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tion of the Government should be raised Democratic control. Each accuses the by levying a burden on what the people other of extravagance in Congressional possess, instead of upon what they con appropriations, and both are alike guilty: sume.

each protests when out of power against CORPORATIONS.-"6. Railroad, tele infraction of the civil service laws, and graph and other public corporations should each when in power violates those laws be controlled by the Government in the in letter and in spirit; each professes interest of the people, and no higher fealty to the interests of the toiling charges allowed than necessary to give masses, but both covertly truckle to the the right of trial by constitutional trib

money power in their administration of unals.

public affairs. Even the tariff issue, as IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZA

represented in the Democratic Mills bill TION.--*7. Foreign immigration has be- and the Republican McKinley bill, is no come a burden upon industry, one of the longer treated by them as an issue befactors in depressing wages and causing tween great and divergent principles of discontent; there.ore our immigration laws government, but is a mere catering to should be revised and strictly enforced. different sectional and class interests. The The time of residence for naturalization attempt in many States to wrest the should be extended, and no naturalized Australian ballot system from its true person should be allowed to vote until

purpose, and to so deform it as to render one year after he becomes a citizen. it extremely difficult for new parties to

LAND.-"S. Non-resident aliens should exercise the rights of suffrage, is an outnot be allowed to acquire land in this rage upon popular government. The comcountry, and we favor the limitation of petition of both these parties for the vote individual and corporate ownership of of the slums, and their assiduous courting land. All unearned grants of lands to of the liquor power and subserviency to railroad companies or other corporations the money power, have resulted in placshould be reclaimed.

ing those powers in the position of practi

cal arbiters of the destinies of the Nation. MOB LAW.--"9. Years of inaction and treachery on the part of the Republican

We renew our protest against these periland Democratic parties have resulted in

ous tendencies, and invite all citizens to the present reign of mob law, and we

join us in the upbuilding of a party that demand that every citizen be protected in

has shown in five National campaigns the right of trial by constitutional tri

that it prefers temporary defeat to an bunals.

abandonment of the claims of justice, soMISCELLANEOUS.-"10. All men should of American homes.

briety, personal rights and the protection be protected by law in their right to one PROHIBITION.-"16. Recognizing and day of rest in seven.

declaring that prohibition of the liquor "11. Arbitration is the wisest and most

traffic has become the dominant issue in economical and humane method of set

National politics, we invite to full party tling National differences.

fellowship all those who on this one dom"12. Speculations in margins, the cor

inant issue are with us agreed in the nering of grain, money and products, and

full belief that this party can and will the formation of pools, trusts and com

remove sectional differences, promote Nabinations for the arbitrary advancement tional unity, and insure the best welfare of prices should be suppressed.

of our entire land." *15. We pledge that the Prohibition For the third resolution a minority reparty if elected to power will ever grant port favored "the insue of legal-tender just pensions to disabled veterans of the Treasury notes, exchangeable in gold or Union Army and Navy, their widows and silver bullion, on a plan similar to that orphans.

which now floats $340,000,000 of green*14. We stand unequivocally for the backs on $100,000,000 of gold reserve and American public school, and opposed to make them more acceptable and conven. any appropriation of public moneys for ient than either gold or silver coin." sectarian schools. We declare that only

This was defeated on a rising vote-yeas by united support of such common schools,

316, nays 337. taught in the English language, can we hope to become and remain a homogene- reported a substitute declaring that the

For the fifth resolution, the minority ous and harmonious people.

tariff should be so levied as to furnish REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. revenue for the needs of the Govern"15. We arraign the Republican and ment economically administered, reDemocratic parties as false to the stand- lieving necessities used by the mass of ards reared by their founders; as faithless the people, and for the benefit of labor, to the principles of the illustrious leaders protecting American productions and of the past to whom they do homage with manufactures against the competition the lips; as recreant to the higher law,' of foreign nations, and suggesting the apwhich is as inflexible in political affairs pointment of a tariff commission. as in personal life, and as no longer em This was defrated by a large vote. bodying the aspirations of the American The sixteenth resolution was reported people, or inviting the confidence of en by a minority of the Committee on Resolightened, progressive patriotism. Their lutions. After Animated debate it was protest against the admission of moral defeated. its friends being unable to issues into politics is a confession of their rally the 200 votes necessary to order a own moral degeneracy. The declaration vote by States. Subsequently it was of an eminent authority that municipal taken from the table, and by a rising vote misrule is the one conspicuous failure of added to the platform; which, with the American politics' follows as a natural fourth paragraph out, was then adopted, consequence of such degeneracy, and it is as reported by James Black, ebairman of true alike of cities under Republican and the committee.


