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Facsimiles of the 4 maps and the portrait of the Duchess of Richmond, each £1. 18

(1624) It is very seldom indeed that a copy of Smith's Virginia contains all the maps and portraits. The two portraits indeed are so rare that bibliographers disagree whether they were issued with the book or not. The compiler of the Catalogue of Mr. Huth's Library says of his copy, that “it evidently never possessed the portraits of the Duchess of Richmond and Matoaka, which are inserted in some copies, but were not originally issued with the book.”

Armorial China, REPRODUCED BY William Griggs.

Issued, to Subscribers only, a Beautiful Privately Printed Work; consisting of 24 exquisite plates in gold and colours, with cover for binding, £2. 28

1887 No Work has yet appeared giving in colour an illustrated account of the specimens of Armorial China which still remain in the possession of many of the Nobility and Gentry of this Country. It was suggested that a work containing coloured Facsi les of some of the finest examples would be of interest to many. Several of these were placed at Mr. Griggs' disposal by the Earl of Jersey, Lord Scarsdale, Lady Charlotte Schreiber, Miss Ffarington, G. Leveson Gower, Esq., F.S.A., A. W. Franks. Esq., M.A., F.S.A., and J. J. Howard, Esq., LL.D., F.8.A.

Archæologia Cambrensis, the Journal of the CAMBRIAN

ARCHÆOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. A COMPLETE SET, from the beginning in 1846 to 1886 inclusive, with GENERAL INDEX and the supplementary and extra works issued by the Society, as detailed below ;-in all 46 vols. 8vo. with a great number of plates and woodcuts; twenty-six vols. hf. bound in calf, the rest in parts, uncut, VERY SCARCE, £30

1846-86 (First SERIES) 4 vols. 1846-49 ; SUPPLEMENT to the First Series, 1 vol. 1850-SECOND SERIES, 5 vols. 1850-54 ; THIRD SERIES, 15 vols. 1855-69; FOURTH SERIES, 14 vols. 1870-83 ; FIFTH SERIES, 3 vols. 1884-86.

The extra works are : Original Documents, vol. I, completed, and vol. II, in course of publication (issued in the numbers of the fourth and fifth series) ; Dictionary of Celtic Remains (issued in the numbers for 1873 to 1878); Brut y Tywysogion, the Gwentian Chronicle of Caradoc of Llancarvan ; The

Lordship of Gower in the Marches of Wales ; Baronia de Kemys; The Land of Morgan, by G. T. Clark ; Gesta Regum Britanniæ, ed. by F. Michel.

ARABIC GRAMMAR, new edition : FARIS_Ash-Shidyaq': PRACTICAL

GRAMMAR OF THE ARABIC LANGUAGE, with Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dialogues and Vocabulary. Fourth Edition revised from the 2nd Ed., by the Rev. H. A. Williams, 12mo. pp. viii and 234, cl. 78 6d 1889

The best and cheapest method of acquiring the Language spoken in Syria, Egypt, Arabis. and by the Arabs in all parts of the World.

" This ingenious little book deserves the favour with which it has been received ; for the Author has made a bold attempt to simplify that very complex subject, Arabic Grammar The book is strong in Dialogues, to which forty-four pages are given. This is the part of the book which has found favour with the public; and the Syrian author is here quite at home. The Dialogues are decidedly good, consisting simply of colloquial sentences on various subjects, to be learnt by heart, and used as needed. Faris Ash-Shidyâq ends his book with a vocabulary containing about 3000 very common, and therefore very useful, words. We can certainly say of Fâris that his book is good, as far as it goes.”—Allen's Indian Mail.

Astle on Writing : The Origin and Progress

of WRITING, as well Hieroglyphic as Elementary, Illustrated by Engravings taken from Marbles, Manuscripts, and Charters, Ancient and Modern ; also some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing. By THOMAS A STLE, F.R.S., F.A.s., late Keeper of Records in the Tower of London, royal 4to. with 33 plates (some coloured), bd8. 208


Botany :
GRANT (Capt. Bartle) The Orchids of Burma and the Andaman Islands

described, 8vo. vi, 424 and 8 Index pp. (subscription price 128 6d), cloth, 108

Rangoon, 1895
Published privately in Burma. Indispensvble to all Orchid Collectors.
New Publications of

of the


MUSEUM: CATALOGUE of the BIRDS in the British Museum. Vol. XXIV. LIMIOOLÆ By R. B. SHARPE. 8vo., 807 pages, and 7 COLOURED plates ; cloth, 258 1896

