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Gems :
251 STREETER (E. W.). Precious Stones and Gems. Second Edition,
with Additions. 8vo., coloured plates ; cloth

1879 252

Pearls and Pearling Life. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth 1886 253 TASSIE (J.). Catalogue of a Collection of Ancient and Modern Engraved

Gems, Cameos, as well as Intaglios, taken from the most celebrated
Cabinets in Europe; and cast in Coloured Pastes, White Enamel, and
Sulphur, by J. Tassie, arranged and described by R. E. Raspe.
2 vols., roy. 4to., 57 fine plates; a fine tall copy in calf

1791 254 TAVERNIER (J. B.). Travels in India. 2 thick vols., 8vo., portraits ; cloth (pub. £2. 2s)

1889 Translated from the original French edition of 1676, with a biographical sketch

of the author, notes, appendices, etc., by V. Ball. 255 WESTROPP (H. M.). Manual of Precious Stones and Antique Gems. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

1874 256 Geneva. Memoires de la Société de Physique et d'Histoire NATURELLE

de Genève. Tome XXXI. 2de partie. Roy. 4to. sd. 1892-93

CONTENTS :-Diatomées, espèces nouvelles marines, fossiles ou pélagique, par J. BRUX, with 12 plates ; Monographia Polygalacearum auctore Dr. R. Chodat, zde partie (genre Polygala, 400 espèces), 500 pages and 23 plates,

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257 BLAKE (J. F.). Annals of British Geology, 1890-93. 4 vols., &vo.,
many illustrations ; cloth

1890-95 1 1 0 A critical digest of the publications and account of papers reud during these

258 BLANCKENHORN (M.). Beiträge zur Geologie Syriens : Die Entwickelung

des Kreidesystems in Mittel- und Nord-Syrien. Roy. 4to., lithographic
plates ; sd. (pub. 30 m.)


PLETE SET, from the beginning in 1830 to 1879. 51 vols., 8vo. and
royal 8vo., with a large number of maps and plates; the whole neatly and
uniformly half bound in calf

Paris, 1830-79 21 00 259 Carez (L.) et H. Douvillé. Annuaire Géologique Universel. Revue de

Géologie et Paléontologie. Avec le concours de nombreux Géologues
Français et Étrangers, publié par le Dr. Dagincourt. Tome III. 8vo.,
pp. xxi, 777, vii, 235; cloth

Paris, 1887 05 260 Carter (H. J.). Geological Papers on Western India, including Cutch,

Sinde, and the S. E. coast of Arabia. I vol. impl. 8vo. and 1 vol.
oblong folio, pp. x, 808, anul 22 plates; hf. W

Bombay, 1857 0 9 છે 261 DAWSON (Sir J. W.). The Geology of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,

and Prince Edward Island, or Acadian Geology. Fourth Edition, with
Two Supplements. Impl. 8vo., pp. xxvii, 835, map and illustrations ;

1891 LO 262 EMMONS (S. F.). Geological Guide-Book for an Excursion to the Rocky Mountains. Sm. folio, map and other illustrations ; cloth

New York, 1894 0 120 263 GEIKE (A.). Text-Book of Geology. 8vo., pp. xi, 971, and numerous illustrations; cloth

1882 0 16 0


The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain. 2 vols., royal 8vo. with 7 maps and numerous Illustrations, cloth

1897 "A very important contribution to Geological Literature."--Nature, March 25th, 1897.

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Geological Society of London:

12 vols. COMPLETE, 4to., with numerous maps and plates,
some of them coloured ; bds. uncut

1811-56 17 0 0 266 another set, 12 vols., 4to., half bright calf gilt

1811-56 21 0 0 The last two vols. of the second series are very scarce.

Sets not including these two volumes are of very little worth. 267 PROCEEDINGS of the Geological Society of London,

COMPLETE from the beginning in 1826 to 1845, forming 4 vols., with maps and plates, 1834-46 --QUARTERLY JOURNAL of the Geological Society of London, complete from the beginning in 1845 to August, 1896, forming 52 vols. with maps and platesINDEX to the Transactions, Proceedings and Quarterly Journal up to 1868, 1 vol., 1870— ABSTRACTS of the Proceedings of the Geological Society, 1872-1895, in 6 vols.-CATALOGUE of the Library of the Society, with Supplements, 7 vols.List of Members, 1 vol. and 2 parts ;-in all 71 vols., 8vo., sixty vols. uniformly half bound in calf, the rest cloth or wrappers

1826-96 30 0 0 268 QUARTERLY JOURNAL of the Geological Society. A series from 1870 to

1893, inclusive, forming 24 vols., 8vo., neatly and uniformly half bound in calf gilt, cloth sides

1870-93 5 5 0 269 Geological Survey of Great Britain. 12 vols., royal 8vo., as described below, with numerous maps, plates, etc. ; cloth and hf. calf 1846-82 4 4 0

Memoirs of the Survey, Vols. I, II, III, Jukes' South Staffordshire Coal Field
IV, pt. 1 (all published) in 5 vols.