May 24, 1894.

July 24, 1894,

PRINCIPLES.-"The Republicans ol
of Alabama, in convention assembled, re- | Arkansas in State Convention assembled
affirm the principles of the Democratic reaffirm the platform of principles by the
party as declared in its platform adopted Republican National Convention of 1892."
at Chicago in 1892, and congratulates the TARIFF.-'We recognize the tariff leg-
country upon the success of those prin- islation of the Republican party and the
ciples in the triumphant election of Grov- policy upon which such legislation was
er Cleveland, who, by his generous treat- founded as being the ablest expression of
ment of our people, has shown that he is patriotic principle relating to that subject
the President of the whole country, ever enacted by an American Congress,
knowing no North, no South, no East, no and denounce any attempt to repeal or
West. We recognize the wisdom and pa- amend it which does not recognize pro-
triotism of the President, and believe in tection to American labor and industries.
his fealty to the principles of our party, The Republican party by its policy of pro-
and indorse his Administration of the tection to American industries has en-
Federal Government; while some of us abled the laboring man to demand and
differ with him in matters of policy, we receive living wages for his labor, and we
are agreed in the belief that he is actu- sympathize with the deplorable condition
ated by motives of the highest patriotism of the laboring masses caused by the suc-
and by an unselfish devotion to the great- cess of the Democratic free trade party,
est good of the whole people."

and the rights of labor should be protect-
SILVER.-'While there are differences ed by an enlightened liberal policy."
of opinion among us in matters of detail, CURRENCY.-"The American people
we all believe in the free coinage of sil- from tradition and interest favor bimetal.
ver whenever it can be done consistently lism, and the Republican party demands
with the maintenance of a sound and safe the use of both gold and silver as a stand-

ard money, with such restrictions and unSTATE BANK TAX.--"We earnestly der such provisions to be determined by urge upon our Senators and Representa- legislation as will secure and maintain tives in Congress the speedy reform of the parity of values of the two metals, the tariff and the prompt repeal of the 10 so that the purchasing and debt-paying per cent tax on the issue of State banks." power of a dollar, whether or silver, gold

NICARAGUA CANAL.-Favors the con- or paper, shall be at all times equal." struction and operation of the Nicaragua

PENSIONS.--"We denounce the present Canal.

Democratic National Administration

as MISCELLANEOUS.--Pledges the main- notoriously incompetent to properly contenance of a system of free public schools.

duct the affairs of the Government in any

of its departments, and as unpatriotic in ALABAMA JEFFERSONIAN DEM- the illiberal policy toward the Union solOCRATIC, 1894,

diers of the late war, and especially in its

wholly unjustifiable attempt to cast disSILVER AND CURRENCY.-"We de- credit and dishonor upon that meritorious mand the free coinage of gold and silver class of our fellow-citizens." on the basis of 16 to 1; we denounce the demonetization of silver by the Democrat

ARKANSAS DEMOCRATIC. ic Congress as destructive of the pros

June 27, 1894, perity of the industrial masses; we de

TARIFF.-"We insist

upon а strict mand the expansion of the circulating compliance with the repeated declarations medium to $50 per capita; we protest against

control the

of the party in favor of a tariff for reve

of the circulating medium by corporate enterprises."

nue only, to the end that the protection

gathered by the Republican party and TARIFF.--"We demand

a tarife


crystallized in the infamous discriminarevenue, and that the revenue necessary tions of the McKinley tariff bill shall be to meet the expenses of the Government annulled and a fair competition in the be raised, so far as possible, by a tariff markets of the world shall be opened to on importations; and that this tariff be so

the producers of all classes in the United levied as to protect the "laborer in the States, and fair exchange for our surmines, the mills, the shops and on the farms,

plus products thereby secured." and their products, against the INCOME TAX.-"To the end that taxalabor of foreign countries."

tion may be distributed on an equitable INCOME TAX.-“We demand a Nation- basis and accumulated property pay its al graduated income tax on salaries or fair share of the expenses of the Governincomes in excess of reasonable expendi- ment which have for so long a time been tures for the comforts and necessaries of borne by the consumption of the people, life.'

we favor an income tax." •LABOR.-Demands that the convicts SILVER.-"We still consider the act of shall be removed from the mines, and 1873, whereby silver was demonetized, 29 that the present lien laws be so amended the greatest legislative crime of the cenas

to give miners the same benefits ac- tury, and demand the free and unlimited corded to other laborers, and the enact- coinage of both gold and silver at a ratio ment of such laws as will secure to them of 16 to 1, as then exisred.' payment of wages in lawful money and BOND ISSUE.-"We believe the constisemi-monthly.

