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A. D. who took the usual Oath on the dered a Proclamation for a nero 3704. 29th of March. The Lord Carts Parliament, to meet the 14th of

was appointed to command her June.
Majesty's Forces in Ireland ; and On the 5th of May, N. S the
the Earl of Montague was created Emperor Leopold departed this Life
a Duke. The Bishoprick of Lins at Vienna.
coln being vacant by the Death of 'The Duke of Marlborough had
Dr, Gardiner, and that of St. Da concerted Measures with the Em.
vids by the Deprivation of Dr.Wat- peror, to open the Campaign on
yon, the former was given to Dr. the Moselle to penetrate France that
Wake, and the latter to Dr. Bull. Way ; and the Germans undertook

The Parliament being near the to reinforc their Army under Prisce Time of expiring, on the 5th of A. Lewis so well, that he should be able pril it was dissolved by Proclama- to put his great Designs in Excion.

ecution. The Duke marched the Her Majesty and the Prince being Army that Way, and rode Post to at Newmarket this Session, they ac- Raftade to conser with Prince Lecui, cepted an Invitation from the Uni- who through Indiíposition excated versity of Cambridge, and made a his coming to him. All Matters Visit there the 16th of April. The were then concerted, and the Day Mayor with the Members of the fixed on which the Germans were Corporation in their formalities, to be on the Saar. But such see met her Majesty a Mile off the the Delays of the Niarch, and the Town, and having made the usual Troops came in fo thinly, that the Duties and Present, conducted her Enemy had the Opportunity to take Majesty into the Town. The Duke Huy, and threaten the Netberlandi

, of Somerset Chancellor, with the which obliged the Duke to march Vice-Chancellor, and Doctors in that Way, leaving 4 vaft Magazines their Robes, received her Majesty at in Triers, which on the 25th of the Regent Walk, and conducted June were burnt and blown up, to her to the Schools. His Grace in a prevent their falling into the Enehandsome Speech express'd the grate- my's Hands. Huy was retaken 7 ful Sense the University had of the ly the 11th. And then the Dake Honour she did them, and the pub- proposed to the Dutch a glorios lick Orator in an Oration in the Undertaking The States left all Name of the University, expressd to his Wisdom, and therefore altho their Loyalty and Affection to her some of the Generals were againft Majesty's Person and Government. it, it was put in Execution. Dr. James, Regius Profeffor, made The French and Confederate Aran eloquent Speech also. The usual my were about equally strong, ev. Presents were made, and then her cept that the Confederates were foMajesty was pleased to accept of a perior in Horse. On the other Banquet prepared by the Univerfity hand, the French lay intrenched beat Trinity College. After which the hind Liries which they had made as pay'd her Devotions in King's Col- inaccessible as possible. This res: lege Chapel, and then re urned to dered a Bactle impracticable. B* Newmarket, perfectly satisfied with the incomparable Courage and lthe Marks of Duty and Respect fic dom of the Duke of Marlborough die had received.

tated to him the Means of atrack. The Queen being returned to St. ing and invading these firong Live, James's, on the 23d of April or- and routing the French Army. The