1859 1846-72 Records of the School of Mines, Vol. I, Topley's Geology of the Weaid 1875 4 parts (all published)

Newton's Vertebrata of the Forest Bed Figures and Descriptions of British

Series of Norfolk and Suffolk 1882 Organic Remains. Decades I-XIII
Forbes' Tertiary Fluvis-Marine Forma- (all published), with 130 plates, in 2
tion of the Isle of Wight
1856 vols.

1849-72 270 GEOLOGIST'S ASSOCIATION. A Record of Excursions made between 1860

and 1890. Edited by T. V. Holmes and C. D. Sherborn. 8vo.,
illustrations ; cloth (pub. 12s 6d net)

1891 0.66 271 Geological Record; an account of works on Geology, Mineralogy and

Palæontology published during the year. For the years 1879 to 1884
incl., in 3 vols., 8vo., cloth

1887-89 0 7 6 272 Geological Survey of Canada:

Report of Progress, 1874-75 ; 1877-78; and 1882-83-84
Annual Report (New Series), Vol. II, 1886; Vol. V, 1890-91, in 2 vols.;

and Vol. VII, 1894
Maps to accompany the Reports, and other maps, 8 cases and envelopes
Hoffman's Catalogue of Section One of the Museum (Minerals) 1893
Dawson's Report on the Area of the Kamloops Map-Sheet, British

1896 Ells' Report on a portion of the province of Quebec

1896 together 10 vols. with numerous maps, etc., and 8 separate cases of Maps, royal 8vo. bds. and sd.

Montreal and Ottawa, 1879-96 1 5 0

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273 Geological Survey of Iowa. Vols. I, II, and IV. 3 vols., 4to., with
numerous maps

and plates;

Des Moines, 1893-95 The second vol. is “Ūn the Coal Deposits of Iowa, by C. R. Keyes,” 536 pages. 274 HAYDEN (F. V.). Preliminary Report of the U. S.-Geological Survey of Wyoming. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth

Washington, 1871 274*- Preliminary Report of the U.S. Geological Survey of Montana. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

ibid., 1872 275 HOCHSTETTER and PETERMANN. Geological and Topographical Atlas of New Zealand. 4to., 6 maps of Auckland and Nelson ; bds.

Auckland, 1864 276 JACCARD (A.). Le Pétrole, l'Asphalte, et le Bitume, au point de voe géologique. 8vo., 30 illustrations in the text; cloth (pub. 6 fr.)

Paris, 1895 277 JOHNSTON (R. M.). Systematic Account of the Geology of Tasmania. Roy. 4to., many illustrations; half calf

Hobart, 1888 278 LYELL (Sir Charles). Principles of Geology, being an Attempt to

explain the former changes of the Earth's Surface, by references to
causes now in operation. 3 vols., 8vo., plain and coloured plates, wood-
cuts, etc.; hf. bd.

1830-33 278* The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth

1863 279 MCCALLEY (H.). The Warrior Coal Field. 8vo., sd.

Geological Survey of Alabama, 1886 280 MANTELL (G.). The Geology of the South-East of England. 8vo., illustrations; half calf


from the beginning in 1830 to 1859. 11 vols., royal 4to., with many
coloured maps, plans and plates ; ten vols. in hf. russia gilt, marbled
edges; the last vol. in two parts


Tomes I; II; III; IV ;V; et VI, fasc 1. In 20 parts, royal 4to., with
numerous fine plates (published at £6), sewed

Paris, 1891-96 283 Morton (G. H.). The Geology of the Country around Liverpool,

including the North of Flintshire. New Edition. Demy 8vo., 327 pp.
with 37 illustrations, a Geological Map of the District, and an Appendix,
bringing the subject in all its details to the end of 1896, cloth 1897

