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IV. GERMAN. ZOPF UND SCHWERT. Lustspiel in fünf Aufzügen von

. KARL Gutzkow. With a Biographical and Historical Introduction, English Notes, and an Index. By H. J. WOLSTENHOLME, B.A. (Lond.), Lecturer in German at Bedford College, London, and Newnham College, Cambridge.

Price 35. 6d. Goethe's knabenjahre. (1749–1759.) GOETHE'S BOY

HOOD: being the First Three Books of his Autobiography. Arranged and Annotated by WILHELM WAGNER, Ph. D., late Professor at the

Johanneum, Hamburg. Price 25. HAUFF. DAS WIRTHSHAUS IM SPESSART. Edited

by A. SCHLOTTMANN, Ph. D., Assistant Master at Uppingham School.

Price 3s. 6d. "It is admirably edited, and we note with pleasure that Dr Schlottmann in his explanation always ings out the kinship of the English and German languages by reference to earlier or modern English and German forms as the case may be. The notes are valuable, and tell the student exactly what he will want to know, a merit by no means common.”—Examiner.

“As the work abounds in the idiomatic expressions and phrases that are characteristic of modern German, there are few books that can be read with greater advantage by the English student who desires to acquire a thorough knowledge of conversational German. The notes, without being cumbersome, leave no real difficulty unexplained."-School Guardian. DER OBERHOF. A Tale of Westphalian Life, by KARL

IMMERMANN. With a Life of Immermann and English Notes, by Wilhelm

WAGNER, Ph.D., late Professor at the Johanneum, Hamburg. Price 35. A BOOK OF GERMAN DACTYLIC POETRY. Ar

ranged and Annotated by the same Editor. Price 35. Der erste Kreuzzug (THE FIRST CRUSADE), by FRIED

RICH VON RAUMER. Condensed from the Author's 'History of the Hohenstaufen', with a life of RAUMER, two Plans and English Notes. By

the same Editor Price 25. "Certainly no more interesting book could be made the subject of examinations. The story of the First Crusade has an undying interest. The notes are, on the whole, good.”—Educational Times. A BOOK OF BALLADS ON GERMAN HISTORY. Arranged and Annotated by the same Editor.

Price 2s. "It carries the reader rapidly through some of the most important incidents connected with the German race and name, from the invasion of Italy by the Visigoths under their King Alaric, down to the Franco-German War and the installation of the present Emperor. The notes supply very well the connecting links between the successive periods, and exhibit in its various phases of growth and progress, or the reverse, the vast unwieldy mass which constitutes modern Germany." -- Times. DER STAAT FRIEDRICHS DES GROSSEN. By G.

FREYTAG. With Notes. By the same Editor Price 25. "Prussia under Frederick the Great, and France under the Directory, bring us face to face respectively with periods of history, which it is right should be known thoroughly, and which are well treated in the Pitt Press volumes."Times.

"Freytag's historical sketches and essays are too well known in England to need any com. mendation, and the present essay is one of his best. Herr Wagner has made good use of Carlyle's great work in illustration of his author."- Journal of Education.

London : Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.




AND DOROTHEA. With an Introduction and Notes. By the same Editor. Price 35. "The notes are among the best that we know, with the reservation that they are often too abundant.”—Academy. Das Jahr 1813 (THE YEAR 1813), by F. KOHLRAUSCH. With English Notes. By the same Editor.

Price 25.

V. ENGLISH. LOCKE ON EDUCATION. With Introduction and Notes

by the Rev. R. H. QUICK, M. A. Price 35. 6d. “Mr Quick has made the study of educational matters and the lives of educational reformers a speciality. He has given us an edition of Locke which leaves little to be desired. In addition to an introduction, biographical and critical, and numerous notes, there are two appendices containing Locke's scheme of working schools, and Locke's ocher writings on education. The passages in Locke bearing upon the physical training of children are annotated in harmony with modern science by Dr J. F. Payne. The book forms one of the Pitt Press Series, and its general get up is worthy of the University Press."--The Schoolmaster.

