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Wrecked, Not Lost; or, THE PILOT AND HIS COMPANIONS. By the

Hon. Mrs. DUNDAS. With Illustrations. price 1s. 6d. Holiday Tales. By FLORENCE WILFORD, Author of

Bartram's Ideal," etc. With Illustrations. Price 1s. 6d.

“ Nigel

Grandmamma's Relics, AND HER STORIES ABOUT THEM. By Mrs.

BOWEN, Author of “Jack the Conqueror,” “Robin's Christmas

Eve," etc. With Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo, price 1s. 6d. Buzz a Buzz, or THE BEES, from the German of W. Busch. By the

Rev. W.C. Corron, Author of “My Bee Book.” 135 humorous

Wood Cuts. Price 3s. 6d. fancy boards; 5s. coloured. The Young Franc-Tireurs, AND THEIR ADVENTURES IN THE

FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR. By G. A. HENTY, Special Correspondent of the Standard. With Illustrations by R. T. LANDELS, Artist to the Illustrated London News. Second Edition. Post 8vo. price 5s.; gilt edges, 5s. 6d.

“Abounds with thrilling adventures and hair breadth escapes, and when once begun will be eagerly read to its close."-Daily Review.

By the same Author. Out on the Pampas, or THE YOUNG SETTLERS. With Illustrations

by ZWECKER. Post 8vo, price 5s.; gilt edges, 5s. 6d.

“Just the book boys like, and they will find, as we did, that it is not easy to lay it down till all the young Settler's troubles and adventures

have come to an end.”—Graphic. The Oak Staircase, or THE STORIES OF LORD AND LADY DESMOND :

a Narrative of the Times of James II. By Mary and CATHERINE LEE, Authors of “ Rosamond Fane," etc. With Illustrations by T. H. COLLINS. Post 8vo, price 4s. 6d.; gilt edges, 5s.

“Deserves a special commendation. It is a charmingly life like and graceful story of the days just before the Revolution.”--Guardian.

By the same Author. Rosamond Fane, or THE PRISONERS of St. JAMES. Illustrations

by R. DUDLEY. Second Edition. Post 8vo, price 3s. Od.; gilt edges, 4s.

“The eventful story of Charles the First's children very well told.”—

Athenceum. Lucy's Campaign: a Story of Adventure. With Illustrations

Fcap. 8vo, price 3s, cloth elegant; 3s. 6d. gilt edges.

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Davenport's (Mrs.) Constance and Nellie, or THE LOST WILL

Our Birthdays, AND HOW TO IMPROVE THEM, Second

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Second Edition.

The Holidays Abroad, or RIGHT AT LAST.

Two Shillings and Sixpence each. Children of the Olden Time. By the Author of ". a Sunbeam." 27 1llustrations. Imperial 16mo,

A Trap to Catch

The Boy's Own Toy Maker: a Practical Illustrated Guide to the useful employment of Leisure Hours. By E. LANDELLS. With Two Hundred Cuts. Eighth Edition. Royal 16mo.

"A new and valuable form of endless amusement."-Nonconformist. "We recommend it to all who have children to be instructed and amused."-Economist.

The Girl's Own Toy Maker, AND BOOK OF RECREATION. By E. and A. LANDELLS. Sixth Edition. With 200 Illustrations.

"A perfect magazine of information.”—Illustrated News of the World. Black and White Picture Book; a Collection of Amusing and Comical Figures. Fcap. 4to.

Nursery Nonsense, or RHYMES WITHOUT REASON. By D'ARCY W. THOMPSON. Sixty Illustrations by C. H. BENNETT. Second Edition. Imperial 16mo, or with coloured plates, gilt edges, 4s. 6d. "The funniest book we have seen for an age, and quite as harmless as hearty."-Daily Review.


Uniform in Size with "The Struwwelpeter."

Two Shillings and Sixpence each, with Sixteen large Coloured Plates, fancy boards; or mounted on cloth, One Shilling extra.

Careless Chicken (The.) By the BARON KRAKEMSIDES. Illustrated by ALFRED CROWQUILL.

Funny Leaves for the Younger Branches.

KRAKEMSIDES, of Burstenoudelafen Castle.

By the BARON
Illustrated by

Laugh and Grow Wise. By the SENIOR OWL of Ivy Hall.

Loves of Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep. Written and Illustrated by THOMAS HOOD.

Household Stories from the Land of Hofer, or Popular Myths of

Tirol, including the Rose Garden of King Laryn. With Illustrations by T. GREEN. Post 8vo, price 58.; gilt edges, 5s. 6d.

“We thank the author of "Patranas' for another rich treat."- Art Journal.

“A collection of charming legends, all of them interesting, and some of them exquisitely beautiful.”-Scotsman.


Illustrations by EDWARD H. CORBOULD. Posť 8vo, price õs.; gilt edges, 58. 6d.

These Patrañas contain great beauty as well as much that is new and curious."-Literary Churchman.

“Delightfully chivalrous, quaint and truly Spanish.”Monthly Packet. "Told in a lovely and graphic manner.”Times.






ons by

ཀ; #t.

John Deane of Nottingham: His Adventures and Exploits. A

Tale of the Time of William of Orange. By W.H.G. KINGSTON,
With Illustrations. Post 8vo, price 5s.; gilt edges, õs. 6d.

"Full of exciting adventures, 'capitally told."--Literary Churchman. Favourite Fables in Prose and Verse. With 24 beautiful Illus

trations from Drawings by HARRISON WEIR. Small 4to, price 6s.; bevelled boards, gilt edges; 7s. 6d.

“True to the name. They are well got up, tastefully bound, and above all things illustrated by the graceful pencil of our old friend Harrison Weir."--The Times.

