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torious fufferings, or the prevailing interceffion of Christ, or by one or other, or all of thefe, are particularly confidered, and refuted. Occafioned by Dr. Butler's late book, intitled, The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the conftitution and course of nature. Offered to the confideration of the clergy, among all denominations of Chriftians. To which are added, two Differtations, viz. I. Concerning the fenfe and meaning of St. Paul's words, Titus iii. 10, 11. A man that is an heretick, after the firft and fecond admonition, reject: Knowing, that he that is fuch, is fubverted, and finneth, being condemned of himself. II. Concerning the time for keeping a fabbath. Offered to the confideration of the Sabbatarians. In a letter to Mr. Elwall. To which is likewife added, The cafe of pecuniary mulets, with regard to Diffenters, particularly confidered. In a second letter to the Rev. Dr. Stebbing. Price 1 s. 6 d.

VI. The true Gospel of Jefus Chrift afferted. Wherein is fhewn, what is, and what is not that Gofpel; what was the great and good end it was intended to ferve; how it is excellently fuited to answer that purpose; and how, or by what means, that end has in a great measure been fruftrated. Humbly offered to publick confideration, and in particular to all those who esteem themselves, or are efteemed by others, to be Minifters of Jefus Chrift, and Preachers of his Gofpel; and more especially, to all those who have obtained the reputation of being the great Defenders of Chriftianity. Acts xvii. 6. They drew Jafon, and certain brethren, unto the rulers of the city, crying, Thefe that bave turned the world upfide down, are come hither allo. To which is added, A fhort Differtation on Providence.

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