The work before us leaves nothing to be desired. It is of convenient form and reasonable price, accurately printed, and accompanied by notes which are admirable. There is no teacher too young to find this book interesting; there is no leacher too old to find it profitable."— The School Bulletin, New York. THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN, edited with Intro

duction and Notes by the Rev. Professor SKEAT, M.A., formerly Fellow

of Christ's College, Cambridge. Price 35. 6d. This edition of a play that is well worth study, for more reasons than one, by so careful a scholar as Mr Skeat, deserves a hearty welcome."Athenaum.

"Mr Skeat is a conscientious editor, and has left no difficulty unexplained.” -- Times. BACON'S HISTORY OF THE REIGN OF KING

HENRY VII. With Notes by the Rev. J. RAWSON LUMBY, D.D.,

Norrisian Professor of Divinity ; Fellow of St Catharine's College. 35. SIR THOMAS MORE'S UTOPIA. With Notes by the

Rev. J. Rawson LUMBY, D.D., Norrisian Professor of Divinity; Fellow

of St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. Price 35. 6d. To enthusiasts in history matters, who are not content with mere facts, but like to pursue their investigations behind the scenes, as it were, Professor Rawson Lumby has in the work now before us produced a most acceptable contribution to the now constantly increasing store of illustrative reading.”The Cambridge Review.

" To Dr Lumby we must give praise unqualified and unstinted. He has done his work admirably. Every student of history, every politician, every social reformer, every one interested in literary curiosities, every lover of English should buy and carefully read Dr Lumby's edition of the 'Utopia. We are afraid to say more lest we should be thought ex. travagant, and our recommendation accordingly lose part of its force."- The Teacher.

“It was originally written in Latin and does not find a place on ordinary bookshelves. A very great boon has therefore been conferred on the general English reader by the managers of the Pitt Press Series, in the issue of a convenient little volume of More's Utopia not in the original Latin, but in the quaint English Translation thereof made by Raphe Robynson, which adds a linguístic interest to the intrinsic merit of the work. : . . All this has been edited in a most complete and scholarly fashion by Dr J. R. Luinby, the Norrisiar. Professor of Divinity, whose name alone is a sufficient warrant for its accuracy. It is a real addition to the modern stock of classical English literature.”—Guardian. SIR THOMAS MORE'S LIFE OF RICHARD III. With Notes, &c., by Professor LUMBY.


THALES TO CICERO, by Joseph B. MAYOR, M.A., Professor of
Moral Philosophy at King's College, London. Price 25. 6d.

[Other Volumes are in preparation.]
London: Cambridge Warehouse, 17 Paternoster Row.


LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. Examination Papers, for various years, with the Regulations for the Examination Demy Octavo. 25. each, or by Post, 25. 2d.

The Regulations for the Examination in 1881 are now ready. Class Lists, for various years, 6d. each, by Post 7d. After 1877, Boys

1S., Girls 6d. Annual Reports of the Syndicate, with Supplementary Tables showing the success and failure of the Candidates. 25. each, by Post 25. 2d.

HIGHER LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. Examination Papers for 1880, to which are added the Regulations for

1881. Demy Octavo. 25. each, by Post 25. 2d. Reports of the Syndicate. Demy Octavo. Is., by Post is. id.

TEACHERS' TRAINING SYNDICATE. Examination Papers for 1880, to which are ad.ded the Regulations for 1881. Demy Octavo. 6d., by Post 7d. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY REPORTER.

Published by Authority. Containing all the Official Notices of the University, Reports of Discussions in the Schools, and Proceedings of the Cambridge Philo. sophical, Antiquarian, and Philological Societies. 3d. weekly.

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION PAPERS. These Papers are published in occasional numbers every Term, and in

volumes for the Academical year. Vol. VIII. Parts 87 to 104. PAPERS for the Year 1878–9, 125. cloth. VOL. IX. 105 to 119.

1879–80, 125. cloth.

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Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examinations.

PAPERS SET IN THE EXAMINATION FOR CERtificates, July, 1879. Price 1s. 6d. LIST OF CANDIDATES WHO OBTAINED CERTIficates at the Examinations held in December, 1879, and in June and July,

1880; and Supplementary Tables. Price 6d. 3. REGULATIONS OF THE OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE

Schools Examination Board for the year 1881. Price 6d. 4. REPORT OF THE OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE

Schools Examination Board for the year ending Oct. 31, 1880. Price is.



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