“The drawings are wonderfully graphic and appropriate.”—The Queen. Trimmer's History of the Robins. Written for the Instruction of

Children on their treatment of Animals. With 24 beautiful Engravings from Drawings by HARRISON WEIR. Price 6s, cloth extra ; 78. 6d. cloth elegant, gilt edges.

“The delicious story of Dicksy, Flapsy, and Pecksy, who can have forgotten it? It is as fresh to-day as it was half a century ago."-Art Journal.

“The illustrations by Harrison Weir will tend to raise it even higher in

the estimation of others besides the inmates of the nursery.' "-The Times. The History of the Robins. By Mrs. TRIMMER. In Words of One

Syllable. Edited by the Rev. CHARLES SWETE, M.A. With

Illustrations by H. WEIR. Super Royal 16mo, price 36. 6d.
From Peasant to Prince, or THE LIFE OF ALEXANDER PRINCE

MENSCHIKOFF. From the Russian by Madame PIETZKER.
With Iilustrations. Fcap. 8vo, price 2s. 6d.; gilt edges, 3s.

“A charming Russian tale, tracing the steps of Menschikoff from the time of his being a poor lad, to his exaltation under Peter the Great." Daily Review.


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Millicent and Her Cousins. By the Hon. AUGUSTA BETHELL,

With Illustrations by R. PATERSON. Second Edition. Post 8vo, price 3s. 6d.; gilt edges, 4s.

A capital book for girls. Bright, sparkling, and full of life, yet never

transgressing limits of good taste and probability.”—The Guardian. Bertrand du Guesclin, the Hero of Brittany. By EMILE DE

BONNECHOSE. Translated by MARGARET S. JEUNE. Frontispiece by Priolo. Fcap. 8vo, price 2s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 3s.

“The high tone of feeling with which it is written makes it specially valuable as an educational book, taking education in the sense of formation of character. All boys will enjoy it for the scenes of adventure and heroism through which it leads them."--Literary Churchman,

BOOKS FOR EVERY CHILD. Bound in Elegant Covers, Royal 4to, price 3s. 6d. each plain; 78. 6d.

coloured; 10s. 6d, mounted on cloth and coloured. The Attractive Picture Book. A New Gift Book from the Old

Corner, containing numerous Illustrations by eminent Artists.

Super Royal 4to.
The Favourite Picture Book. A Gallery of Delights, designed for

the Amusement and Instruction of the Young. With several
Hundred Illustrations from Drawings by J. ABSOLON, H. K.


Explained and Illustrated by JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. Post 8vo, price 6s.

“There is a world of wisdom in this book--every page tells of something

that readers and thinkers will desire to know.”- Art Journal. Ancestral Stories and Traditions of Great Families. Illustrative

of English History. With Frontispiece. Post 8vo, price is. 6d.

"An interesting and well written book of many curious legends and his

torical facts."--Literary Churchman. Nooks and Corners of English Life. Past and Present. With

Illustrations. Second Edition. Post 8vo, price 6s.; gilt edges, 6s. 6d.

"A book which ought to find place in one of the nooks and 'corners' of

every library.”The Reliquary. Strange Stories of the Animal World. A Book of Curious Con

tributions to Natural History. Illustrations by ZWECKER, Second Edition. Post 8vo, price 6s.; gilt edges, 6s. 6d.

Among all the books of the season that will be studied with profit and pleasure, there is not one more meritorious in aim, or more successful in execution."-Atheneum.

Six Shillings each, cloth elegant, with Illustrations. Favourite Fables in Prose and Verse. With 24 beautiful

Illustrations from Drawings by HARRISON WEIR. Printed on

Toned Paper. Small 4to (bevelled boards, gilt edges, 78. 6d.) History of the Robins. By Mrs. TRIMMER, Written for the

instruction of Children on their treatment of animals. With 24 beautiful Engravings from Drawings by HARRISON

WEIR. Small 4to (bevelled boards, gilt edges, 78. 6d.) Hurricane Hurry, or THE ADVENTURES OF A NAVAL OFFICER

KINGSTON. Illustrations by R. HUTTULA. Imperial 16mo

(bevelled boards, gilt edges, 7s. 6d.) Journey to the Centre of the Earth. From the French of

JULES VERNE. Author of “Five Weeks in a Balloon,” etc.

With 53 Illustrations. Crown 8vo; or with gilt edges, 78. Memorable Battles in English History; WHERE Fought, WHY

FOUGHT, AND THEIR RESULTS. With Lives of the Commanders. By W. H. DAVENPORT ADAMS. Post 8vo.

“Of the care and honesty of the author's labour the book gives abundant

proof."-Athenæum. Strange Stories of the Animal World. By John TIMBs. Three Midshipmen (The). By W. H. G. KINGSTON. New Edition,

with 24 Illustrations by G. THOMAS, JULIAN PORTCH, etc. Imperial 16mo.

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Five Shillings each, Small Post Svo, cloth elegant; 58. 6d., gilt edges, with Illustrations by Zwecker, Corbould,

Lawson, Priolo, and other eminent Artists. Adventures of Hans Sterk, THE SOUTH AFRICAN HUNTER AND

PIONEER. By CAPTAIN DRAYSON, Author of “Tales of the
Outspan," etc.

“From first to last, it is full of life and variety, and will also give boys some knowledge of the people of South Africa and their mode of life."-

Early Start in Life (The). By EMILIA MARRYAT Norris.

“ Mrs. Norris has established her own fame, and her paternity is clearly proved by the .nack in story telling she inherits from her father.''

Art Journal. Gerald and Harry, or The BOYS IN THE NORTH. By EMILIA


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