tutional power to borrow money should


be exercised by Congress only in the Democratic attempt to imitate the Engevent of great emergencies when the lish free-trade system, and hold it repower to levy and collect taxes commen sponsible for the widespread depression, surate with the requirements of the occa which has resulted in throwing hundreds sion can not be enforced without mani of thousands of American workmen out fest oppression of the people. Therefore, of employment, stopping the wheels of we are opposed to the issue of bonds in many factories, scattering ruin and desotime of peace.

lation throughout the land, frightening FEDERAL ELECTIONS.—"We congrat. capital and starving labor. We oppose ulate the Democratic party and the people the passage of the so-called "Wilson bill,' upon the repeal of the odious Federal elec with all its amendments, as being a tion law."

sectional attempt to injure the producers, LIQUOR QUESTION.—"Believing that manufacturers and laborers of the nation, home rule and local self-government are and a corrupt surrender to trusts, which cardinal principles in a Republican Gov will result in raising the price of the ern nent, we therefore indorse and ap necessaries of life, while at the same time prove the action of the Legislature of Ar it will constantly increase the deficiency kansas in enacting laws relegating to the in the National revenue, which deficiency people the right of settling the liquor will be met by such odious war measures question for themselves in accordance as an income tax and increased internal with the wishes and sentiments of the duties." Demands that the wool industry country affected.”

shall be guarded by appropriate legislation

from unfair competition with foreign ARKANSAS POPULIST. countries; also that the seedless raisin July 20, 1894.

of the State, corresponding to the Zante Declares "the leaders of the Democratic

product, and other raisins, shall be proparty are incompetent

tected by the imposition of a protective

and untrustworthy"; that “millions of our citizens

duty on the "Zante currants," and all

other dried grapes and fruits. are looking starvation in the face"; that

PENSIONS.-Denounces the "treatment **business from ocean ro ocean, and from

accorded the veterans of the Civil War the great lakes to the greatest gult is prostrate and paralyzed", that "the Dem

regarding their pensions, by the Interior ocratic Administration has increased the

Department of the present Democratic

National Administration, as an insult to public debt by issuing $50,000,000 interest

the honored Union soldier and sailor. bearing non-taxable gold bonds without


LAWS.-Deauthority, and refuses to millions of silver stored in the vaults of

nounces the "action of the Democratic the Treasury to meet the needs of the

Congress and the Democratic President in Government.

repealing the Federal Election laws, Declares in favor of the free and un

HAWAII.-Declares that the Democratic limited coinage of silver at the ratio of

Administration, in its policy toward the 16 to 1, without waiting for the co-opera

Hawaiian Islands, has "violated the settion of any other Government; favors a

tled policy of the Republic, caused the

President of the United States to go single-term only for President and VicePresident, and the election of United

beyond his constitutional authority, disreStates Senators by direct vote of the peo

garded the amity that should exist be

tween nations at peace, and has thus ple; demands the restriction of immigration; denounces the repeal of the "pur

brought unnecessary reproach upon the

American Nation. chasing clause of the silver act of 1890, at the dictation of Grover Cleveland, John

SILVER.-Favors the free and unlimitSherman and Wall Street"; favors an effi

ed coinage of silver, at the ratio of 16 to cient public school system, and demands

1, and the making of silver, as well as a uniform series of text books for public gold, a legal tender in payment of all schools to be furnished to all pupils, at debts, both public and private.

IMMIGRATION.-Demands the enactcost, by the State; favors the arbitration

ment and strict enforcement of such laws of all differences between employers and employes; favors the consolidation of the

as will absolutely and effectually prohibit State and National elections, also the em

the immigration of all foreign laborers, ployment of convicts on the public roads

both skilled and unskilled, into this coun

try. and on farms to the extent of producing NICARAGUA CANAL.-Demands from supplies to support all.

the general Government that it aid in the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN. immediate construction of the Nicaragua June 20, 1894.

Canal, and that it manage and control

the same after its completion. Reaffirms devotion to and belief in the NATURALIZATION.-Favors an amend. principles enunciated in the Republican ment to the naturalization laws that will National Platform of 1892, and again prevent one being made a citizen who is pronounces in favor of protection and rec not of good repute, or who cannot read iprocity as expressed in the McKinley and write the English language. Tariff bill.

WOMAN SUFFRAGE.-Favors the exTARIFF.-"We favor the protection of tension of the right of suffrage to all citiAmerican industry and American labor, zens of the United States, both men and and demand the continuance of the tarifi women. system, which, under the administration CHINESE.-Demands the strict enforceof the Republican party, brought pros ment of the Exclusion act, and all other perity to the country, good wages to the legislation looking toward the removal of laborer, happiness to the people, and the Chinese, and the prevention of any glory to the nation. We denounce the more coming to the United States.