Thirty-four years have elapsed since the First Edition of this work was published.
Geology has made great advances since 1863, and a large amount of information has
been obtained relating to the Stratified Rocks and Superficial Deposits around Liver-
pool. Continuous observations over the country, sections from tunnels, shafts, and
borings have added considerably to our knowledge of the Subdivisions of the Carboni-
ferous Limestone, Cefn-y-Fedw Sandstone, Millstone Grit, Coal Measures, Trias,
Glacial and Recent Deposits. The latest results of microscopical investigations are
given, and lists of the the Fossils from each Geological Formation render the work of
importance to geologists.
The Appendix

contains a Geological Map of the District on the scale of one inch
to the mile, and a list of papers on local Geology ; recent observations on Permian
fossils, Triassic footprints, and Glacial striæ are recorded ; and three Papers read at

the recent Meeting of the British Association in Liverpool are given in extenso.
28+ MURCHISON. The Geology of Russia in Europe and the URAL MOUNTAINS.

2 vols., royal 4to., numerous woodcuts, 7 folding maps, Geological
sections, 12 lithographic Views, and 50 plates of Fossil Remains;

Vol. I. Geology (in English). Vol. II. Palæontology (in French).
285 MURCHISON (Sir R. I.). Siluria. The History of the oldest known

Rocks containing Organic Remains. 8vo., pp. xv, 523, 37 plates and
many woodcuts ; cloth

1854 286

the same. 8vo., half brown morocco, very neal, gilt top, uncut


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287 NEWBERRY. Report of the Exploring Expedition from Santa Fé, New

Mexico, to the Junction of the Grand and Green Rivers of the Great
Colorado of the West, in 1859: GEOLOGICAL REPORT by J. S. New-

BERRY. Roy. 4to., plain and coloured plates; cloth Washington, 1876 288 OLDHAM (R. D.). Manual of the Geology of India, chiefly from the

observations of the Geological Survey. Roy. 8vo., numerous maps
and plates ; hf. bd.

Calcutta, 1893 289 Prestwich (J.). Collected Papers on some Controverted Questions of Geology. Roy. 8vo., pp. xii, 279 ; cloth (pub. 10s net)

1895 290 Rouault (Marie). Euvres posthumes, suivies de les Cruziana et

Rysophycus, connus sous le nom général de Bilobites, par P. LEBES-
CONTE. Folio, with 22 lithographed plates containing numerous figures ;
half calf neat

Rennes, 1883 291 SMITH (E. A.). Geological Survey of Alabama. Report for 1881-82. 8vo., maps, etc.; cloth

Montgomery, 1883 292 Spurr (J. E.). The Iron-Bearing Rocks of the Mesabi Range in Minnesota. Roy. 8vo., photographic and other plates; cloth

Minneapolis, 1894 Bulletin No. X, of the Geological and Natural History Surrey of Minnesota. 293 Tarr (R. S.). Economic Geology of the United States. 8vo., pp. xx, 509, and illustrations; cloth (pub. 168 net)

1894 294 Tyrrell. Geological Survey of Canada. Report on North-Western

Manitoba, with portions of the adjacent districts of Assiniboia and
Saskatchewan. Roy. 8vo., folding map and other illustrations ;

Ottawa, 1892 295 Wisconsin. Geology of Wisconsin. Survey of 1873-79. Vols. I and

IV. Impl. 8vo., pp. xlviii, 1504, and numerous plates, maps, and wood-
cuts ; cloth

1882-83 296 WOODWARD (H. B.). The Geology of England and Wales. 8vo.,

illustrations; cloth 297 GESNERI (Conradi) Historiæ Animalium : Liber I. de Quadrupedibus viviparis

Francofurti, 1620 » II. de Quadrupedibus oviparis

1617 III. de Avium Natura

IV. de Piscium et Aquatilium Animantium Natura

V. de Serpentibus
5 vols. in 3, folio, with a great number of fine woodculs interspersed
through the text ; a good sound copy in old gilt calf

1617-20 298 GOSSE (P. H.). Manual of Marine Zoology. 2 pts. in 1 vol., 12mo., many illustrations; calf

1855-58 299 GURNEY (J. H.). Rambles of a Naturalist in Egypt and other Countries. 8vo., cloth

? 1875 300 HAECKEL (E.). The History of Creation. Translated by E. Ray Lankester. 2 vols., post 8vo., half calf

1876 301 Harvie-Brown (J. A.) and T. E. BuckLEY. A Vertebrate Fanna of

Argyll and the Inner HEBRIDES. Sq. roy. 8vo., maps and illustrations ;

