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268 TWEEDDALE (John Hay, Earl of, 1626-1696).

Half length in oval with panelled corners and tablet beneath, looking to front, long wig, cravat, peer's robes.

Mezzotint by John Smith after Kneller.

Size 131 by 9 inches, with margins. 1690.

£3 3s

Commissioner of the Treasury. in 1694.

Lord High Chancellor, and created Marquis

269 VERNON (Honble. George Venables, 2nd Lord, 1735-1813). Half length, in oval, powdered hair, fur collar to coat. Fine mezzotint by J. Dean after Thos. Gainsborough. Size 15 by 11 inches, with full inscription margins. Circa 1780. Proof impression before any letters. £5 IOS

Eldest son of 1st Lord Vernon.

270 WALPOLE (Sir Robert, afterwards Earl of Orford, 16761745).

Whole length, standing, wig, sash and badge, robe over coat, right hand holding purse on table to left, left hand holding paper, statue and curtain in background.

Mezzotint by James Watson after Vanloo.

Size 19 by 14 inches, with margins. 1788.

Brilliant impression, first state, with inscription in open



£12 125

Famous Whig Statesman, Chancellor of the Exchequer, etc., etc.

271 WARWICK (Rt. Honble. Francis Greville, Earl of, 17191773).

Half length, in circle, coat edged and trimmed, star, right hand within vest, hat under left arm, curtain.

Mezzotint by J. Watson after Thos. Gainsborough.
Size 123 by 83 inches, with inscription margin. Circa 1770.

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272 WILLES (Ed., 1723-1787).

Three-quarter length, seated, in robes, book resting on knee held by left hand.

Large stipple engraving by Heath after Thos. Gainsborough.

Size 19 by 147 inches, inscription (margin only). 1792.
Fine impression.

Member of Parliament. Judge of Court of King's Bench.

£4 4s


Another Impression. In Print State.

£2 IOS

274 WINDHAM (Right Hon. Wm., 1750-1810).

Half length, in square border, wig, high collared coat, white cravat, coat buttoned, curtain behind.


Large mezzotint by J. Jones after Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Size 20 by 14 in., full uncut margins.

Fine impression.


£6 6s

Eminent Statesman. M.P. for City of Norwich. Secretary of War under Pitt for seven years.

Another Portrait.

Whole length, standing, white neckerchief, plain dark dress, pillar in background, church spire in distance.

Large mezzotint by S. W. Reynolds after J. Hoppner.
Size 25 by 15 inches, with margins.

276 YORKE (Henry Redhead, 1772-1813).


£4 15S

To knees, standing, directed and facing slightly right, white neckerchief, white waistcoat, coat with high collar, seal hanging from fob, right fingers on papers on table to left, left arm raised, pillar and curtain in background.

Fine mezzotint by S. W. Reynolds after J. R. Smith.
Size 19 by 137 inches, margins. 1796.

Brilliant impression.

£4 4s

Political Writer. Was imprisoned for conspiracy, sedition, and libel.

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The sizes given are (where possible) to plate mark.

277 BARTOLOZZI (Fran., 1786-1815).

In oval, short half length, in profile, to left, wig, dark coat ; engraved border with tablet and emblematic figures under.

Line engraving by Bouilliard after Violet.

Size 14 by 10 inches, with margins. 1797.
Proof impression.


Famous Engraver. One of the Original Academicians at the Founding of Royal Academy.

278 BELLA (Stefano Della, 1614-1664).

Half length, long hair, left hand raised, cloak.
Line engraving, by Hollar after Stocado.
Size 6 by 43 inches. Circa 1660.

Painter and Engraver.

279 BERCHEM (Nicolaas, 1620-1683).

12s 6d

Portrait of, to waist, hat with broad brim, long hair, dark coat, both hands holding open sketch book, porte crayon between thumb and finger of right hand.

Large and very fine mezzotint by Chas. Turner after Rembrandt.

Size 20 by 16 inches, with margins. Circa 1820.

Most brilliant impression in proof state, before any letters. (SEE ILLUSTRATION, No. XXII.)


Famous Painter and Etcher, born at Haarlem. 'His landscapes are superior to any painter of his country, except his contemporary, Jan Both.' -BRYAN.

280 BLAKE (William, 1757-1827).

Three-quarter length, holding crayon in right hand.

Line engraving by Schiavonetti after Phillips.

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