MISCELLANEOUS.-Opposes the creation of any more State Commissions, and favors the abolition or consolidation of commissions wherever it can be done without impairing the efficiency or injuring the interests of the State. CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC.

August 23, 1894. ADMINISTRATION.-Reaffirms devotion to and belief in the principles enunciated in the National Democratic platform of 1892, and approves and indorseg the Administration of Grover Cleveland, and expresses confidence in his judgment and patriotism, and in his ability to guide the destinies of the Republic through the difficulties by which it is beset.

TARIFF.-"Congratulates the Democratic party and the people of the United States upon the fact that, notwithstanding the opposition of the Republican party a substantial measure of tariff reform has been enacted."

TRUSTS.-Demands the enactment of such laws as will suppress all trusts and combinations.

MONEY-Favors the retirement of all gold coins and paper currency below the denomination of $10 in order to restore silver to its full use as a circulating medium; also the reopening of the mints of the United States to the coinage of both gold and silver without discrimination on such basis as will maintain their parity.

MISCELLANEOUS.-Favors the creation of a National Irrigation Commission; National and State aid toward the systematic improvement of the rivers of the State; the absolute control by the people of every agency of commerce created or fostered by Government means; demands that the Nicaragua Canal be constructed as speedily as possible under Government control; favors the enactment and enforcement of laws for the permanent prosperity of the mining industry. and such National and State aid as will promote hydraulic mining; opposes all unnecessary restraints upon the acquisition by citizens of title to mineral lands; favors Congressional legislation to protect American seamen from oppression and maltreatment; advocates the passage and rigid enforcement of the immigration, exclusion and deportation laws; favors the election of United States Senator by direct vote of the people; also such changes in the Constitution as may assemble Congress as soon after election as possible; demands that each nominee for Congress shall pledge himself to "oppose any attempt and vote against any bill to extend the

time for the payment to the Gov-
ernment of the Pacific Railroad debts."

May 23, 1894.
The following were declared as the prin.
ciples of the party:

We indorse as our charter of National
policy the Omaha platform. We approve
the thirteen demands contained in the re-
Port of the Conference Committee of the
Farmers' Alliance and labor unions adopt-
ed by the Joint Congress held at San

Francisco, February 22, 1894, as follows:
The initiative, referendum, imperative
mandate and proportional representation;
municipal ownership of

gas, electric
lights, water works, street railways and
all other public utilities requiring a
municipal franchise; the nationalization
of telegraphs, telephones, railway and
water ways; postal savings banks; school
education of all children under 16 years
of age to be compulsory. gratuitous, and
accessible to all, by public assistance
where necessary; unconditional repeal of
the National Bank act, and in lieu
of National Bank notes, that the Gov-
ernment issue Treasury notes, legal-tend-
ers for all debts, public and private, and
provide for the free coinage of gold and
silver at a ratio of 16 to 1; a graduated
annual tax on all lands owned by any indi-
vidual or corporation above the assessed
valuation of $10,000; a graduated income
tax on all incomes in excess of $3,000
per annum, to the issuance of National,
State or municipal bonds for any purpose
whatsoever; the employment of unem-
ployed by public authorities.

MISCELLANEOUS.-Declared in favor
of equal suffrage and without distinction
of sex, based upon an educational quali-
fication; favors a law prohibiting any
other than the American flag to be dis-
played over any public building; deinands
the enforcement of the payment of the
debts of the Pacific railroads to the Gov-
ernment; favors Government ownership
of the telegraph and telephone service,
and of the Nicaragua Canal, and the
prohibition of all Chinose and Japanese

May 17, 1894. Demands that the manufacture, sale, exportation, importation and transportation of all intoxicating liquors as a beverage be forever prohibited by State and National legislation; favors an educational qualification for voters and admitting women to suffrage on an equality with men, subject only to the same limitations which apply to men; the free and unlimited coinage of silver, the product of the mines of the United States, at the present ratio; the election of President, VicePresident and Senators by direct vote of the people; the adoption of the methods of legislation known as the initiative and referendum as far as practicable, also proportional representation; the ownership and control of railroads, telegraphs, telephones and the establishment of postal savings banks by the Government, all to be administered under a strict civil service system. Declares for unsectarian public schools; for a strict chseryance of Sunday as a day of rest; in favor of immigration laws so framed as to exclude the pauper, criminal, insane and anarchist classes, and that the time of residence for naturalization should be extended to ten years, and no naturalized person should be allowed to vote until five years after he becomes a citizen. Favors the construction, ownership and management of the Nicaragua Canal by the general Government in the interest of the people, and demands that the tariff

question be taken out of the realm of until we triumph not only at the polls, party politics and placed in the hands of but in the National Congress." a non-partisan tariff commission.