Enterprize was undertaken in the by the taking of Valencia d'Alcan. A. D. Night in the 17th and 18th of July, tara, Albuquerque, and Salvaterra. 1705. when throʻthe Obscurity the Troops But the Autumn Campaign was by had Opportunity to pass undiscove the Portuguese Supineness strangely red to different Parts than where delay'd, insomuch that it was the they had in the Day time made a Iith of October, before the long Feint of Attack; this being executed projected Siege of Badajox was comwith extream Industry and Judg. menced. The brave Lord Galway ment, gave our People the Poffef- lost his right Hand at it, which comfion of a Bridge by surprizing the pelled him to quit the Command, Guard, and thence entred without and soon after Marshal Thefe made any Loss in the Lines. These be a long and hasty March to come to ing well seconded, foon gave us Por- its Relief. The Confederates faced fellion of the whole ; and if the the Enemy, but found it improper French durft have stood, it had pro- to fight them, and therefore raised duced a Victory over the whole Ar- the Siege. my; but the Elector of Bavaria, But now let us view the Motion and Marshal Villeroy, chose to save of our own Fleet. Sir Cloudsley the rest by a Retreat, and so lead Shovel had the Command of it this the Army with all Expedition to the Year. And the Earl of Peterbotrong Camp of Park near Louvain. rough with 5000 Landmen went on The Enemy's Loss was very great, board it. They failed the 24th of for besides the Number that were May, and arrived at Lisbon the 20th killed in the Fight, above 1,300 of June, N. S. where the Dutch Fleet private Soldiers, and 105 Officers under Admiral Allemond was also (8 whereof were General Officer) 9 arrived. Here my Lord PeterboStandards, many Colours, and a pair rough prevailed upon my Lord Galof Kettle Drums, were taken. This way to spare him two Regiments of Action was near Tirlmont or Tilmont his Dragoons, and the Prince of in Brabant.

Hele Darmfladt being come thiThe Duke took care to keep the ther from Gibraltar, gave King Enemy employ'd all the Year; there Charles such Asurances of the Inwas perpetual Action and perpetual clinations of the Catalonians toAdvantage on the Confederate Side, wards him, that his Majesty resolv’d but except the taking of Santvliet, to put himself on board the Fleet ; which was effected by Count de which thus furnished failed from Noyelles, Oētober 13, the chief At. Lisbon July 28. King Charles lantempts made upon the Enemy did ded at Gibraltar to take Posession of not succeed.

that Place, and then sailed for Altea, In Italy Prince Eugene fought a in which Bay they anchored August Battle at Cassano, Auzult the 16th; the 12th, and published a Mani. wherein the Imperialists loft be- fefto. The Spaniards about Denia tween 2 and 3000, and the French declar’d for King Charles, and seiz'd 5000. Both Sides claim'd the Vic. that Town, into which the King tory, but neither made any Advan- put a Governor. On the 22d of

August they arrived in the Bay of In Savoy, the Castle of Nice, and Barcelona. The Forces landed the the Fortress of Montmelian, were ta next Day, and the King himself ken by the French.

on Shore the 28th. The In Portugal the Spring Campaign Strength of Barcelona, and the small was succelsful to the Contedcrates Number of the Troops, made the

tage of it.


A. D. Siege of that place a Matter of De- so low with the Grandees, who re1705. liberation. 'Twas concluded, that sented the Favour shewed to the

without bombarding it from the French, that there seemed to be no-
Fleet the Attempt was hopeless. thing wanting to a Revolution. The
But the King would not allow the E. of Peterborough was so exceeding
City should be destroyed. The active in the King's Service, that he
Prince of Hesse being earnest in the carried all before him, frightned the
proposed attacking Montjuick, which Spaniards out of their Wits, and
taken would facilitate the attack with a handful of Forces drove Ar-
upon the Town. This Proposal mies before himn; he relieved Palez.
was accepted, and on the 14th of cia, which the Spaniards were pre-
September put in Execution. The paring to besiege, and San Netir,
Valiant Prince of Helse was killed where the Miners were at work ;
in the Action, and Col. Allen with frightned Mahoni from Marved,
250 Men were taken Prisoners by and was received at Valencia win
Stratagem. The Lord Peterborough great Honour. All this was done
led up the Troops afresh that were by the end of the Year ; what fol-
ready to draw off, and renewed the lowed we will tell in its proper
Attack, and made Lodgments, Place.
which with the taking of St. Ber To return home. The Nation
tram's Fort, which cut off the Com- was at this time much divided, and
munication with the Town, enabled the Parties expressed great Warmth
us to continue the Siege. On the on both sides. A Paniphlet pubik-
17th Colonel Southwell so well le- ed this Summer, intitled, The He-
velled a Mortar, that the Bomb fell morial of the Church of England,
into and blew up the Magazine, which suggested that the eitablihed
which put the Garrison into such a Church was in great Danger, made
Fright, that they run out and fur- much Noise ; but it wrought so eis
rendered themselves Prisoners. This fect. For, on the rith of Oacher
Success was followed by a formal William Cowper, Eiq; was ma
Siege of the City, which on the 4th Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and
of O&tober capiculated, and the foon after the Earl of Abingdon e.
next Day a Gate was delivered. dismified from his Places of Corps
The same Day Gironne surrendered ble of the Tower, and Licucenancy
itself to the Dominion of King Charles, of Oxfordshire.
and the whole Province of Catalo On the 25th of Ofeber the Parlia.
nia, except Roses, did the same soon

