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my 'air.


little steamer, as ’ad come to see us off, begun a-wavin' their ’ats and

cheerin', I did feel a little choky, a-thinkin' as I was a-bein' committed How SHE CAME TO GO THERE.

to the deep, as the sayin' is.

It's all werry well for to call 'em “state rooms where you sleeps, HAT!" I says to Brown, for a nice stats the one was in as I were a-goin' to 'ave, and Brown "go off to Merryker the he'd been and

give up 'is bed-place to a woman, for lady I won't call 'er, same as that fellow Man.

thro' 'er behaviour, as were reg'lar low-life, for I'd been and took the ders, in the middle of the underneath bed, as is one atop of another like shelves, and that narrer night, in debt down to the if that creature didn't get into my bed, and when i went down agin

as turn you can't, not to save your life ; and while my back was turned milkman, as three pounds, and him

was a-snorin' like a 'og. So I says, “ Mum, you'll excuse me, but this with a sick wife and seven


my bed." “Oh!" she says, “I'm that awful bad I can't be moved." hinfants ; as is a country So I calls the stewardess, as says, " P'raps, Mum, you wouldn't mind I don't 'old with, where

a-takin' the upper berth.” I says, “Me climb up there!” I: says, they're all a-runnin'

"Never!” "Law," she says, "it's nothink for a springy figger like about in nothink but yourn." beads and a few feathers,

Well, the wessel were a-beginnin' to roll, and the way as I as ain't common decent;

were pitched about in that cabin, a.comin' sich cracks agin the sides a-yellin' of their war

on it, so I turned that giddy as I says, “Get to bed I must!" but law, oops, and flourishin' about the work it were to get me into that place, as I says, “ You may well their Tommy 'awks, as is call it a berth, as 'll be the death of me!" and so I thought it would, certain death, as I well for many a day (Brown, he couldn't come for to see me, thro' that remembers that pictur of party as were underneath a-sayin' she were a single woman, and one myself, as did used to couldn't be seen by no he creeturs), and I don't think as ever’I did 'ang over the dinin’-room pass sich a five days, a-takin' next to nothink, and should 'ave perished mantelpiece in my fust but for that stewardess, as were a mother to me, and don't think, if place, a-settin' 'is

she hadn't persuaded me, I 'ever should ’ave come to light agin, as I aunches a-watchin' the did at last, tho' I must say, when I got on deck and see nothink but a dyin' agonies of General world of waters, it give me a dreadful turn, and a lot of passengers Wolfe, no doubt a-wait- a-walkin' about, and some a-sittin' on chairs, and me that finger, for

in to dewour 'im afore in my 'urry to get out of that cabin I'd been and forgot to put on he breath were ont of 'is body, like a ragin' wultur', and a savage

I must say the meals is wonderful reg'lar, and that plentiful as beast as killed CAPTING Cook when 'is back were turned, as is a cowardly act, and would have done for ROBISON Crusoe, all

' but for five times a day is too many for me, tho' parties says as you require it Friday; but what can you expect from a' uninabited island ? as it at sea, but don't seem natural to me. ’Owever they can wash the wasn't no better than when fust discovered, long afore steam were in things up I can't think, tho’ in course 'avin' the ocean that 'andy is a

convenience. vented, as is a long time to look forurd to, but nothink when it's gone, as is only a wapour arter all.” So Brown, he says, “Do 'old your


continued in our next.) clack, for I'm blest if you won't drive me into the Diworce Court, or Bedlam, or somewheres." "Well," I says, “MR. Brown, there's your betters as ’ave come to Bedlam through inflictions as is calamaties

LINES, å-overtakin' 'em, but as to the Diworce Court, never, for I scorns your

By 1 CONTRIBUTOR WITH A COLD. words, as ’ave never laboured under no sich amputations as could bring a blush in a' 'onest woman's cheek ;” and I was that 'urt as I walked

“ You are waiting for copy of mine," out of the room in a 'uff, with my feelin's 'urt, and didn't see nothink

So you write, MR. EDITOR-pish! you more on 'im till supper; as when it were over, he says to me, “I

Must know that I can't write a line wasn't a-jokin' about 'Merryker, as I'm a-goin' to." So I says

When I've got such a horrid-a-tischew ! nothink, but I bu'sts into tears. He says, “Hallo! What's up with you ?" So I says, "Brown, I've got a 'art and not a stone in my

Though you know I am suffering so, bussim, as can't think of bein' deserted in the evenin' of my days, and

Yet you'd drive me, you cold-blooded fish, you, left behind the same as that wagabone TITTERTON as left 'er with

To write—but I'd have you to know eight.” “Well,” says Brown, “any'ow, I can't leave you with eight,

I consider your conduct-a-tischew old gal.” I says,

“BROWN, it's 'ard to jest when the 'art's a-breakin'."

