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491 SCOTT. The discouerie of witchcraft, Wherein the lewde dealing of witches and witchmongers is notablie detected... by Reginald Scott... Small 4to. black letter, with woodcuts, FIRST AND RAREST EDITION, with the two rare unnumbered leaves; a sound but short copy, having some of the headlines a little cropped; calf neat, blind tooled W. Brome, 1584 12 10 a the same, 4to., LARGE and THICK PAPER, an extraordinarily large and fine copy; in the original vellum 493 SCOT'S Discovery of VVitchcraft. . wherein the lewde unchristian practises of Witchmongers. . is notably detected, etc. Sm. 4to. second edition, with woodcuts, bd.


1584 25 00



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Contains exactly the same matter as the first edition. 494 SCOTT (Sir Walter). Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft.

front.; hf. russia

495 SINISTRARI. De la Démonialité et des Animaux incubes et succubes... Par le R. P. Louis Marie Sinistrari... (17° siècle). . . traduit du Latin par Isidore Liseux [en Latin et Francais]. 8vo. sd. Paris, 1875 another copy, 8vo., morocco extra, uncut

1875 0 12

497 STRANGE and Wonderful News from Goswell street . . . being a
Relation how a Person having for three years. . lain under an Evil
Tongue judged to proceed from Witchcraft... With the
strange Noises heard at that time . . . (etc.)
Sm. 4to. 8 pp.,

1678 498 A TRUE AND EXACT RELATION Of the severall Informations, Examinations, and Confessions of the late Witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex. Who were condemned at . . Chelmsford before... Robert Earle of Warwicke . . . July 1645. Wherein the murthers and. Witchcrafts, committed on the bodies of men, women, and children, and . cattell are fully discovered. Sm. 4to. hf. calf

1645 499 WEBSTER. The Displaying of supposed Witchcraft, wherein it is affirmed that there are many sorts but that there is a Corporeal League made betwixt the Devil and the Witch, or that he sucks on the Witches body, has carnal copulation or the like, is utterly denied. By John Webster. Folio, old calf 1677

another copy, folio, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, in old smooth red morocco, gilt edges, CHARLES II's copy, with his device in the corners


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1677 501 WIER. De Praestigiis Daemonvm, et incantationibus ac ueneficiis, Libri V . . . Authore Ioanne V Viero . . . 12mo., hf. calf

Basil. 1564
Basil. 1566
Libri sex

Basil. 1568

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A discovrsive probleme concerning Prophesies, How far they are to be valued... and directions in Diuinitie, Philosophie, Astrologie. . . By I. H. Physition. Printed at London, by Iohn Iackson, for Richard Watkins. 1588. BLACK LETTER, dedicated to Sir Chr. Hatton, title within a woodcut border


The Triall of Witch-craft, shewing the trve and right methode of the Discovery ... By John Cotta, Doctor in Physicke... 1616 (headlines a little cropped)

The Wonderfvll Discouerie of the Witch-crafts of Margaret and Philip Flower,
daughters of Joane Flower, by Beuer-Castle, and executed at Lincolne, the 11. of
March 1618 [B to D 3 in fours; no title or preliminary leaves]

A modest defence of the caveat given to the wearers of impoisoned Amulets, as
Preseruities from the Plague... by Fr. Hering D. in Physicke ... London... 1604

A briefe discovrse of a disease called the Suffocation of the Mother [against imputing diseases to evil spirits] Written vppon occasion which hath beene of late taken thereby, to suspect possession of an euill spirit... By Edward Iorden Doctor in Physicke... 1603, title slightly defective

A True relation Of the araignment Of eighteene VVitches That were tried, convicted, and condemned at... St. Edmunds-bury in Suffolke... also a List of the names of those that were executed... London, 1645

[Continued on second page of Wrapper]

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07 066

another edition, 12mo. calf or vellum Ioannis V Vieri des Praestigiis Dæmonvm Sm. 8vo. russia 504 WINSOR (Justin). The Literature of Witchcraft in New England. 8vo. 25 pages; sd. Worcester, Mass. 1896 026 505 TRACTS on Witchcraft, etc. Ten exceedingly rare pieces in 1 vol., sm. 4to., calf








No. 172]














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38 40, 48 48, 49 52 54


. 16, 59

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62, 63

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"The further we proceed the more clearly shall we realize the connection and interdependence of all departments of science. Year after year, as meetings of this Association take place, we may also forsee that 'many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.' Year after year advances will be made in science; and in reading that Book of Nature that lies ever open before our eyes, successive stones will be brought for building up that Temple of Knowledge of which our fathers and we have laboured to lay the foundations. May we not well exclaim with old Robert Recorde ?



"Oh woorthy temple of Goddes magnificence: Oh throne of glorye and seate of the lorde : thy substance most pure what tonge can describe? thy signs are so wondrous, surmountinge mannes witte, the effects of thy motions so diuers in kinde: so harde for to searche, and worse for to fynde-Thy woorkes are all wonderous, thy cunning unknowen: yet seedes of all knowledge in that booke are sowen-And yet in that boke who rightly can reade, to all secrete knowledge it will him straighte leade' (Preface to Robert Recorde's Castle of Knowledge, 1556)." Extract from Sir John Evans' Presidential Address to the British Association, Toronto, 1897.