The specimens arranged and catalogued of this mass of literature has been actually in it (the above volume) are 13,440, exclu- consulted. sive of many hundreds of duplicates. The The collection of specimens is a truly references quoted in the synonymy are wonderful one. Of the 255 species re18,892. With the exception of a few books, corded, the British Museum contains 250,

which proved to be inaccessible, the whole and the types are 68 in number.— Intro. CATALOGUE of the Birds in the British Museuin, vol. XXVII : CHENO

MORPHE (Palamedex, Phænicopteri, Anseres) CRYPTURI, and RATITÆ, by T. SALVADORI. 8vo. xv and 636 pages, with 19 COLOURED plates; cloth, £1. 128

1895 "The present volume concludes the Petrels. In a final volume it is intended series of the Catalogue of Birds . . . its to give a supplementary list of the species publication precedes that of vols. 24, 25 described since the publication of the and 26 ... it will be followed immediately several volumes, and an Index to the whole

by vol. 25, which contains the Gulls and work."-Albert Günther. THORELL (Professor Dr. T.). Descriptive Catalogue of the SPIDERS of

BURMA, based upon the collection made by Eugene W. Oates, and preserved in the British Museum. 8vo. xxxvi and 406 pages ; cloth, 108 60

1895 “ Mr. E. W. Oates, who has made many Professor Thorell readily undertook the valuable contributions to the Zoological work, but found the collection much richer Department in the British Museum, pre- than he anticipated, and, in fact, devoted sented to the Trustees the large collection the greater part of his time for the last of Spiders which he had formed during his three years to its examination and descripresidence in Burma. He suggested at the tion.

The manuscript, when completed, same time that it should be offered for proved to be too extensive for publication examination to Professor Dr. T. Thorell, in a periodical, and therefore the Trustees who already on previous occasions had considered it best that it should be pubincluded Burmese Arachnida in the long lished in the form of a separate work.”series of invaluable memoirs by which he Albert Günther. has advanced our knowledge of this class.

CATALOGUE of the Snakes in the British Museum. Vol. III, containing the

Colubridæ (Opisthoglyphæ and Proteroglyphæ), Amblycephalidæ, and Viperidæ. By G. A. BOULENGER. 8vo. xiv and 727 pages, and 25 plates comprising about 200 figures, also woodcuts ; cloth, £1. 68

1896 “ With this volume is brought to a con- ** These works are not only catalogues in clusion a series of works which all zoologists the ordinary sense of the largest general must acknowledge to be of primary import- collections of Batrachia and Reptilia ever ance in the history of science. The series yet brought together, but are complete consists of nine volumes, viz. :--The Cata- monographs of the groups of animals logue of Batrachia Salientia, published treated of, so far as their zoological in 1882; The Catalogue of Batrachia characters, geographical distribution, and Gradientia, also in 1882 ; The Catalogue synonymy are concerned-descriptions beof Lizards, vol. i, 1885, vol. ii, 1885, ing given of every species regarded by the vol. iii, 1887 ; The Catalogue of Chelonians, author as valid, whether contained in the Rhynchocephalians, and Crocodiles, 1889, Museum or not." - W. H. Flower, and the Catalogue of Snakes, vol. i, 1893, The nine volumes can be supplied for vol. ii, 1894, and vol. iii, 1896.


Bezold (C.). Catalogue of the CUNEIFORM Tablets in the Kouyunjik Collection of the British Museum. Vol. IV. Inpl. 8vo. cloth, 20s 1896

Contains the description of 6319 Tablets.

British Museum Publications :
CATALOGUE of the AFRICAN PLANTS collected by Dr. Friedrich

Welwitsch in 1853-61—DICOTYLEDONS, part I. By W. H. HIERN. 8vo.
XXV and 336 puges, with portrait ; bdr. 78 6d

1896 Owing to the great increase of interest in third and concluding will be devoted to the flora of the African continent, it has the remaining groups-the Hepatice by been thought advisable that the treasures Dr. F. Stephani, the Freshwater Algæ by contained in so remarkable a collection Mr. W. West, and the rest by the staff of should be published. The Dicotyle.lons the Department of Botany.--See Preface.

will form iwo volumes or parts; and a CATALOGUE of PRINTED Books. Rome, Church of.—POPES. Folio, 104 pp. in double columns, 2s

1896 “ In this extract from the General issued by Popes as Head of the Church.". Catalogue are included Bulls, Briefs, Extract from Prefatory Note.

