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recommends to Gentlemen in all parts of the Globe his services as their


His intimate acquaintance with all departments of Literature, his extensive and valuable stock, his staff of well-trained assistants, and his established reputation as a man of business, guarantee prompt and efficient service.

He attends the BOOK-SALES in London and elsewhere personally, and thus has many opportunities of securing literary rarities sought after in vain by collectors.

His Catalogues of valuable and standard English and Foreign books are sent regularly on application to every book


Mr. QUARITCH trusts that his extensive stock will for the future be better known to collectors and literary men, and that many gentlemen who have hitherto denied themselves the pleasure of purchasing good books at moderate prices will avail themselves of the facilities which are offered for the gratification of their taste.

Parcels of moderate size can be despatched by Parcel Post at a very low rate. Large orders are shipped regularly. Enclosures of any value are received and forwarded.

MONEY ORDERS may be obtained at any Money-order Office in India, British China, Australia, America, etc., payable in London.








1 BARROW (J.) An account of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa, 1797-8, 4to. folding map, calf


2 DENHAM and CLAPPERTON, Travels and discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. maps and plates, calf 1826

Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central
Africa, 1822-4, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, hf. calf


4 GLEICHEN (Count) With the Mission to Menelik, 1897, 8vo. map and plates, 1898



Contains the text of the treaty between Gt. Britain and King Menelik, also an interesting epitome of Abyssinian History.

5 PARK (Mungo) Travels into the interior districts of Africa, 1795-7, 4to. portrait and maps, hf. calf


1799 Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa in 1805, 4to. map, hf. calf 1815 ANGUS'S (W.) Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in GREAT BRITAIN and WALES, oblong 4to. 63 Views after Drawings by eminent Artists, with text, maroon morocco, gilt edges 1787


8 FRANKLIN (J.) Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 1819-22, 2 vols.
8vo. maps,



Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 1825-7, 8vo. maps, bds. Philadelphia, 1828

Armour :

10 MUSEO-ARMERIA DE D. JOSE ESTRUCH Y CUMELLA, 4to. 166 plates, with descriptive text of every variety of Early Spanish and Oriental Armour and Weapons, red morocco, gilt top, by Zahnsdorf Barcelona, 1896

Only 100 copies privately printed. Specimens of Moorish and Spanish Armour exist in few European Collections.

11 SCHRENCK. AUGUSTISSIMORUM IMPERATORUM, serenissimorum Regum atque Archiducum, illustrissimorum Principum, necnon Comitum, Baronum, Nobilium, aliorumq; clarissimorum virorum . . . verissimæ imagines, et rerum ab ipsis gestarum succinctæ descriptiones . . folio, portrait of Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, also 125 fine full-length portraits of famous statesmen and warriors, surrounded by elaborately engraved borders, folio, fine impressions, russia extra, tooled sides, gilt edges


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In this copy some extra notes, etc. are inserted, also a bibliographical account of the works, and an Index to the 126 Portraits (1870), both by Sir W. Stirling-Maxwell. another copy, large folio, original old olive morocco, gilt edges 1601 A beautiful copy in a fine, old, well-preserved binding.

13 Assyrian. LAYARD (A. H.) the Monuments of Nineveh, from Drawings made on the spot, both series, impl. folio, 171 plates in outline, some coloured and tinted, with descriptive letterpress (pub. at £21.)

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1849 6 6 0


15 POLACK (J. S.) New Zealand: being a narrative of Travels and Adventures during a residence in that country between 1831-7, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plutes, bds. uncut


16 ROWAN, A Flower-Hunter in Queensland and New Zealand, 8vo. map and illustrations, cloth 1898

17 AYEEN AKBERY: or, the INSTITUTES of the EMPEROR AKBER, translated
from the original Persian by FRANCIS GLADWIN, 3 vols. roy. 4to. best
edition, russia
Calcutta, 1783
18 BALZAC (H. de) Euvres complètes, 24 vols. 8vo. portrait and facsimile,
half calf, uncut, top edges gilt
Paris, 1875
19 BEAUMONT (Sir John) Bosworth-field: | WITH | A TASTE OF THE
VARIETY OF OTHER POEMS, LEFT | by Sir John Beaumont, Baro- | net,
deceased: . . . Below: LONDON, | Printed by Felix Kyngston for
Henry Seile ...... 1629.

12mo. a slight waterstain at the top of a few leaves, nevertheless a
good copy in old calf gilt, with a print of Richard III inserted


The Ashburnham copy fetched £5. 178 6d.

COLLATION: 11 preliminary leaves, including the title (which had been preceded by a blank, now cut away); text, pp. 1-180, 183-208.-Collation of signatures : A 7 leaves, a 4 leaves; B-M in eights, N 7 leaves; and O 8 leaves. The leaf which which was N 3 and contained pp. 181-182, has been cut out of every extant copy of the book. Among the preliminary verses are pieces by Ben Jonson and Drayton.

20 BENTHAM'S (Jeremy) COMPLETE WORKS, with his Memoirs and Corre-
spondence, edited by Dr. Bowring, fine portrait, 11 vols. large 8vo.
Edin., 1843
"Dr. Parr considered Bentham as the wisest man of his time, whose powerful
mind had anticipated the improvements of coming ages."-FIELD'S LIFE OF PARR.

