard, made a hafty March : priated to the Bank, till tugut 1, wards Nimeguen, and proceeded a 1706, And for the Service of the it fo far, that the Inhabi'an: * War this Year, a Land Tax of 45. chat Town looked upon themteie in the Pound, and a Subsidy. It as loft. But the moe couragex must be re.rembred a so, that in this among them so animated there Sellion an Act passed to empower that while they wanied H: her Majesty to name Commissioners and Carriages,

they by mama for an Union with Scotland. And Labor haled the Cannon oct a then the Parliament was prorogued the Arsenal, and planted 160 Piece to the 7th of July

on the Walls ready to tre 3

gainit the Enemy. The Exis On May the 16th, Sir Gorge Rock and Dutih Army inat lay e0:19.3. was made Vice Admiral of England. in irabant ur der the Cours!!

he Earl of Athlone, upon the first Eugene of Savoy into the Dutchy of A. D. Advice of this March broke up, and Milan, where by the Bravery of the 1702. ook the proper Measures to inter- Troops, and the Conduct of the ept the Enemy, which by their General, they had made good AcquiExpedition they effected, coming fitions, but thro' the Difficulty of rto the Neighbourhood of Nime- receiving Recruits and Necesiaries, een half an Hour before the French the Army was much diminished, puld get up, and thereby saved the insomuch that the Blockade, which own, which, if taken, would have the 'Imperalists had made upon iven the French free Entrance into' Mantna in the Winter, was this le united Netherlands.

Spring raised, and the Army difpoOn the 16th of June, Prince sed itlelf in a defensive Posture all exis of Baden invested Landau, the Summer, againft the superior le Siege whereof took up three Power of the French, under the lonths. At length on the roth of Duke de Vendosme, and the Spani. ptember, the Belicgers being ready ards under King Philip, till the make a general Storm, the Go- beginning of August, when the Emnor capitulated, and the Town nemy pressed to give Prince Eugene as surrendered.

Battle. On the 15th of that Month, The Earl of Marlborough being they came to Engagement at Luzrived in Holland, was honoured zara, wherein the French were rethe States with the chief Com- pulsed, and forced from the Field of and of the Army, and at the be- Battle, which gave the Imperalifts aning of July, he put himself at Occasion to claim the Victory; ale Head of it near Nimeguen, and tho' the French by taking Luzzara on after obliged the French to the next Day pretended that Honour uit the Spanish Guelderland. Ven to be theirs.

Ruremond, and Stevenswaert, In Germany the Elector of Bavaria re severally belicged and taken, accepted the Offers France made to d thereby the whole Spanish him, and being promised to be supvelderland, except the Capital, was ported by an Army which that King ade subject to the Dutch. And would send thro' the Black Foreit ther, the City and Caitle of Liege to join with his Forces, in the bere also besieged, and taken in ginning of September, he seized is Campaign. All which being the City of Ulm, and declared for rformed, the Army separated on the French. The next Month, the e 3d of November, and the Earl Marquiss de Villars with a DetachMarlborough embarked on the ment of French endeavouring to aes to return to Holland; but a join the Bavarian, came to a Battle :le below Venlo in the Middle of with Prince Lewis of Baden, who : Night, the Boat was surprized, with the Army of the Empire was d taken by a Party of the Gar. posted at Fridlingen to hinder it. on of Guelder, but their Business The French sung Te Deum for a Viing chiefly Plunder, and not know- 'ctory. But the Germans claimed it 3 the Earl, they accepted a Pass and with just Reason, since the French aich he happened to have, belong. were repulsed, and the intended g to his Brother, and after rifling Junction prevented. e Baggage, let the Boat pass. The Proceeding of our own Fleet The Emperor had the lait Year, at Cadiz this Summer we will pursuit of his Claim to the Crown postpone for the present ; to speak Spain, sent an Army urder Prince of the Proceeding of the Parlia



A.D. ment in Scotland, and some other very handsome Speech enlarged ir 1702 home Affairs.

on the Queen's Letrer, and the The Parliament assembled at E. Chancellor the Earl of Market! dinburgh on the gth of June. Before seconded him, and then the Hocie the Queen's Commision was opened, adjourned to the 11th. Duke Hamilton desired to be heard, Being met again they drew ep 1 and altho' he was derred to wait Letter to the Queen in most gir the Reading the Commission, heful and loyal Terms, and then it would procced, and declared it as ceeded in the Business recommer.'. his Opinion, that this present Par- to them. These A&s foon pas, liament did not legally exiit, for- and received the Royal Al asmuch as by the ancient Conftitu- namely, an Act recogniz ng tion of the Realm, the Parliament Majefy's Royal Authorits. Dr.! always expired with the King's declaring this present Parliam. ' * Death, and that the Statute to the be a lavful and free Mac contrary was not fufficient Authori. Parliament. And an da far ty for them to me and fit. Upon ring the Proteflant Religie, of which he took Inftruments and Presbyterian Church Ger withdrew, and was followed by 80 And not long after an Act pace. more, who adhered to his Opinion. a Supply of Ten Months and E.

