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174 GENLIS (Stephanie Félicité, Comtesse de, 1746-1830). French Authoress. AUTOGRAPH NOTE to M. l'Abbé Tamin. Jan., 1786.

IOS 6d

Concerning certain privileges the Countess had procured for the Abbé and assuring him of her continued friendship.

175 GIBBON (Edward, 1737-1794). Historian. SIGNATURE AND FOUR LINES AUTOGRAPH, being his signed certificate written at the foot of an Account. I page, folio. Lausanne, 1st July, 1786.

176 GILBERT (Sir Geoffrey, 1674-1726). Judge. Exchequer. D.S., with wax seal. I page, folio.

177 GILBERT (Sir John, 1817-1897).

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Baron of the 18 July, 1723. £I IS

Painter. A.L.S. to "My dear Bicknell." I page, 8vo. Blackheath, N.D., circa 1873. 5s "What an evg. for the Shah at the C. P.!" Etc.

178 GILBERT (Sir William S., 1836-1911). Celebrated Dramatic Author, wrote "The Mikado" and many other famous Operas: A.L.S. I page, 8vo. South Kensington, April 21st, 1890. £I IS Before replying to your question, I should be glad to know how you came by the speech in Comedy and Tragedy? The play is not published."


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A.L.S. to Messrs. Dalziel Bros. 1 p., 8vo. Kensington, 2nd Aug., 1869.

"I send 10 blocks. There are three more, still unfinished." Etc.


180 GILPIN (William Sawry, 1762-1843). Water colour Painter and Landscape Gardener. A.L.S. to Jas. Farrington. 5 full pp., 4to. March 4th, 1810. Fine wax seal.

12s 6d

Long and most interesting letter containing a biographical sketch of the life and work of his Father, Sawry Gilpin, Royal Academician.

181 GIRODET-TRIOSON (A. L. Girodet de Roussy, 1767-1824). French Painter. A.L.S. to John Flaxman (the Sculptor). I page, 4to. Paris, 1814.



A.L.S. to same. 2 pp., 4to. Paris, 17 May, 1814. 12s 6d

183 GLOUCESTER (Forest of Dean).—FOUR DOCUMENTS Concerning the Forest of Dean; 1. 2 pp., folio, regarding the Office of Overseer of the Forest; 2. Proposals concerning the Forest; the Employment of Keepers, Iron Work, etc.; 3. Concerning some waste Land at Walmore; 4. Document Signed by various Borderers of the Forest. Circa 1676.


184 GLADSTONE (William Ewart, 1809-1898). Famous Statesman. A.L.S. to Lord Lyttleton, "My dear George." 4 pp., 8vo. H. of C., 30th May, 1844.

£2 25

A very early letter respecting a meeting to be called under the auspices of Lord Spencer, concerning an appeal to the public with respect to the Biographical Dictionary then in course of publication.

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Under these circumstances I really feel that I should rather be deceiving Lord Spencer by appearing at the meeting, which can only derive authority from the competency of those who may compose it to speak from real knowledge of the character and merits of the work-and considering that I have scarcely the right to claim the honour of Lord Spencer's acquaintance, though I well remember his courtesy and kindness in the House of Commons." Etc.

185 GODOLPHIN (Francis, Earl of, 1678-1766) and SUNDON (William, Lord). D.S. as Executors of the Duke of Marlborough. I page, folio. Oct. 7th, 1751.

IOS 6d Receipt on official form for annuity due to the late Duke of Marlborough.

Political Writer A.L.S. to Thos. Hill. I page, 4to. Nov. 19,

186 GODWIN (William, 1756-1836). Historian.

and Novelist.

Refers to the Cashing of a Bill.



187 GORDON (A.). Major of the 26th Regiment in the American Revolutionary War. D.S. I page, 4to. New York, 24th August, 1777

7s 6d

Receipt to the Commissary General for rations for the 26th Regiment stationed in the province of New York.


188 GORDON (Charles George, 1833-1885). "Chinese Gordon." Killed at Khartoum, General.

A.L.S. to Mr. Mossman.

31 PP.,

8vo. Gravesend, 3rd May, 1886.

