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A. D. man below the Chair (next after Sir About this Time died Sir Robert Car 1740. George Champion) and Alderman bett, Bart. one of the Commissioners

Heathcote; but the Court of Aldermen of the Customs : The Right Horse
returned Mr. Heathcote by a Majority able Pryce Lord Viscount Hereerd,
of three : And he desiring to be the first Viscount of Great Brites:
excus’d, and being actually excu- And Sir William Williams, Br.
s'd by a Court of Common Coun- Father of the present Sir Walz
cil, a new Election came on, when William Wynn, Bart.
Sir Robert Godschall and Humphry An Accident of the atmof Ir
Parsons, Esq; who had served portance to the Affairs of Beritis
the office of Lord Mayor be happened on the 9th of O&st
fore, were returned by the Livery, which was the Death of his Imperi-
and the Court of Aldermen again al Majesty ; whereupon bis eices
set afide Sir Robert Godschall by a Daughter, Maria Thereja Walter
Majority of one, and made Choice (married to the Duke of Lois
of Mr. Alderman Parsons, who was and Tuscany) was proclaimed ***
accordingly at the usual Time sworn of Hungary and Bohemia, Princes
in; but he dying the March following, of Transilvania, Archdutches ci
Mr. Alderman Lambert was chose for Austria, and universal Succelor es
the remaining Part of the Year.

all the Hereditary Dominions of the Sir Cbaloner Ogle failed with the House of Austria, in puricerca Fleet and Transports towards the of the Pragmatick Sanction. Bu End of October, in order to join Vice. her Title to some of these DonicAdmiral Vernon. He arrived at St. ons is disputed by some of the Pris Cbriftopher's the latter End of Decem. ces of the Empire, which has proc: ber, where Lord Cathcart, Comman. ced a War in that part of Europe. der in Chief of the Land Forces, di.

On the 17th of the fame Mosch ed after some Days Illness, and the the Czarina departed this Life

, ba. Command devolved upon Brigadier ving by her Will named the yoT General Wentworth. They arrived Prince Ivan or John, Son of Dak: at Port-Royal, and joined Admiral Anthony Ulrick of Brunjuick byta Vernon, in January following. Princess Anne of Meclixberg (:

His Majesty arrived at St. James's was but three Months old) her sur from Hanover, on the 13th of O&o- ceffor in the Empire, and appo: ber.

ed the Duke of Courlard to be RA : Her Serene Highness Magdalen gent; but he was soon turned os Augufia of Anbalı Zerbst, Dutchess and the Regency conferred on Dowager of Saxe-Gotha, Mother Princess Anne, the young Co to her Royal Highness the Princess Mother. And since that, a mere er: of Wales, died fome Time be traordinary Revolution has happen fore,

ed, the young Czar being depce, A general Embargo was laid on and the Princess Elizabeib planta all Shipping in the Ports of Ireland, upon the Rufian Throne. as the only Expedient to prevent the The Parliament met on NM18 Exportation of the Beef of that and his Majetty opened the SetCountry to foreign Parts.

with a most gracious Speec George Bubb Doddington Esq; re. This was the latt Session of en figned his Place of one of the Com- Parliament. His Majesty pronto miffioners of the Treasury. gued it on the 25th of 4


following, and three Days after jesty's Forces in Ireland: Also the A. D. it was diffolved by Proclamation. Reverend Dr. Daniel Waterland, 1740.

In November died Sir John Comyns, Archdeacon of Middlesex, a famous
Knight, Lord Chief Raron of the Polemical Divine.
Exchequer; whereupon Mr. Justice On the 30th Day of the said
Probyn was made Lord Chief Baron, Month, her Royal Highness the
Mr. Baron Wright one of the Jud- Princess of Wales was happily de-
ges of the King's Bench, and Sir livered of another Princess, who
Thomas Abney one of the Barons of was soon after named Elizabeth
the Exchequer.

Carolina. We are glad to conclude
In December died the Right How the Period we proposed to ourselves
-nourable Richard Boyle, Viscount to go through, with this new Ac-
Shannon, Field Marshal of all his cession to the Family of our Most
Majesty's Forces, and General and Gracious SOVEREIGN, Whom
Commander in Chief of his Ma. GOD long preserve,

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Principal Matters.