the enactment of a law placing a tax

upon incomes as a step in the direction September 12, 1894.

of justice and as a blow at that infamous

system which burdens the poor with the Declares that the paramount issue in necessities of government, while monopothe State is the suppression of the spirit

lies, trusts and combines escape their just of anarchy-the restoration and mainten- responsibilities." ance of law and order,

GOVERNOR WAITE.- "The Populist COLORADO POPULIST. Executive of the State of Colorado has

September 5, 1894. fostered lawlessness, fomented the spirit of anarchy, usurped the functions of the "Standing for equal and exact justice to courts, and assumed the power of a mill all, regardless of race, sex or religious or tary dictator, all of which has been in- political affiliations, the People's party or dorsed by his party. His constant viola Colorado heartily indorse the principles tion of the fundamental principles of con of the Omaha platform; indorses the State stitutional liberty cannot be tolerated by Administration of Colorado and the Cona free people. We call upon all good citi gressional work of John C. Bell and Lafe zens to unite with us in the restoration Pence; demands the free and unlimited of good government and in the loyal main coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1; tenance of the constitution and laws, and protests against the issuance of Governwe pledge the Republican party to restore ment bonds in times of peace; insists the good name, credit, and prosperity of that the National Government has exthe State."

clusive control of all money issued by its MONEY.-Demands the free and unlim- authority, and demands the adoption of ited coinage of silver and gold at the the methods of initiative and referendum ratio of 16 to 1, and is opposed to making and proportionate representation as the policy of the United States await, or means of securing all reforms in harmony depend upon, the action of any other with the will of the people, whose will country. Denounces the People's Party should be law." as the most insidious foe to the restoration of the free and unlimited coinage of

CONNECTICUT REPUBLICAN. silver, in that its platform demands an

September 19, 1894. extensive issue of paper money, not based upon or redeemable in either gold or sil

PRINCIPLES.-"The representatives of ver; believes that free coinage will only

the Republican party of Connecticut in come from the hands of the Republicans. convention assembled renew their pledges LABOR. --Demands further and better

of fidelity to the principles of the party protection, by legislative action, to labor of law, liberality and progress in this ers against the dangers incident to their

country." employment, and pledges to strive for

TARIFF,-"We declare anew our hearty such policies as will most speedily and

adhesion to the time-honored principle of effectually multiply the demand for labor judicious tariff protection for American and increase its compensation.

industries-especially the great manufact

uring and agricultural interests and COLORADO DEMOCRATIC. American wages-a principle announced September 3, 1894.

in every Republican party platform, em

bodied in Republican legislation, and vinMONEY.-'We advocate and demand dicated by thirty years of unprecedented the immediate restoration of the laws of prosperity-and we invite the business January 18, 1873, providing for the free men, manufacturers, mechanics, wageand unlimited coinage of gold and silver earners and farmers of Connecticut to at a ratio of 1 to 16, without discrimina pass judgment by their ballots upon tion against either metal, without waiting Democratic tariff bill conceived in sec. for or inviting the co-operation of any other tionalism and brought forth in scandal, nation or nations. The overwhelming ma resting upon no discoverable principle: jority of bimetallic sentiment is in and of as unscientific as it is unpatriotic; swarmthe Democratic party, and by and through ing with crudities, inequalities and flait alone can the restoration of the mone grant discriminations; borrowing its most tary function to silver be accomplished. striking and obnoxious features from the We cordially and gratefully indorse the Populists and justly denounced as a monuaction of those Democrats in the Senate ment of 'party perfidy and party dishonor. and House of Representatives who We call attention to the later declaration throughout the session of this Congress of Democratic leaders that their ruinous have unmoved and undeterred by threat fight for Free Trade will be renewed at or entreaty, battled for and advocated the the first opportunity as a further warnfree and unlimited coinage of silver on ing to the country that the unprecedented equal terms with gold."

commercial distress of the past two years, TARIFF.-'We cordially indorse the with its loss of work, its reduction of great principle of tarif reform as embod wages, and its untold and immeasurable ied in the Democratic National platform suffering will be indefinitely prolonged of 1892, commend the action of the House unless the control of the affairs of this of Representatives in its efforts to secure great Nation is put back into the hands its practical realization, and pledge our of the Republican party, which alone has selves to continue the fight for the remov proved itself equal to that great trust." al of all unjust and unnecessary taxation MONEY.-"The Republican party, now.

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