£2 IOS


A long and interesting letter on Chinese matters. "I sent Jamieson out the big map with the Chinese characters on it, so that he could do it at Shanghai, or rather that he might have a copy to work from. It is quite hopeless getting the Topogl. Depart. to do it. spoiled the map as it is and would make a nice hash of the Chinese letters. I am sure that it doubles the value of the map having them on it. Our mode of pronunciation is so different from the Chinese that in working your way from well-known places, the people do not understand and burst out laughing, tempting one to throw a


at them

Novelist N.D. 15S

189 GORE (Mrs. Catherine Grace Francis, 1799-1861).
and Dramatist. A.L.S. to her publisher. 2 pp., 8vo.
Concerning the publication of her novel Agathoma,"
published anonymously.

190 GOUGH (Richard, 1735-1809). Antiquary. A.L.S. to J. C. Brooke, Esq., Somerset Herald. 2 pp., 8vo. Feb. 21st, 1790. ALSO A.L.S. in reply of J. C. Brooke. 6 pp., 4to. Herald's College, 17th April, 1790. Together 6 pp., 8vo and 4to. £I IOS

An interesting letter on Heraldic matters, inquiring for information concerning the family of Ralph Cromwell, fourth Baron Cromwell, Lord Treasurer of England, who fought at Agincourt. Also a very lengthy reply by J. C. Brooke from the Herald's College, concerning the pedigree, Coat of Arms, etc., of the family, and with two sketches in the


191 GOUNOD (Charles, 1818-1893). Celebrated French Musician and Composer. A.L.S. (in English) to Mons. Gruneiser. 2 pp., 8vo. St. Cloud, Monday, Sept. 23rd, 1878.



A most interesting letter announcing the first performance at the Grand Opera House of his Opera Polyeucte, advising his friend to book early "For I presume that there will be a great deal of difficulty to satisfy the demands."

A.L.S. I page, 8vo. St. Cloud, 14th October, 1878. 18s 6d

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(Trans.) :—" Thank you, my Dear Friend, for your two Sympathetic Articles.'

These articles were probably criticisms of his Opera Polyeucte, which had just been performed for the first time at the Grand Opera.

193 GRAND (Sarah, born 1862). Authoress. Wrote "The Heavenly Twins," etc. A.L.S. to Mrs. Forbes. Kensington, 21st Dec., 1895.

Accepting an invitation for Boxing Day.

2 pp., 8vo. IOS 6d

"I will bring your MS. with me. We think it exceedingly good and have found nothing to alter. I am afraid you have been having a very worrying time."

194 GRANT (Mrs. Anne, 1755-1838). Authoress, née Macvicar. A.L.S. 2 pp., folio. Woodend, 23 May, 1803.

An interesting chatty letter.

195 GRAY (Thomas, 1716-1771). Poet. ORIGINAL MS. NOTES. On 1 page sm. oblong 8vo.





Being Original MS. Notes on the Ancient Geography of Asia, in the neat and characteristic hand-writing of the Poet.

196 GREVILLE (Robert Kaye, 1794-1866). Botanist. VicePresident of Anti-Slavery Society. A.L.S. to Thomas Robson, Esq. 2 pp., 4to. Autograph address on reverse, Fine Wax Seal. Edinburgh, July 12, 1834.

IOS 6d

Fine specimen, referring to Temperance Societies, and as to the extensive drinking of whiskey which goes on in Scotland, also thanking him for some specimens from South America.


197 GREENAWAY (Kate, 1846-1901). Celebrated Illustrator of Children's Books, etc. A.L.S. (initials) to Mr. Evans, her Colour Printer, WITH PEN AND INK SKETCH ILLUSTRATING THE TEXT. 3 pp., sm. 8vo. Hampstead. (SEE ILLUSTRATION.)

£16 16s

A charming letter with clever pen and ink sketch in the text. "I can't manage to show you the Picture by tomorrow, but I think you will tell enough by the description. Of course it is all undecided, not at all sure it will be this one, it may be some other quite fresh drawing-but this one she has the idea of, is a single child's figure-white dress-black hatsash and shoes-yellow necklace-green background, not decided yet either Curtain or piece of garden.