LONDON, September, 1897

The printing and posting of my Rough Lists is a considerable expense to me therefore appeal to the recipients to favour me occasionally with an order. therwise the sending of these Catalogues must be suspended.-B.Q.

LONDON, 15 Piccadilly, September, 1897.

The Honorable Alicia Amherst's History

OF GARDENING IN ENGLAND, in one volume royal 8vo. xiv and 404 pp. A New Edition. With 67 Illustrations of Old English Gardens and a revised text, extra cloth, cash 188

The First Edition was sold within two months of its publication, and many were the disappointments of unsuccessful would-be buyers.

"A remarkable ceremony was performed at the meeting of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners,' on Thursday last, in the Grafton Gallery, in the bestowal of the freedom of the guild upon a young lady. The statement might seem curious were it not that the young lady was Miss Alicia Amherst, daughter of Lord Amherst of Hackney, whose new book on the History of Gardening in England has won for her celebrity as the chief authority on the subject. Even as to the records of the Company itself, Miss Amherst probably knew a great deal more than any of the officers who called the meeting in her honour. At least, they will admit that much of their early history (in the time of James I) was made clearer to them by her book, which has indeed achieved a success so sudden and so great (considering the nature of its subject) as to assume it a permanent place in English literature."-The World.

Birdwood's First Letter Book of the East

INDIA COMPANY, 1600-1619, 8vo., cloth, £2. 28


"The volume is a model of good work, and is worthy to rank with the Calendars of State Papers issued from time to time by the Rolls Office.

"The preface by Sir George Birdwood is delightful reading, and contains much new information on the subjects to which the documents relate."-The Athenæum, March 13th, 1897.

British Museum:

Early Printed Books in the British Museum, Facsimiles from. Folio, 32 plates, with descriptive text, in portfolio, 78 6d


Selected pages from representative specimens of Early Printed Books of Germany, Italy, France, Holland, and England, exhibited in the King's Library.

A Subject Index of the Modern Works added

TO THE LIBRARY OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM IN THE YEARS 18911895, compiled by FORTESCUE, stout 8vo., vi and 901 pp., double cols., cloth. £2.

1897 Vols. 1 and 2 for 1880-1890, with the above comprise 124,700 entries. Of each book the number of printed pages is given-but not the number of plates, a serious omission.


BUSK (GEORGE). Catalogue of MARINE POLYZOA in the Collection of the British Museum. 3 parts or vols. complete (the first two in 12mo., the third in 8vo.) bound in 2 vols., with 162 plates; hf. calf and cloth, very scarce, £2. 188 1852-75 CATALOGUE OF THE FOSSIL CEPHALOPODA IN THE DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY. Part III. containing the BACTRITIDE and part of the suborder AMMONOIDEA. By Arthur H. FOORD and G. C. CRICK. 8vo., xxxiii and 303 pp., with woodcuts; cloth, 12s 6d 1897

"The interest attaching to the Goniatites as the direct ancestors of the Ammonites, and the conclusive evidence which the former afford of their almost imperceptible passage into the latter, will render this volume extremely important to all those who desire to study the phylogeny of this group."-Henry Woodward.

Part I, 1888, 10s 6d, and part II, 1891, 15s, can still be had.

CATALOGUE OF TERTIARY MOLLUSCA IN THE DEPARTMENT Part I. The Australasian Tertiary Mollusca. By 8vo., xxvi and 407 pp., with 8 plates representing cloth, 10s


OF GEOLOGY. George F. HARRIS. nearly 100 specimens;







AGASSIZ. Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens Nomina Systematica Generum
Animalium tam viventium quam fossilium. Auctore L. AGASSIZ.
4to., half calf
Soloduri, 1842-46
2 Agriculture. SHARROCK (R.). The History of the Propagation & Improve-
ment of Vegetables by the concurrence of Art and Nature
Sm. 8vo., calf


With Arthur Young's bookplate.

AIKIN (A.). Manual of Mineralogy. 1815-WERNER'S Nomenclature of
Colours. Coloured specimens. 1814-in 1 vol., 12mo., russia 1814-15
Alpine. WHYMPER (Edw.). Scrambles amongst the Alps, in 1860-69. 8vo.,
maps and illustrations; cloth gilt


Angling and Fishing:

5 [BROOKES (Dr. R.)]. The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea-Fishing, etc. 12mo., illustrated with 133 cuts; FIRST EDITION; old calf J. Watts, 1740 6 COMPLETE TROLLER (The), or, the Art of Trolling. By a Lover of the Sport. 12mo., calf, rare



a reprint of the same, 12mo., hf. bd.