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Lady Arabella committed to the

Tower 186, her Death ibid.
BBOT (George) A. B. of Armorica, assigned to the Britijl
Canterbury, by Accident

Soldiers by Conftantine
killed a Man 188, suspen- Argyll (Earl) invades Scotland 303,

190 and heads a Rebellion there, ibid.
minius, a King of the Britains, 5 the History of it 305, &c. taken
incourt, the great Battle there 113 and executed

hrim Battle

379 Arthur, an heroick Britif Prince 25
Bion, why England so called 2 Arviragus, a King of the Britains
Alban beheaded 16, canonized Affaffination-Plot, against K. Wil


Emanza Battle

481 Atterbury, Dr. Francis, Bishop of
menara Battle
501 Rochester banished

mbrofius a British Prince 24 Aurelius Conanus, a British Prince 25
mbresbury, by whom built 25 Austin the Monk came hither from
ueen Anne born 431, crowned Rome 27, founded the Church at
434, gives an Hundred thousand Canterbury 28, and converted
Pounds of her own Revenue to King Ethelbert

the Service of the War ibid. gives


to Acon
poorer Clergy 454, declares
War against France 455, obtains Bangor Monastery, Monks of it
great Victories over the French

Main by Ethelfrid

at Blenheim 458, at Tilmont 467. Bantry-Bay Sea Fight 363
at Ramellies 472, at Oudenard Bank of England established 390
490, at Blarignies 497, her Baronets first made

Troops take Gibralter 461, and Barton (Elizabeth) an Impostor 154
Barcelona 468, raise the Siege of Bath Waters, discovered by Julius
Barcelona 473, she makes Peace Cæfar

539 Barb, Knights of, the Order revived
Alfred, King 34, distressed by the

Danes, ibid. defeats them 35, his Battle Abby, built by William the
Character ibid. founded Oxford Conqueror

36 Becker, Archbishop of Canterbury,

431, dies


the Dispute between the King Cambridge University, and the fo

and him 63, is killed 64 veral Colleges thereof, by when
Bembow, Admiral, his Actions in founded


446 Canute the Dane, King of End
Belloni's Letter burnt

619 45, assembled the Peers a: Os
Bermudas, planted by the English 188 ford, and made good Laws itd.
Bilhops Sees established in England 10 goes to Rome, ibid. being finger:
Blackfriers, King Henry Vill's Pa ed, reproved the Parasites by fire

150 ting on che Sea Shore, and com-
Blake, Admiral, successful against manding the Waters to keep

the Dutch 226, performs brave back, ibid. was liberal to the
Actions at Tunis 229, and Santa


231 Capel (Lord) beheaded
Blenbeim, Battle there 458 Caroline, Queen, appointed Reger,
Blarignies Battle


609. Her Death
Boadicea, Queen of Britain 5 Caffibelan, a King of the Trimsbata;
Booth (Sir George ) declares for a Cbaritable Corporation Affair, 6i,
free Parliament 236, defeated ibid.

Borhwel Bridge, Scots Rebels de- Charles I. sent to Spain to marry the
feated there


Infanta 187, returns 188, E2
Boyn Battle

372 ried 189, crowned 190, the Cos:
Bridewell Hospital founded 165 mons in Parliament complain of
Briftol, made a Bishoprick 159 Grievances, ibid. accuse the
Britain, why England so called 2 Buckingham ibid. the Parliamez
Britains Ancient, painted themselves meet and complain of Grievan-

2, derived from the Gauls, ibid. ces 191, the King grants Redreis
used Polygamy 3, their Religion 192, Parliament meet, and vote
ibid. their Merchandize, Coin, against Tonnage and Poundage


3, 4

ibid. diffolved 193, Projects for
Brute, Story of him fabulous raising Money, ibid, the king
Bubbles, their Rise and Downfall 564 crowned in Scotland, ibid. 21
Buckingham (Duke of) stabbed at A&t made there concerning Re-


ligion, which displeases ich
Bullen (Anne) married to K. Henry Book of Sports published, ik..

VIII 155, accused of Incest and Ship Money levied, ibid. fome
Adultery ibid. beheaded ibid. her refuse to pay it, ibid. Tamults in
last Speech

ibid. Scotland upon reading the Litur-

gy, ibid. the Scots Covenant 193,
Adwallo, an Heroick British the Liturgy revoked, ibid. the

Prince 26, his Statue set up Covenanters arm against the
on Ludgate

ibid. King, ibid. the King raises a
Cadwallador, last British King 26, Army and marches against then,

took the Habit of Religion, and ibid. Peace, ibid. disbands bis
died at Rome

ibid. Army, ibid. Parliament of Eg
Cadwan, a British Prince 26 land meet, ibid. diffolved, ibid.
Cade (Jack) a Rebel

122 Scots defeat the King's Forces
Caer Legion, Chester

26 196, Treaty with the Scots, ibid.
Caerleen, Glamorgan

2 The long Parliament began, itd.
Calais, taken by the English 99,

the King paffes the Bill of At-

tainder againft the Earl of Stret




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