Decretals, and other official documents
CATALOGUE of the GREEK and ETRUSCAN VASES in the British

Museum. Vol. IV, Vases of the latest period. By H. B. WALTERS, 1 to.
with 16 plates and 20 illustrations in the text; cloth, 168

1896 Volume II, Black Figured Vases, 1893, price 248, bas been published ; vols. I and III are in preparation. CATALOGUE of the BIRDS in the British Museum, vol. XXV: GAVIE

(Terns, Gulls, and Skuas) by Howard SAUNDERS; TUBINARES (Petrels and Albatrosses) by Osbert Salvin. Svo. 476 pages and 8 coloured plates; cloth, 218

1896 CATALOGUE of the MADREPORARIAN CORALS in the British Museum. Vol. II,

The Genus TURBINARIA, and the Genus ASTRÆOPORA. By Henry M. BERNARD. Impl. 4to., with 33 plates representing about 130 specimens ; cloth, 188

1896 Rieu (Charles). Supplement to the Catalogue of the PERSIAN MANU

SCRIPTS in the British Museum. Impl. 4to. ix and 308 payes in double columns; cloth, 158

1895 (Insued in 1896) “ The present Supplement deals with the last quarter of the present year.”425 MSS. acquired by the Museum during Preface. the last twelve years, namely from 1883, The three vols.of the Catalogue of Persian the vear in which the third and last volume MSS. are still to be had: Vol. I, 1879, 258 ;

of the Persian Catalogue was published, to Vol. II, 1881, 255; Vol. III, 1883, 25s. Bucks : Parish Registers of GREAT HAMPDEN, 1557-1812, edited

by E. A. Ebblewhite, impl. 8vo. (cost to Subscribers £2. 28), bds. 1js 1893

The Entries, to the pumber of Three sufficient to give an idea of the value of the Thousand, include many of Historical Records of this little Village, with which interest, at the head of which stands that the ancient Family of Hampden (now of the Burial of John Hampden the represented by Lord Buckinghamshire) Patriot; while the names of Cromwell, has always been so closely connected. Pimm, Lenthall, Mosse, Trevor, etc., are

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Greg's Comparative Philology of the Old and New

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Worlds in relation to Archaic Speech, with copious Vocabularies, impl. 8vo. 72 and 355 pp. (pub. at £1. 118 6d); cloth, 108

1893 The comparative Vocabularies exhibit a marvellous amount of industry and intelligent research. All the learning of Prince Louis Lucian Bonaparte's Philological Library is

represented by this One Volume. Zoology and Geology

Geology of East Africa : BLANFORD (W. T.) Observations on the Geology and Zoology of

Abyssinia, 1867-1868, 8vo. folding plate, geological view, and 8 coloured plaies of Birds (pub. at 218), cloth, 78 60

1870 Hitherto no Scientific work had been published on the Geology and Zoology of Abyssinia. The above will be welcome to Scientists and Sportsmen.


Translated from the original of SULKHAN-SABA ORBELIANI by

OLIVER WARDROP. 8vo., printed in black and red.
The first work translated into English from the Georgian Language.

A beautiful Specimen of the Kelmscott Press.

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no volume Suhondo

02 2

BERNARD QUARITCH, Bookseller, 15 Piccadilly, London, recommends to Gentlemen in all parts of the Globe his services as their

LONDON AGENT. His intimate acquaintance with all departments of Literature, his extensive and valuable stock, his staff of well-trained assistants, and his established reputation as a man of business, guarantee prompt and efficient service.

He attends the BOOK-SALES in London and elsewhere personally, and thus has many opportunities of securing literary rarities sought after in vain by collectors.

His Catalogues of valuable and standard English and Foreign books are sent regularly on application to every book collector,

Mr. QUARITCH trusts that his extensive stock will for the future be better known to collectors and literary men, and that many gentlemen who have hitherto denied themselves the pleasure of purchasing good books at moderate prices will avail themselves of the facilities which are now offered for the gratification of their taste.

Parcels of moderate size can be despatched by Parcel Post at a very low rate. Large orders are shipped regularly. Enclosures of any value are received and forwarded.

MONEY ORDERS may be obtained at any Money-order Office in India, British China, Australia, America, etc., payable in London.

CATALOGUES in preparation, and nearly ready, each being obtainable on payment of six penny stamps :

A Catalogue of valuable and rare Books on Entomology, Mathematics, Ornithology, Physics, and Zoology.

A Catalogue of Works on the Occult Sciences, Religious Systems, Superstitions, Alchemy, Astrology, and Witchcraft.

BERNARD QUARITCH. 15 Piccadilly, London,


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