1682 1682 (cir. 1800) 8 DUBRAVIUS. A New Booke of good Husbandry, very pleasaunt, and of great profite both for Gentlemen and Yomen: Conteining The Order and maner of making of Fish-pondes, with the breeding of the Carpe, Tench, Pike, and Troute, and diuerse kindes of other Fresh-fish. Written in Latine by Ianus Dubrauius, and translated into English at the speciall request of George Churchey... Imprinted at London by William White, dwelling in Cow-lane. 1599. Sm. 4to., black letter, with woodcut initials; half morocco, VERY RARE 9 WATSON (J.). Sketches of British Sporting Fishes. 8vo., cloth (pub. 38 6d) 1890


10 BERTILLON (A.). Signaletic Instructions including the Theory and Practice of Anthropometrical Identification, translated by McClaughry. 8vo., numerous plates; half morocco

Chicago, 1896 11 PICKERING (C.). The Races of Man and their Geographical Distribution. Roy. 4to., coloured plates, cloth

Boston, United States Exploring Expedition, 1848 12 BELON. Les OBSERVATIONS de plvsievrs singvlaritez et choses memorables, trouuées en Grece, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie, & autres pays estranges, redigées en trois liures. Par PIERRE BELON du MANS. Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; woodcuts and ornamental woodcut initials; yellow morocco, gilt edges; SCARCE

the Second Edition. Sm. 4to., old calf 13*BLUNDEVIL (Mr.), his Exercises, contayning Eight treatises: Cosmographie, Astronomie, Navigation. Stout sm. 4to., seventh edition; folding plates; original calf 1636

Paris, 1553


£ 8. d.

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1599 20 0 0




2 2 0

1 16 0

500 0 15 0



4 4 0 1.8 0

1 10 0

Botany: see also the June List.

14 DE L'OBEL (Matthiæ) . . . in G. Rondelletii



Officinam Animadversiones Sm. folio, many fine woodcuts; old
gilt calf; with Ld. Petre's bookplate


15 DILLWYN (L. W.). British Confervæ; or Figures and Descriptions of the British Plants referred by Botanists to the Genus Conferva. 4to., more than 100 coloured plates; hf. bd.; Cork Institution stamp on title 1809

£ 8. d.

Only 50 copies were produced.

19 HORTUS WOBURNENSIS, a Descriptive Catalogue of upwards of Six Thousand Ornamental Plants cultivated at Woburn Abbey. By J. FORBES. Royal 8vo., 24 plates (many being coloured) of views of the estate, and plans and details of forcing houses, green houses, etc.; half 1833

116 0

16 BAUHINUS. Caspari Bavhini . . Theatri Botanici sive Historia Plantarvm ex vetervm et recentiorvm placitis propriaq. observatione concinnata Liber Primvs Editus opera & cura Io. Casp. Baohini. Folio, many woodcuts; old calf Basilea, 1658 16*BEDDOME (R. H.). Handbook to the Ferns of British India, Ceylon, and the Malay Peninsula. Post 8vo., numerous plates and illustrations in the text; cloth Calcutta, 1883 0 10 6 Bedford (Duke of). Publications and Privately Printed



0 15 0

17 HORTUS GRAMINEUS WOBURNENSIS: or, an Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses and other Plants used as the Food of the more valuable Domestic Animals. By G. SINCLAIR. Roy. 8vo., numerous coloured plates; hf. bd. 1825 17*HORTUS ERICEUS WOBURNENSIS or a Catalogue of HEATHS, in the Collection of the DUKE of BEDFORD. Roy. 4to., 2 vignettes, 2 views, 2 plans, and 6 coloured plates; hf. bd. privately printed, 1825 2 100 18 SALICTUM WOBURNENSE: or, a Catalogue of Willows, indigenous and foreign, in the Collection of the DUKE of BEDFORD. [By J. FORBES]. Impl. 8vo., frontispiece and nearly 150 coloured plates; half green privately printed, 1829 14 0 0


Coloured copies are exceedingly rare.


.. Rariorvm Plantarvm Historia


Caroli Clvsi
with an engraved title and a very large number of fine woodcuts; in an
old stamped binding (mended)

Antverpiæ, ex Officina Plantiniana, apud Joannem Moretum, 1601

0 10 0

green morocco

The above have the Library stamp "Russell Institution" on the title. 20 PINETUM WOBURNENSE: or a Catalogue of the CONIFEROUS PLANTS in the Collection of the DUKE of BEDFORD, at Woburn Abbey. [By J. FORBES]. Impl. 8vo., frontispiece, and 68 (1-67 and 10 bis) coloured plates; boards, uncut privately printed, 1839 12 12 0

1 10 0

Only 100 copies were produced.

21 BRITTON and BROWN'S ILLUSTRATED FLORA of the N. United States, Canada and the British Possessions. Vol. I. Royal 8vo., with 4000 illustrations; cloth New York, 1897 0 16 0 Vols. II and III will appear this year. 21*CATALOGUS PLANTARUM, a Catalogue of Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Flowers, both Exotic and Domestic, which are propagated for sale in the Gardens near London. By a Society of Gardeners. Royal folio, fine frontispiece engraved by Fletcher (consisting of a View of a Garden with figures in the foreground), and 21 coloured plates; in the original half binding




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