Edinburgh, 1892 302 Harvey (W.). Anatomical Exercitations concerning the Generation of living Creatures. Stout 12mo., cut close, new calf neat

1653 To which are added particular discourses of Births and of Conceptions. 303 HARVEY (W. H.). The Sea-side Book. 12mo., illustrations; half calf 1854

An introduction to the natural history of the British coasts. 304 HASSALL (A. H.). Food and its Adulterations. 8vo., illustrations; half morocco, very neat, gilt top

1855 305 Hernandez (Dr. Francisco). Cuatro Libros de la Naturaleza y Virtudes

Medicinales de las Plantas y Animales de la Nueva España ... anotados

por Fr. Francisco Ximenez . . . reimpreso bajo la direccion del Dr. Nicolás León. Sm. 4to., hf. bd.

Jorelia, 1888


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306 HERSCHELL (Sir J. F. W.). Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews. 8vo., cloth

1857 0 4 0 307 HILL (J. E.). A Text-Book on Shades and Shadows, and Perspective. 8vo., plutes; cloth

New York, 1896 0 5 0 Horses: 308 BLUNDEVILL. The fower chiefest offices belonging to Horseman.

shippe, That is to say, The office of the Breeder, Of the Rider, of the
Keeper, and of the Ferrer ... By Tho. Blundeuill of Newton Flotman
in Norff. Imprinted at London by V Villyam Seres dwellyng at the west
ende of Paules church [no date].

4 parts complete, forming 1 vol., small 4to., black letter, FIRST
EDITION, each part having its own title, with woodcut border, dedication,
and table ; with woodcuts of Horses' Bits and Shoes ; fine and perfect
copy in mottled calf extra

(1565] 1000 309 the same, sm. 4to., large and fine copy in the original vellum

[15857 13 100 Some copies have the titles to the third and fourth parts dated 1565 and 1566 respectively. 310 DAUMAS (E.). Les Chevaux du Sahara et les Meurs du Désert ; avec

des commentaires par l’Emir Abl-el-Kader. Royal 8vo. 544 pages,
with portraits ; hf. vellum

Paris, 1862 311 Mayhew's Illustrated Horse Doctor, revised and improved by J. I. LUPTON. 8vo., with 400 woodcuts; cloth

(1891) 312 Pessina (J. J.). Ueber die Erkenntniss des Pferdealters aus den

Zähnen. 4to., with 9 folding plates, and a table; cloth Wien, 1825 313 POCKET-Farrier (The), or approved receipts . to cure ..

any Accident ... to a Horse. . . . 18mo., interleaved, fine copy, calf

Shrewsbury, 1781 0 36 314 TENNECKER (Seyffert von). Wissenschaften für Pferdeliebhaber. 4to., with 24 plates; cloth

Leipzig, 1831 [0 10 0 315 WHITE (James). Treatise on Veterinary Medicine. 4 vols., sm. 8vo., with plates, some coloured ; bds., uncut

1815-18 316 HOOKER (J. D.). Himalayan Journals. 2 vols., 8vo., maps and illustrations ; half morocco, very neat, gilt tops, uncut

1854 Notes of a naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasis

Mountains, etc. 317 HUGHES (F. J.). Harmonies of Tones and Colours developed by Evolution. Folio, 21 large plates ; cloth

1883 318 HUXLEY (T. H.). Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature. 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth

1863 0 4 6 319 Lectures on the Elements of Comparative Anatomy. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth

1864 320

Introduction to the Classification of Animals. 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth

1869 With a letter from Huxley to Mr. Freeman C. S. Roper. 321 American Addresses, with a Lecture of the Study on Biology. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth

322 BELON. La Nature & Diuersité des Poissons, auec leurs

pourtraicts, representez au plus pres du naturel. Par Pierre BELON
du Mans Paris ... M.D.LV. Oblong sm. 8vo., First Edition ;
numerous fine woodcuts; vellum, by Hering; SCARCE


DAISES, Publié sous les Auspices du Gouvernement Colonial Néer-
landais, par P. BLEEKER. 36 livraisons, large folio, with 420 splendid
coloured plates containing an immense number of figures; as issued (pub.
at 500 florins)

Amsterdam, 1862-78 25 0 0
A work conceived and executed on a most imposing scale and ranking with
Bloch’s great work in beauty and importance. The death of the author terminated its

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