So no copy from 1 o will you get, He says, “I ’adn't no thoughts of leavin' you behind, old gal, if

Though the wat of it thoroughly dish you ;you've the pluck to come.". Well,” I says, “I did 'ope to 'ave died

'Tis useless to fume and to fret, in a Christshin country, and been berried in my own natural symmetry,

I don't care a single-a-tischer ! as the sayin' is; but," I says, “ if you're a-goin' over there I'll foller, if it's to death's door, as the sayin' is." “ Well," he says, “I thought

Such a cold as I have in my head as you'd come, if it was only to see Joe.” “What!" I says, “ Are

'Twould be really cruel to wish you :

So I won't be a brute, but, instead, you a-goin' near him? Then I'll go too.' “Well," he says, “there's the sea to be thought on, as is a trial,

I will wish you—a-tischew-A-TISCHEV! partic'ler at your age.” “Well," I says, “as to age, I'm younger than a many as ’ave gone, for look at Mrs. WHEELER, as were over eighty, and went reg'lar to Margate erery year.'

“Ah!” he says,

Literary Note. "you don't know what the sea is." I says, “ Don't I, tho'?” as certinly is not a life I should ever ’ave took to, tho' females 'as been the title of the Gael. Weil! we know Pat is not averse from "a

A new organ of Irish opinions has been started in London, under known to go for sailors, but in general thro' disappointed love, the breeze,” so it may blow the proprietors some good.

as that young gal in William Taylor,' as must have looked werry foolish when discovered by the Capting afore all the crew." So Brown he says, "Well, you may go for a sailor if you like, but

Fishy. I don't think as it would suit you.” I says, “None of your jeers, but It may interest our country readers to learn that Holborn do talk serious," and so he did, and if he wasn't a-goin' to start that recently been partially gutted—in fact, has lost its Row. weriy Saturday next as were a-comin', and me not a thing ready, and here was Saturday night. 'Owever I did get ready I don't know, but

Musical and Legal. ready I was by that Friday, as put Mrs. CHALLIN out, me a-startin' on a Friday, as I says “Rubbish!” and off we goes to Liverpool.

The gentlemen of the legal profession are not, we believe, very much It certingly did give me a turn when we was bein' took aboard the given to vocal or instrumental composition, but we suppose that were

a lawyer to compose a piece," he would write it in 6-8 time. steamer in a little one as were that crowded it's a mercy we didn't go far in it or upset we should ’ave been. When we got aboard the big steamer it certinly were wonderful for size, and I says to Brown as I

A Query for Mr. Halli-well. didn't believe as she could be moved; but law bless you! tho bell SHAKESPEARE says, “ All's well that ends well.” Must we not con. rung, and we was off like nothink; ard when the parties aboard the sider Han-well and Bride-well exceptions to this rule ?



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Twelve years blackhole, I say,

Where daylight never flashes; And always twice a day

Five hundred thousand lashes !” But Joseph had à mate,

A sailor stout and lusty, A man of low estate,

But singularly trusty.


No pa


The First Lord's Daughter.

TAR but poorly prized

Long, shambling, and unsightly, Thrashed, bullied, and despised,

Was wretched Joe GOLIGHTLY. He bore a workhouse brand,

or ma had claimed

The Beadle found him, and
The Board of Guardians named

P'raps some princess's son--

A beggar p'raps his mother!
He rather thought the one,

I rather think the other.
He liked his ship at sea,

He loved the salt sea-water;
He worshipped junk, and he
Adored the First Lord's daugh-

ter. The First Lord's daughter proud, Snubbed earls and viscourt's

nightlyShe sneered at barts aloud, And spurned poor Joe Go

LIGHTLY. Whene'er he sailed afar

Upon a Channel cruise, he Unpacked his light guitar

And sang this ballad (Boosey).

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The moon is on the sea,

The wind blows towards the lee,

Willow ! But though w sigb and sob and cry, No Lady Jane for me,


Says he, “ Cheer hup, young Jue!'

I'll tell you what I'm arter, To that Fust Lord I'll go

And ax him for his darter. “ To that Fust Lord I'll go

And say you love her dearly." And Joe said (weeping low),

“I wish you would, sincerely!" That sailor to that Lord

Went, soon as he had landed, And of his own accord

An interview demanded. Says he, with seaman's roll,

My Captain (wot's a Tartar), Guv Joe twelve years' black hole,

For lovering your darter, “ He loves Miss LADY JANE

(I own she is his betters), But if you'll jine them twain,

They'll free him from his fetters. “ And if so be as how

You'll let her come a-boardship, I'll take her with me now

“Get out!” remarked his Lordship.


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She says, “ 'Twere folly quite,

dèlillots! For me to wid a wight,

wl bose lot is cast before the mast :"
And possibly she's right,


He gave him many a rating,
And almost lost his voice

From thus expostulating:
Lay out, you lubber, do!

What's come to that young man, Joe?
Belay !-'vast heaving! you !

Do kindly stop that banjo !” I wish, I do-oh, lor!

You'd shipped aboard a trader : Are you a sailor, or

A negro serenader ?” But still the stricken cad,

Aloft or on his pillow, Howled forth in accents sad

His aggravating " Willow !" Stern love of duty bad

Been Joyce's chiefest beautySays he, “I love that lad,

But duty, damme! duty!”

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