ment met, and the Commons wee after.

directed to choose their Speake", The Season being far spent, Sir and present him the 27th. There Cloudsley Shovel and Admiral Alle

was a very full Appearance, becaus mond came home with the main

a great struggle was made for ube Fleet, leaving 4 English and 2 Dutch choice of him. The two Cand:Frigates at Barcelona, and 25 Eng. dates were Mr. Bromley and M: lis and 15 Dutch Ships at Lisbon, Smith. The latter carried it by 43 and arived at St. Hellens November Voices, having 248 against Mr. 26th, O. S.

Bromley's 205 The Province of Valentia followed The Queen's Speech was longer the Example of Catalonia soon af- than usual, and entered into Parti ter; and King Charles's Affairs were culars more than formerly. In re in so flourishing a State, and the Duke commending the carrying of Anjou's Interest at the same time War, she was pleased to say,

thing can be more evident, than Chancellor or Keeper of the Great- A. D. that if the French King continues Seal, the Treasurer, President of the 1705. Master of the Span:11 Monarchy, Pouncil, Lord Privy-Seil, the High. the Balance of Power in Europe is Admiral, and Lord Chief Justice, utterly destroyed, and he will be shall

be Lords Justices for adminiftring able in short time to engross the the Government till his or her ArriTrade and Wealth of the World.' val, which passed into an Act. ind in another Place: • We have The Total of the Supplies granlearnt by our own Experience, that ted this Session amounted to 5,075,no Peace with France will laft 756 1. To raise which they gave a longer than the first Opportunity Land Tax of 4 s. in the Pound, the of their dividing the Allies.' Her Malt Duty, additional Subsidy of ajesty told them of the Aet passed Customs, and Excise, and Duty on Scotland for treating of an Uni. Coals for 95 Years; a Fund for rai. , fui able to that paffed here, and fing 2,855761 l. by Annuities at at she would appoint Commiffio. 15 and half Year's Purchase, that is rs suddenly. Then recommended 155 1. to be paid 10 l. per Annum nanimity, blamed those that fug. for 95 Years. Ited the Church was in Danger, On the 3d of December the Queen clared her own Affection to the came to the House, and passed an urch, and Resolution to support Act for exhibiting an Ad in this d countenance it ; and promised present Parliament for naturalizing maintain the Toleration.

the Princess Sophia, and her Issue. This pathetick Speech was ex. And afterwards an Act passed to amly well received, and both naturalize them. On the 4th, a ouses in their Addresses expressed Motion was made by Sir Thomas mielves with great Loyalty, Hanmer in the House of inviting oatitude, and Affection to her ver the Princess Sophia, and was fea ajelty.

conded by Mr. Bromley and Mr, The Lord Haversham made his Benson, but it was drope. eech the 15th of November, which On the 6th of December was held s much to the purpose of that last that famous Debate in the House of ar, namely, Blame. But because Lords concerning the Danger of the ended it with a Proposal that an Church. The Lord Hallifax had Ždress be presented to her Majesty moved some Days before,' that in at she will be pleased to invite the regard there was so much Clamour esumptive Heir to the Crown into in the Nation that the established is Kingdom to reside here: A Church was in extream Danger, a -bate arose opon it, and at last Day might be appointed to consider · Question was proposed, Whe- of it. And this Day being appoinor the Princess Sophia should be ted, the Queen came to the House it for over ? The previous Que- incognito to hear the Debate. The on was put, whether the Quefti. Lord Rochester began it, and the