The Duke of Pleensbury the Cesiment opon Land. Queen's High Commislioner present Duke Hamilton sent up 20 ed her Majeity's Letter to the Parlia- dress to the Queen upon the Set ment, wherein her Majesty de- of his Protest, which her clared her Affection to that her an- would not admit; but on the C3cient Kingdom, with assurance of trary by a Mlefrage to the for maintaining them in the fall Por ment declared her Relentment ca fefion of their Religion, Laws, and and required them to proceed Liberries, and of the Presbyterian out regarding it. Government of the Church ; repre On the 25th of June an All fented the exorbitant Power of the enabling her Maj fty to E French King, and the indignity he Commisioners for an Unior, had offered to the Nation, in pro- ceived the Royal Aflent. clainig the pretended Prince of It was now proposed to the H'ales King. Which tending to the lament, that in regard Ersize: Subversion of the Proteítant Reli- settled the Succeffion on the t. gion, and the Ruin of the Subjects, of Hanover, it would be pres had caused her to declare War, Scotland to do the like; b.:: wherein she expec?ed their Concur met with such Opposition, 1* rence and Allittance; and accord. High Commillioners thoughts ingly recommended to them, the adjourn the Parliament on tk providing competent Supplies for July. luci a Numlier of Focus as were But to return to Erylard. r. cefiary. Then recommended to Grand Fleet under the Comita them an Union of the two King- Sir George Rosk, having 10.0.cla coms, declaring that the English men on Board, lay ready Parliament having impowered her 19th of June to put to sea. to name Cominitioners, the expe. A imirals Fairbord ard Go did they would do the fame on with a Squadron of, D.::,:. tici: Pirt.

30 Sail, were de cached or is The Duke of Queenstury in a upon a particular Se vice. ...

the 25th Sir John Munden, who Day was attended by the Duke of A. D. had been fent out against a Squa- Beaufort, who conducted her to his 1702. dron of French under Du Caffe, re Seat at Badminton, where her Maturned without hindring them from jesty and the Prince accepted an Engetting into the Groyne, or fighting tertainment. And then proceedthem there : With which her Ma- ed to Bath, where she was met by clly was to displeased, that the the High Sheriff, Mayor, Citizens, ook away

his Commission. The and a great Concourse of Gentry, whole Fleet failed on the ist of Ju- and conducted into the Ciły, thro' 's, and proceeded on their Voyage the joyful Acclamations of the Peoowards Cadiz, but the Wind alter- ple, who also expressed their Joy ng, it was near'a Month beiore by Ringing of Bells, Bonfires, Ilhe got out of the Soundings. luminations, &c. Her Majesty was

pleased to give the Ciiy of Bristol On the 2d of July, the Parlia- the Honour of a Visit on the ift of sent was dissolved by Proclamation, September, where the highest Dend a new one called to meet on the monftrations of the Loyalty and oth of Auguft. On the oth her Respect of the Citizens, and the 1ajesty declared the D. of Somerset neighbouring Gentry, were paid her. laiter of the Horse, and the E. of And having been entertained with embroke President of the Council. a Splendid Dinner, her Majesty and His Royal Highness being advi- the Prince returned the same Night