The size of the Journal is 10 by 15, so I suppose this Picture would be a size to comfortably fit into that." Etc.


A.L.S. (concluding portion). I full page, sm. 8vo. N.D. £33s

The concluding portion, with signature in full, of a letter to Mr. Evans, her colour printer. Mentioning Walter Crane and Aubrey Beardsley.

"Not colour, only black and white. Every book seems a copy of Walter Crane's. Do you ever see things of Aubrey Beardsley. There are getting quite a new lot, but not a single original one as yet.' Etc.

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199 GRIEG (Edward, 1843-1907). Norwegian Composer. A.L.S. to 'Dear Fritzsh." 3 pp., 8vo.



3 pp., 8vo.

Copenhagen, 11th August,

£4 4s

A most interesting letter discussing his plans for the immediate future, and his weekly Musical Journal. Also concerning some Wagner Concerts at Bayreuth, and referring to his poverty.

(Trans.) :-"

Tomorrow I go to Bergen in Norway, that will be my address until the middle of September, after when I shall be in Christiana.

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Now about the weekly musical journal, I still want Nos. 22, 28 and 29, perhaps you will be so kind as to send them to me. When I

get to the end of it (the journey) there will be no more money, in other words, I shall need all I can get. If it is quite convenient to you to send me the rest of the honorarium for " Die Klosterpforte," please do so.

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Don't forget what you promised about the admission to the performances at Bayreuth. I am relying on you.

200 GRIMALDI (Joseph, 1779-1837).
I page, 4to. London, 14th Nov. 1831.
portion of an AUTOGRAPH LETTER.
Together 2 pp., 4to. 1831.

Celebrated "Clown." Consisting of 15 lines. Also on the reverse is a I full page, 4to. N.D.


201 GROTE (Geo., 1794-1871). Historian. A.L.S. to S. Jervis. 2 pp., 8vo. East Burnham, Feb. 8.

7s 6d

"I shall place it on my shelves as a token of regard from an esteemed friend and an independent Radical Politician, the breed of the latter I fear, seems likely to die out."

202 GUIZOT (F.P.G., 1787.1874). French Statesman and Historian. A.L.S. to Mons. Monguier. I full page, 4to. Paris, 2nd May, 1834.

IOS 6d

Interesting letter as minister of Public Instruction, concerning a proposed publication "Le Moniteur de Commerce."

203 HADEN (Sir F. Seymour, 1818-1910). Painter-Etcher, Founder and First President of the Royal Society of Painter Etchers. A.L.S. 2 pp., 8vo. Woodcote Park, May 21st (1900). £2 IOS

Concerning his increasing age and infirmities.

“My unfortunate infirmities, at the age of 83 years, deprive me of all hope of coming to Paris, and naturally of accepting your kind invitation to meet you there and visit the exhibition with you.


Author, wrote

204 HALL (Anna Maria, née Fielding, 1800-1881). "Tales of the Irish Peasantry," etc. A.L.S. to Charles Kent, Editor of the “Sun" Newspaper. 3 pp., 8vo. N.D., circa 1866. Also an "At Home card.

Interesting letter as to some Poems.

Campden Hill,



A.L.S., 3 pp., small 8vo, Old Brompton, May 28 “The Girl of Glendalough would sound more Irish to Irish ears."


206 HALLIWELL-PHILLIPS (J. O., 1820-1889). Shakespearian Scholar. A.L.S. 1 pp., 8vo. Brighton, 17th Feb., 1883.

Concerning an edition of Shakespeare which he required.



"I am sorry I troubled you yesterday about the 8 vol Shakespeare, 1797 for I find from my list that I have a copy at my London house. collect all oldish editions of this kind when I see them from Is to Is 6d a volume if they are firmly bound. I do not care about their being shabby if the binding is firm, neither broken nor loose." Etc.

207 HARRIS (Augustus Glossop, 1825-1873. Actor and Manager. A.L.S. 2 pp., 8vo. Royal Princess Theatre, 30 Aug., 1862. 5s Referring to affairs at above Theatre and Theatrical matters.

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