21 BALE. The first two partes of the Actes' or vnchast examples |

of the Englysh votaryes, gathered out of their own legenades (sic)
and Chrony- cles by Iohan Bale, and dedy- | cated to our most ed
oub- ted (sic for redoubted) soueraigne kynge | Edward the syxte. |
Leaf 83 reverse: Imprynted at London by Abraham Vele.
Anno, 1551. Leaf 84 blank. Leaf 85: The second | part or
contynuacyon of the English votaries. ... | from the yeare a
thousand from Christes incarnacyon, to the reigne of kyng | Iohan
At foot Imprinted at London, for Iohan Bale, in the yeare of
our Lorde a M. D. v Lj. | . Leaf 204 (numbered Fo. Cxx.):
Thus endeth the second part of this worke. . M. D. L. · TÉλOS.
Leaves 205-208 contain a table of The Autours names.


2 vols. in 1, 12mo. having a small hole through the first three
leaves, nevertheless a very fine as well as a very large copy in the original
stamped binding
Such a copy as this is hardly ever seen.-'
-The title and the last leaf bear the
signature of Henry Lord Stafford (whose life was afterwards written by Bale himself
in the volume on English writers). The end and fly leaves supply us with 10 pages of a
French version of

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Senarclé (Claude) Histoire d'vn Meutre. . i.e. the account of the murder of Juan Diaz, the Spanish reformer, by his own brother. This must have been printed in 1546, and is no doubt the original text of Sénarclé.

22 THE BOOK OF DEER, edited for the Spalding Club by John Stuart. 4to. with 22 plates giving facsimiles of the original MS.; bd.

Edinburgh, 1869 The Book of Deer is a vellum MS. of the ninth century written in Irish characters and containing a defective copy of the Gospels in the ante- Hieronymian Latin text. Mr. Stuart believes it to have been produced in a Pictish monastery, but it will be safer to ascribe it to some Gaelic house founded by the monks of Iona.-Some of the facsimiles give portions of the text; others reproduce the decorative features of the ancient book.

£ s. d



1 12 0

7 10 @


12 12 0



British Museum Publications:

25 Reproductions of Prints, Part I (early Italian). 30 plates. Out of print



1886 2 0









Part II (early Italian). 30 plates. Out of print
Part III (early German). 32 plates

New series. Part I (early Italian). 20 plates
Part II (early German). 22 plates




Part III (German, Dutch, and Italian). 18 plates
Part IV (Italian, 16th century). 18 plates
Part V (Specimens of early mezzotint engraving).

16 plates


Part VI (Specimens of line-engraving by Masters of Germany and the Low Countries, 1530-1620). 15 plates 1896 34 CATALOGUE of the ADDITIONS to the MANUSCRIPTS.

1846 to 1893. 8 vols., thick royal 8vo. (published at £8.); six vols. in half calf gilt, two in cloth, some of the vols. out of print 1864-94 Contents: 1846-47, 1 vol.; 1848-53, 1 vol.; 1854-75, 2 vols. ; Index to 1854-75, 1 very thick vol.; 1882-87, 1 vol.; 1888-93, 1 vol.

35 EARLY PRINTED BOOKS in the British Museum, Facsimiles from, 32 plates, with descriptive text, in portfolio


Selected pages from representative specimens of Early Printed Books of Germany,
Italy, France, Holland, and England, exhibited in the King's Library.

36 A SUBJECT-INDEX of the MODERN WORKS added to the Library of the British Museum in the years 1891-1895, compiled by FORTESQUE, 8vo. vi. and 901 pp. double columns, cloth


Vols. I and II for 1880-1890 with the above comprise 124,700 entries. 37 FACSIMILES of Royal, Historical, Literary and other AUTOGRAPHS in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum. Edited by G. F. WARNER. THIRD SERIES. Royal folio. 30 leaves of facsimiles, each accompanied by a printed transliteration in modern type; in wrapper 1897

Including: Edw. IV; Hen. VII; Hen. VIII; Mary; Lady Jane Grey; Sir
W. Raleigh; Laud; Adm. Blake; Jas. II; Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford; Henry
St. John, Vise, Bolingbroke; Junius"; Warren Hastings; Fox; Emp. Charles V ;
Henry IV of France; Ben Jonson; Newton; Pope; Swift; Gray; Goldsmith; Sam
Johnson; Hume; Garrick; Sir W. Scott; Macaulay; Michelagniolo Buonarroti;
Des. Erasmus; etc. etc.

38 Bucks.

LIPSCOMBE (Geo.) HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM, LARGE PAPER, fine Proof Views, pedigrees, woodcuts, etc., 4 vols. impl. 4to. blue morocco super-extra, gilt edges, FINE COPY

The Standard History of Bucks.

39 BURKE (John) Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, 8th Edition,

royal 8vo. cloth

Peerages Extinct, Dormant, and in Abeyance, 8vo. cloth

1845 1831


41 BURKE (J. and J. B.) Dictionary of the Landed Gentry, 2 vols. royal 8vo. full bound calf 1846



Dictionary of the Landed Gentry with Supplement, 3 vols. royal 8vo. half bd. calf extra 43 BURKE (Sir Bernard) History of the Landed Gentry; sixth Edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo. cloth


44 BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB: Catalogue of a Collection of European Enamels, from the Earliest date to the End of the XVIIth Century, exhibited in 1897. Imperial 4to., Illustrated Edition, having 72 fine plates representing about 100 specimens, cloth Privately printed, 1897 The Catalogue and Introduction are by J. Starkie Gardner; the Frontispiece is a facsimile, in gold and colours, of a Triptych attributed to Nardon Penicand, circa 1490. 45 BURTON'S ARABIAN NIGHTS. A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian

Nights Entertainments, entitled The Book of the Thousand Nights
and a Night, with Introduction, Explanatory Notes, etc., on the
Manners and Customs of the Moslem-Men and a Terminal Essay upon

£ 8. d.

710 0

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Robins, 1847 22 10 0

4 10 0




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55 0

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