Mould be put, and carried in the Reasons he assigned for believing egative. But it produced a Bill the Church to be in Danger were, nich was foon after ordered to be the Security Act in Scotland; the ought in for the better securing the Absence of the Heir to the Crown; ccession to that Family, wherein and not palling the Occasional Bill. was enacted, Thac in Cafe the No body seconded him, and therecceffor be out of the Kingdom at fore the Lord Hallifax spoke, who e time of the Queen's Demise, the said the Security Aết was foreign to chbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Hh


A. D, Church Affairs, and was unavoid • Kingdom.' Which Vote being 1705. ably passed to prevent immediate communicated to the Commons, and

Rebellion. He flighted the second their Concurrence desired, it Fras
Realon; and upon the third said upon the Question carried in the
that Matter had been fufficiently Affirmative, Yea's 212. No's 16:.
canvassed, and the House had given Whereupon both Houses joined in
their Opinion of it already. The Address to the Queen, exhibitiog te
Bishop of London gave as his Rea- faid Resolution, and desired her -
son for the Church's Danger, The jetty to make it publick, and a Pio
growth of Profaneness and Irre- clamation was published accor.
ligion, Books and Sermons publith- dingly.
ed, wherein Resistance to the High On the 21st of December the 43
er Powers were authorized, &c. for the Land-Tax received the Rss
The Bishop of Sarum answered him, al Affent, and her Majesty mace -
and enlarged upon the Subject, and the same time a Gracious Speech
in the end affirmed that more than The Duke of Marlborough, wc.
ordinary Care had been taken of he had finished the Campaign, ...
late in promoting Religion, in e. a Journey to Vienna, where be ea.
recting Schools for instructing Youth, divers Conferences with the Eure
and giving away Books to excite ror and his Prime Ministers. For
Piety, wherein 1,200 l. had been ex- thence bis Grace went to the Coru
pended the latt Year. The Arch. of Berlin and Hanover, which mac:
bishop of York complained of the his return to England so late as te:
increase of Diffenting Academies, 30th of December.
to which the Lord Wharton an Her Majesty Carbariu Cera
swered, by complaining of the Dowager of England departed w
Schools and Seminaries held by Non- Life at Lisbon, December 31, N. S.
jurors. The Bith<p of Ely com On the 16th of Februsy the
plained of the Heat and Violence in Queen came to the House, and
the Universities. The Bishop of fed the A& for the Duty upon
Litchfield complained of the abufive the Annuity Act, and leveral :
Language in common use against thers. And then made a Speec!
the Bishops. And the Bishop of Thanks for Dispatch, and w
Bath and Wells complained of the them to make Expedition with s..
invidious Terms of High Church remained unfinished, becaule a k
and Low Church. And finally the cess would be convenient in a b
Lord Sommers cloled the Debate by time.
a healing Speech. The Question The Regency Bill, that is
being put that the Church is in Dan- Act for providing a Regency in
ger, it pasied in the Negative, 61 Name of a Succeffor after her las
Voices against 30. And then the sty's Demise, sent down by the La
House resolved, · That the Church repealed the two Clauses of 12V-
of England as by Law Established, 3. whereby it was provided, I

which was rescued from the ex. all Matters relating to the Gore
treamest Danger by King William, ment should be transacted in
was then by God's Bleiling in a Privy Council, and that no Peru

most happy and flourishing Con- having Offices fhould be Alen.e. *dition. And that whoever went of Parliament. The Commos:

about to suggest and insinuare to sented this laft, and ttruggled aga the contrary, was an, Enemy to it, so that in the End it was so the Queen, the Church, and the ded thus : That after the Dio

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