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257 STRAFFORD (Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641).

The True Maner of the Sitting of Lords and Commons of both Houses of Parliament upon the Tryal of Thomas, Earle of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

View of the Interior of the Parliament House, with the King and Queen and members, judges, etc.

Line engraving by W. Hollar.
Size 10 by 10% inches. 1641.

Statesman. Opposed Charles I.'s Forced Loan, Beheaded.

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Execution of Earl of Strafford.

Rare Broadside, in Dutch and French, relating to his Execution. Half of the top portion of sheet is occupied with a finely-engraved portrait in armour of the Earl, with a view of the beheading hehind, by C. vander Pass, Gedruct voor Chrispyn vander Pas, by Jan van Hilton, Anno 1641." Size 16 by 12} inches.

£3 7560

259 THORPE (John, fl. 1570-1610).

Three-quarter length, seated, wig, gown, right arm resting on books, and plan of a Cathedral.

Line engraving by J. Bayly after Wollaston.
Size 113 by 7 inches, with margins. Circa 1700.

75 60 Architect and Surveyor.

260 TOWNSHEND (John, Lord, 1757-1833).

Half length, in square border, powdered hair, coat with high collar, frill.

Mezzotint by J. Jones after Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Size 194 by 13] inches, with margin. 1789.
Fine impression.

£4 ios Wit and Poet. Second Son of George 4th. Viscount. M.P. for Cambridge



- Another Impression.

Size 181 by 14 inches, with very narrow, margins (title and line of publication only).

£3 ios 262 THURLOW (Edward, Lord, 1736-1806).

Whole length, standing, wig, robes, left hand on hip, pillar and curtain to right, landscape in distance towards left.

Large and fine mezzotint by W. Dickinson after G. Romney.

Size 25 by 15 inches, with margins. With Inscription in dotted letters. (SEE ILLUSTRATION, No. XX.)

£14 14 Distinguished Lawyer. Chancellor.


Another Portrait.

Nearly full-length, seated, wig and robes, mace, etc., on table to right, arms under.

Large and fine stipple engraving by F. Bartolozzi after
Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Size 20 by 15 inches, with margins. 1782.
Brilliant Impression.

£6 6s

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Another Portrait.

Full length, standing, wig, robes, buckled shoes, left hand holding paper, mace and purse on table to left, curtain and pillar behind.

Contemporary mezzotint.
Size 133' by 94 inches, with margins.

£3 33

267 TITCHFIELD (William Henry, Marquis of, 1768-1854).

Half length, looking slightly to left, dark coat, white cravate
Fine mezzotint by C. Turner after Harrison.
Size 14 by 10 inches, with full margins. Circa 1825.
Brilliant proof before all letters.

18s Afterwards 4th Duke of Portland,

268 TWEEDDALE (John Hay, Earl of, 1626-1696).

Half length in oval with panelled corners and tablet beneath, looking to front, long wig, cravat, peer's robes.

Mezzotint by John Smith after Kneller.
Size 131 by 9] inches, with margins. 1690.

£3 35 Commissioner of the Treasury. Lord High Chancellor, and created Marquis

in 1694

269 VERNON (Honble. George Venables, and Lord, 1735-1813).

Half length, in oval, powdered hair, fur collar to coat.
Fine mezzotint by J. Dean after Thos. Gainsborough.

Size 153 by 11 inches, with full inscription margins. Circa 1780. Proof impression before any letters.

£5 IOS Eldest son of ist Lord Vernon.

270 WALPOLE (Sir Robert, afterwards Earl of Orford, 16761745).

Whole length, standing, wig, sash and badge, robe over coat, right hand holding purse on table to left, left hand holding paper, statue and curtain in background.

Mezzotint by James Watson after Vanloo.
Size 19% by 14 inches, with margins. 1788.

Brilliant impression, first state, with inscription in open

£12 125 Famous Whig Statesman, Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc., etc.

271 WARWICK (Rt. Honble. Francis Greville, Earl of, 17191773).

Half length, in circle, coat edged and trimmed, star, right hand within vest, hat under left arm, curtain.

Mezzotint by J. Watson after Thos. Gainsborough.
Size 121 by 87 inches, with inscription margin. Circa 1770.

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