by his Physicians to use the Bath to the Bath. They remained there aters againit the Afthma he was to the 8th of Ociobir, when his luch afflicted with, her Majesty Royal Highness having received sufsolved to accompany him thither. ficient Benefit by the Waters her od the Parliament being prorogu- Majesty left that Place, and returnI to the 8th of October, her Ma- ed the roth to Windsor. lly and the Prince set out from. The Confederate Fleet consisting Windsor on the 26th of August, of 30 English and 20 Durch Line d was pleased to take Oxford in of Ba tle Ships, befides Firchips, :: Way, where she lodged the Cruisers, Yatches, Bombships, At Night, in the Apartment pro- Viêtuallers, Hospitals, Tenders, tied for her in Chriff's Church. &c in their Voyage, came up to the The Univerfity, sensible of the great height of Cape Finijierre the 3!1t lonour they received by her Maje- of July, Lisbon the i oth of August, y's Presence, entertained her with and on the 12th, arrives vefore Cao asions, Verses, Comforts of Mu- diz. A Council of Warreing held, k, a Splended Banquet, and the and the Advices confiden wirch ual Presents: With which her Mr. Niethuen ard the Prince of H:12 lajeity expressed herself highly fa- Darm?ad: brought, whereby they fyed, and lett that Place the next underttocd, that the Enemy had lay, to proceed on her Journey. 4,000 disciplined Troops in Cadiz, 'he Earl of Abingdon, with the belides 1.coo old Horte and the Mientlemen of the County, atten litia to guard the Coati, it was reed her Majelly to the limits of folved to land on the Bay of Bull's xfordshire, and on the Borders of to the Fort Cuiberine, and Post kucestershire, the High Sheriff and St. alory. The Duke of Ormond entlemen of that County waired fent a Boat with a Leier to tie Go

her Majeity to Cirenselier, where vernor of Cartiz, to which he ane lay that night. And the next swered in Civii Te'm, that he



A.D. would maintain the Post he was in. impracticable to dig Trenches deep 1702. On the 15th the Forces began to enough, nor was it strong encega

Land. The Grenadiers that first to suitain the Batteries of Cannon
got on shore were attacked by a small that were erected. Wherefore ca
Party of Spanish Horse, whom they the Fifth of September, the Forca
quickly defeated. So the Forces all withdrew from before it, and
landed, and the next Day took Ro- soon after the Army found i:
ta, where they stayed some Days necessary to retire to the Ships
to put all Things in Order. On Accordingly they drew off in good
the 22d they took St. Catharine's Order to Reta, and on the 140,
Fort, and Port St. Mary, whence 15th, 16th, and 17th of Septes
the Inhabitants being all Aed, the ber, the Forces were safely hipped
Soldiers plunderd their Houses, not- again.
withitanding that the Duke of Or When they were shipped, the Om
mond had very frickly forbidden all stion was put, whether they belt
Plunderings.' Terrible Havock was stay and winter in Spain, or pro
made, and great Offence thereby ceed Home? The Duke of Osead
given to the Spaniards; which oc was for the former, and Sir George
cafioned the Duke of Ormond to put Rook for the latter, and a Council s:
Sir Henry Bellafis and Sir Charles War being held the latter Opnica
Hara (who had not sufficiently with- prevailed, and accordingly on the
held the Soldiers) under Arrest. On igth of September they left Coding
the 24th, a Council of War was and set sail homeward; a Dezsch-
held, where it was resolved to at ment being first sent off for the W14-
tack the Matagorda Fort, and then Indies.
to send in a Frigate or two to pass But what the Covetoures of
the Puntals. But the time that was some, and the Unskilfulness of aiers,
loft in Plundering Port St. Mary, had deprived the Nation of a: Co
and consulting afterwards, gave the diz, Fortune made up to it as Figo
Enemy Opportunity to recover their On September 21. fome Ships het
Fright, and to put themselves into lent into Lagos to water, there on
such a Condition to refiit, that the Mr. Beavoir Chaplain to the Pro!
whole defgn was fruitrated. The broke, by the Advantage of spezs
People of Cadiz came to their Wits, ing good French, fell into Corve.
the Governor of Andalusia increa- fation with the French Coalal

sed his Army, the People that were whose House he and the Ger's
ruined at St. Mary's, provoked men that came afhore with 2
their Neighbours to revenge. And lodged two Nights ; during w
in the whole, what with the ill time, the Frenchmar was fcie
Management on the Confederate his Vaunts of his Master's Power.
side, and the recovered Wildom on and among the rest gave broad
the Spaniards fide, such Oppofiti- of the Arrival of the Galleons.
on was made, as rendered the At- fore they went aboard a Gentkes
tack of the Town impra&tica- from Lisbon came into the Town
ble. Three Galleons were sunk at who wanted to go aboard the coa
the Entrance of the Puntals, which federate Fieet, to him Mr. Bart
prevented the Shipping paling it. fent a Civil Meffage with an Of
And 8 Gallies with 7 Aien of War, of taking him on Board, which
lay firing incessantly upon the Tren: accepting they went together to t»
ches at the Maragorda. The Ground Bas; and in the way the Chains
here, also was to boggy, that 'twas a king for News, the Stranger i

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